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SMAlux- Supplier of High Standard Commercial Can Lights

SMAlux Commercial Can Lights are also called recessed lights. The name of lights originally came from buildings, which are stemless and cylindrical. These are made from durable metal substances. Commercial Can Lights were shaped very same as can material. These are lights better to use when spotlighting the room`s environment if you are wishing. Most applications are in dining rooms, kitchen place, and wardrobes.

Commercial Can Lights really shining, these almost bloom up the upper ceiling and never engage in particular optical areas. Rooms that needed abundant lights, this Commercial Can Lights have much very helpful. These have countless standard fixtures which used to fix up the ceilings. These kinds of lights never encountered difficulties in the installation process. Also, these never required hanging downwards or glass lights that hanging downwards.

A commercial type of can lights can perfectly give preferable lights for dense areas, for example, wardrobes. Much enough lights surely given. However, Commercial Can Lights are known for having multitalented purposes. Because of lighting versatility, these cut between 2 fragments: housing and the trim fragment. These 2 are both generators of lighting planet. But these also have differences, housing is an inclusive metal case shot placed invisibly in ceilings. Then after installed, adding trim fragments, you liked is the next procedure. When it comes to Commercial Can Lights trim designs, there`s a lot of availability such illustrated, baffle, etc. These two are the same generated from different varieties of sizes.

Our Commercial Can Lights also can be despondent or downcast. These can light are fundamentally for downlighting because these emit lights directly down or rotten away to portion. You can see, these Commercial Can Lights are best in other places but not in some areas. There are many quality units, includes outward or upward which may best for lightening and make a glowing atmosphere.

Every type of our Commercial Can Lights is best for decorating and modifying places. Even the redesigning process of a place, lighting should be one must include as installment. And no need to worry, our offered light products are very easy to install, no need calling out for professionals. Besides, our standard Commercial Can Lights are not energy-wasters. Though, this helps to save more a lot of money and having low costs monthly electrical bills. Not just that, our Commercial Can Lights are good for any lighting essentials applications, which resulted in having advantages in both consumers and business developments.

SMAlux manufacturing staffs are the ones behind every successful invention of standardized Commercial Can Lights. Not just for consumer advantages, these could help a business to grow much faster. By adding it in some business operations, larger profits possibly gain. If you had a hard time searching the highest-quality Commercial Can Lights, SMAlux could offer to help hand. These are very helpful for you, remain outlasted and successful business operators. Recently, SMAlux has over-all high-end lighting products. A wide selection that comes from different sizes is available here.

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Commercial Can Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn all aspects about commercial can light such as quality certificates, power consumption, parts, applications, and design amongst others.

Let’s get started.

What are Commercial Can Lights?

Commercial can lights are cylindrical, metal, can-like lights that you will use in places where you cannot hang lighting fixtures.

You can also refer to the commercial can light as recessed lights to use in rooms where you desire highlighting and spotlighting.

Can lights

Can lights

What are the Benefits of Using the Commercial Can Lights?

When using the commercial can lights, you will experience a lot of wonderful features in your house.

Apart from enhancing the beauty in your house, here are some of the benefits of commercial can lights.

· Sleek in Nature

Can lights often seem to flash with the ceiling and will not take up additional space on the ceiling.

You can fix them in a room that requires a lot of light but numerous hanging fixtures congest the ceiling.

It is also the most desirable type of lighting for tight spaces such as closets where hanging lights are undesirable.

· Versatile in Nature

Commercial can lights are available in two different parts including the trim and the housing.

The housing is the metal canister or can that you will insert into the ceiling while the trim remains on the outside.

With the trim on the outside, you have the freedom of modifying it in whatever styles you seem fit.

Some of the trim styles available include lensed, baffle, wall wash, reflector, and adjustable trim styles.

· Ability to Downcast

Commercial can lights are best for downlighting as you can focus your shine at open particular point.

It is, therefore, a very important feature as well as a feature that presents a lot of disadvantages.

This will, however, depend on the type of application that you have for the commercial can lights.

How Do Commercial Can Lights Compare to Recessed Lights?

Commercial can light and recessed lights are one and the same thing.

Implying that both commercials can lights and recessed lights are names that you can use to refer to a particular thing.

Recessed light

Recessed light

How do you Choose Commercial Can Lights?

When purchasing a commercial can lights, there are numerous options that you can choose from.

Before making a choice, you have to look at a number of factors that will influence your choices.

Here are the main factors that you have to take under proper consideration.

· Size of the Commercial Can Lights

You should note that modern commercial can lights range between 2 inches and 6 inches in size.

When determining the size of the commercial can lights here are some of the approaches that you have to consider.

i. Look at the consistency of the commercial can light sizes already in place and then make a decision accordingly.

ii. Visual preference where you will look at the right size that will work for you.

iii. Look at the budget that you are working in comparison to the commercial can lights within that range.

· Type of Commercial Can Lights

You will also choose different types of commercial can lights according to the mode and place of installation.

For instance, in case you are mounting on a flat ceiling, then you will use commercial can lights for task and general lighting.

Sloppy ceilings will allow you to either choose between the adjustable of a fixed type of commercial can lights.

· Brightness of the Commercial Can Lights

You will determine the brightness of the commercial can lights in lumens.

In that case, you should consider commercial can lights with more than 600 lumens for ceilings of standard heights.

In case of tall buildings, you should use commercial can lights of about 900 lumens.

· Quality of Light Produced by the Commercial Can Light

Here, you will depend on the color rendering index (CRI) to measure the quality of the commercial can lights.

You will relate the quality of the color of can light in relation to the natural light produced through windows and doors.

· Beam Angle of the Commercial Can Light

In this case, you will look at the commercial can light in terms of the points where the main concentration is 50% greater.

You must remember that too much beam angle would lead to the creation of excessive glare across the ceiling.

· Color Temperature of the Commercial Can Light

Correlated color temperature is the color appearance of white light in kelvin not confusing it with light brightness.

You will choose between the three most common color temperatures which include:

i. Warm white (2700K)

ii. Soft white (3000K)

iii. Daylight (4000K or 5000K).

How much do Commercial Can Lights Cost?

It is very important to have a perfect plan and budget for you commercial can lights.

You must, however, note that the cost of the commercial can lights will vary according to the following.

  • Type of Fixtures
  • Type of Fittings
  • Number of commercial can lights that you need

The average cost of purchasing and installing the commercial can lights is about 150 dollars per light.

This may be less or more depending on the above-mentioned factors.

How do Commercial Can Light Manufacturers in China support OEM Businesses?

Commercial can light manufacturers in China support OEM business by selling the lights under their own brands.

It is typically a resell of the commercial can lights using the brand name of the company which manufactures them.

Companies in China collect different raw materials from the best raw material producers.

After that, they add value to the raw materials and in the long run produce the best commercial can lights.

In such a case, the Chinese company will support the original equipment manufacturer by reselling his products.

However, the products from the original equipment manufacturer will be sold in another form other than the original form.

What are the Cons of Using Commercial Can Lights?

Just like any other device, you have to be careful with the commercial can lights as it has its limitations.

Here are some of the limitations that you need to be wary about.

 Commercial can lights

 Commercial can lights

· Risk of Potential Overheating

Use of the commercial can lights pose a great risk of overheating thus increasing the temperature of the room.

The overheating problem may lead to damage of the commercial can lights earlier than the expiry of original life expectancy period.

· Limited Illumination

Commercial can light s are often more point focused and do not spread the light all over the room.

This will lead to limited illumination thus limiting it to specific types of rooms that do not require too much light.

· Poor Energy Efficiency

Commercial can lights are nit energy efficient as they consume a considerable amount of energy.

This will lead to wastage of energy and high electric or power bills.

· Expensive Light Fixtures

You will have to budget high amounts of money for the purchase and installation of commercial can lights.

The cost of the commercial can light per unit is often quite high coupled with the poor energy efficiencies.

What are the Main Parts of a Commercial Can Fixture?

Commercial can lights operate in more or less the same way as other normal light fixtures except for a few features.

It comes complete with a screw-in Edison socket for light bulbs that have matching thread bases.

Despite that similarity, the parts of the commercial can light fixtures that distinguishes it from the rest are:

· Bar Hangers

Most commercial can lights have adjustable bar hangers that brace the fixtures on the ceiling joints thus holding it firmly.

· Junction Boxes

Commercial can lights can either have their own junction boxes while others have separated junction boxes.

You will connect all the circuit wires of the commercial can lights to the junction boxes.

· Wire Cables

This is a metal cable that contains wire leads that you will attach to the circuit wires of the commercial can lights.

The wire cables run to the junction box from the wire fixtures thus protecting the wire leads from potential damage.

· Metal Housing

This is the part of the commercial can light made of thin metal gauge containing the sockets and thermal sensors.

Apart from that, it also has the reflectors and they come in various sizes ranging from 3 to 9 inches in diameter.

· Thermal Sensors

Commercial can lights come complete with safety devices that will sense increased temperature levels and shut the lights off.

· Reflectors

This is a shiny or white lining inside the commercial can lights that direct light into the room from the bulb.

You can also place the reflector in a particular position where it will reflect the light to whatever direction you desire.

· Rims

These are decorative trim pieces of light which hide the joints between the metal cases and ceiling dry walls.

You may also have rims that are integrated with the commercial can lights thus making the installation process simple.

· Edison Sockets

This is a screw-in part of the commercial can light where you will install the light bulb fixture or bulb.

It will firmly hold the light bulb in place thus eliminating the worry of potential bulb drops.

How do you Maintain Commercial Can Lights?

With proper installation, you will rarely have to maintain your commercial can lights.

Despite that, just like all bulb fixtures, there is a possibility of light bulb sockets going bad or wearing out completely.

Apart from that, there are rare cases where the sensors go bad thus leading to fixtures that go dark on particular periods.

In such a case, you may have to replace the entire fixture or replace the sensors on the commercial can lights.

Additionally, you may need to clean off dust settling on the reflector compartments thus improving downward illumination.

Which Design Element of Commercial Can Lights Should You Consider?

Since most of the fixture goes into the ceiling, you will pay more attention to the visible part of the lights.

This calls for proper designing of the illumination of the commercial can lights and the visible part of the light fixture.

It will work best in situations where the aim is to provide illumination around the edges of a room.

Apart from that, you can also opt for movable gimbal reflectors allowing you to focus your light on different areas.

You will adjust the gimbal to illuminate particular areas of the room that you wish to illuminate.

Additionally, you must also consider the intensity of the commercial can lights.

Implying that you will increase the number of commercial can lights if you want an increase in light illumination.

What are the Applications of Commercial Can Lights?

You can use the commercial can lights to provide enough light in different places of the room.

Some of the most common areas where you will find commercial can lights in use include:

· Home Move Theater

Commercial can lights will provide clear sight lights to the movie theater thus providing perfect illumination.

· Shower Stalls

You will equip the commercial can light with water tight lenses thus preventing entry of splashed water into the lens.

· Kitchen Perimeters

Due to the directional features of the commercial can lights, they will fit particular tasks within your kitchen counters.

· Kitchen Islands

The task lighting from commercial can lights also brighten the kitchen islands thus keeping the center room clear.

How do you Install Commercial Can Lights?

The installation process of the commercial can lights involve a few steps that are quite similar to other light installation processes.

One of the greatest installation features that you need to work on is establishing a few carpentry features for installation.

You will create enough room on the ceiling that is capable of accommodating commercial can lights comfortably.

Implying that you should have enough room for proper ventilation thus avoiding an increase in commercial can light temperatures.

Apart from that, you must ensure that safety of the commercial can lights and your own safety is paramount.

This is the reason why you need to have enough room that will reduce chances of fires during the carpentry installations.

Under the cardboard, you will find a series of electrical wires that will supply electric power to the commercial can lights.

After that, you will fix the necessary fittings such as the can and ensure it fits well inside the cardboard space.

Ensure that the can provides enough wire provision for fitting the Edison sockets that will hold the bulb.

With Edison socket in place, you can now fit bulbs and the cover of the outer part of the can light.

You can use decorative rims on the outside to have an aesthetic appeal.

Where should Install Commercial Can Lights?

Ceiling light

Ceiling light

You will place your commercial can lights at different positions depending on the intended application or use.

Here are the three main considerations that should guide you in choosing the right position for commercial can lights.

· General or Ambient Lighting

In this case, you will install the ambient lighting in the kitchen or the living room of your house.

The living room and the kitchen often require a lot of light hence the importance of using ambient light.

· Spot or Accent Lighting

Here, you will place the accent lighting above art pieces or fireplace mantles that require spot lights for proper illumination.

You should consider adjusting the beam angle especially when you want to reduce the glare of the spotlights.

· Wall Washing

You can place the commercial can light next to your walls to literally keep it awash with lots of light.

This will help in bouncing of light inside the room in the coolest mode possible.

What are the Main Components of the Commercial can Lights?

Commercial can lights consist of two main components which include:

· The Housing of Commercial Can Lights

This is the part of the commercial can light that you will push into the ceiling, ground or wall of the room.

It consists of the electrical parts, mounting as well as the light source of commercial can lights.

· Trim of Commercial Can Lights

This is the part of the commercial can light that is visible to your eyes and has better aesthetic value.

You can use it to direct the beam in case your are spotlighting different works of art or paintings on the wall.

What are the Basic Rules of Downlighting, Sizing and Spacing of Commercial Can Lights in a Room?

The most important thing that you know the size of the room as well as the purpose you intend for the room.

It will help you choose the best down lighting systems.

With that in mind, you will be able to determine the size, spacing, temperature, quality and lumen of light you need.

Your choice should be based on getting the best quality of light in its best form for particular rooms.

How do you Test Quality of Commercial Can Lights?

You can test the quality of the commercial can lights using the color rendering index (CRI).

CRI will help you determine the ability of your light to display quality color of lights accurately.

You will perform the CRI on your commercial can light in relation to the natural light.

You should consider using very high-quality lights with high CRI as they will display the colors as intended.



How much Power do Commercial Can Lights use?

The amount of power that commercial can lights use will depend on the wattage of the commercial can lights.

Implying that the amount of power commercial can lights consume vary to a great extent depending on wattage.

For instance, a commercial can light fixture with 60 watts halogen or incandescent bulb will draw 0.5 amp.

Which Quality Certificates Should Commercial Can Lights have?

To ensure that you have very high-quality form of commercial can lights, you will check on the quality certificates.

Here is a list of the main quality certifications that a commercial can light must have.

  • Design Light Consortium Quality Certifications (DLC)
  • Consortium for Energy Efficiency Quality Certification (CEE)
  • International Dark Sky Association (IDA) Quality Certification.

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture high quality commercial can light systems.

We can support your large lighting system orders and support OEM business.