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SMAlux- Your Trusted Commercial Ceiling Lights Manufacturer in China

SMAlux Commercial Ceiling Lights specifically located at commercial places such stores, institutions, and even to government construction buildings. Powerfully provides adequate lighting source throughout ceilings. These usually give big improvements to a business lighting productivity. These type of lights have the power in enhancing business property you had. Very unrighteous to install at industrial and manufacturing spaces, could harm your employees.

These actually inclined to have highest inceptive rates. Definitely manufactured with prolonged lifespan. Have best durability functions with excessive maintenance. Commercial Ceiling Lights also offered within favour costs, which basically in good state of power consumption alternatives. Commercial Ceiling Lights actually helps commercial building projects to be accomplished without problems. Smoothly finished buildings with better quality Commercial Ceiling Lights are truthfully tempting to visit. This is generally the most typical lighting tool for building constructions.

The level quality of these Commercial Ceiling Lights is really undeniable. Working spaces or offices with unique lights bring out calmness to an environment. Makes comfortable feelings and luxurious level surroundings. These are suitable for any building erections because it gives power regulative programs. There`s much design of Commercial Ceiling Lights which gives perfect illuminating effects and better useful both commercial and government project installations.

High-quality LED Commercial Ceiling Lights are also do functionality on some business civilization and outputs. Also, lessen up 75% energy utilizations. These are very effective when do skyrocketing your business productivity. Also, raised up your company`s morale standards is what Commercial Ceiling Lights focal purposes. Useful only for indoor applications. These are able to generate ROI positive, enhancing completely your offices ambiance.

As you might expect, Commercial Ceiling Lights are playing wide responsibility to each employees health. These could able to protect them from any harmful occurrences. However, when based from power consumption reviews, Commercial Ceiling Lights been demonstrates only on 17% electricity usages. Can be control and monitored freely with Bluetooth connections. Commercial Ceiling Lights have quality fluorescent channel. On-trend Commercial Ceiling Lights class are supposedly useful for having high energy savings and money savings.

When choosing right Commercial Ceiling Lights into your business, you must consider its LED tech assurance, color temperature, its direct switching on, better presentation performance and its own flexibility designs. When planning to well-run business and wanting Commercial Ceiling Lights to be an addition, SMAlux can provide you sufficiently and guide you thoroughly. Any number of lighting products you want to order can be distributed safely with help of SMAlux.

SMAlux have professional executive team, have trusted abilities to manage your specifications that highly regards with smart lighting productions. Flexibility and adaptable designs of SMAlux Commercial Ceiling Lights are truly reliable and completely certified. It comes from eco-friendly materials, functional as the safer lighting tools. When you allow us to handle your Commercial Ceiling Lights manufacturing, you can assure these can be managed carefully. In all units of producing well-organized Commercial Ceiling Lights, expect its in 100% reliability. We are team of experienced manufacturers, truly you can trust all over.

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In this guide, you’re going to learn everything about commercial ceiling light such as features, benefits, certification and quality compliance, amongst others.

So, if you want to be an expert in commercial ceiling lights, this is the right guide for you.

Take a look:

What is Commercial Ceiling Light?

Commercial ceiling light

Commercial ceiling light

Commercial ceiling lights are a type of commercial lighting fixtures attached to ceilings within business premises, like offices, universities, stores, hotels, government buildings, and hospitals.

Ideally, these premises are not residential, industrial, or manufacturing companies.

This category of ceiling lights provides quality lighting for indoor and outdoor uses.

Which are the Features of Commercial Ceiling Lights?

These type of commercial ceiling luminaries have attractive, vital features which make them the most sought after lighting fixtures for commercial ceiling lighting.

The features consist of:

· Energy Efficiency

Contemporary commercial ceiling lights are now fitted with LED bulbs that are energy-saving while producing adequate ceiling light.

· Durability

Sturdy materials such as die-cast aluminum, plastics, aged brass, and solid wood are used to manufacture commercial ceiling lights for optimal longevity and durability.

· ETL Damp and Wet Ratings

Specially designed ceiling lights have ETL Wet or Damp ratings for installation in wet or highly humid places.

ETL damp is suitable for use in sheltered locations such as under canopies with high humidity or moisture.

On the other, wet ratings are ideal for open wet places.

· Control Dimmer

This helps in controlling the brightness or dimness of ceiling lights in a commercial space such as offices or boardrooms.

· Aesthetic

Commercial lightings of this type come with attractive designs and styles that complement and enhance the interior décor of a commercial premise.

· Space-saving

The design and installation of commercial ceiling lights save on space while providing adequate lighting.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Ceiling Lights?

Commercial ceiling lights provide functional and stylish lighting needs in commercial spaces such as offices or retail stores.

Besides, commercial recessed lighting provides excellent low profile lights in vaulted or sloping ceilings.

The modern aesthetic designs and styles of commercial ceiling lights compliment and accentuate the interior and exterior décor of a business premise.

In addition, the commercial ceiling provides adequate lights in and outside of a commercial premise, thus boosting the security and safety of that place.

Ceiling lights, whether used on its own or in combination with another lighting, helps to set the right mood of a place.

Remember that commercial ceiling lights improve the productivity of workers while providing quality and welcoming lights to visitors.

And importantly, commercial ceiling lights have health benefits associated with proper lighting.

Poor lighting often causes headaches and eyestrains that can be eliminated by good ceiling lights.

An excellent commercial ceiling light will also help you to relax and reduce anxiety.

Careful planning and installation of commercial ceiling lights make a small space appear spacious and prominent.

Which are the Types of Commercial Ceiling Lights?

Some of the most common types of commercial ceiling lights include:

· Linear Suspension light

Linear suspension light

Liner suspension light

Linear suspensions lights are generally rectangular and narrow lighting fixtures usually hanged from the ceiling.

They are suitable for providing ambient and task light in dining spaces, offices, pool tables, and kitchen islands.

It is available in a variety of styles and can be an alternative to pendants and chandeliers.

While available in different lengths and sizes, some linear suspensions provide focused downlights to provide task light.

Other linear suspensions are decorative while providing ambient lighting that is well-suited for dining rooms and bedrooms.

· Chandelier

Chandelier ceiling light

Chandelier ceiling light

The chandelier is suspended lighting fixture consisting of several lights mounted on a ceiling or a wall.

You will love the chandelier for its unique decorative design while providing ambient lighting in a space mostly in entrances, hotel bedrooms, and inning rooms.

The multiple lamps and branched hanging frames differentiate the Chandeliers from the pendant lights that have single light hanging on a single cord.

· Recessed Lighting

Recessed ceiling light

Recessed ceiling light

A recessed lightalso known as a downlight or can light, is a type of commercial ceiling lighting fixture fixed onto a hollow opening in ceilings.

The recessed lighting fixture projects concentrated light downwards from the ceiling.

It consists of three parts: the visible part known as trim, the housing installed inside the ceiling, and a bulb.

· Pendant Lights

pendant light, also known as drop or suspender, is a single commercial ceiling lighting fitting that hangs from a ceiling commonly suspended by a chain, metal rod, or a cord.

The Pendant lights can be one or several in a room to provide ambient or task light.

This stylish commercial lighting luminaire is used over kitchen islands, dining areas, bathrooms, and workstations.

Pendant ceiling light

 Pendant ceiling light

· Flush-mount Lights

Flush-mount lights are commercial lighting fittings installed in a ceiling and should fit the level (flush) with the ceiling plane.

The Flush-mount lights are usually centrally located in a space to provide ambient lighting.

Its design makes it suitable for use in many locations or spaces.

Flush mount ceiling light

Flush mount ceiling light

Which Factors should you Consider when Choosing Commercial Ceiling Lights?

Selecting a commercial ceiling light can be confusing from an array of available models, designs, styles, and shapes.

However, the following factors are essential while making an informed decision:

· Cost-effectiveness

Different commercial ceiling lights with different bulbs all have different power consumption rates.

Those with LED bulbs are more cost-effective than other types of bulbs.

In addition, they have low maintenance and long lifespan.

· Usage

Every room or space in a commercial premise has specified usage, which requires a specific type of lighting.

For instance, hotel kitchens and workstations require task lights, whereas the office or working area need ambient lighting.

· Ceiling Height and Shape

The type and size of a commercial ceiling light depend on the available Ceiling height and shape.

Also, the flush mount lighting fixtures suit low ceilings, whereas suspenders hang perfectly on higher ceilings.

· Color of the Walls

Bright colored walls reflect lights, whereas dark colors absorb light, affecting the lighting of commercial space.

Therefore, consider the wall paintings and their effect on room lighting as you select a commercial ceiling light.

· Artwork and Highlight Areas

Different lighting fixtures provide different types of light.

Settle on a commercial ceiling light that gives accent lighting on valuable artwork and highlight areas.

· Families of Luminaires

Choose carefully the type of commercial ceiling lights that will complement and enhance the interior and exterior décor of your commercial space.

Other lighting fixtures in the same location should be considered for the overall elegance and style of the aesthetics effects.

Are there LED Commercial Ceiling Lights?

Yes, modern commercial ceiling lights are fitted with LED bulbs primarily to cut costs in electricity bills and sustainable cost-effectiveness.

Manufacturing LED commercial ceiling lights have become a trend in the lighting industry.

These class of commercial ceiling lights, even though slightly expensive to buy, has many advantages and are available in many designs and styles.

What is the difference between Flush-mount and Semi-flush-mount Commercial Ceiling Lights?

The difference between flush mount and semi flush mount commercial lighting lies in the mode of attachment to the ceiling.

Also, the flush mount commercial ceiling lights are fitted flatly on the ceiling, whereas the semi-flush-mount hangs on a cord or chain a few inches from the ceiling.

Therefore, the flush mount rests squarely on the ceiling while semi-flush hangs on the ceiling.

How do you Test the Quality of Commercial Ceiling Lights?

The Commercial ceiling lighting fixtures must pass through standard quality tests to check their performance and safety.

Here are some of the essential tests for accessing the quality of commercial ceiling lights:

· Electrical Safety Test

The electrical safety tests involve checking for loose connections and exposed terminals that might cause fire or electrical shock to the commercial ceiling light user.

In this test, you confirm physically if all the connections are firm without any exposed electrical wires.

· EMC Test

Some electrical gadgets might interfere with the smooth operations of other electrical devices.

Therefore electromagnetic compatibility of the commercial ceiling lighting fixture should be conducted to ascertain its electromagnetic emissions effect on other electronic gadgets.

· In Situ Temperature Measurement Test (ISTMT)

This method commonly applies in LED commercial ceiling lights, where it accesses the temperature of the lighting.

It confirms if the LED bulb operation temperature drops within the designated temperature range according to LM 80-08 specifications.

In addition, the ISTMT helps in establishing the lighting’s lifespan.

· Photometric Test

The photometric test is carried out to test the quality of light produced by a commercial ceiling light.

It inspects the effects of the color spectrum of the commercial ceiling light on the human eyes.

· Torque Test

Torque testing is popular with commercial ceiling lights having rotating parts, like fasteners, bolts, or screws.

For instance, you always need to fasten the screw base of the light bulb into a bulb holder.

The test determines the force needed to open, close, or turn these parts and is instrumental in identifying any likely quality concerns with them.

The torque of the lamp of commercial ceiling light is expressed in a unit referred to as Newton (N·m).

To perform this test, you need a specialized device referred to as a torque tester.

Which are the Certifications for Commercial Ceiling Lights?

Commercial ceiling lights must undergo quality certifications by the relevant approved testing bodies.

Upon achieving certification, the logo of the testing body is printed on the lighting fixture.

Here are the four essential certifications for commercial ceiling lights.

· UL Certification

The Underwriter Laboratories (UL) logo is printed on the commercial ceiling lights, and it enables the products to access a wider market globally.

It signifies that the lighting product meets safety standards and requirements for safe use by consumers and installations in commercial premises.

· ETL Certification

Abbreviation for Electrical Testing Labs, an ETL certification implies that the commercial ceiling light to stipulated safety standards.

It tests lighting products to UL standards, which are admissible proof of the safety of a product.

Having this ceiling lights certification signifies that what you are installing in your commercial facility will not lead to any safety issues.

· DLC Certification

The term DLC is an abbreviation for DesignLights Consortium and is linked to energy efficiency, particularly for commercial LED lighting.

A commercial ceiling light that is DLC certified implies that the lighting fixture has been designed to function under high energy efficiency levels.

Nevertheless, it is a non-compulsory scheme for LED technology calling for commercial lighting products to meet the lowest performance standards.

They have to meet minimum functioning standards in these three crucial areas: durability, color, and distribution.

· Energy Star Certification

When choosing ceiling lights for a commercial facility, go for those with ENERGY STAR certification.

It is administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

This certification signifies that the commercial lighting fixture complies with stringent guidelines on energy efficiency set by the agency.

Commercial ceiling lights with the ENERGY STAR mark offer extraordinary features while consuming less energy.

· RoHS Certification

This certification means that all ceiling lights for use in commercial spaces adhere to the EU directive decree “2011/65/EU ROHS 2”.

It restricts the utilization of hazardous materials in electrical and electronic devices, including commercial lighting fixtures.

· CEE Certification

Canada and the US Consortium for Energy Efficiency is an administrator for electric and gas efficacy program.

CEE works to speed the progress and availability of lighting products that are energy efficient.

The CEE certification of commercial ceiling lights implies that the products conform to their performance and functioning safety and efficiency guidelines.

· CE Marking

An abbreviation for CommunautéEuropéenne, all lighting products must have the CE label to sell them legitimately in the European Economic Area.

It is a compulsory condition to express the safety of a commercial ceiling light and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Can you Install Commercial Ceiling Light without a Junction Box?


There exist several compact designs of commercial ceiling lights with complete housing, which does not require an electrical junction box during installation.

These fixtures have complete wiring in a connection compartment.

The recessed ceiling light is a perfect example of a commercial lighting fixture that can be installed without an electrical junction box.

For fixtures that do not have a connection compartment, you can still install without a junction box.

However, all the wiring connections and functions of a junction box must be adhered to.

This process is technical and will require the services of a qualified electrician.

What is the Best Commercial Ceiling Light for Sloped Ceiling?

Installing light in sloped ceiling

Installing light in sloped ceiling

Most commercial ceiling lights are designed for installations in flat ceilings, and some can function perfectly in sloped ceilings.

However, there are options available specifically for sloped ceilings.

· Angled Canopy

An angled canopy or adapter attached to the sloped ceiling is convenient for hanging commercial ceiling lights.

The angled canopy helps the lighting fixture hang straight in space.

Chandeliers and pendants are hanged straight from the ceiling using the angled canopy or adapter.

They are adjustable for angling up to 45 degrees.

· LED Recessed Lighting

The Recessed commercial ceiling lighting system consists of a special housing (cans) for use in sloped ceilings for seamless appearance and lighting.

The special housing is adjusted to focus light directly below, even up to a 45-degree ceiling slope.

What are the Benefits of LED Commercial Ceiling Lights?

The initial costs of installing LED commercial ceiling lights are higher.

However, the overall savings in electricity bills are significant.

The LED bulb consumes less power, has a longer lifespan, low maintenance, and low bulb replacement frequency.

Another advantage of commercial LED ceiling light is that they have better color rendering, cool temperature, and high lumen.

This allows it to produce a high quality brighter light than other commercial lighting types.

The LED commercial ceiling lights come in different designs and styles.

This makes them the right choice for the modern, sophisticated, and elegant decorations of exterior and interior commercial spaces.

It is easy to integrate smart technology with LED commercial ceiling lights.

For instance, you can fit them with motion sensors.

Using this technology, they provide light when a person is present in a space or room and turn off if it senses no movement.

With adaptive light sensors, LED bulbs adjust light brightness in response to natural light within the space.

The LEDs are environmentally friendly because they are not made of dangerous chemicals such as mercury.

Also, they don’t produce carbon dioxide gases.

Why is Lumen of LED Commercial Ceiling light a Very Important Factor to Consider?

Lumen is the brightness of a lighting source.

LED commercial ceiling lights have the advantage of having low wattage and higher lumens ratings.

Therefore, the lumens rating is instrumental in the selection of commercial lighting fitting with the appropriate brilliance that suits your needs.

Commercial spaces with higher ceilings and big areas need LED commercial ceiling lights with high lumen ratings.

Which is the Better between Fluorescent Commercial Ceiling Light and LED Commercial Ceiling Light?

To determine the better between the fluorescent commercial ceiling light and LED commercial ceiling light is quite simple.

Let us look at the critical differences as we settle on the superior product:

· Energy Efficiency

The LED commercial ceiling lights efficiently convert energy to light better than the fluorescent tubes.

Thus the LED lights are superior because they have high energy efficiency and longer lifespan.

· Maintenance

Another essential factor to consider is the maintenance cost of the lighting unit.

LED bulbs have very low maintenance than the fluorescent tubes.

In addition, the LED bulbs last up to 5 years compared to fluorescent tubes that are frequently replaced within a year.

· Cool Temperature

The LED bulbs have cooler operating temperatures than the fluorescent tubes.

Therefore the LED bulbs do not affect the room temperature of a business premise.

· Breakages

Many LED bulbs are not made of glass, while the majority of fluorescent tubes are made of glass.

Therefore the fluorescent tubes break and shatter easily than the LED bulbs.

· Flicker-free Lights

The fluorescent tubes have flickering lights that cause health issues such as headaches, eye strains, and seizures.

Flickering arises because fluorescent tubes run on Alternating Current (AC) power at 50 Hz.

This implies that it alternates ON and OFF at a rate of 50 times per second.

In sharp contrast, the LED bulbs run purely on Direct Current (DC), which does not flicker at all.

· Environmentally Friendly

The fluorescent tubes contain mercury coupled with other gases while its ballast contains PCBs.

Besides, the mercury, gases, and PCBs in fluorescent commercial ceiling lights are high pollutants to the environment.

On a positive note, the LED bulbs do not eliminate these environmental health hazards.

· Quality Light

You will enjoy high-quality light from an LED lighting at low wattage than fluorescent tubes lighting fixtures.

Besides, LED bulbs produce focused light, whereas fluorescent tubes produce light in all directions.

· Sizing

Fluorescent tubes are usually longer and bigger than LED bulbs.

Therefore fluorescent commercial ceiling lights tend to be bigger and inappropriate for smaller spaces.

In contrast, the LED bulbs enable the design and manufacture of smaller and compact commercial ceiling lights that are perfect for every space.

What are the Types of False Commercial Ceiling Lights?

Several options of false commercial ceiling lights are available to change the overall mood and feelings in a commercial space as outlined below:

· LED Recessed Lighting

LED Recessed lights are widely used in conjunction with a false ceiling.

They are favored for cost efficiency, soft light, and easily installed behind the ceiling.

The LED recessed lighting should be strategically placed to highlight a specific part of a space or focus light onto an area or walls.

These lights are suitable for contemporary buildings to enhance the interior and exterior décor of a place in combination with other lightings.

· Cove Lighting

Cove lighting is an indirect form of lighting system fixed in recesses in a ceiling.

They are designed to focus light on the ceiling, thereby reflected softly along the walls.

It produces a dazzling effect when combined with floor lamps and hanging lights.

The cove lighting bulb is concealed behind a crown molding to reduce light glare and brightness to create a relaxing mood.

For effective highlighting or accentuation of artworks, choose the cove lighting system for your commercial space.

· Gimbal Recessed Lighting

Some bulbs are fragile, big, and ugly, thus interfering with decorations of a space.

To take care of this challenge, Gimbal Recessed lighting is just the perfect alternative when considering commercial false ceiling lights.

Also, the Gimbals are efficient and flexible lights that do not compromise the architectural designs of a space.

Use colored bulbs to create sophistication and mystic aura in a room.

You will love this simple to install lighting Gimbals for the adjustable and focused lights on objects or artifacts in a room.

· Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mount lighting is the perfect choice for spaces with low ceilings such as dressing rooms, bathrooms, and hallways.

This lighting system splash light evenly over a wide area for general use.

· Back-lit Ceiling Panels

Back-lit ceiling panels have a bulb behind the panel to produce even ambient light in a space.

For a perfect day-like light, the back-lit ceiling is second to none.

Also, they create a warm, calm, and serene environment.

Besides, back-lit ceiling panels are compact and easy to install in a ceiling.

Can you use a Dimmer with Commercial Ceiling Lights?

Yes, dimmer switches can be used with commercial ceiling lights to control brightness or dimness level in a space.

The dimmers help to adjust brightness as required by the user.

Which are the Quality Standards for Commercial Ceiling Lights?

Commercial light fixture

Commercial light fixture

The commercial ceiling lights must pass and adhere to the following quality standards:

  • UL Standards
  • ISO/CIE Standards
  • IES Standards
  • IEC Standards
  • ASTM Standards
  • CE Standards
  • ANSI Standards

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture a range of commercial ceiling lights.

Whether you want standard or custom lights, SMAlux can support your OEM business.

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