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We have a lot of stocks for marine lightings. We are supplying lights suited to your project.

SMAlux – Your Premier Boat Courtesy Lights Supplier And Manufacturer in China

SMAlux Boat Courtesy Lights are allowing prominence lights all over the boats. These have different color alternatives. Courtesy lights give protective lights assurance, for stairs, doorways or anywhere needed to be accepted. Well-installed Boat Courtesy Lights could give enough illumination lights in low heightened ceilings and surely get rid of trip risks. These have available extraordinary Boat Courtesy Lights stock options.

Boat Courtesy Lights were implemented overhead and beneath to ensure more passenger`s safety. These useful lights also give excellent ambient lighting choices, too. SMAlux has more creative designs of these lights, has an all-around purpose also. These characterized so great throwing lights, good impact at someone`s health, great installment at banners, little convenience places, and very good to enhanced navigations.

These Boat Courtesy Lights are promoted as best in emphasizing lights. These are tightly sealed and the same time, weatherproof. These are also known as cost-effective lighting in addition. An effective way to light the seaways for both the client`s safety, passengers, etc. These are available with only single colors or expanses. These could probably be used on natural harbors, steps, eliminating, and useful to any sections. All lighting necessary, our Boat Courtesy Lights can help you throughout the circumstances.

Boat Courtesy Light’s main duties is to throw light up in corridors and stairways, these able to give safety for crews operations. These also provide sufficient power of battery lights and truly preserve powers at the same time. Boat Courtesy Lights are engineered with pointed downlight designs. And designed elsewhere away from your eyes, because hitting passengers and captain`s eyesight isn`t great. These lights provide eyesight protection compared to raise lights.

These lights supposed to give colorful lighting ideas and a creative atmosphere to a boat. Lights that blended consistently to some boat surely given. Every color differences, formation and varnishes, Boat Courtesy Lights are freely available. This embrace dimmable, colorful lights that can surely be calibrated depends on any conditions. Moreover, Boat Courtesy Lights are made originally to last longer visibility. Even gets wet, these are not able to ruin any accessories of Courtesy Lights. These initially built to implement in waters. Strong resistant from oxidations, rust, etc.

These can also be availed in any light colors, dimensions, functions, and more. With SMAlux, you can encounter loving assistants who always ready to accommodate with your concerns about lighting products. To any great lighting applications, SMAlux can do significant deals towards your business skyrocketing. For wholesale Boat Courtesy Lights orders, a supportive team from SMAlux can be your ultimate solution provider regarding high-quality lights.

SMAlux has been engaged in this industry for 22 years and counting. Throughout the experience, we learned a lot more strategies about manufacturing smart lights. We received ISO9001, ISO14001, and SA8000 certifications help to feel insured especially to our new clients. We undertake any struggles just to provide your business lighting needs. From manufacturing until distributing you`ll be fully guaranteed from our lights. These offered cheaper yet in competitive rates.

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Boat Courtesy Lights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

This guide covers all the important aspects about boat courtesy lights such as benefits, IP rating, installation, and quality testing amongst others.

Therefore, before you invest in new boat courtesy lights, read this guide.

What is Boat Courtesy Light?

Boat courtesy lights are marine lighting fixtures that comprise of a series of recessed luminaires utilized to light outdoor and indoor pathways.

They are mainly installed in boat interior to make the stairs and passageways stand out, particularly at night.

Boat courtesy light

Boat courtesy light

Most marine courtesy lights are made to radiate the light downwards, thus having less effect on your night vision compared to overhead lights.

They come in various colors, styles, and finishes, and are energy efficient, totally sealed, and waterproof.

What are the Benefits of Installing Boat Courtesy Lights?

While being stylish and improving the overall visibility, here are the main advantages of installing boat courtesy lights in your marine vessel:

· Ensure Safety

Your safety and crew members is always a priority.

The marine lighting fixtures provide bright lights to improve overall visibility inside the boat.

Low ceilings are illuminated, thus avoiding knocking head against ceilings and low hanging objects.

Besides, objects on the boat’s floor are well illuminated to prevent any possible falls or tripping.

· Improve Navigation

Moreover, you may install boat courtesy lights below and above deck enhance not safety of passenger but equally to improve navigation.

· Improve Appearance of Vessel

The marine lighting fixtures are multifunctional and can offer illumination anywhere you require it.

Being innovative with the lights is a perfect way to boost the look of your boat.

Which are the Different Types of Boat Courtesy Lights?

Boat courtesy lights come in different sizes, shapes, and designs for use in different places and specific tasks.

There are three main types marine courtesy lights, which can either be white or colored including:

· Interior Marine Courtesy Lights

These marine courtesy lights are designed for installation inside the boat.

They are essential in providing lights for visibility, interior decor, and safety.

· Exterior Courtesy Lights

As the name suggest, these are types of marine courtesy lights designed for outdoor installation in the boat.

· Multicolor Lights

Multicolor boat courtesy lighting fixtures can be tuned to suit any situation, and can be used both as interior and exterior marine lights.

When purchasing boat courtesy lights, specify to your supplier where you intend to use it so that you are given the appropriate type.

Are there Dimmable Boat Courtesy Lights?

Yes, boat courtesy lights types are compatible with light dimming systems.

The dimmable marine courtesy lights offer you the option to adjust light brightness to your desired level from a central control unit.

What are the Benefits of Installing Boat LED Courtesy Lights?

LED boat courtesy light

 LED boat courtesy light

The use of LED bulbs is the current trend in the lighting industry, and the marine vessels have not been left out either.

A wide variety of LED courtesy lights are available for use in boats, yachts and other water vessels.

There are many advantages of installing LED marine courtesy lights including:

  • Energy efficiency: LEDs are very efficient in converting electricity into light.

This implies that it can operate on minimal power and drains power slowly.

Therefore, using efficient energy LEDs, your batteries will also last for long.

  • Energy saving: The LED bulbs use less power than the halogen and incandescent bulbs. This benefit of energy saving implies that the batteries will last longer.

It only uses less than 20% of the power used by the incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Hence, LEDs can be left on even during daytime on the stair and poorly lit passageways with little impact on the battery.

  • Bright and warm lights. LED lighting technology produces bright light ideal for general use because it has high lumens at low voltage.

Besides, it provides warm light, similar to the daylight.

  • Maintenance-free and long lasting: The LED courtesy lights last longer, some even up to 50,000.

Thus you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance and replacements of bulbs.

  • Eye safety: As the LED lighting technology advances, eye safety has become a concern. The LEDs come with optic or lens that protects your eyes against very bright lights or if viewed directly.
  • Efficient thermal management: LED boat courtesy light has an efficient cooling system and does not produce heat during usage.

Therefore, it does not raise the temperature of the cabin.

This is very important, especially during the hot seasons or when running a cooling system.

  • Integrated light controls system: It is straightforward to integrate LED lighting technology with other means of controlling power, such as automated power control.
  • Small and Compact designs: Advancement of LED technology has facilitated the design of smaller, compact, and stylish boat courtesy lights.

The initial cost of purchasing LED boat courtesy lights is slightly higher than the ordinary luminaires.

But the overall advantages are worth every dollar that you will spend.

Currently, boat users are rapidly replacing the old courtesy lights with LED courtesy lights.

How do you Install Boat Courtesy Lights?

Before you install boat courtesy lights, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for proper guidance.

Installation of boat courtesy lights is a quick and straightforward process taking approximately 10 minutes.

You will need a drilling machine screwdriver, switch, and steel screws.

You will also need electrical wires of appropriate size in two colors – red and black.

Using a marker pen mark the correct positions for the lights, switch, and holes.

Drill the holes in the correct position.

Next, using a screwdriver drive the screws firmly to hold the boat courtesy lights and the switch firmly in place.

The next step is to do the wiring.

Before you start the installation, switch off the mains. Strip the wires and make the connections.

Ensure to follow color codes – red to red and black to black.

The red wire should pass through the switch and to the mains or battery.

For added safety, buy sheathed marine grade wires.

The sheath is suitable in areas with sharp ridges or corners.

However, if you are not sure or want some good work, it is best to use a professional’s services.

It is a legal requirement to install marine lights to comply with the positioning and technical requirements of an international agreement (COLREGS).

Where can you Install Boat Courtesy Lights?

The importance of boat courtesy lights in navigation and safety cannot be ignored.

You can mount this type of marine lighting fixture in the following locations:

Different Types of boat courtesy lights

 Different types of boat courtesy light

  • Walkways and stairs
  • Flush mount courtesy lights underneath seats.
  • Behind cabinets of shelves
  • Inside rod lockers
  • Fish boxes
  • Stores

What are the Quality Certifications for Marine Courtesy Lights?

As an indication of meeting international quality standards, marine courtesy lights have a certification label on them.

The following are the internationally recognized quality certification that you should look for in your boat courtesy lights:

  • RoHS Certification
  • UL Certification
  • CCC Certification
  • CB Certification
  • A-16 Certification
  • DLC Certification
  • CEE Certification
  • NSF Certification
  • CSA Certification
  • CE Certification
  • MED Certification

How do you Test the Quality of Boat Courtesy Light?

After manufacture and before usage, boat courtesy lights are subjected to strict quality tests consisting of:

· Burn-in Testing

This is a test to determine or detect early failures of the boat courtesy lights resulting from manufacturing faults.

The lights are tested for 48 hours under extreme conditions such as voltage and temperature.

· Salt Spray Testing

It is done using a standardized solution of 5% sodium chloride (NaCl) to simulate a corrosive environment.

The salt spray test procedure under saline conditions checks the corrosion resistance of the boat courtesy lights.

Light Sphere Testing

This is a test to determine the light output of the marine courtesy lights.

The light sphere testing includes luminous flux, color rendering, and correlated color temperature measurements.

These boat courtesy light quality testing procedures are performed under a regulated documented process which gives reliable and uniform outcomes.

What is the Recommended Beam Angle for Boat Courtesy Lights?

The recommended beam angle for boat courtesy lights is 30-60 degrees.

This range will ensure the lights shine directly downwards for visibility while reducing eye strain due to glare.

Courtesy lights are designed to provide illumination in small and narrow places; thus, the narrow beam angle is ideal.

The 30-60 degrees beam angle range will provide sufficient and bright lights for visibility while eliminating dark shadows.

They are suitable for use in cockpits, walkways, stores, stairs, and cabinets.

How do you avoid EMI in Boat LED Courtesy Lights?

A regulator inside the LED microcircuit continuously turn the voltage flowing to the diode on and off.

Improper protection of the regulator may lead to emission of radio frequencies that cause interference on the onboard electronics.

This EMI can reveal in peculiarities like “hash” on the screen of a fish-finder, static on an audio system, and VHF radio interference.

The perfect means of avoiding EMI is choosing marine courtesy lighting fixtures with relevant quality certification on the luminaire.

This shows that the manufacturer has conformed to the requirements in shielding the LED boat courtesy light.

Which Materials are used to make the Housing of Outdoor Boat Courtesy Light?

The marine environment is very harsh, and products must be designed to withstand hostile situations such as corrosion and rusting.

The best material for making housing of outdoor boat courtesy lights must have essential properties listed below:

  • Resistant to corrosion and reactions from the salty water.
  • Resistant to rusting. The high humidity and salt water make iron metals rust easily.
  • The material should be strong enough to produce a long lasting housing for the outdoor boat courtesy lights.
  • Resistant to the chemical reaction.
  • Easy to clean or wipe.
  • Not affected by UV radiation from the sun.
  • Waterproof and airtight to prevent the ingress of water and humidity.

The materials meeting the above properties are suitable for making housing of outdoor boat courtesy lights.

They include steel, anodized aluminum, chrome, brass, APS plastic, and fiberglass.

The type of material used in the housing will affect the cost of the boat courtesy lights.

Do Boat Courtesy Lights have a Warranty?

Yes, boat courtesy lights have a warranty.

The warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer and quality of the product.

Most of the boat courtesy lights have a warranty of one year.

However, there are some lights that have a warranty of up to five years.

High quality products might be expensive but have a better warranty, and they last longer while being reliable.

As you shop for lights, consider boat courtesy lights from reputable companies with a good warranty, and you will never regret it.

Warranty is an important consideration while choosing marine courtesy lights.

Failed boat courtesy lights but not damaged by users will be replaced within the warranty period.

 How does Boat Courtesy Light compare to Boat Interior Lights?

It is very easy to confuse between the two as they are very similar.

However, there are some differences.

The interior boat lights comprise all lights specifically designed for use inside the boat.

The lights include courtesy lights, dome lights, charting and reading lights, and LED strip lights.

They are intended to illuminate stairways and walking areas for safer navigation.

Furthermore, it provides ambient lighting for domains below the decks.

Other uses of the interior lights include reading and cooking.

The boat interior lights are designed for indoor use only.

On the other side, boat courtesy light is used both indoors and outdoors for general visibility and safety.

 How much do Marine Courtesy Lights Cost?

Marine courtesy lights are available in different sizes, quality, and lighting technology.

The courtesy lights using LED lighting technology are more expensive than those using Halogens, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Prices of marine courtesy lights vary depending on manufacturer, size, lighting technology, and quality.

Be sure to find courtesy lights that fit well within your budget if you search correctly on the internet.

The average price of a marine courtesy light is $20 per piece.

What is the IP Rating for Waterproof LED Courtesy Lights?

Waterproof LED courtesy lights are used in harsh environments of salty water, dust, and high humidity that could easily corrode and damage them.

Therefore, the lights should have adequate protection against the ingress of the corrosive substances.

This makes IP rating very critical when choosing the best courtesy lights for your boat.

Typically, waterproof LED boat courtesy lights have IP rating of 67.

These ratings signify that it is fully enclosed and well protected against ingresses to last longer.

How much Power do Boat Courtesy Lights use?

Boat courtesy light

Boat courtesy light

Generally, boat courtesy lights are designed to use less power as they run on a 12 or 24 V rechargeable battery.

However, the incandescent and halogen bulbs consume more power than the LED bulbs.

For instance, a typical incandescent bulb is rated 10W at 0.8 amps while a similar LED bulb is rated less than 1 W at 0.24 W.

This implies that the LED lights will consume only 10% of what the incandescent lights will use.

Hence, LED marine courtesy lights will run for about ten times more than the incandescent lights on the same battery.

Due to the power efficiency of the LED lighting technology, many boat owners and operators are replacing their lighting system.

Majority are adopting the energy efficient LED boat courtesy lighting fixtures.

How does Boat Anchor Lights compare to Boat Courtesy Lights?

While the two types of lights are used by water vessels, they are, in fact, different.

Anchor lights are used when a vessel is anchored while boat courtesy lights are multipurpose.

Courtesy lights are utilized both during day and night as opposed to anchor lights that are useful only at night or during reduced visibility.

Furthermore, anchor lights are white while boat courtesy lights come in white or different colors.

Additionally, marine anchor lights consist of a single light while boat courtesy light is made up of several lights.

Anchor lights are all round visible from 2 miles away, whereas the courtesy lights are directional lights to illuminate nearby areas.

Moreover, anchor lights are mainly used to ensure safe navigation while courtesy light are primarily meant for accent lighting the boat.

Also, anchor lights are located outdoors on the highest point of a boat.

On the other hand, marine courtesy lights can be installed in several places both indoors and outdoors of a vessel.

Lastly, the installation method also differentiates them.

Anchor lights are installed protruding, whereas courtesy lights are recessed.

With this information, you can definitely choose high quality boat courtesy lights.

For questions or inquiry, you contact SMAlux now.