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If finding plenty of canopy lights stocks for commercial lightings, SMAlux is the best place for you to trust. They are able to supply a lot of stocks you need to support your business projects.

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Yes, lower-cost smart lighting products trusted its quality materials.

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We are a smart lighting provider worldwide with the safest and fastest on-time delivery process.

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SMAlux- Your Trusted Commercial Canopy Lights Manufacturer in China

SMAlux Commercial Canopy Lights commonly applied at the gasoline stations, parking areas, warehouses, and walkways. It provides outstanding quality light source to different facilities. With the help of canopy lights, you can save your energy power about 75%. It can be replaced from 100 to 400 watts designed by SMAlux.

Canopy light for gas stations

For efficient light source, led canopy lights are the best for gasoline stations. It gives bright and safe walk-in to all customers. It is also strong for any weather conditions whether it is sunny or rainy seasons. Canopy lights are also beneficial for the showroom. It needs very bright lights because of the high ceiling area. For carports or parking areas, it is also useful because of dark areas of the commercial buildings. High quality with motion sensor lighting is commonly seen. For any applications, the canopy provides flexible lighting at all times.

commercial canopy light for product showroom 1

Canopy lights are the safest lighting for commercial projects. It helps you lowering your power cost while lesser thousands of dollars. It has a wide lifespan so you can also lessen your efforts. Our engineering team did their best to make it perfect for your target application. They make sure it is safe and easier for you to install. They done excellent research follow detailed to detailed process.

SMAlux created canopy lights to illuminate walkways, gas stations, hotels, etc. It is strong for many hours of operations which also offer less maintenance than other type of lights.  Since 1996 in the industry of manufacturing, we are trusted of providing the safest lighting products for different projects. We’ve created it based on modern technology for easy control lighting.

Canopy Lights for hotel 1

You can choose your ideal canopy lights for commercial lightings. Whether it is dimmable, auto control, remote control, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth lighting, we can be able to supply the best quality. Our canopy lights are easy to manage. Our main purpose in manufacturing lightings is to support clients and help them save their cash by saving energy. We’ve experienced designing and fabricating lights for more than 22 years.  We already have a lot of experience in handling lots of difficulties. We are also trustworthy in customizing lights from residential to commercial lighting projects.

SMAlux is a 30% saving energy provider. From ceiling, wall, kitchen, or indoor to outdoor lightings, SMAlux is a reliable and outstanding provider worldwide. We, SMAlux have the capability on supporting by giving a piece of effective advice and suggestions when handling a business. We have been part of many people in business success for a long time. Now it’s your turn to be one of them. A successful project with our help is not far away from you if you choose to deal with us.

outdoor wall light for house

Don’t you worry about the product’s quality you will receive. We can make it sure before we deliver your orders. We can secure your canopy light orders, by ensuring flexible packing.

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Commercial Canopy Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide will answer all questions you have been asking about commercial canopy light.

Among the key aspects, you will learn here include benefits, types, advantages, mounting options and power consumption of commercial canopy lights, amongst others.

So, before you import commercial canopy lights from China, read this guide.

What is a Commercial Canopy Light?

Commercial canopy light refers to lights that are mounted outside your commercial space under your overhang.

They light the region beneath the overhang.

 LED Canopy Light

 LED Canopy light

Commercial canopy lights can be equipped with clear lenses which focuses on lights or frosted lenses that diffuse light.

These lights minimize glare and illuminate a large area.

Further, commercial canopy light is durable, tamper-resistant, and weather resistant.

Commercial canopy light can be recessed or surface mounted.

The appropriate canopy light for your commercial space should be unobtrusive.

Also, it should make it feel attractive, safe, and welcoming.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Canopy Light?

Using commercial canopy light for your space equips you with several benefits.

These benefits are:

  • Commercial canopy lights are durable and provide reliable performance in every type of weather.

As such you do not have to replace them constantly.

  • Also, commercial canopy light gives you excellent wattage compared to the output of lumen.

They do not produce heat and use long-lasting lamps. These features make it valuable than comparable lighting options.

  • Through commercial canopy light, you get to improve your system while saving your cost of utility.
  • Additionally, commercial canopy light is UL listed and vandal proof.

This means that when you buy this type of light you receive a high-quality alternative built to exist for years.

  • Further commercial canopy lights are easy to install. They come with mounting components that can be mounted easily in several locations and have a slim profile.

What are the Various Types of Commercial Canopy Lights?

When choosing a commercial canopy light, consider the different types available in the market.

They are round commercial canopy lights or square commercial canopy lights which are flush or surface mounted.

· Square Commercial Canopy Light

 Square canopy light

Square canopy light

Square commercial canopy lights are square light fixtures and are employed in places where fixtures were previously square.

They are available in sizes that range from 6 to 18 inches and can be recessed or surface mounted.

There is a wide array of low profile energy-saving canopies that you can choose from.

They are better than metal halide lights.

· Round Commercial Canopy Light


Round canopy light

Round commercial canopy refers to the shape of a polycarbonate lens on your light fixtures.

This type of mount can be directly wired via a conduit.

They have durable lenses and housing created to withstand the harsh external environment.

Are Commercial Canopy Lights Customizable?

You can customize a commercial canopy light to alight with your specification.

· You can Customize the Specs of your Commercial Canopy Light

Commercial canopy lights are available in several specifications like different lumen output, voltages, and wattages.

This allows you to get the appropriate choice for your business needs.

· You can make your Light Vandal Resistant

Vandal-resistant commercial canopy lights are created to prevent tampering or theft by criminals.

This alternative is suitable for you if you want to keep your investment in lighting intact for multiple years.

In additions to these, commercial canopy lights come in a range of options to choose from such as:

  • Different wattage such as 70W to 28W
  • Varying shapes and designs
  • A range of mounting options allowing for wall mounting, arms mounting or ceiling installation.

Are Commercial Canopy Lights Environmentally Friendly?


Commercial canopy lights are environmentally friendly.

  • Compared to HID alternatives they are highly energy efficient. They consume a low amount of energy while preserving brightness.
  • Unlike the mainstream fluorescent light bulbs that have mercury which is harmful to the environment, LED commercial canopy light does not have toxic materials.
  • LED commercial canopy lights are 100% recyclable. As such you will be able to minimize your carbon footprint by using this type of light.
  • LED light bulbs used for commercial canopy lights prevent the production of and materials of 25 incandescent light bulbs. This minimizes the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.
  • Further, LED commercial canopy light has no UV emission.

Where are Commercial Canopy Lights used?

Commercial canopy lights are suitable for illuminating walkways, entrances, and buildings, heightening safety, and offering enhanced security for your space.

As such they are installed in commercial spaces such as automotive shops, bus stations, parking garages, and gas stations.

They are also used in showrooms, storage areas, service centers, and loading docks.

These locations have rugged sources of light and are susceptible to elements.

Are there Quality Standards that Commercial Canopy Light should adhere to?

The ensure that you receive the right canopy light for your commercial space there are quality standards that it should adhere to. They are:

  • ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listing for wet locations. Also, they are used in wet locations such as parking garages and car washes.

This means you can use it in moist facilities such as storage facilities and sidewalks.

  • Ingress Protection (IP) rating for protection from water and dust entry. IP rating indicates that your canopy light is protected from moisture and objects.

What is the Difference Between Recessed and Surface Commercial Canopy Light?

While the recessed and surface lights have similar energy-saving and efficiency.

They differ in installation and appearance.

Recessed commercial canopy light is very thin at 1 cm and fixed at the back.

Surface canopy light has a thickness of 2cm and it is fixed on the side.

The body of a recessed commercial canopy light has to be embedded in the ceiling.

It does not have a distinct protruding.

Surface commercial canopy does not need its surface to be mounted on the ceiling.

You use the rack that is screwed to your ceiling.

Recessed commercial canopy light is not waterproof while surface commercial canopy light is waterproof.

What are the Materials used in Making Commercial Canopy Lights?

To make commercial canopy light suitable for outdoor use, different materials are used.

They include aluminum alloy, anodized aluminum, and aluminum.

The materials are preferred because they seal out contaminants and moisture and inhibit ultraviolet radiation.

Also, they can withstand different types of weather.

What are the Appropriate Colors for Commercial Canopy Lights?

To ensure that you have the right canopy light you should be aware of the appropriate color for your canopy light.

The appropriate color for your commercial canopy light should be softer or bright white.

This is because the case found over a canopy light can dim a light’s light color.

As such canopy lights of every color cannot illuminate a space.

Rather dimmed white and yellow provide sufficient light in your commercial space if dimmed.

Yellow and white are appropriate colors due to their illuminating and brightness capability.

Ceiling LED canopy light

 Ceiling LED canopy light

How much Power do Commercial Canopy Lights use?

A commercial canopy light uses up to 80% lesser energy than mainstream lights and it lasts 20 times longer period.

What are the Mounting Options of Commercial Canopy Lights?

There are several mounting options that you can use for your commercial canopy lights.

They are:

· Pendant Mount Option

You can use a pendant mount option to mount your commercial canopy light from the ceiling.

You can use it on a heavy-duty, hang straight, or standard canopy light.

For standard canopy is appropriate for flat ceiling and for heavy-duty canopy it is suitable for outdoor installation where there is wind.

For hang straight canopy pendant mount option is suitable for sloped ceiling.

  • Flush Mount Option

flush mount option provides diffused, warm light and the shade to a commercial space.

It incorporates texture to the décor of your commercial space.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Commercial Canopy Light?

When choosing commercial canopy light there are factors you should take into account.

They are:

· Place of Installation

Commercial canopy lights are available in several versions that are appropriate for outdoor and indoor use.

Unlike indoor canopy lights, outdoor canopy lights have a strong exterior that makes them resistant to elements in the environment.

Thus you should select the light that is appropriate for your need.

· Design Choice

There are several commercial canopy light designs you can choose from.

Therefore, you should select the design which assists you to enhance the designs found in the place of installation.

· Fixture

Before installing a commercial vanity light, you have to install a fixture.

For convenience and flexibility, you can choose fixtures with retrofit since they are not costly and easy to install.

What are the Advantages of LED Commercial Canopy Light over Metal Halide?

There are many advantages that arise from using LED commercial canopy light over Metal Halide.

These advantages are:

LED Commercial Canopy Light has a long Lifespan compared to Metal Halide

LED canopy light

 LED canopy light

It can last for between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.

Metal Halide on the other hand lasts for between 6,000 and 15,000 hours.

This is 12-30% of the lifespan of LED commercial canopy light.

Compared to Metal Halide, LED Commercial Canopy Light is Energy Efficient.

LED commercial canopy light wastes limited energy through infrared radiation and directionally emit light over 180 degrees.

Metal Halide emit light over 360 degrees therefore it has a lot of losses since more than half of the light has to be reflected or redirected.

Unlike Metal Halide, LED commercial canopy light is high quality and has a low cost of maintenance.

You have to operate LED commercial canopy lights for a long period since they do not switch off and on immediately.

What is the Role of a Tork Light-detecting Sensors in a Commercial Canopy Light?

In your commercial canopy light tork-light detecting sensor help you to save energy.

If you turn off a tork-light detecting sensor during the day you can save energy.

What are the Critical Steps in Installing Commercial Canopy Light?

To effectively install a commercial canopy light there are steps you should follow.

They are:

  • Remove the mounting plate from your light fixture by easing the screw from one side and sliding the plate from the bracket on the housing.
  • Use two screws to install the mounting plate to a J-box. Bracket has to be squarely positioned with regard to the fixture.
  • When wiring your unit you should use the support spring to hang the fixture.
  • Push the housing to the top bracket by connecting the principal housing to the bracket of the junction box.
  • Turn on the power. The fixture will attain total output in seconds.

What is the Low Voltage LED Commercial Canopy Lights?

Low-voltage LED commercial canopy light is a type of canopy light that uses small sources of light.

Also, it can be modified easily to factor in changes in the layout of the canopy, it is safe to maintain and operate than other types of light.

In short, with the information in this guide, you can easily choose a perfect commercial canopy light for your unique specifications.

At SMAlux, you can get highly efficient and durable commercial canopy lights – contact us now