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Questions You May Ask About Your Automatic Street Light Orders

How do automatic street lights work?

Street lights work automatically with the use of a photoelectric cell if it gets dull light will turn on the photocell has a light-sensitive resistor as it gets dark it shorts out and causes a heater to work inside and bimetal strip contact bends with heat and makes the circuit.

How to know when the solar street lights are turned on and turned off?

When it senses the voltage of the solar panel falling down to a certain level, it will automatically turn on the circuit of the lamp. And when the set working hours of lighting is finished, it will turn off the light automatically.

What is the benefit of automatic street light?

The automatic street light system is eco-friendly and hence helps in decreasing the carbon footprint.

SMAlux – Your Trustworthy Automatic Street Light Manufacturer in China

SMAlux Automatic Street Light is built for different industrial use. We are a professional automatic street light manufacturer in China for over 22 years. SMAlux Automatic Street Light has great performance and durability. These are in die-casting and extrusion. It combines the advantage of the structure of die-casting and the accelerated heat dissipation of extrusion perfectly.

There are different types of automatic street light, mainly are Integrated Automatic Street Light, Outdoor Automatic Street Light, Double Arm Automatic Street Light, Waterproof Automatic Street Light, Eco-Friendly Automatic Street Light and more. We also providing SMAlux Automatic Street Light in different watts like 50w automatic street light, 60w automatic street light, 100w automatic street light, 150w automatic street light, 200w automatic street light. SMAlux is skilled in the greatest automatic street light manufacturing.  

SMAlux Automatic Street Light is reliable and waterproof that has the most excellent of adaptability in the road. It is exposed in outside applications also recessed in-pole. SMAlux Automatic Street Light is widely used in various industries. You can use our automatic street light for the main road, branch road, school, etc. Also, use conveniently our automatic street light into different uses.

SMAlux has a great automatic street light manufacturing capacity, we can produce over hundreds of automatic street light every day with our automated production line, so you will always have enough automatic street light even in peak days.  We have some sets of different automatic street light manufacturing lines and in the house lighting fabrication facility. Whether you are in need of an automatic street light distributor, retailer, or a custom automatic street light factory, SMAlux is always your most reliable choice because we can always provide your demands.

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Automatic Street Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about automatic street light such as working principle, design, quality tests, and sensors, among other aspects.

Keep reading if you want to be an expert in automatic street lights.

What is Automatic Street Light?

Automatic street light refers to a light that turns off and on at any particular time or when ambient light drops below a certain intensity.

Street Light

Street light

It has a Light Dependent Resistor that detects ambient light and if the light is below a particular value the lights go on.

Light Dependent sensors are integrated into the microcontroller.

When the sensor becomes dark LED goes on and when the sensor receives light LED goes off.

How does Automatic Street Light Work?

Automatic street light has a light-sensing element known as Cadmium sulfide photo-resistor that alters its resistance according to the volume of light.

When a Cadmium sulfide photo-resistor is hit with a lot of light, its resistance is almost zero and it conducts electricity better.

If a Cadmium sulfide photo-resistor is not hit with light, its resistance increases and poorly conduct electricity.

In a very simple circuit, you wire a Cadmium sulfide photo-resistor to a relay.

Wiring to a relay directly allows a lot of light to energize electromagnet and a small volume of light not to energize it.

However, you have to include a transistor to augment current which flows via a Cadmium sulfide photo-resistor.

This is because a Cadmium sulfide photo-resistor cannot attract sufficient current to turn on the relay when it is hit by light.

In an actual street light, the circuit is very advanced.

Although it has a relay, transistor, and a Cadmium sulfide photo-resistor it requires over one transistor subject to the relay’s size.

What are the Advantages of Automatic Street Light?

There are several advantages of using automatic street light over other types of street lights.

They include:

Automatic street lights require lower maintenance compared to traditional street lights.

They do not feature moving parts.

Automatic street lights do not require external wiring or connection with the grid.

This is because it is a stand-alone setup.

Automatic street lights have lower risks of accidents and overheating.

Compared to traditional street lights, it is cheaper to operate an automatic solar street light.

Automatic street light is eco-friendly and as such, it helps in reducing your carbon footprint.

You can install an automatic street light in remote areas including areas that are not reachable to the grid.

Street lights

Street light

Is there a difference between Automatic Street Light and Intelligent Street Lighting?

Here are critical aspects you should know:

· Intelligent Street Light

Intelligent street light refers to a public street light that adjusts to cars, cyclists, and pedestrian movement.

It dims when there is no activity and brightens when there is no movement.

Intelligent street light differs from dimmable, stationary, and traditional street light that dims at a set time.

Further, it has a sensor or camera that communicates movement to street lights that brighten.

· Automatic Street Light

Automatic street light is a street light that goes on and off based on the amount of sunlight.

It has a transistor that acts as a switch that switches the light on automatically when the sun goes down and off when the sun goes up.

Unlike intelligent street light, automatic street light has a cadmium sulfide photo-resistor that detect changes in the volume of light.

What are the available Automatic Street Light Controller?

There are several types of controllers that you can choose from for your automatic street light.

They are:

· Light-dependent Resistor

The light-dependent resistor is controlled by light. Its resistance reduces with an increase in light intensity.

You can use it in detector circuits that are light-sensitive as well as dark activated and light-activated switching circuits.

· Light Emitter Diode

Light emitter diode produces light when activated.

When sufficient current is applied, electrons mix with electron holes in a device producing photons energy a process is known as electroluminescence.

The color of light that corresponds to photon energy is based on a semiconductor energy bandgap.

Also, you can use the optical elements of a light emitter diode to shape the pattern of radiation.

· Arduino

Arduino is an open system with a microcontroller you can program to follow your instructions.

Arduino employs sensors in gathering data, pass the data through an algorithm, and produce your command using actuators.

For instance, a sensor picks your voice and an algorithm establishes that you want to turn on the light.

Actuators then send a signal which turns on your light.

Using Arduino board and photocell sense you can turn light off or on based on the level of exterior light.

What are the Disadvantages of Automatic Street Lights?

If you are considering an automatic street light, you should be versed in its disadvantages.

They include:

Firstly, automatic street lights need high initial investment compared to normal street lights.

Secondly, generating energy for a solar street light completely depends on the climatic condition.

Thirdly, since automatic street light is expensive and non-wired they are susceptible to theft.

Fourthly, when using automatic street light you have to replace the rechargeable batteries several times.

Further, moisture, dust, or snow can settle over a PV panel and hinder the production of energy.

Which Sensors are used in Automatic Street Light?

You can consider any of the following sensors:

· Infrared Sensor

An infrared sensor can detect motion and measure heat from objects.

In the infrared spectrum, objects release thermal radiations that are invisible but can be detected by infrared sensors.

Instead of emitting infrared radiation infrared sensor measures it.

For instance, it detects infrared radiation from the human body in the surrounding regions and turns light on/off.

Similarly, it can detect vehicle movement and send logical signals to the microcontroller to turn LEDs on/off for a particular distance.

·         Motion Sensor

A motion sensor detects the direction, speed, and motion of objects.

It then forwards information to a laminator that command to dim up/turn on the light.

Motion sensors also count pedestrians and vehicles.

· Light-dependent Resistor Sensor

Light-dependent resistor sensors detect vehicle movement on roads or highways to switch on the light when a car is in front of the light.

The sensor turns off glowing light when a vehicle passes light.

Which Lamps can you use in Automatic Street Light?

There are several types of lamps that you select from for your automatic street light.

They include:

· Ballast Light Lamp

These lamps have a ballast that is created to control and start power flow to release power sources like high-intensity discharge and fluorescent lamps.

Several lamps need a ballast to have heat protection.

Ballast lamp

Ballast lamp structure

· Advantages

Ballast light lamps have low heat, start instantly, and easy to dim.

Ballast light has no flickering, minimally fade in the long run and generate steady light.

· Disadvantages

Ballast can fail to turn on or burn your lamp if it is too cold or too hot.

· Fluorescent Light Lamp

Florescent light is covered with phosphor consisting of low-pressure mercury vapor that generates white light.

Flourescent lamp

 Fluorescent lamp


Florescent light lamps are energy efficient than incandescent lamps.

It produces 50-100 lumen/watt.

It has a long lifespan of 6,000 to 15,000 hours.

The lamp readily disperses the light that leads to better dispersion of illumination in a given area.

This light lamp has a lower heat emission because it consumes energy efficiently.


They are expensive. Manufacturing them is complicated.

Florescent light is prone to mercury leak that can harm the environment.

Also, fluorescent lamps using ballasts flicker and flickering is bad for people sensitive to light.

Factors such as frequent switching on and off, operating temperature, the below-freezing temperature can degrade fluorescent lamps.

Special dimming switches and ballasts are needed for fluorescent lamps.

Halogen Light Lamp

Incandescent lamps have halogen gases like bromine or iodine which increase their efficacy over a plain incandescent lamp.

Incandescent street light

Incandescent street light


Halogen light lamp has a low energy consumption and is low priced.

There is a wide array of halogen lamps capacities and models.

It is of high quality in wet asphalt and bad weather.


Halogen light lamp has a short lifespan, sensitive to vibration, and overheats.

Its quality is lower than the quality of other forms of lamps. It melts down and useless.

· Neon Light Lamp

The neon light is a low-pressure light found in a glass tube.

The gas determines the color discharged.


Neon light lamps can run on both Direct current and Alternate current.

Its shapes are customizable, has a wide functioning range, and do not require a special supply of power.

Neon lights old school feel and look cannot be imitated.


The power used for Neon light lamps produces a little amount of light and the glass tube is delicate.

Neon light lamps have a high cost of maintenance and only a single color can be used at once.

There are limited color options for neon lamp glass and gas.

· Light-emitting Diode Lamp

The light-emitting diode is solid devices that discharge light by forcing electrons movement in a semiconductor material.

LED street light

 LED street light


The light-emitting diode is environmentally friendly.

It only uses 10% of power and it has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The light-emitting diode lamp is resistant to temperature and impact.

It has no glass elements or filaments that are susceptible to bumps and blows.

It generates a small amount of heat. Up to 90% of the energy is converted to light.

It is 100% recyclable and does not have toxic elements like mercury.

The lamp offers every illumination light color.


The initial cost of a Light-emitting diode is high.

The quality of light produced by light-emitting diode lamps depends on the ambient temperature.

· Compact Fluorescent Lamp

The compact fluorescent lamp is designed to substitute incandescent lamps in fresh and existing installations.

Compact flourescent lamp

Compact fluorescent lamp


It is four times highly efficient than the incandescent bulbs.

It uses 80 to 50% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs.

Although their initial cost is high, in the long run, it is less expensive because it lasts longer.

It is environmentally sustainable.

A single CFL bulb can minimize a half a ton of carbon dioxide over its lifespan.

The compact fluorescent lamp is very versatile and is used in any setup where incandescent bulbs would be used.

They are available in several sizes and shapes.

You can employ them for the ceiling, track, table lamps, and recessed fixtures lighting.


Although compact fluorescent lamp has a long lifespan, turning it off and on frequently can significantly minimize its lifetime.

They are not suitable for areas where you briefly turn on the light.

Even though you can use a Compact fluorescent lamp with dimmer switches, it cannot be used with every Compact fluorescent lamp.

Compact fluorescent lamps not suitable for the dimmer switch can quickly burn out.

When a Compact fluorescent lamp is used outside, they have to be covered with and shielded from elements.

Additionally, they are susceptible to temperature and lower temperatures cause low levels of light.

The compact fluorescent lamp is not appropriate for places where the narrow light beam, spotlight and focused light is needed.

They are only for ambient lighting.

This type of lamp has mercury which is a toxic element.

Although it is not dangerous during use if incorrectly disposed or broken it can be discharged.

What are the Benefits of Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) in Automatic Street Light?

Light-dependent resistor prevents you from wasting energy by keeping your automatic street light on throughout the day and the night.

It has a transistor that automatically switches your automatic street light on and off.

When the light intensity is sufficient the LDR resistance is lowered, currents do not reach the transistors based and it goes off.

When the light intensity is low, LDR resistance increases, current get to transistors base and it is turned on.

Do Automatic Street Lights have a Warranty?

Yes. Automatic street lights have a warranty.

The warranty can be 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, and 7 years.

What is Smart Street Light?

Smart street light is a type of street light with two-way communication.

The street light lamps communicate and generate lighting data for a local concentrator.

The concentrator controls and sends data to a server where it is stored.

It allows managers to control street light remotely while monitoring a lamp’s power consumption.

What are the Components in the Automatic Street Light Circuit Diagram?

To understand how an automatic street light works, you should be versed in its components.

They include:

· Relay

Relay offers isolation between the device and the controller.

It is important because automatic street light works on DC and AC but gets signals from a DC-based microcontroller.

Also, a relay is very important when you want to control a significant amount of voltage or current with a small electric signal.

· Resistor

A resistor manages the flow of current in a circuit.

Current flowing through a resistor is equal to the voltage on the resistor.

You can choose between fixed and variable resistors.

The resistance of fixed resistors has a fixed value and the resistance of a variable resistor is fixed.

· Light-dependent Resistor

The light-dependent resistor is the on/off switch of an automatic street light.

When the light intensity is high, the resistance of LDR decreases, and automatic street light goes off.

When the light intensity is low, the resistance of LDR increases and automatic street light goes on.

How do you Test the Quality of Automate Street Light Systems?

Several quality tests are conducted to ensure that automatic street lights are of the desired quality.

These tests are performance and safety tests.

i. Safety Tests

Safety quality tests done on automatic street light are:

  • The resistance of the light to heat
  • Interchangeability of the light
  • Fault Condition of the light
  • Light protection against electric shock
  • Light resistance to ignition and flame
  • Light electric and light strength following humidity treatment
  • Light cap temperature rise test
  • Light mechanical strength test

ii. Performance Test

Some of the main tests include:

  • Light dimensions test
  • Lamp power test
  • Light central beam intensity
  • Light beam angle
  • Light Color quantities and chromaticity coordinates
  • Light lifespan, endurance for built-in Electronic Ballast and lumen maintenance
  • Light radio frequency disturbances emission
  • Light luminous flux

What are the Features of the Switch Circuit of Automatic Street Light Controller?

The switch circuit of the automatic street light controller has features that enable it to function effectively.

They are:

automatic street light controller

Automatic street light controller

  • Infrared sensor circuit that detects the movement of vehicles.
  • A transistor which is the switch that automatically turns street light on/off.
  • Liquid crystal display that displays street light status and time. It shows when street lights are on and off.
  • DS1307 real-time clock that keeps real-time information.
  • The light-dependent resistor that measures the intensity of light.
  • The battery is the power supply.

How can you Choose Automatic Solar Street Lights?

To ensure that you have the right automatic solar street light there are several factors you should take into account.

These factors include:

  • Circumstances of the street. You cannot use automatic street light in a low-temperature area without grid power or with full sunlight.
  • Distance and height of automatic street light posts. Height and distance differ with the location of an automatic street light.

The street light poles used on the main streets are 8m-9m in height and within 30-40 meter distance.

Street light posts for pathways, country roads, and parks have a height of 4-6 meters.

Street light posts for stadiums are 15-20 meters in height.

  • Lighting time and brightness of automatic street light. Battery capacity and solar panel power vary with dimming method, lighting time, and led power.

For instance, in rural areas, you can set motion dim to save energy.

You can set the light to full power when there are people and low energy when there is no person.

  • Material quality. For solar panels, you will choose between the polycrystalline solar panel and the monocrystalline solar panel.

Mono-crystalline is preferred because it has a better performance and conversion rate on a cloudy day.

You have to choose between the gel lead-acid battery and lithium battery. lithium batteries have deep discharge and long lifespan.

There are two types of solar charge controllers to choose from.

You can select from PWM or MPPT.

PWM is cheaper while MPPT performs better.

What is the Principle of Light Dependent Resistor?

Solar powered automatic street light

Solar powered automatic street light

It works on the principle that it has low resistance under high light intensity and high resistance under low light intensity.

Light-dependent resistors offer high resistance at night and low resistance during the day.

It uses a transistor as a two-way switch. If the base voltage is higher than 5 volts it is sent to the emitter.

If the base voltage is less than 5 volts it is sent to the collector.

At night the light-dependent resistor provides high resistance.

As such voltage going through its base is lower than 5 voltage so the light glows.

During the day, the light-dependent resistor provides low resistance.

Thus the voltage passing through its base is higher than 5 volts that switch current to an emitter.

Are Automatic Street Lights Environmentally Friendly?

Automatic street lights are a safe and eco-friendly way of saving energy therefore they contribute to your sustainability goal.

They address two major issues facing the world today namely lamp disposal and energy saving.

By using automatic street light you will save over 40% of the electricity energy currently by highways.

This is because with automatic street lights highway road light does not stay on the whole night.

Instead, light only goes on when there is movement.

As such, energy loss will not be high when there is no vehicle movement hence saving energy.

Where are Automatic Street Lights used?

You can use automatic street light to provide lighting in shopping mall parking lots and campuses.

Also, you can use it for industries and corporate campuses surveillance.

How do you Install Automatic Street Lights?

  • First, turn the power off at a circuit breaker.
  • Use a circuit tester to test the wires to ensure there is no flow of power to wires you are removing.
  • Cut the wires found behind the old switch.
  • Remove plastic installation from the ends of white and black wires.
  • Connect the wires to the fresh switch and tuck excess wires behind the switch box.
  • Customize control and then reestablish the wall plate.

What is an Automatic Light Controller?

What is Automatic Light Controller is a feature of the light that controls street light by turning it on and off subject to light.

Automatic street light controller

Automatic street light controller

Can Infrared Sensor be used in Automatic Street Light?

An infrared sensor can be used in automatic street light to save energy.

It can sense a coming vehicle and switch on a street light in front of a car.

With this information, am sure you can get a high performance automatic street light for your unique applications.

For questions or inquiries about automatic street lights, contact SMAlux now.