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SMAlux is the leading provider of smart light solution. For your boat deck light projects, SMAlux can be your reliable long term partner. We can offer quality services and complete information for your safety process.

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SMAlux- Your Trusted Boat Deck Lights Manufacturer in China

Give an excellent brightness and glow your boat by adding some unique lights on your decks. You can choose your ideal color and customization to make it perfect that suited to your taste. There’s a lot of selection for boat deck lighting. You can choose spotlights for easier installment or flush-mounted lights. Strip lights are also common for boat deck lighting. A lot of types are available with different functions. Other strip lights are waterproof. It protects lights from getting wet. You can also choose tunable, remote control, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi control strip lights. You can auto change the color using the device. During the night, you can illuminate your boat by adding some lights to your deck purchased from SMAlux lighting production.

LED string lights, eyelid flush-mounted lights, rock lights and many more are the most needed when installing lights, especially to your boat decks. Without this lighting around the boat, it will be dark and dangerous. You can install on your own with our easy to install deck lights. You can replace your deck lights quickly without any hassle.

SMAlux boat deck lights are safe. It is safe from overloading that can cause fire or any trouble. From our fabricated lights for boat deck lighting, we can ensure the safety and satisfaction when using. We have gone a lot of research to create amazing and unique lighting for your boat. Not just that, we also offer suggestions about what will be the best lights that can be fitted to your boat decks. We can help you aim your project goals.

When purchasing boat deck lights, you have to identify your provider. It is not easy, but you have to do it just for your business. We, SMAlux are the trusted smart lighting provider in more than 30 years and counting. We received a lot of amazing feedback that can prove our way of service. We also passed a lot of certifications. You can trust us as your long term partner in handling a business.

SMAlux engineering teams are experts from assembling and designing. In this manufacturing industry, we are skilled and well-trained to support every client’s lighting projects. We can also help you with your projects by saving your money and effort and supplying high-quality boat deck lights. Our number one goal in manufacturing is to support clients from their business different processes.

If you have any problem about planning on purchasing wholesale boat deck lights, SMAlux can guide you with the whole process. You don’t have to worry about the products you will receive, and most especially you don’t have to worry about the delivery time. We have the best capabilities about solving anything in terms of quick process.

If you want more information, send your inquiries today and let us be part of your success.

Boat Deck Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

To effectively enjoy a boat, trip the deck has to be well lit.

This FAQ equips you with the information you need if you want to use a boat deck light.

What are the Boat Deck Lights?

Boat deck lights are lighting systems you can use to illuminate your boat’s deck.

To ensure that your deck is adequately lit you can mount a boat deck light on the deck surface, below the roof or on the exterior of your boat.

Boat deck light adds to the functionality and aesthetic of your boat.

Boat deck light

 Boat deck lights

Are Boat Deck Lights Customizable?

You can customize a boat deck light to your aesthetic and functional specifications:

  • Boat deck lights are available in several color combinations and colors to meet the different preferences and needs.
  • Boat deck lights are made using different materials. You can go for a boat deck light that is made using aluminum, stainless or other types of materials.
  • There are various mounting options for boat deck light. Based on the location of your deck light you can use nuts or snap-fit springs.
  • You can customize your boat deck light to have a remote control for controlling speed, dimming, flashing modes, and selecting a color.

What are the Benefits of Using Boat Deck Lights?

There are a lot of benefits that accrue from using boat deck light.

  • Boat deck light enhances your safety when you navigate around the deck during the night. It prevents you from stepping on the lures or tripping over a rod.
  • Boat deck light increases the aesthetics of your boat. When the deck is brightly lit at night your night boat trip becomes more fun.
  • Boat deck lights are multipurpose lights. They can be used both on the water for a sail, house, and fishing boat as well as on land and for bow fishing.
  • Boat deck lights have excellent heat dissipation characteristics. It does not overheat and offers long lighting hours.

Boat deck light

Boat deck light

Is Boat Deck Light Environmentally Friendly?

You can use boat deck lights to appeal to your environmentally conscious customers.

  • LED boat deck light uses less power, offers lasting illumination, and does not overheat. This allows you to reduce the amount of energy that you use for lighting.
  • Also, LED boat deck lights have a low level of toxic mercury, unlike mainstream incandescent. This means they release less toxic substances into the environment.

How do you Select the Right Deck Light?

When choosing the right deck light for your boat, there are some things you should take into account.

They include:

· Purpose of the Light

You should consider the exact place in the deck that you want to light up and why you want to illuminate the place.

This helps you determine the type of deck light suitable for your application.

You should ask yourself whether the light will aid the vision of the operator at night, aid the crew by lighting where they work or aide passengers by lighting walkways.

· Mounting Location

The mounting style of the deck light you choose depends on where you want to install it.

The majority of deck lights possess a particular mounting style.

They are unlikely to work in all applications as such being aware of how you want to install your deck light will assist you to filter your options.

Therefore, you should determine whether it will be installed on a vertical breast wall, mast, or a flat horizontal facet.

· Beam Angle

The beam angle is the focus of the light beam emitted by a fixture.

Beam angle can be an extensive floodlight, focused beam, or narrow beam.

Two fixtures of similar intensity can emit light of different patterns if their beam angles are different.

Thus when selecting the right deck light you should determine the beam angle that will allow your fixture to release the most light if you require it.

If you want to light a small passageway using light mounted on a mast, you should choose a fixture with a narrow beam angle.

If you want to lighten up a large aft deck where a crew works you should use a floodlight or wide beam angle.

· Light Temperature and Intensity

If you do not want a too dim or too bright light you should consider the temperature and intensity of your light.

If your light is very bright it will hurt your vision and if it is not sufficiently bright it will prevent you from finishing your intended task.

Since knowing the number of lumens necessary for your task is not easy, you should seek the advice of a light expert.

· Quality of Material

Deck lights are lights used on the exterior and are susceptible to elements.

As such fixture construction quality is important.

You should ensure that the light you want to use for marine products is built for use on marine vessels.

The brackets for mounting should be made using steel or materials resistant to water and sun corrosion.

What are LED Deck Lights for Boats?

LED deck light is a type of deck light used for areas exposed to vibration, consumes a low amount of energy, and has a low temperature.

They use LED bulbs instead of mainstream bulbs.

LED boat deck light

 LED boat deck light

What are the Materials used in Making a Boat Deck Light?

To ensure that your boat deck light is suitable for use on the sea, it is made using specific materials.

  • The housing of your boat deck light can be made using aluminum, Polycarbonates, and Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

These materials are strong and tough therefore resistant to impact.

  • Some boat deck lights are made using chrome bezel, bronze alloy, and chrome plaid zinc material that have anti-corrosive and strength properties.

What are the Things to Consider Setting up a Boat Deck Light?

When installing a deck light on your boat, there are several factors that you should consider.

They include:

· Picking the Right Deck Light

If you want a deck light that is waterproof, discreet, bright, and does not interfere with your bass boat’s aesthetic you should choose a bass boat LED deck light.

If you want a tiny, prewired, extremely bright, and discreet light you should go for tri-chip LED light.

· Saving on Money and Time

When setting up a boat deck light you should ensure that you have the right size and bracket.

When the size is wrong you will be forced to close up a bulb hole, enlarge a bulb hole or find an adapter for your light.

· Using Lights that have CE Marking

If your light is not CE marking electromagnetic frequencies emanating from its wires can cause negative side-effects such as radio intrusion immobility of your radio.

The CE marking shows that your boat deck light meets the environmental, health, or safety requirements of the EU.

· Using Marine Graded Light

You should select a boat deck light that is not just waterproof but it should also have a housing that is resistant to saltwater erosion.

Your light should be sealed using a waterproof of a rating of more than IP67.

The highly humid environment in a boat requires a waterproof housing.

· Picking Coast Guard Compliant Boat Deck Light

Be up to date on the local laws to ensure that you adhere to the lighting requirements established by Boat and Yacht Council for coast guard adherence.

Examples of these lighting laws are those concerned with green and red sidelight that shows the starboard and port side of a boat.

The lights have to be 112.5 degrees from the aft to the front on either side of the boat.

You have to meet every requirement established for a boat of your boat size.

· Consider Lighting Regulations on Colored Boat Deck Lights

Having the appropriate deck light for your boat is key as it assists you in reacting accordingly and helps you escape accidents.

Although colored and bright light looks greats, the position and color can conflict with the navigation light policies of coast guards.

You should read the provisions established by coast guards on colored lights to avoid issues with authorities.

Where are Boat Deck Lights Installed?

Boat deck lights

Boat deck lights

To fully realize the benefits of boat deck light, you can install it in different locations in your boat.

You can install it under the roof, on the surface of the deck, under the gunwales, in the cabin, or on the exterior sides.

Boat deck lights are available in a wide array to provide for the different locations of installation.

What are the Steps involved in Installing a Boat Deck Light?

Before installing a boat deck light you should be versed with the installation process.

  • Clean the mounting surface using alcohol.
  • To avoid obstacles and ensure your lights are spaced evenly define the best layout.
  • Use a marker to mark the location of holes.
  • Ensure there are no obstacles and drill the wire holes
  • Insert wire on the holes and mount the light.

What is a Bass Boat Deck Light?

Bass boat deck lights are deck lights you can use for the deck of your bass boat.

What are Rock Deck Lights?

Rock deck lights are indestructible types of deck lights that were initially designed to light rough terrains below off-road vehicles during the night.

If you install it under the gunwale’s lip it channels light over your boat deck.

What is the difference between a Removable Deck Light and Forward-facing Deck Light?

Forward-facing deck lights are deck lights that make it easy for you to spot floating logs or any other debris found in water before you can hit them.

It eliminates guesswork when you motor your boat at night.

Removable deck lights are emergency lights that can perform several functions at any time.

You can fasten them to a boat and they will illuminate the deck or water at any time since you will always have them onboard.

Can Shadow-Caster Boat Deck Lights Address Voltage Spike?

Yes, Shadow-Caster boat deck lights are designed to deal with the worst spikes in transient voltage that the electrical system of your boat can subject them to.

They have an internal current protection system that prevents the spikes in voltages from getting to your light.

What are the Quality Standards that Boat Deck Light should adhere to?

To effectively light your boat deck, boat deck light have to adhere to certain quality standards.

They have to be CE, DLC and UL certified.

  • CE certification indicates conformity to the European Economic Area environment, safety, and health standards.
  • DLC certification implies conformance to minimum performance standards in longevity, color, and distribution.
  • UL certification implies compliance with safety requirements.

How is Under Deck Boat Light comparable to Boat Deck Light?

While boat deck light is installed on the deck of your boat to light the deck, under deck boat light is installed under the deck and it illuminates the water.

Why are Boat Deck Lights IP68 RATED?

Your boat deck lights are IP65 rated to ensure that they are protected from dust atoms and water intrusion.

IP68 rated deck lights are protected from powerful water jets and can withstand driving rain as well as crashing waves.

Are the Boat Deck Lights Weatherproof?

If the Ingress Protection rate of your boat deck light is IP67 and over, it is an indication that it can withstand any form of bad weather like a storm or underwater submergence.

How much do Boat Deck Lights Cost?

LED boat deck light

LED boat deck light

The cost of a boat deck light is not standard.

It varies with your specification.

The cost varies with the power source of your light, the type of material used in making your light, design availability, the size, and the color of your light.

If you want particular features to be added to your boat deck light or want a long warranty and service life, you will pay more.

At SMAlux, we have a range of boat lights such as boat anchor lights, boat courtesy lights, pontoon boat lights and boat stern lights, amongst others.

You can contact us today for all your boat deck light needs.