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SMAlux- Your Reliable Christmas Lights Manufacturer in China

SMAlux manufactures different designs and features of lightings for Christmas. There are plenty of designs such as led string lights with different amazing colors. LED string lights are the most popular in Christmas lighting including mini string lights. Large bulb lights are also having different colors that provide visual impacts. Aside from different types of Christmas lightings, there are many functions. From battery operated to motion or touch sensor lights are accessible.

We, SMAlux, did our best to provide amazing and unique lightings for very special occasions worldwide. We created animated lights for funny Christmas moments. Color-changing lights for very artistic areas from residential, commercial buildings, and streets. When purchasing lights for Christmas, durable and quality lights are the most important. You can select the best supplier and manufacturer of Christmas lights so you can ensure you can get your desired lights.

Christmas lights can be applied in different areas. From outdoor to indoor purposes, we can provide durable and amazing lightings. For outdoor Christmas lightings, balconies are one of the most areas for lightings. Trees are also often for Christmas lightings using waterproof led string lights and many others waterproof Christmas lights. You can hang up lighting stars to the street poles or any commercial outdoor ways.

LED strip lights or soft neon rope lights are commonly used when designing for something. If you want a letter design or a word, soft rope led strip lights are the best for you to use. There are changing colors and multi-colors for very eye-catching views. There are lighting competitions at Christmas.

Christmas lights are very in demand worldwide. SMAlux smart lighting can be a big help for you to gain the best profits. SMAlux Christmas lights are very negotiable. For sure, your way to a successful business is not far away from you. From assembling Christmas lights to giving flexible and secure packaging, we, SMAlux are experts and trusted with that.

Anything you want for Christmas lighting will be provided and be guided with SMAlux. SMAlux admirable and high-quality lights for Christmas are surely founded at different features and designs fitted to your application. Whether you want a small or large amount of lights for Christmas décor, we can support the whole process.

Before we move out of your ordered items, we make sure the quality of lights. We are working on it harder just to supply reliable lights so we can help you boost your business. We can be able to support clients with their projects while saving their cash including their efforts. If you want to be one of our successful customers, we are willing to guide your project needed. We can offer acceptable light rates for you.

If you urgently need to order Christmas lights for your business special requirements, we can do the quick actions. Contact us directly for more informative processes.

Christmas Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all questions you have been asking about Christmas lights.

So, if you want to be an expert in Christmas light, your answer is right here.

What are Christmas Lights?

Christmas lights are the types of lights that you will use for decoration purposes especially during Christmas celebrations.

You will often have the Christmas lights on display all through the Christmas season including the Christmastide and the advent.

Which Materials are Christmas Lights Made of?

You will use different types of materials to make Christmas lights including copper and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Apart from that, you will also add some light sockets made of materials such as brass or copper and plastic.

The bulbs on the Christmas lights include a combination of different materials including metal, plastic, and glass.

You will go through difficult time finding Christmas light bulbs made from glass at this moment as most of them are plastic.

Additionally, the strings have undergone a series of changes over the years to improve safety from incidents such as fire.

Currently, energy efficient bulbs and materials are becoming the norm thus replacing the most of the materials.

How Many Types of Christmas Lights are There?

Well, you might have a difficult time deciding on the type of Christmas lights to purchase for the Christmas celebrations.

Here are the main types of Christmas lights that you can explore to help you make a proper choice.

· Incandescent Christmas Lights

This type of Christmas light produces a fine glow especially when lit and are available in various sizes and shapes.

You can choose from the different types of incandescent Christmas lights such as globe lights, and rice and micro rice lights.

· LED Christmas Lights

This type of LEDlight is characterized by energy saving bulbs that will reduce cost of operation and increase durability.

They are also available in various shapes, forms, and sizes that you can choose from to decorate your home.

· Icicle Lights

This type of Christmas light consists of different light strings with a connection at the center code.

It also has drops or strings that are a few inches apart that hang down between 5 to 30 inches.

When you hang thus type of Christmas lights along an edge, it will drape down like a series of icicles.

· Retro Christmas Lights

Retro Christmas lights are types of lights that were used in the past to decorate homes during the Christmas period.

In case you feel like going back in time, there are a series of styles, colors, and sizes that you can choose from.

· Bubble Christmas Lights

This type of Christmas lights is made from liquid fill vials which are heated through the incandescent bulbs.

The heat will make the liquid to boil up and the bubble within the vial thus illuminating the light bulbs.

· C-Series Christmas Lights

This is a series of C – Christmas lights that come with various version of the C series lights and bulbs.

You can choose from a series of C- series bulbs such as C5, C6, C7, as well as C9 bulbs for the Christmas lights.

They are also available in different sizes and shapes for you to choose from depending on your personal preferences.

· Micro Christmas Lights

The micro Christmas lights exhibit similar characteristics as the mini Christmas lights except they are smaller in size.

They often have low voltage bulbs that will consume very little electric current in comparison to mini Christmas lights.

Apart from that, they have very high durability levels that can last up to 12,000 service hours.

· Rope Christmas Lights

These are special types of lights that you can use to make different shapes of decorations for the Christmas lights.

It consists of LED or mini lights inside flexible sheaths of plastic that is rigid enough to maintain a particular shape.

You can bend these types of lights into figures, shapes, numbers as well as letters to outline different objects.

· Mesh Christmas Lights

You will use this type of Christmas light to evenly distribute light on uneven objects since it has interconnections like wire mesh.

It has a grid like pattern with rows of light attachments by webs of wires running vertically and horizontally.

Additionally, it consists of numerous types of lights with variations such as trunk lights and net lights.

· Light Projector Christmas Lights

This type of Christmas lights often comes from a projector with different cut-out shapes that displays different shapes.

· Candle Lamps Christmas Lights

These are flameless options of candle lamps that you can use to decorate your house during the Christmas season.

They are the perfect replacements for the flamed candle lamps that were risky and could cause fires.

· Luminaries Christmas Lights

Luminaria are special types of Christmas lights that you can use to line walkways or paths on the ground level.

These lights feature plastic bag designs with a special base for providing enough support with LED flameless candles.

· Battery Operated Christmas Lights

You can use the battery-operated Christmas lights anywhere as you do not have to plug it into an electric source.

You can use it outdoor or indoor for special decorations on particular objects that are not close to power sources.

· Night Christmas Lights

This type of Christmas light come in various shapes and produce very minimal lighting to help children sleep safely.

Some of the designs have Christmas themes such as Rudolph or Santa with visually pleasing and calming bubble lights.

How Do Christmas Lights Work?

Christmas light have a series connection where all the bulbs have a special interconnection between them.

So, the first step involved in proper working of the Christmas lights is connecting it to a power source.

After that, you will switch the power on and allow electric current to flow through the Christmas light bulbs.

The electric current flowing through the bulbs will ignite the bulbs hence producing enough light.

Christmas light

Christmas light

You should, however, note that Christmas light bulbs have a series connection.

In a series connection, the lighting of one bulb depends on the lighting of the other bulb in the series.

Removing one bulb from the connection will automatically shut down the other bulbs within the series connection.

Modern Christmas lights have internal shunts that will maintain the glow on the other bulbs if one bulb burns out.

Blinking Christmas lights also work through a similar mechanism except for the fact that they have blinker bulbs.

Blinker bulbs work under a similar principle as that of the thermostat.

As soon as the current reaches the filament from the strip and the post, it will light up the filament.

When the filament lights up, it produces heat that will in turn bend the strip thus causing an electric flow disruption.

At this point, the bulb will go off as the circuit is broken and this leads to a cooling effect.

As it cools down, the strip will straighten and assume its original position and connects the circuit.

This leads to a flow in current and then the filament will light up again.

This is how the blinking Christmas lights work.

Is it Possible to Recycle Christmas Lights?

Custom Christmas light

Custom Christmas light

Yes, it is possible to recycle Christmas lights.

You can do this by separating the plastic material from the copper which has a higher value.

In this case, you will have to separate all the materials for making the Christmas lights.

After that, you will remove the copper and use it for other purposes such as making new pipes and wires.

Apart from that, you can also recycle the other materials such as plastic to make things like slippers and soles.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Incandescent Bulbs as Christmas Lights?

It is very rare to find incandescent Christmas lights in use at the moment.


There are numerous forms of technology that eliminate the use of incandescent lights.

Apart from that, incandescent Christmas lights have particular limitations such as:

Incandescent bulb for christmas

Incandescent light bulb for Christmas

· Consumes A lot of Power

The more the number of bulbs you have in a strand of Christmas lights, the more you will spend on power.

· Generate A lot of Heat

Since the bulbs consume too much power, they also produce a lot of heat in the process of lighting the trees.

This can lead to excess heat within a room and also lead to melting of the things nearby.

· High Cost

In comparison to the modern mini- Christmas lights, you would spend almost ten times more on purchasing incandescent Christmas lights.

Did the Incandescent Bulbs Have Any Benefits?

Yes, incandescent bulbs have an advantage of the other types of Christmas lights in a series connection.

Incandescent bulbs in a connection will remain working even after removing one of the bulbs from the connection.

This is because the incandescent Christmas lights have a parallel connection between the bulbs.

The only limit to this connection is the amount of current that every wire can carry comfortably.

How Many Volts of Incandescent Light Bulbs do the mini Christmas Lights Have?

Mini- Christmas light have 2.5 volts within them that interconnect to have a cumulative voltage of 120 V.

You can use these types of bulbs in the 120V house power by connecting them in a series connection.

This is the reason why the original number of mini Christmas lights had 48 bulbs in number.

Why are the Mini-light Christmas Light Strands So Sensitive to Removal of One Bulb?

The mini-light Christmas light strands are so sensitive to the removal of one bulb due to the series connection.

In case you remove one bulb from the circuit, it simply means that you will be breaking the flow of current.

An interruption in the circuit or path of current flow will automatically affect the other bulbs thus shutting them down.

What are the Advantages of Using the Mini-light Christmas Light Strands?

Mini-light Christmas light strands are not only small and easy to move from one point to another.

You will realize that the mini-light Christmas bulbs do not go off when one bulb burns out.

This is because the mini-light Christmas bulbs have internal shunts that allows the other bulbs to continue glowing.

Apart from that, the mini-light Christmas lights have very low wattage ranging about 25 watts for 50 bulb strands.

Additionally, you will also enjoy the low cost of purchasing and maintaining the mini-light Christmas lights.

How Do Blinking Christmas Lights Compare to Mini-light Christmas Strands?

Christmas lights

 Christmas lights

Blinking Christmas lights often blink when you power them on while mini-light Christmas lights produce steady lights.

Blinking Christmas lights have the capability of blinking due to the presence of the blinker bulbs at different positions.

Apart from that, you can also have the blinking Christmas lights that have 16-function controllers that control lighting.

On the other hand, the mini-light Christmas lights do not have function controllers or blinker bulbs thus the steady light.

Additionally, both types of Christmas lights have a series connection where removal of one bulb affects the others.

How Many Techniques Can You Use in Making Blinking Christmas Lights?

You can use two main techniques in making the blinking Christmas lights which include:

· Crude Technique

In this case, you will install blinker bulbs on the Christmas lights that will lead to the blinking effect.

· Sophisticated Technique

Here, you will install the 16- function controllers on the Christmas lights that will control the blinking effect.

How many Volts do Mini-Light Flashlight Christmas Lights Require?

Mini-light flash bulbs require 2.5 volts of power to work efficiently.

Implying that the mini-light flashlight Christmas lights can light up even in a 1.5 V power source.

The only disadvantage is in the fact that the mini-light Christmas lights will be dim until you provide the right voltage.

What is the Disadvantage of Using Excess Power on the Christmas Lights?

In case you use excess power on the Christmas lights, the bulbs will glow brighter than usual.

The only disadvantage is the fact that the bulbs will not last longer than you expect them to.

Do You Have LED Christmas Lights?

Absolutely, we also have the LED Christmas lights that consume less energy even though it glows brightly.

These Christmas lights do not have filaments that burn out and does not produce excess heat in the process.

They consist of electrons that move within a semi-conductor thus causing the LED bulbs to light up.

They use about 80% less energy and have very high durability levels despite the high cost of purchase.

LED Christmas light

 LED Christmas light

Can You Use the LED Holiday Projectors as Christmas Lights?

Absolutely, you can use the LED holiday projectors as Christmas lights.

The LED Holiday Projectors create special effects on the walls such as falling snow.

You can choose on the type of display that you would want to have on the walls.

They are also very easy to set-up in comparison to the other types of Christmas lights.

Do You Use the Parallel Connection or Series Connection for the Christmas Lights?

Christmas lights are in series connection where the removal of one light bulb would affect the whole circuit.

Implying that very bulb in a series connection completes the circuit and in case one is out, the circuit is broken.

What are Some of the Causes of Christmas Light Failure in a Complete Connection?

One of the main sources of failure in a complete connection is improper connection of the circuit.

This is a case where you might have a complete circuit but fail to plug it in well thus leading to failure.

Apart from that, the other sources of failure in a complete connection include:

· Burned Fuse

In case you have multiple strands in one connection, then there is a high probability that the fuse might go off.

You can fix this problem by simply changing the fuse and reducing number of strands to manageable levels.

· Loose Bulbs

Well, since it is a series connection, loose bulbs might lead to a complete failure of the system.

Make sure that you fit all the bubs carefully and ensure that they are intact to avoid this problem.

· Cut Wire

In case of outdoor connections, you might have cut wires due to different reasons such as rodents.

In this case, you will walk through the entire line and look fir cut wires before fixing them.

How Do Incandescent Christmas Lights Compare to LED Christmas Lights?

There are quite a number of differences between LED Christmas lights and incandescent Christmas lights.

LED Christmas lights do not depend on filaments to light up thus eliminating the production of heat.

Implying that they are cool to the touch even though it produces very bright lights.

On the other hand, incandescent lights depend on lighting up the filament thus leading to production of heat.

Apart from that, LED Christmas lights are durable as the main materials is molded plastic instead of glass.

On the flip side, incandescent Christmas lights are less durable due to the glass material that can break easily.

Additionally, LED bulbs are energy conservative and uses little energy to produce very bright and consistent lights.

On the other end, incandescent lights use a lot of energy even though the brightness is lower than LED.

LED Christmas lights will cost you more to purchase but very cheap to maintain.

Incandescent Christmas lights cost less than LED Christmas lights but may cost you more to maintain.

Can You Replace the LED Christmas Light Bulbs?

Absolutely NOT, you cannot replace the LED mini-light Christmas light bulbs.

LED Christmas light bulbs have very long service lives an that would not need any replacements.

They have watertight complete seals that increases the durability levels.

How Many Sets of Christmas Lights Can You Plug in Together from One End to the Other End?

You are free to connect as many sets of Christmas lights together baring in mind that it shouldn’t exceed 210 watts.

You must also look at the wattage of the light bulbs as different bulbs use different wattage.

What is the Difference Between the Micro and Mini Christmas Lights?

Micro Christmas lights are the mini version of the mini Christmas lights.

Implying that they have almost similar characteristics except for the size and a few options.

Apart from the size, the micro Christmas lights use very low voltage and less electricity in comparison to mini Christmas lights.

What’s more, micro Christmas lights have very high durability levels than mini Christmas lights.

They can last up to 12,000 hours of works without interruption.

What are the Benefits of using the LED Christmas Lights?

When using the LED Christmas lights, there are numerous advantages that you will experience such as:

· Connection of More Light Strings

You can easily connect about 8 to 10 times more LED light strings in comparison to other types of Christmas lights.

· Cool to the Touch

Apart from that, LED light bulbs do not produce heat and are very cool when you touch them.

· Visually Unparalleled

LED lights will produce very bright lights in comparison to other types of Christmas lights.

· Incredible Durability

You will also enjoy very high durability levels of the LED Christmas lights as the materials are very tough.

· Innovative Designs and Advanced Technologies

You can have different designs of LED lights that have gone through series of advancements in technology.

Are there LED Christmas Light Decorating and Style Ideas?

Absolutely, there are numerous LED Christmas light decorating and style idea that you can choose from.

The main decorating and style ideas that you can choose from include:

  • C7/C9 Replaceable Bulbs
  • Net Lights & Trunk Wraps
  • Fairy Lights
  • Grand Cascades & Falling Icicles
  • LED Rope Lights
  • LED Strip Light
  • Battery Operated LED Mini Lights
  • LED Icicle Lights

What is the Manufacturing Process of the Christmas Lights?

You can manufacture your own Christmas lights by coming up with a good design that is workable.

Here is a step by step process of manufacturing Christmas lights.

1) Designing Process

First, you have to come up with a proper design of the Christmas lights that you so desire.

In your designing process, you must look at particular features such as wattage, size, and shape among others.

After that, you must ensure that the design can work well without interruptions after the designing process.

2) Collecting the Raw Materials

With the design at hand, you should know the type of raw materials that you will use in the manufacturing process.

You will collect all the raw materials for making the Christmas lights and the packaging materials.

3) Manufacturing Process

You will begin by manufacturing the wire string by connecting the conductors such as copper to make the wire strings.

After that, you will manufacture the light bulbs though an assembly process of different light bulb making materials.

With the light bulb and string ready, you will proceed to assembling them together to make the entire Christmas light.

Do most forget to include other accessories such as plugs and fuses.

4) Packaging Process

Finally, you will package the Christmas lights in the packaging materials after a thorough inspection procedure.

How Much Power Do the Christmas Lights Use?

The amount of power that the Christmas light uses will depend on a number of factors.

The main factors that will influence the power that the Christmas light uses include:

  • Size of the display of Christmas Lights
  • Choice of Bulbs

The bigger the size of display of Christmas lights, the more power the Christmas lights will consume.

You can make proper choices of bulbs and go for LED bulbs that will consume very little power.

With this information, am sure you can get high quality and reliable Christmas lights.

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture a range of energy efficient Christmas lights.

Contact us today for best prices on light systems.