LED Light Imports from China: The How-to Guide To Success

The global LED lighting market is booming right now.

Due to its technology, efficiency, and eco-friendly properties this lighting solution is quickly filling the offices and homes all over the world.

And with such product demand, there has to be a powerful supplier.

China is commonly known as the world’s factory, the industrial center, so it only […]

Why used SMAlux smart light bulb?

SMAlux smart light bulbs are not as like as the average LED light bulbs.

Smart LED bulb don’t just installed in a socket and light a room like the basic bulb.

That’s too boring. SMAlux smart bulbs can do so much more.

Smart light bulbs are called smart for a reason that SMAlux smart light can wirelessly connect […]

How to set up SMAlux smart light bulb?

SMAlux smart light bulb is far more interesting than a general incandescent bulb.

Remote control without a remote controller but a smart phone only with multiple functions.

Therefore, SMAlux smart light bulbs take the advantages of home security, energy saving and decoration.

Due to the difference of working carrier, there are two types of smart light bulbs: […]