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SMAlux- Your Trusted Commercial Barn Lights Manufacturer in China

SMAlux barn lights are common for commercial lightings. It is good for restoration projects, illuminate aisles and kitchens. Wattage, voltage, lumens, etc, of commercial barn lights, are specialized. Everywhere, as you can see for wall lightings, gooseneck barn lights are hot lighting trends. Commonly, when they heard about barn lights, they refer about gooseneck lights. Because of its shades style, pendants and rustic fixtures can also refer to barn lights. It provides simplicity to all applications yet elegant looking. SMAlux commercial barn lights can be suited for indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

SMAlux commercial barn lights are the most eye-catching vintage lamps. You can find lots of these lights from gooseneck to hanging barn lights.  You can also select your ideal features, designs, colors, and shapes. SMAlux offered functional, diverse selection barn lights. The commercial top-rated SMAlux barn lights. Any bulbs can be suited for barn lights replacements. Barn lights are weather resistant commercial lights made with porcelain enamel and metals. SMAlux fabricated these lights in a variety of ways.

It can be great for over table lightings for restaurants. Some of the building owners choose barn lights for interior decorations. You can add a welcoming glow for exterior decorations. Galvanized barn sconces are also great for rustic bathrooms. You can choose your ideal barn light lengths and shapes. We can supply lights with thousands of colors. It is up to you where you can select and apply according to your project. We can help you customized your ideal lighting.

SMAlux commercial barn lights are easy to install. It is designed to lower energy consumption to help people in business save their cash because of overbilling. There are hundreds of ways when personalizing your barn lights. A lot of selection such as low flair barn lights, wall sconce, fluted stem pendant lights, and many more can be founded easily at the SMAlux market. 30 % of power saving is offered.

We, SMAlux are now 30 years trusted smart lighting providers and more counting. We trained our team to handle the informative and safety process to support your business. We know global lighting and requirements worldwide. We passed ISO9001, ISO1400 and SA8000 certifications to prove our quality production. We solved plenty of difficulties with lighting and provide outstanding customer services. We can be able to check products before we deliver so we can sure of its quality.

SMAlux can supply lighting products whether it is exterior or interior applications. From residential to commercial lightings, we can support your projects. From remote control to solar-powered lights, we can supply plenty of quality stocks. We can be able to support a more successful business and offer new opportunities.

Deal with us. SMalux is the leading smart light solution provider so you can ensure the safety of your business projects. Keep in touch!

Commercial Barn Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Lighting is a key component of contemporary commercial space.

This FAQ offers you information that will help you choose the right lighting for your commercial space.

What is Commercial Barn Light?

Barn light refers to the vintage style of lighting that resembles agricultural or industrial light designs employed in farmhouses and barns.

Barn lights used for businesses are known as commercial barn lights.

Commercial barn light is designed to channel light towards the ground and spread light all over commercial space.

 commercial barn light

Commercial barn light

Commercial barn light is constructed with longevity and durability in mind.

Although contemporary style continues to adapt and evolve, due to its simplicity commercial barn light is still relevant.

Contemporary barn light is designed to appear like twentieth-century vintage lights.

They give the outdoor and indoor of your commercial space a classic appearance.

Commercial barn lights are mounted on a pendant, ceiling, or wall.

Why use Commercial Barn Lights?

These are several reasons why you should use a commercial barn light.

These reasons are:

Barn light

Barn light

· Commercial Barn Light is appropriate for Internal and External Space

You should use a commercial barn light because it is appropriate for both outdoor and indoor aesthetic lighting.

The large round dome of a barn light that channels lights downward make it appropriate for lighting perimeters.

· It Creates a Conducive Work Environment

You should use commercial barn light because it enhances productivity.

To effectively do their job employees require proper lighting and commercial barn light provides proper lighting.

For instance, works that involve fine details need bright light compared to ordinary office space.

Further, the color temperature of offices is different from that of warehouses and restaurants use warm-colored and dim lights to make the work environment cozy for patrons.

· It Creates a Conducive Retail Environment

Commercial barn light creates a favorable retail environment for consumers.

To showcase your product in your commercial space you need bright lighting.

Also to provide security and safety in your commercial space your outdoor and parking lot light has to be bright.

Proper commercial barn light facilitates security and safety.

Are there Disadvantages of Commercial Barn Lights?

Notwithstanding the benefits of commercial barn lights, these types of lights are costly.

As such it may not align with your financial position.

Which Types of Commercial Barn Lights are there?

Subject to your needs there are various types of barn light that you can choose from.

They are:

· 10″ LED Dusk to Dawn Commercial Gooseneck Barn Light

10″ LED Dusk to Dawn Gooseneck Barn Light is a form of barn light that comes in bronze and black finishes.

 Gooseneck barn light

Gooseneck barn light

10″ LED Dusk to Dawn Gooseneck Barn Light is compatible with a basic pole mount.

The housing of a 10″ LED Dusk to Dawn Gooseneck Barn Light is made from a heavy-duty cast aluminum cover.

It is corrosion as well as rustproof and the coating is made using a polyester powder.

10″ LED Dusk to Dawn Gooseneck Barn Light has an aluminum sink that directly attached to a house to increase life and minimize LED heat.

· Pendant Commercial Barn Light

Pendant commeercial barn light

Pendant commercial barn light

Pendant barn light is a type of barn light that provides vintage aesthetic to outdoor and indoor setup.

You can hang a pendant commercial barn light on a ceiling that is sloped.

It has several down stems in different lengths to customize your fixture’s height of installation.

Pendant barn light has a rough brass detail that offset gloss white finish and cast uniform light.

Pendant commercial barn light is appropriate for damp locations.

To reduce upwards light glare the fixture of pendant commercial is Dark Sky compliant.

· Small Gooseneck Barn Light

 Small gooseneck barn light

Small gooseneck barn light

Small gooseneck commercial barn light has the mounting fixture disguised on the backplate to guarantee a clean shadow.

A small gooseneck commercial barn light is engineered to reduce light brilliance upwards towards the sky.

A small gooseneck commercial barn light is appropriate for wet locations.

What are the Benefits of LED Commercial Barn Lights?

LED Barn light

 LED barn light

There is a wide array of benefits that accrue from using a commercial barn light.

  • Commercial barn light provides a distinct look that balances and chic. As such it enhances the aesthetic of your commercial space.
  • Commercial barn light is easy to maintain and install. Therefore, it reduces your cost of maintenance.
  • Commercial barn light is available in several finishes and colors. This means that there are several commercial barn designs you can choose from.
  • The quality of commercial barn light in terms of lumen output, color temperature, and color rendering is superior. This makes it a high-quality lighting option.
  • Commercial barn light has a long lifespan. As such you will replace commercial barn light less regularly than the other types of light.
  • Even though commercial barn light has a high purchasing cost, the cost is recovered in the long term. It uses less energy than normal lights and does not waste the energy discharged as heat.

Less energy use and wastage reduce the cost of utility in the long run.

What are the Components of Commercial Barn Lights?

Some of the major components of commercial barn lights are a cage, photosensor, and motion sensors.

  • Motion sensors remain on for five minutes after detecting motion. For best results, it is installed at the base facing the ground.
  • Photosensor spots visible light automatically to save you from having to remember to turn in off and on.

The light remains on until the light is detected by photocell and for best results sensor is installed facing the sky.

  • A cage has contour bars that cover LED while enabling a lot of light to pass through.

Also, it is created using steel that has a silver coating that gives a commercial barn light a finished appearance.

Where can you use Commercial Barn Lights?

You can use a commercial barn light in the interior or exterior of your commercial space for functionality and communicate your business ideas.

Some of these spaces are:

 Barn lights on outdoor

 Barn lights on outdoor

· Parking Lot

For your business to be successful your parking lot has to be lit properly to appeal to consumers and to make them feel safe.

· Exterior Wall Light

Exterior wall lights are key for entryways and lighting your commercial space.

· Warehouses

You require the right volume of light in your warehouse to ensure the safety of staff, enhance the productivity of staff, and to cover a wide area.

· Office Space

It is key that you efficiently cover your office space and minimize your cost of energy.

Commercial barn light allows you to save energy costs and adequately light your commercial space.

Are Commercial Barn Lights Customizable?

You can customize a commercial barn light to your commercial space specifications.

  • There are several mounting options, sizes, shade styles, colors, and finishes you can select from for your commercial barn light.

The several options ensure that you can get a functional and attractive fixture that align with the specifications finishes and siding of your commercial space.

Commercial barn light is available in colors such as solid copper, solid brass, matte black, vintage green, cobalt blue, galvanized silver, cherry red, mahogany bronze, or black.

Commercial barn light is available in 22 inches, 18 inches, 16 inches, 14 inches, or 12-inch shades.

  • There are various types of accessories that you can include to make your fixtures work well for your commercial space.

Some of the options available are cast, guards or wire guards.

They are equipped with compact fluorescent or LED bulb for long burn duration and high energy efficiency.

  • You can choose a lighting option that complements the appearance of your commercial space.

You can choose to mount an adjustable light on the exterior of your commercial space or select a ceiling hung alternative for your offices.

For industrial set up or factories, you can select study ceiling mount.

To create a finished feeling in your commercial space you can select matching variety or mix and match look.

What is the difference between Vintage RLM Shades and Classic Barn Lights?

Classic barn light and vintage RLM shades are two types of barn lights that are very different from each other.

· Vintage RLM Shades

Vintage RLM shades are lights created to channel light downwards filling a commercial space with illumination.

Vintage RLM shades were initially used in an outdoor and industrial set up but are now used in the interior of commercial space.

Vintage RLM shades incorporate sentimental characters without appearing antiquated or outdated.

This has allowed it to remain consistent in the twentieth century.

Also, Vintage RML shades remain relevant in contemporary space due to their playfulness and rounded strokes.

· Classic Barn Light

Classic barn light is a shade made using steel that makes it durable and appropriate for indoor and outdoor space.

It is suitable for lighting restaurants, storefronts, sides of buildings, streets, billboards, and signs.

Classic barn light has heritage details and classic lines that complement the mainstream architecture.

Classic barn light has a special powder coat finishing that equips it with durability.

The coating allows it to withstand the rough outdoor conditions.

Classic barn light is compatible with LED technology.

It has a porcelain socket, fixture, gooseneck, wiring, and a heavy mounting plate.

What Factors should you Consider when Fixing Commercial Barn Light?

To sufficiently benefit from using a commercial barn light and to ensure that you select the right commercial barn light there are several factors that you should consider.

They include:

· You should know the Rating and Codes of your Location

Due to its popularity, commercial barn lights are used for outdoor and indoor setup.

In commercial spaces, commercial barn light is used indoor to create an old fashioned, rustic sensation.

If you are interested in outdoor commercial barn light, you have to verify rating to guarantee that it is suitable for outdoor conditions like wind, sun, rain, and heat.

Additionally, you should check IP rating for waterproof abilities and dustproof abilities as well as UL listing for damp and wet areas.

· You should Select the Right Arm and Shade Mount

The majority of commercial barn lights are mounted on the wall using an arm that secures a fixture as well as a shade which helps in casting downlight.

To ensure that you receive the right commercial barn light, you should take into account the fixture’s length and the shade’s circumferences.

For instance, arms are measures to ensure that the fixture has sufficient distance to prevent the shade from touching the wall.

If you are matching and mixing your shade and arm or acquiring a used commercial barn light, you have to verify information on shade and arm.

· You should Plan your Lights to Appeal

Although you can use commercial barn lights for decoration in your commercial space, they are normally used over tables, doorways, or signs among other places.

If you are using a commercial barn light for aesthetics you need to complete appropriate measurements.

For example, if you are using a commercial barn light to illuminate a sign you need several lights to produce a light source that is distributed evenly, clean, and professional.

· You should Choose a Durable Option and Provide Style

A suitable commercial barn light option is one that is well gasketed to prevent damage.

It has an attractive finishing that protects the exterior of a fixture and is made using a durable body.

For your fixture’s longevity and for return on the investment you make on lighting it is key that you establish the style and durability of your commercial barn light.

How does LED Barn Light compare to other Commercial Barn Lights?

Compared to other types of commercial barn lights, LED barn light has no shadows, exceptional longevity, aesthetic versatility, and quick starting.

  • LED barn light generates an even illumination that drives out every shadow.
  • LED barn light has a minimum performance period of 50,000 hours and you can receive up to 100,000 hours.
  • LED barn light starts immediately it is switched on and has a warm-up duration that can be challenging to handle when it is cold.
  • LED barn light is compatible with the fixture of houses. As such it allows for several design alternatives.

What Types of Mounts are Incorporated on Commercial Barn Lights?

Commercial barn light has various mounting alternatives for a vintage appearance in a commercial organization such as hotels, museums, and restaurants.

They include:

Mounted barn light

 Mounted barn light

· Gooseneck Mount

Gooseneck mount is a curved arm with several angles and lengths for outdoor and indoor wall mounting.

The various angles enable the barn light to channel light to signs or walls or supply lighting in doorways and sidewalks.

Gooseneck mount adds to the decoration of your commercial space.

They are available in various color finishes, sizes as well as shade angles.

The shade angles create a flood or spotlight effect.

· Pendant Stem Mount

A pendant stem mount is a typical mounting alternative for LED barn light moreso for the outdoor.

It is appropriate for hanging mountings from ceilings that are high such as atriums, stalls, and barns.

Based on the length of a light barn you can receive a pendant stem mount in varying lengths. Also, powder coat finishes enable you to choose from a variety of colors for your LED barn light.

A pendant stem mount introduces the classic appearance of barn pendant lighting to the outdoor setup.

A pendant stem mount also protects electricity components such as the wires of the fixture.

· Cord Mount

Cord mount hangs a shade from a fashionable cord.

Cord mount is suitable for indoor mounting to administer a decorative feature to your commercial space.

It is also used to create continuity with the exterior decoration of your commercial space.

To improve the appearance of your commercial space cord mount have various styles of dome and color finishes that you can select from.

For LED commercial barn lights, deep bowl domes coupled with shiny finishes such as brass or porcelain gives a bold appearance.

Shallow bowl domes employ the use of mainstream farmhouse appearance.

· Chain Mount

Chain mount is a decorative mount with a cord that is entwined through a chain for a modern look.

When paired with barn light and chandeliers chain mount gives a commercial space a dramatic appearance.

· Post Mount

Post mount contributes to the aesthetic and functional of your commercial spaces’ exterior.

Post mount is used for outdoor purposes such as dawn to dusk lighting, security lighting, and perimeter lighting.

You can attach a post-mount to a wall bracket or poles to lighten driveways, silos, barns, and allays.

Post mounts can have a single or several commercial barn lights in a single fitting.

The models of post mount are multiple or single light attached to a pole using a curved mount.

This enables cohesive appearance to spread all over your commercial space.

What are the Styles of Commercial Barn Lights?

Notwithstanding the high dependence on vintage designs commercial barn lights can be absorbed into modern-day decorations.

With a wide array of sizes and shapes, you can adapt the style of barn lights to align with your desired appearance.

Barn light system

 Barn light system

· Deep Bowl Shade Style

Deep bowl shades allow your commercial barn light to function as a center of decoration.

The large surface area and beautiful profile attract attention and generate bold color splashes.

Also, deep bowl shades release a downward-facing glow of light.

The downward-facing glow of light creates a fixture that is compliant to the dark sky.

By combining function and style deep bowl style is a preferred option for exterior and interior use.

· Shallow Bowl Shades Style

Expressive of vintage lighting, modern-day shallow bowl shades have genuine design embellishments initially found in classic barn lighting.

They include spoke top sockets and turnkey switches.

Further, with the rise of fresh trends, several contemporary shallow bowls mainly choose clean lines and a smooth profile.

· Minimalist Design Styles

The minimalist design style is a recent lighting trend.

Even though minimalism is a recent trend it has its origin in a classic barn style.

Initially, simple bulb pendants were used in early farmhouses and barns.

Later thin wire enclosures were added to establish a distinct farmhouse characteristic and provide protection.

· Industrial Lights Style

Initially, Industrial light style was used to light up demanding settings covered with protective characteristics like cast guards and wire cages to ensure longevity.

The contemporary interior decoration uses the rough profile provided by industrial light style to create visual balance.

Is Commercial Barn Light Environmentally Friendly?

Commercial barn light can contribute to the sustainability objective of your business as it is environmentally friendly.

  • When you use an LED barn light, it provides you with a long term and energy-efficient remedy for outdoor and indoor design light.

As such it reduces your level of carbon emission.

  • The powder-coated finishes of commercial barn light are eco-friendly.

They are weatherproof and have lifetime finishes that prevent fading, chipping, and cracking in the long run hence reduce waste.

How do you Choose Commercial Barn Light?

To ensure that you have the right commercial barn light you should consider the area to be lit, the size of your commercial space, and the canopy of a barn light.

  • You should determine whether it is an outdoor or indoor lighting and whether it is for an aesthetic or functional reason.
  • You should select where you want the light installed then measure the place.
  • You are likely to have issues if the fixture’s junction box is square. Thus you should measure the junction box.

How do you Manufacture Commercial Barn Light Fixture?

The modern-day manufacturing process of commercial barn light fixtures is a mix of manual and technological processes.

In producing commercial barn light fixtures, pieces of flat high-quality metals oscillate on a lathe at a high speed.

They are then carefully sculpted by hand around the mold until the metal takes the specified shape.

By paying close attention to fine details and using hands to exclusively work the material, modern commercial barn lights are ingrained with dependability and quality.

How does Commercial Barn Light differ from Residential Barn Light?

Residential and commercial barn light differs with regards to what is accepted socially and with regards to cost.

 barn light assembly

Barn light assembly

· Characteristics

Commercial barn light is bright and employs the use of cool color temperatures to imitate daylight.

Residential barn light is less brilliant, easy on your eyes, and comforting.

Commercial barn light covers a large space and need high output and huge fixtures to generate sufficient light.

Residential barn light covers small space and require small outputs and fixtures

· Functions

Commercial barn light is used for commercial space while residential barn light is used for residential spaces.

What are the Quality Standards of Commercial Barn Lights?

There are some quality standards that commercial barn lights have to meet to ensure that you receive quality products.

They are:

· Design Light Consortium (DLC) LED Lighting Quality Standards

Design Lights Consortium thoroughly tests the specifications and quality of LED light to guarantee that the claims of the manufacturer are true.

· Certification by MET and the International Dark-Sky Association

The seals confirm that commercial barn light does not pollute night sky in the long run, reduces total glare and light trespass.

Other quality standards include IP, CE, RoHS, IP and CCC amongst others.

For the best prices and quality commercial barn lights, contact SMAlux team.