SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light

SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light rated at IP66 waterproof and dustproof.

With material such as durable thermal PC bodies and water resistant enclosure, SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light offers high performance-cost ratio.

With built-in driver’s adaptive operating voltage (from 100V to 240V), SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light is available for worldwide use.

Outdoor smart light

Your Best Bluetooth Path Light Manufacturer

SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light is suitable for outdoor landscape, such as illuminating pathways, and driveways, and can enhance household security at night; increase visibility and reduce bodily injuries.

SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light does not require any internet connection to work.

As an outdoor lighting, SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light can be connected directly through smart devices’ Bluetooth connection.

Enjoy the convenience of operating SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light on smart devices such as dim brightness, change from soft white to daylight, and turn on and off.

Upon voice integration with Amazon’s Echo and Google Assistant, SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light requires hub in order for the interface to be complete.

Why is SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light

Prolong Life-Span
Using high quality LEDs and heat dissipating materials, SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light can have a better life-span.
Schedule Setup
Bluetooth Path Light lets the users to create specific schedules and automation that would match the daily routines.
Experienced Manufacturer
Having designed and manufactured LED lightings for more than 15 years
Auditable Facility
ISO9001, SA8000, and ISO14001 certified facility ensures quality production process is strictly followed

SMAlux's SupportTeam

Smalux: Your Premier Bluetooth Path Light Factory

Once connected through a hub, SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light’s can enjoy all the functions available by the hands-free operation, just simply give the voice command.

The user can ask Amazon’s Echo to change path light color and brightness. Such as “Alexa change the path light to Red” or “Alexa dim the Bluetooth Light to 50%”.

SMAlux Bluetooth Path Lighting comes with a scheduled timer function, allowing the users to return to a well-lit home.

SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light is compliant with global certification standards.

CE Lighting with more than 15 years of experience in the field of LED lighting, we have a professional ability in providing high quality and sustainable LED lighting solutions for your need. Still doubtful?

Send us an inquiry on your need and let us keep your business ahead of the curve.














Life Time:

20,000 hours





Operating App:

Smart Mesh

Bluetooth Path Light: The Ultimate Buying Guide

You may not hear about the “Bluetooth Path Light” before, but these products may really benefit your family and your business.

Bluetooth Path Light enables the users to change and adapt the lighting effect based on the road, or increase productivity when reading, studying, working etc.

Moreover, in this particular guide, I will explain to you all that you need to know about outdoor smart lighting as well as how you can build and purchase your own ones.

So keep reading.

Chapter 1: What is Bluetooth Path Light?

First, you need to know what we mean by Bluetooth Light. By that, you will understand better what we mean by Bluetooth Path Light.

Bluetooth light use the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology to comprehensively upgrade the urban public lighting management system or the lighting of the courtyard and small roads to achieve centralized control and operation of path lights. And Intelligent lighting, informative operation, intelligent lighting.

1-What is Bluetooth Path Light

What is Bluetooth Path Light

Chapter 2: How does Bluetooth Path Light works?

Knowing its working principle is better for you to manage them easier.

A Bluetooth Path Light works with internet at 2.4-2.485 GHz ISM band can be customized, scheduled and wireless remote controlled to realize various lighting performances.

With a build-in module, a Bluetooth Path Light can receive and execute command smoothly. The advantage of Bluetooth in the comparison with GPS is very obvious. Here is a comparison tablet for your better understanding:

2-The reasons to choose Bluetooth to control path light

The reasons to choose Bluetooth to control path light

Chapter 3: Why you need to upgrade your normal Path light to Smart path light?

You may wonder why your next Path light will be smart path light, here are the main reasons to arrest your interests.

1. Extend your lighting lifespan to 20,000 hours.

Bluetooth Path Light using durable plastic for body and cover, aluminum for base. On the one hand, this material design is beautiful and easy to clean, on the other hand, with a better performance in the heat dissipation, effectively extend the life of smart light

Due to this fact, the smart light bulb can be used for 20,000 hours, equivalent to 11 years with 5 hours per day usage.

2. Saving energy up to 80%.

Bluetooth Smart Path Light in general plays excellent in energy saving, not to mention with the smart function of time schedule now. Smart light bulb will be a big saver, as for they required less electricity and lower power consumption of 9W only.

In particular, schedule time in advance to automatically turn on and turn off, they can save up to 80% electricity when compare to a general incandescent bulb.

3-Bluetooth Path Light can save energy

Bluetooth Path Light can save energy

3. Adds fun with customizing lighting performance

Bluetooth Path Light is no longer of simple lighting feature, but with more functions for fun.

Most of the smart bulb right now have extra functions, such as color changing, brightness changing, color temperature changing, time schedule, group control, etc. Some even equipped with a speaker and camera, so that it acts more than a bulb but also a video monitor and music player.

With the multiple functions, you can customize your unique lighting effects.

There are 8 pre-set scenes available, you can quickly shift to any lighting performance you like.

Sleep Scene: emits orange lights to enhance you a quality sleep.

Reading Scene: light pinky light to help you concentrate on your magazines or papers.

Party scene: red light activate atmosphere.

Leisure scene: warm blue lights create a cozy, pleasant and relaxed ambient.

Soft scene: green light dim automatically.

Rainbow scene: 3 colors (Red, blue and green) rotating slowly.

Shine scene: red color blinks every second, acts as a disco bulb.

Gorgeous scene: 6 colors shining and switching freely and rapidly.

4.IP66 waterproof and dustproof.

IP refers to the shell protection level of an object, which is generally composed of two numbers.

The first number represents the level of product dust prevention and foreign invasion prevention, and the second number represents the degree of product moisture prevention and waterproof invasion, the larger the number, the higher the level of protection.

IP66 level of protection can help your lamp completely prevent foreign things from intruding, and can completely prevent dust from entering.

Your path lights will not be affected in the slightest way by strong waves or strong water sprays.

At the same time, in the GB4208 standard, the shell protection level is very high, you and your child’s fingers will not touch the live part of the lamp, so that you can avoid electric shock.

4-Bluetooth Path Light is waterproof and dustproof

Bluetooth Path Light is waterproof and dustproof

5. Built-in driver with adaptive operating voltage of 100-240v for worldwide use.

Buy a light find that the voltage of the lamp is not right, and then the lamp will not work properly.

Then you may be wondering if you need to buy a transformer or something like that, but the trouble of not using the voltage is that you need to buy a transformer instead of spending extra money on it.

A light suitable for any voltage condition. The range of 100-240 voltage can help you not to worry about the trouble caused by different voltage.

You can put the lamp anywhere you want to put it according to your own wishes, but pay attention to safety.

If it rains, will your previous lights work properly? Can you rest assured that your child will touch the outside and wait? I don’t think you’d like your child to touch the outside light because it’s unsafe and may get an electric shock.

We provide this lamp with all the parts that can generate electricity in the lamp, in time for wind or rain, you don’t need to worry. Of course, you don’t have to worry about your child’s electric shock, because we have considered it for you, so it is absolutely safe.

5-Bluetooth Path Light haves safe Built-in design

Bluetooth Path Light haves safe Built-in design

6-Bluetooth Path Light can use in 110V-220V

Bluetooth Path Light can use in 110V-220V

6. Suitable for outdoor landscape. By illuminating pathways to the home can adds security to your property.

Have you ever had such an experience? When you get home, you find that your yard is dark and completely invisible, and then you may trip over, or you may step on a flowerpot or something like that, which I believe will happen if you don’t install a Bluetooth path light.

Once something like this happens, you either feel annoyed because you were hurt or regretted because you broke valuable things.

I think at this time you should consider whether you should install a Bluetooth path light.

You can turn it on remotely or set a reasonable time period for yourself to let it go. It lights up when you go home. It not only illuminates the path to your home, but also warms you up with different colors and brightness.

This flexible adjustment can give you great comfort.

7-Bluetooth Path Light is suitable for outdoor landscape.

Bluetooth Path Light is suitable for outdoor landscape.

Do you have such a feeling? You buy a smart path light and go home. Then you find that the path light does not fit in with the landscape of your courtyard. Whether it is the shape or the light emitted, it is different from what you think.

You must be very upset at this time. Don’t worry, use SMAlux Bluetooth Smart Path Light whenever and wherever you want. To bring out the light you want. SMALux, which has won the German Red Point Industrial Design Award, can ensure that our design is definitely in the forefront of the industry, so SMAlux Bluetooth Smart Path Light will definitely add luster to your courtyard.

And in order not to let thieves invade your courtyard in the dark, it is necessary to illuminate your courtyard. SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light, Adjust the area you want to illuminate, Let the thieves have nowhere to hide.

8-Bluetooth Path Light adds security to your property

Bluetooth Path Light adds security to your property

7. Can be controlled by Bluetooth to do switch on/off and change brightness.

Want to turn off the light and find your switch far away from you? Walking a long way and finding yourself forgetting to turn off the lights?

I don’t think this will happen if you have SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light, because all you need to turn off the lights is a simple mobile phone, through simple download and installation, and then match your street lights, even if you are far away, you can still control your street lights.

In this way, you can not only save walking distance, but also avoid the waste of power that you forget to turn off the lights. SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light can help you to do this. What you worry about is what we think about every moment.

9-Bluetooth Path Light final effects

Bluetooth Path Light final effects

8. PC material. Durable and Affordable.

When you buy path lights, you find that after a period of time, because of the acidity and alkalinity of the soil, your path lights are corroded or deformed after the sun explodes.

In fact, the material of path lights has a very obvious impact on the performance of path lights.

SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light is made of PC material, which ensures that the lamp is not easily deformed and that the quality and price are good.

10-PC Strengths of Bluetooth Path Light

PC Strengths of Bluetooth Path Light

9. Stakes easily into the ground.

Did you find that the path light you bought before is not easy to insert into the soil? If you use a suitable sharp cone at the bottom of you path light, you can insert it into the soil very well.

SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light uses this design. In order to save your energy, SMAlux Bluetooth path light is in the soil.

This aspect has made great efforts to help you save time and effort.

11-Bluetooth Path Light have cone design

Bluetooth Path Light have cone design

Chapter 4: Installation Guide

4.1. Choose your path light

Path lighting can add a high-end look to your home and makes it safer too. The first step is to choose your lighting. There are many types of lights and fixtures to choose from. Outdoor spotlights can highlight specific features, while floodlights can illuminate a wide area. Driveway lights help guests looking for your home know where to turn at night.

Following installation is about path light.


4.2. Types of Lights

There are two ways to power your outdoor lighting. Solar-powered lighting is easy to install and has no wiring. Or, the type we are installing today is low-voltage path lighting, which plugs into any outdoor GCFI outlet and works great as a decorative touch or to illuminate a path. We are using a lighting kit that comes with all the necessary components, but if you are building your own or adding to an existing kit, remember to choose a finish that matches.


4.3. Place the Lights


Before beginning any excavation, check for underground utilities. Call the North America One Call Referral Service (just dial 811) for a national directory of utility companies.

Step 1:

Locate the GFCI outlet on the outside of your house.


Step 2:

Start at the outlet and place the power pack nearby, but don’t plug it in until the lights are all assembled. The power pack can be attached to a post or to the house itself.


Step 3:

Assemble the light fixtures according to the manufacturer’s instructions, especially regarding the wattage level your power pack can support.

Step 4:

Place the lights in their final positions according to your plan.

Step 5:

Lay out the cable.


Step 6:

Connect each light to the cable with a cable connector – leave 10 feet before connecting a light or splitting off in different directions.


4.4. Install the Lights

Step 1:

Use a small trowel to dig a narrow trench (approximately up to three inches deep) along the cable path.


Step 2:

Add a perpendicular trench where each light will be located to accommodate extra cable.


Step 3:

Push the cables down into the trench.


Step 4:

Gently push each light stake partially into the ground.


Step 5:

Connect the cable to the power pack and plug the power pack into the outlet to test the lights.


Step 6:

If you like the way it looks, push the lights into the ground and close up the trenches.


Step 7:

Set your timer to the dusk-to-dawn setting so your lights are only on when you need them.


Chapter 5: How to connect Bluetooth Path Light with your phone?

# Prepare an IOS/Android smart device and Bluetooth Path Light screw the Bluetooth smart light to the light fixture you want and turn on the lights.

# Install the Mesh Lamp app

You can scan the QR code to download the free Mesh Lamp app.

Connect-1App Store                                         Google Play

You can also search “Mesh Lamp” in the Google Play or App Store to download the operation app.

IOS smart devices: App Store (IOS 9.0 or above).

Android smart devices: Google Play (Android 4.4 or above).

# Open the app, “Allow” Mesh Lamp to use data and tap “OK” to make data available to nearby Bluetooth devices even when you’re not using the app.


# Connecting the Bluetooth Path Light to your phone

Tap the icon on the upper left corner to “Settings” screen, click “Current Home” and add new room in the “Home List” with “+” on the upper right corner.

Connect-4 Connect-5 Connect-6

When adding a new room successfully, go to the “Add Device” screen. Click the yellow button, then the app will automatically search for the Bluetooth Path Light nearby. After searching, all the available devices will show in the list so that you can choose the one you want to connect.

Connect-7 Connect-8 Connect-9

Chapter 6: Market Trend

According to the analysis, the future global intelligent lighting industry will present the following four development trends.

First of all, brand integration will be a major development trend of intelligent lighting. The greatest advantage of concentrating products of different brands on one platform is that the best products of different brands can be concentrated in one project, so as to improve the intellectualization of home. In fact, there are many kinds of lighting products on the market. It is unrealistic to require that all the equipment are made by the same manufacturer or that a system can only be matched with all the products of the same manufacturer.

Moreover, customers lack autonomy in terms of performance and price — either fully accept it or abandon it altogether. Unified control platform can take into account the interests of all parties, customers can choose any product, as long as it meets the performance requirements, so customers will have a great initiative in budget.

Secondly, in the future, the development of intelligent lighting will shift from pure intelligent function to intelligent lighting which pays more attention to human behavior. Based on the research of human behavior, visual efficacy and visual physiology and psychology, developing more scientific and people-oriented intelligent lighting products with high efficiency, comfort and health will be the future direction of lighting technology development.

Third, the development trend of personalized lighting. The combination of intelligent technology and lighting makes lighting meet the lighting needs of different individuals and groups at different levels. It is an indispensable technical means for lighting from meeting the needs of ordinary people to meeting the needs of individuals and individuals. Therefore, personalized development should also be a trend of intelligent lighting development.

Finally, the development trend of technology convergence. The combination of intelligent technology and electronic ballast and other new lighting sources and lighting technology will build a brand-new lighting technology platform. Its application fields, from smart home lighting to intelligent urban lighting, have infinite prospects, and are creating a brand-new lighting culture with high technology and high scientific content.

12-Trend of smart lighting development and Bluetooth Path Light

Trend of smart lighting development and Bluetooth Path Light

Chapter 7: The advantages of SAMlux

SMAlux is a brand under CE Lighting. The company is dedicated to providing professional and energy efficient smart lighting products and solutions since 2013. Before that, CE Lighting implemented ISO9001 since 1998, went through third party review ISO8000 in 2012, certified ISO14001 in 2015.

13-Certifications to support Bluetooth Path Light

Certifications to support Bluetooth Path Light

CE Lighting has won three world famous design award.

14-Renowned rewards to support Bluetooth Path Light(1)14-Renowned rewards to support Bluetooth Path Light(2)14-Renowned rewards to support Bluetooth Path Light(3)

Renowned rewards to support Bluetooth Path Light

CE lighting has 30 scenes in total 720m with various applications in general and decorative LED lighting, and shows CEL’s vision and achievements of LED lighting in the past 14 years that brings you a brand and new visual experience — Today’s Lighting, Tomorrow’s Creation.

15-Tomorrow LED TODAY to support Bluetooth Path Light

Tomorrow LED TODAY to support Bluetooth Path Light

SMAlux Bluetooth Path light has been the great trend during the recent five years.

The company can offer other smart light products, such as SMAlux smart ceiling lights, SMAlux smart socket and plug, SMAlux smart strip light, SMAlux smart flood light, etc.

16-Patents Wall to support Bluetooth Path Light

Patents Wall to support Bluetooth Path Light

SMAlux is a manufacturer from China with 14,000 m² lighting house. The company is capable to offer both OEM and ODM, with TUV and Interteck approved central lab of 600 m².

17-Equipment &Devices to support Bluetooth Path Light(1)

17-Equipment &Devices to support Bluetooth Path Light(2)

17-Equipment &Devices to support Bluetooth Path Light(3)

17-Equipment &Devices to support Bluetooth Path Light(4)

Equipment &Devices to support Bluetooth Path Light

SMAlux has a very professional sales team and technical R&D team.

SMAlux is united in our aim to go forward with innovative products that benefit the world environment.

18-Sales Team to support Bluetooth Path Light

Sales Team to support Bluetooth Path Light

19-R&D Team to support Bluetooth Path Light

R&D Team to support Bluetooth Path Light

Chapter 8: Frequently asked questions and answers

Question1: How to know whether your Android/IOS devices are compatible with SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light?

Answer: a, Make sure your device is of Bluetooth 4.0 version

b, Ensure your IOS device is updated to 8.0 version or above.

c, Ensure your Android device is 4.1 version above.


Question2: Can I use a smart bulb without a hub?

Answer: It depends on the SMAlux smart light bulb you choose, if the SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb, then do not need an extra hub. But with the SMAlux Bluetooth smart light bulb, you need to pay extra for a hub.


Question3: Can I use Bluetooth Path Light without a hub?

Answer: It depends on the SMAlux smart light product you choose, if the SMAlux Wi-Fi type bulb, then do not need an extra hub. But with the SMAlux Bluetooth Path light, you need to pay extra for a hub.


Question4: How many path light can be controlled with one command?

Answer: You can add as many bulbs as you can in a group, right now the test did not find the upper limit.


Question5: Are these working normally for wet areas like within or near sprinkler systems?

Answer: Because this is the waterproof and dustproof level of IP66, it can still work normally in wet areas.


Question6: Is this light cold or warm?

Answer: You can switch them with your phone. Owing to the powerful App, it’s very sample to switch them.


As you can see, SMAlux Bluetooth Path Light are so cool, they have superb features offering much comfort and convenience at your disposal.

Having read this guide, there’s no doubt that you are now able to make a wise decision regarding what best suits you as well as knowing how to make your own Outdoor Smart Lighting device at the comfort of your premises

At this point, you are now set to make your purchase.

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