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SMAlux- Premier Reliable Boat Stern Lights Manufacturer

SMAlux Boat Stern Lights are illustrated having white lights that only spotted almost beyond the sailing boats. It shines behind the operating vessels. These lights are able to help to control what is give-way sailing boat while coming across with other boaters at nighttime. Stern Lights are exposed from sunset until sunrise. This happens throughout period times of compacted brightness. Boat Stern Lights only works when it needs survival at night.

Boat Stern Lights arrays are strictly depending on its performed strength. These lights are highly specified by COLREGS International Directives. Also, Boat Stern Lights basically positioned at the back of the boat. These are seen with the white color of stern lights, informing that there are other boat vessels heading up. Other vessels with 50 meters away must express their own stern lights to avoid dangers. SMAlux Boat Stern Lights were proven heavy-duty lighting equipment. Even abused, these still works very fine. Many are certified by using SMAlux Boat Stern Lights nationwide.

These are the safest lighting units when doing sailing activities. These are offered at cheaper prices, versatile applications, and operate with retrofit bulbs LED. Retrofit bulbs LED helps to last much longer and save more batteries. Boat Stern Lights are definitely made with durable fixed aluminum, with ABS malleable grounds that have relevant brackets. These also have light diffuse lamps, help to protect each bulb used. Our Boat Stern Lights also includes important lighting equipment.

For these are cheaper than another kind of marine lighting, many are preferred to purchase Boat Stern Lights. These are great at the optical way of message transmissions. And even abusing and more vigorous way of using these Boat Stern Lights, there will be no issues and trouble might occur. A highly suggested lighting product so far. Further, lighting for your boats is very important to keep alive and survive from any dangerous circumstances at marine operations. So that, SMAlux Boat Stern Lights could help you stay protected.

Not just for customer or client`s advantages, these lights are also good insertion to any business which related to lights. These are both proofs from bad weather and fogs at the same time. Appropriate kind of Boat Stern Lights could help to assist you and keeps you away from crashes. In overall, Boat Stern Lights complex incorporates with green or red sidelights. These two colors show the seaport beside the boat. When the Boat Stern Lights probably burned out, flashlight on the mount is the solution.

Far-ranging selections of SMAlux Boat Stern Lights are open. You can choose and purchase the best that you think best for your business and personal marine projects. But, most of our smart lighting units are proven could passionately boom your business. Many would surely love how durable these were. We have a brilliant support team, equipped to supply your needs always. Also, we have 22 years of fabricating experience, already have enough knowledge to support and serve your business lighting essentials. We have the power to provide outstanding boat stern lights and fulfilled your expectations from it.

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Boat Stern Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

For a boat to safely navigate in the sea it has to be well lit with appropriate boat stern light.

Effective lighting keeps the boats on water from colliding.

This FAQ provides information that will guide you when choosing the right lighting for your boat.

What is a Boat Stern Light?

Boat stern light is a light that is installed at a boat’s stern.

The color and arc of a boat stern boat enable you to establish the direction in which a boat is moving.

Basically, it works as navigation light.

 Boat stern light

 Boat stern light

What are the Advantages of a Boat Stern Light?

There are a lot of advantages that accrue when you install stern light on your boat.

They include:

  • With a boat stern light, you will be able to know the direction in which a vessel is moving.

Knowing the direction of a vehicle allows you to avoid a collision.

You will be able to determine whether they are crossing or overtaking and whether the vessels should stand on or create way.

  • Also, stern light allows approaching vessels to know your travel direction and see you. Seeing you allow them to help you in case you face problems while you are adrift and avoid a collision.
  • Thirdly, boat stern light allows an observer to determine whether you are under sail or under power. Knowing this enables them to effectively navigate during the night and early morning.
  • Boat stern light allows you to know the type of vessel on the sea. You will be able to determine whether it is a sailing or power-driven boat.

How does the Boat Stern Light compare to Masthead Light?

Although both masthead light and stern lights are used as navigation lights for boats, they are significantly different.

A masthead light refers to a white light found in front of a boat.

On your boat, the masthead light has to be seeable from a two-mile distance and over 225 degrees.

Irrespective of the length of your boat, it has to be installed approximately one meter over the sidelight and be at the boat’s centerline.

Stern light on the other hand is a white light found at the back of the boat.

Stern light has to be seeable from a two-mile distance and over 135 degrees.

Stern light is installed close to the stern. However, combined, masthead and stern light create 360 degrees.

What are the Major Types of Boat Stern Light?

If you are interested in installing a boat stern light on your boat, there are several options you can choose.

They include:

· LED Articulating All-Round Boat Stern Light

The LED Articulating All-Round Boat Stern Light is 60% lighter and 30% brighter than mainstream LED light.

The lightweight prevents it from staggering.

It has 50,000 plus hours of usage, completely watertight, and completely sealed.

Its locking collar pole equips it will a universal fit for use in several angled or square bases.

LED Articulating All-Round Boat Stern Light has 360 degrees and a two-mile visibility range that makes it highly visible.

· LED Pole Mounted Articulating Stern Light

LED Pole Mounted Articulating Stern Light focuses above and on the horizon.

This stern light has a bottom aperture that minimizes glare to 7.5 degrees under horizontal.

Its continuous arc of light over the horizontal renders your boat visible to tall craft and in rolling seas.

LED Pole Mounted Articulating Stern Light has a rating of more than 50,000 hours and is suitable for boats of up to 39.4 feet.

It offers a 360 degree, 2 miles visibility.

· Articulating Head Anti-Glare Stern Light

Articulating Head Anti-Glare Stern Light does not focus light on the eyes of the pilot but rather on and above the horizon.

Articulating Head Anti-Glare Stern Light adjust from 15 degrees aft and 15 degrees forward.

Its locking collar pole gives you a universal fit.

This means you can use it on several angled and square bases.

· All-Round LED Plug-in Mount Stern Light

All-Round LED Plug-in Mount Stern Light is suitable for powerboat smaller than 65.6 feet.

All-Round LED Plug-in Mount Stern Light has one LED configuration and is between 2 and 6 feet.

Its circuitry is sealed, it is vibration proof, it is waterproof and has a service life of 50,000 hours.

Further, it is IMCI certified, it is easy to install and it is resistant to corrosion.

Are Boat Stern Lights Environmentally Friendly?

You can contribute to your sustainability objective by using boat stern light because boat stern light is environmentally friendly.

  • Boat stern light has a service life of 50,000 hours. This means that the number of boat stern light that ends up in the landfills is lower since you use it for long.
  • Boat stern light consumes less power. As such the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere is reduced.

Are there Quality Standards that Boat Stern Light should adhere to?

 Boat stern light

Boat stern light

To ensure that you receive quality stern light, there are many quality standards in place.

  • International rules require that stern light be white as well as shine 67.5 degrees forward and aft on every side.
  • Further, the installation of boat stern light on your recreational boats have to adhere to International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea agreements. These agreements are based on technical and position requirements.

The agreement is available through the local Marine Safety Authority.

  • According to Rules of the Road vessels smaller than 65.6 feet are required to have a stern light with a visible range of 2 miles and an arc angle of 135 degrees.

Some of the main standards include IP rating, CE, and RoHS, amongst others.

What are the Features of a Suitable Boat Stern Light?

For your boat stern light to be considered suitable, it has to have a number of features. They include:

  • Precise and unique light angle’s definition.
  • Made using unbreakable materials that protect the electronics and LEDs.
  • It is vibration proof and waterproof.
  • It has an IP rating of more than 68 that makes it weatherproof.
  • It has a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours.
  • Consume less power than the mainstream navigation lights.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Has an input voltage that ranges between 10 and 32 volts.

Are Boat Stern Light Customizable?

You can customize a boat stern light to your specification.

  • You can customize your boat stern light base. Boat stern light bases are available for boats of all sizes and shapes.
  • You can customize the color of your boat stern light. The housing of boat stern lights is available in clear white and black colors.
  • Boat stern lights are made using various materials. They include chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel among others.

Is there a Height Requirement for Boat Stern Light?

 Boat stern light height

 Boat stern light height

When buying a boat stern light for your boat, it is important you take into account the height of the light.

This is because the height of the light varies with the length of your boat.

  • If you have a powerboat that is more than 39.4 feet long, the boat stern light has to be visible from a 2 nautical miles distance.

This allows its beam to produce a continuous 135-degree arc showing a 67.5 degree on both sides of your vessel.

  • If you have a powerboat that is less than 39.4 feet long, your boat stern light has to be visible from 1 nautical mile distance.
  • If you have a sailboat that is below 65.6 feet long, your boat stern light has to be visible from a 2 nautical mile distance.

What are the other Types of Navigation Lights that Complement the Boat Stern Light?

Boat stern light is put at the stern of your boat.

However to effectively navigate you will need to install other types of lights.

These types of lights include:

· Masthead Light

Masthead light is a white light that projects in front of your boat.

It is installed over the aft and fore centerline of your boat with a 225-degree arc.


Sidelights are green and red lights that shine at a 112.5-degree arc from the front of the boat to 22.5 degrees behind the beam.

· All-round Light

All-round light is a white light that projects all around a boat.

It has an arc of 360 degrees.

· Yellow Towing Lights

Yellow towing lights are a yellow light installed in front of your boat.

It is installed near the stern and shines at a 135-degree arc.

Other boat light that we offer at SMAlux include boat anchor light, boat courtesy light, boat deck light and pontoon boat lights.

What are the Lighting Configurations for different Types of Boats?

Based on the type of boat you own; it is important that you enlighten yourself on the lighting configuration of different types of boats.

  • If your powerboat is over 12 meters long you should install white masthead light, green and red sidelight alongside a white stern light.
  • If your powerboat is shorter than 12 meters, in addition to stern light you should also install green and red stern light, all-round white light, and masthead lights.
  • For a powerboat that is shorter than 7 meters you only need an all-round white light.
  • For a sailing boat longer than 20 meters, you should install a white stern light, green sidelight, and a red sidelight.
  • Sailing boats shorter than 20 meters need a tri-colored light on the mast.
  • Anchored boats need white visible lights in every direction.
  • Non-powered boats that are shorter than 7 meters have to display white light or a torch for visibility.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Boat Stern Light?

When choosing a stern light for your boat, there are several factors that you should consider.

They are:

· Style

There are different styles of boat stern lights you can choose from.

For example, LED boat stern light has a long lifespan and uses less energy than incandescent bulbs boat stern lights.

· Mounting

When choosing a boat stern light you should select the mounting option suitable for your light.

Your stern light has to be mounted so high that it can be visible from a long distance.

However, it should not be shadowed by a sail.

Also, boat stern light has to be well recessed to avoid generating glare for the person at the helm.

To ensure that your stern light shows the direction that your boat is going accurately, it has to be well mounted.

· Reserves

You should ensure that you have a complete set of emergency lights operated by a battery in case you run out of power while adrift.

· Design

The design of a boat stern light factors in color, angle, brightness, and consideration.

For your boat stern light to adhere to regulations it has to discharge the right color, in the correct direction at a suitable intensity.

This you achieve by choosing the right light for output, color, and direction.

What are the Three Main Functional Measures of a Boat Stern Light?

There are three functional measures for a boat stern light.

They include:

· Candela

Candela is the measure of the effectiveness of your boat stern light.

It is the brightness of your boat stern light at a given point.

If you want a light to be visible from a distance or a particular point you have to know the candela.

· Lumen

Lumen is the measure of your boat stern light’s level of light output.

· Chromaticity

Chromaticity refers to a light sources visible color.

Chromaticity is measured when boat stern light I tested for adherence to regulations.

Factors to Consider when Installing a Boat Stern Light?

Before installing a boat stern light, you should take into account several factors. They are:

· Legal Requirements

Your stern light and its installation on your boat should adhere to the technical and positioning of COLREGS.

You can find these requirements from the Marine Safety Authorities.

· Avoid Damages

You must install your boat stern light according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

To reduce damage from contact with the other objects you should mount your boat stern light.

For instance, lights that are mounted on small crafts and bow close to anchor fittings are susceptible to damage and need protection.

· The Light Impacting Vision of an Operator

You should install your boat stern light to prevent it from shinning in the eyes of the operator.

You can achieve this by putting a shielded light on a pole or mast.

Also, you can protect the vision of the operator by putting light post behind the operator, putting light post overhead heights instead of amidship or bow.

· Wiring

Your boat stern light wiring has to be installed according to acknowledged wiring codes.

You should use a white cable from the light to the switch and a black cable for a negative or return conductor.

The circuit has to be equipped with a circuit breaker or fuse and boat stern light only.

· Choose the Appropriate Light Fitting

You should fit a boat stern light that adheres to COLREGS performance requirements.

You should pay close attention to the arrangement of the shielding.

This is important because it ensures that boat stern light shines only in the right direction and does not overlap with a combination of lights.

Where should Boat Stern Light be Positioned?

To truly realize the benefits of a stern boat light, you should position it right.

Your boat stern light should be as close as is practicable at your stern.

To prevent the motor from blocking light, you can mount your stern light on one side of a boat or a mast.

Do Light Installation for Underway, Sail, and Moored Boat Differ?

Yes, light installation differs for moored, sail, and underway boat.

  • In underway boats, you have to install stern lights, green sidelights, and red sidelight.

If it is under power, in addition to stern light, green sidelight, and red sidelight, a boat will have more than one masthead.

The number of mastheads will vary with the length of the boat.

  • In a sailboat, you have to install stern light, green light, and red light. However, it does not need a masthead light because it isn’t under power.
  • In a moored boat you will only have 360-degree white anchor lights with the number of lights depending on the length of your boat. It only has white anchor lights because it is not traveling.

What makes LED Boat Stern Light Appealing?

LED boat stern lights are appealing because:

  • They are strong and unbreakable.
  • They are vibration and waterproof.
  • They have an IP rating of more than 68.
  • They have a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours.
  • They have a low level of power consumption.
  • They can easily be installed.

What are the Materials used in Making Boat Stern Light?

To ensure that you receive high-quality boat stern lights they are made using strong materials, vibration proof, and waterproof are used.

The housing of a boat stern light is made using aluminum, plastic, Epoxy, stainless steel, or Polyurethane.

Each of these materials is strong enough to withstand any weather conditions.

 Boat stern light

Boat stern light

What is the Boat Stern Lights Base?

Boat stern light bases are features that can be installed easily on your boat to upgrade and update it.

Boat stern light bases allow your light to not only provide safety but to also prolong the recreational time when you go fishing or boating.

It suspends light pole over your stern for utmost lighting when dropping fishing lines, recreating, or docking.

What are some of the key boat stern light base options?

There is a wide array of boat stern light bases that you can choose from for your boat.

They are:

· 3-pin Round Straight Pole Base

3-pin round straight pole base is made using black non-corrosive plastic.

This prevents it from corroding when exposed to water while on the sea.

It has nickel-plated contacts that enhance its strength.

To prevent debris and moisture from entering it features a soft rubber with a covering.

Molded from non-corrosive black plastic, it features nickel-plated contacts, and soft rubber with a gasket to prevent moisture and debris from entering.

· 5 Degrees Stern Light Replacement Base with a Slide Cover

The 5 degrees stern light replacement base with a slide cover is made using chrome-plated brass and black plastic fitting.

It has a slide cover that is water-resistant.

Also, its tube is angled at 5 degrees to swing the light pole on top of the stern to provide maximum lighting.

· Boat Stern Navigation Light Plug-In Base

Boat Stern Navigation Light Plug-In Base is made using die-cast chrome finishes. Its swivel covers shield the socket when your light is put away.

Additionally, the socket has a key that hinders incorrect pole light insertion.

To prevent multiple crimping and corrosion the base has nickel-plated contacts.

This enhances its durability.

In short, once you consider everything highlighted in this guide, you will definitely get the best boat stern light of your choice.

At SMAlux, we offer a perfect solution for all your boat stern light needs.