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SMAlux- Your Specialist Boat Anchor Lights Manufacturer

SMAlux Boat Anchor Lights are strictly required with wire gauge and good battery state. These are made newer and on latest designs. These performed very brightly and can last longer terms of usage. A proper installing of Boat Anchor Lights gives protection that necessitate for night sailing pursuits. Complete matter and required safety surely given with these Boat Anchor Lights.

Boat Anchor Lights are placed at appointed anchorage locality. These have a lot of purposes and benefits to show all over. With all harms that nearly encountered, boat anchor lights should properly positioned tightly. For secured boating and sailing, lights like these could help you survive from any harm cause. Because sailing at morning could be confusing, night option could ever better. Lights from boat could operate and clearly shining at night time functioning. When boating that time, much easier and secured sailing would experience.

These anchor lights only pointed when the boat is in status of being handed-down, yet nothing to pull off upon its corporal anchor. These have design with different plain LED colors. Anchor Lights are placed above the mast when place at sailboats. And when to motorboats, anchor lights must be set almost at stern either bow potion. Lights could automatically spot with mentioned areas. Further, these lights are progressively in structured of LED lights, these could help with having lower empty out of batteries. Then, if you are too worried about batteries empty out, SMAlux have many choices for you to pick what`s best. These could be in form with solar power, so these could use even throughout the day and night.

The lights total number needed to have should depending on what type of boat been operated. These are regularly had multifaceted white lights. Lights from anchored isn`t spiked with any restrictions. In addition, the main key to have nice installed anchor lights should display visibly within 360 degree stages. Thus, compared to any type of navigational lights, this one required to situate more elevated than navigational lights. That`s prior reason why steel pole type are most prefer to locate.

One way to have safety ordinance is the vessels must below 50 meters displayed anchor lights with only one white various color. These importantly required to seen obviously on most excessive part of boat. However, if the regular boat is within 100 meters away, placing masthead lights on same excessive part of boat is rigorously required. In that way, the figure and size of the boat can illuminated and plainly notice even far away.

SMAlux are already recognized all over the globe. Reliably designed lights with have different functions and purposes surely big impact for your business might perceive in no time. We have globally experienced R&D Team, helps us more familiar with lighting structures. And invent further high-tech LED lighting. We also awarded with top 3 International Design Awards includes: Reddot Design Award, iF Product Design Award, and IDEA Award. With all of these, you can trust that your lighting will manufactured with best hands.

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Boat Anchor Light: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything about boat anchor light.

Among the key aspects, you will learn to include power consumption, regulations, quality standards, installation, and safety features, amongst others.

So, if you want to be an expert in boat anchor lights, here is a guide you have been looking for.

What is Anchor Light on Boats?

Boat anchor light

Boat anchor light

Boat anchor light refers to an all-round white light noticeable from 2 nautical miles and displayed forward where you can easily see it.

They are easily visible from afar and in all directions as they are highly mounted than any other navigational lights.

It is mandatory for sailboats and power-driven boats at anchor to display marine anchor lights.

Is there Difference Between Boat Anchor Light and Masthead Light?

Yes, there is a clear distinction between the two types of marine lighting fixtures:

First, the masthead boat light refers to a white light fixed in front of the boat while the boat anchor lights are located on the highest point in the boat.

Secondly, masthead lights are not all round but limited to 225o illumination arc visible in a range of 2 miles (3.22 km).

On the other hand, anchor lights are all-around white lights visible from a far distance, at least 2 miles away.

Thirdly, boat anchor lights are used during anchorage while the masthead light is used to indicate that the boat is under mechanical propulsion.

Lastly, anchor lights provide white light all round, contrary to the masthead light providing light in one direction only.

What does Single White Light on a Boat Imply?

The meaning of a single white light on a boat can be understood in two scenarios:

In the first scenario, the light implies that a vessel is anchored in waters close to shore and could be near traffic.

In the 2nd scenario, the running single white light implies that a power-driven vessel is moving towards your direction.

Under both situations, the single white light on a boat serves as a safety warning to other navigators.

It helps in avoiding any possible collision in the waters between marine vessels.

How much Power do Boat Anchor Lights use?

The traditional incandescent boat anchor lights use more power than the energy-efficient LED types.

In line with maritime regulations, a 25W incandescent bulb is sufficient to produce enough light translating to more than 20 amp-hours in a night.

To calculate the power used by the bulb, multiply voltage by the current rating of the bulb.

Boat anchor lights are powered by a 12 V or 24 V rechargeable solar battery.

Nowadays, many boat owners have replaced the power-hungry incandescent bulbs with LEDs, which are highly efficient in power consumption.

Even with low power, such as 10V, LEDs still produce bright light.

What are the Main Roles of Boat Anchor Light?

Despite being a legal requirement, the boat anchor light is essential in marine navigation.

Here are the main functions of marine anchor lights:

Boat anchor light

 Boat anchor light

  • Safety

Anchor lights provide safety, especially at night, and during reduced visibility caused by rain and fog.

The marine lighting fixtures alert other users of your anchored vessel, thus avoiding a possible collision.

This ensures your boat’s and crew’s safety.

  • Visibility

While anchored, the anchor lights of a boat provide illumination, allowing you to see approaching vessels at night and during poor visibility.

The brightness of anchored boats also illuminates your boat and the surroundings.

  • Location

When anchored, the lights indicate the location of your boat at the dock.

Furthermore, it alerts others that you are docked, and everything is okay.

Where should you Install Boat Anchor Lights?

The primary function of the boat anchor lights is accident prevention.

Therefore, you should install it properly and at the correct position in line with maritime law.

Remember that navigation vessel at marina, the anchor light should be all-round and have a visibility range of 2 miles.

Therefore, the lighting fixture should be installed high enough (at least 1 meters) over the sidelights to ensure visibility over a long distance.

Care should be observed to prevent overshadow by any sails.

Logically, anchor lights should be centrally placed in the vessel.

The regulations governing water vessels stipulate the position and standards for the installation of anchor boat lights.

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the regulations to avoid making mistakes.

 Are there Solar Powered Boat Anchor Lights?

Yes, several types of solar-powered marine anchor lights exist that are either self-contained or run on solar batteries.

Solar panels on deck charge the solar batteries.

Solar boat anchor lights consist of an LED bulb that is highly visible from 2 miles away.

The self-contained solar lights consist of a bulb, battery, light sensor, and solar panel.

They are advantageous in case of malfunction of the main electricity supply in the boat.

It does not require an external source of power as it has an inbuilt lithium battery charged by solar energy.

Most of these lights are, nowadays operated with a wireless remote switch up to a distance of 30m coupled with a manual switch.

Also, it is possible to set these types of marine lighting fixtures to operate automatically.

Solar marine anchor lights are becoming popular since they are maintenance-free, power savers, and are easy to install.

Are Boat Anchor Lights the same as Boat Stern Lights?

Boat anchor light

Boat anchor lights

No, there is significant differences between boat anchor lights and boat stern lights.

First, the stern light shines 135o rearwards while the anchor lights are all-round lights flashing through 360o.

Another difference arises from usage. Anchor lights are designed for use while vessels are anchored.

On the other hand, Stern lights are used to provide visibility when the boat is underway.

The positioning of the lights also indicates their differences.

Anchor lights are fixed higher on the boat while stern lights are fixed at the rear.

How should you Install Boat Anchor Lights?

Installing anchor lights for boats is a legal mandate and safety concern for all boat users.

To install anchor lights correctly, use the following tips:

  • Legal Requirements

Boat anchor lights and their installation should comply with technical and positioning requirements of internationally recognized laws and agreements.

  • Avoid Damages

Anchor lights should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent damages and for optimal performance.

Damages may arise from contact with other objects during operations and installation.

  • Glaring Lights

The lights for anchored vessels should be installed at a suitable height to prevent the lights from shining into the operator’s eyes.

  • Wiring

Wiring of boat anchor lights should be per a recognized wiring and installation codes.

Black cable is a return or negative wire, whereas the white cable connects the lights to a switch.

The circuit should also have a fuse or circuit breaker to prevent accidental fires caused by a short circuit.

The wires used should be of the correct size to minimize power wastage and overheating or faulty anchor lights.

  • Position

For an all-round white light and visible at 2 miles away, anchor lights should be located at least 1 meter over sidelights.

It should be centrally and highly situated on the boat while ensuring no reflection by masts or other structures.

This is crucial in to preventing lights shining into the operator’s eyes.

What are the Benefits of LED Boat Anchor Lights?

The application of LED bulbs in boat anchor lights is highly beneficial and is the current trend in marine lighting fixtures.

Let’s look at the main advantages of LED marine anchor lights:

Boat anchor lights

Boat anchor light

  • Energy Efficient

LED bulbs use 10-20% of the power used by traditional incandescent boat anchor lights, thus significantly saving battery drain.

They are highly efficient in power consumption extending the lifespan of your vessel’s batteries.

  • Long-lasting

LED anchor lights are long-lasting, some even going up to 50,000 hours.

This reduces maintenance and bulb replacement costs of the marine lighting fixture.

  • Brightness

While operating on low wattage, LEDs have high lumen value hence producing brighter light that is visible over 2 miles away.

The LED boat anchor lights will continue to provide enough light even at lower voltage due to their energy-efficiency.

  • Automatic Controls

It is common to get LED boat anchor lights with light sensors that automatically control them.

The lighting fixtures fitted with light sensors automatically switch on at dusk and go off at dawn.

This implies that there is no need to worry about them remaining unlit during anchoring if you delay at the shore.

  • Small and Compact Designs

LEDs have enabled the manufacture of smaller and compact boat anchor lights than the traditional bulbs.

These designs are efficient, stylish, long-lasting, and easy to install.

Are Boat Anchor Lights same as Pontoon Boat Lights?

No, these two types of boat lights are quite different.

The boat anchor lights are all-round white lights specifically manufactured for usage by vessels while anchoring.

On the other hand, pontoon boat lights are lighting, specifically designed for the lighting requirements of the Pontoon boats.

Pontoon boat light system

 Pontoon boat lights

The Pontoon lights are either white or come in a variety of colors and serve different needs such as navigation, docking, and bunk lights.

In sharp contrast, the anchor boat lights are white and have one significant role in safety.

Are there Regulations for the Installation of Boat Anchor Lights?

Yes, there are regulations targeting the installation of boat anchor lights.

It is a legal requirement both locally and internationally, to install functional anchor lights for all sailboats and power-driven marine vessels.

The laws dictate that:

  • A proper anchor light should be displayed at night by the anchored vessels.
  • The anchor lights should be all-round and white.
  • The anchor lights should be bright enough to be visible from 2 miles away.
  • It further prescribes the size of the wire, wiring length, installations, and battery conditions that affect anchor lights performance.

It is the vessel’s owner responsibility to ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions are in line with the law before installing their products.

What the Features of the Best Boat Anchor Lights material?

Choosing a durable boat anchor light is a challenging undertaking for most boat owners.

One of the features to consider while selecting boat anchor lights are the materials used to produce it.

The material should be of high quality to last for long while providing quality service.

Therefore, the materials used should have the following properties:

  • Corrosion-resistant: Anchor lights should be made of materials that will withstand corrosion because of the constant exposure to salty water and sea sprays.
  • Weatherproof: It is advisable to install anchor lights that can withstand extreme weather conditions because the lights are located outdoors. Water is dangerous to electrical items as it causes short circuits leading to fires; thus, the anchor lights should be waterproofed.
  • Vibrations resilient: There are many vibrations in water vessels. Since anchor lights are located at the highest points, they are affected by the vibrations when the engine is running. Vibrations often cause bulbs to fail and loosening of screws and fasteners.
  • Robust: Wiring and fittings of boat anchor lights get loose due to vibration, and extreme weather conditions. The use of sturdy materials that can withstand vibrations and extreme weather conditions will solve the problem.

What are the Best Materials for Boat Anchor Lights?

The common materials used to make anchor boat lights are:

marine anchor light fixture

 Marine anchor light fixture

  • Chrome

It is durable, light, and resistant to corrosion and rust.

Marine Anchor lighting fixtures made of chrome are long-lasting but are a bit expensive.

Chrome is mostly used to make boat anchor light poles.

  • Brass

The brass is liked mostly as they are long-lasting and durable.

Most importantly, it is resistant to rust, corrosion, and withstands extreme weather conditions.

However, brass is heavy but is suitable for making stands and bases.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is favored in most outdoor lighting fixtures mainly because it can be anodized for outdoor durability and waterproofing.

Besides, it withstands extreme weather conditions perfectly.

In addition, aluminum is resistant to corrosion, rust, and impacts.

These properties make aluminum suitable for making poles.

  • ABS Plastic

This material is commonly used to make cheaper anchor lights.

It is durable and lightweight while being UV and high impact resistance.

Besides, plastics are resistant to rust and corrosion.

  • Rubber

Rubber is a critical component when making boat anchor lights, especially to seal joints and waterproofing.

The rubbers also help absorb vibrations; hence constant loosening of screws is best minimized by the usage of rubber washers.

  • Glass and Plastic Lenses

Boat anchor lights should be white and visible from far.

Glass diffuses lights better and is thus used for lenses in anchor lights.

On the other hand, plastic lenses are cheaper but are prone to scratches and are not very good diffusers of light.

Are Boat Anchor Lights Durable?

Yes, most anchor boat lights have a very long lifespan.

This is because they are made up of high-quality materials resistant to corrosion, rust, and extreme weather conditions.

These materials include brass, aluminum, steel, plastics, or fiberglass.

Moreover, purchasing fixtures with renowned quality certifications indicate that they are made of quality material engineered to last for long.

What are the Safety Features of Boat Anchor Lights?

Constant sprays of salty water and vibrations might easily cause electrical fires and electric shocks.

To mitigate these problems, the boat anchor lights are designed with the following safety features:

  1. Circuit breakers and fuses are used to cut off power in short circuits and faulty connections automatically.
  2. Other safety features include thermal protection, reverse polarity, and spark-proof technology that guarantee battery safety.
  3. Double or ring wiring allows an anchor light to run on one line in case the other line fails.
  4. To protect solar panels, spikes are fitted to prevent birds from perching on the panel or top of the boat anchor light. This applies in self-powering marine anchor lights.

How much do Boat Anchor Lights Cost?

Having a boat anchor lights is a legal requirement and a safety concern to you as the vessel owner.

Boat anchor lights came in different sizes, designs, and quality and thus varied in prices.

An average anchor light costs $30, but the high-end luminaires will cost you up to $100.

Understanding the importance of your safety and other, it critical buying good quality products instead paying keen attention on the price.

What are the Quality Standards for Boat Anchor Lights?

There are strict quality standards for boat anchors light fixtures that must be complied with, which include:

  • ISO standards
  • UL standards
  • American boat and yacht council standards
  • IEC 60092-306 standards
  • The US coast guard standards
  • Italian RINA standards
  • German BSH standards
  • International Maritime Organization standards
  • Marine Equipment Directive 06/98/EC standards

Are Boat Anchor Lights the same as Navigation Lights?

Though they form part of various types of marine lighting fixtures, boat anchor lights and navigation lights serve different purposes.

The boat anchor lights indicate that a water vessel is moored, whereas navigation lights signal that the boat is underway.

Navigation lights

Navigation light

What is the Recommended Boat Anchor Light Bulb?

Light-emitting diodes (LED) are increasingly becoming popular and most favorable bulbs for marine anchor light fixtures.

This is because they drain less power, are long-lasting, and less susceptible to vibrations.

Therefore, LEDs are rapidly replacing traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

What is the Length of Boat Anchor Light Pole?

The length of the boat anchor light pole varies depending on the size of the water boat.

Also, the length of the pole should be more than 1 meter above the sidelights.

Foldable and retractable boat anchor lights poles are available for quick adjustment of the pole length.

How should Boat Anchor Light Base be?

The bases of a boat anchor light vary but generally should be ample for easy installation on top of the pole.

There are several types of bases for boat anchor lights including, horizontal mount base, vertical mount bases, round base, and plug-in base.

What are the Certifications for Boat Anchor Lights?

All marine vessels are subject to local and international laws, and the boat anchor lights must meet one of the following certifications.

  • UL certification.
  • United States Coast Guard (USCG) certification
  • American Boat and Yacht Council standard A-16 certification.
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) certification.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) certification.

Why are Boat Anchor Lights IP67 Rated?

IP rating indicates the resistance level of the marine anchor light fixture against water, dirt, dust, and moisture.

The IP 67 rating means that the device is well protected from the harmful effects of dust and water ingress.

Thus, a boat anchor lights rated IP67 is fully enclosed and well protected against ingresses.

Now, once you consider everything in this guide, you will definitely get high quality boat anchor light for your marine safety.

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