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Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures
Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures
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Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures
Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

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SMAlux- Your Outstanding Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures Supplier in China

SMAlux Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures has plenty of features, designs, and shapes you can find. Lights can add more cleanliness to all types of the kitchen for commercials and even residential. This is the most important room in every building.

For soft and warm lights, you can choose incandescent or fluorescent lights for perfect brightness. We have long-lasting and less power usage available in the market for you to choose from. Lights can be installed everywhere in your kitchen. From the ceiling, walls under or behind the cabinets and many more areas in the kitchen.

For ceiling lighting, kitchen commonly used pendant lights. But you can decide your ideal lights such as strip pendant, loft-type, decorative or mounted. You can also choose different functions such as remote control, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi control lights. Mounted lights such as spotlights and fluorescents are mainly installed.

Wall lightings for kitchens are also effective. It can be used as a dimmable for non-working hours. Wall lights can also add more brightness. You can easily see what’s behind the refrigerators, table, etc. There also lots of wall lights to apply. Up downlights, strip lights, rotatable wall mounted lights are also popular. You can freely select your ideal lightings. Cooktop lighting designed to specific your activity. Lights for cabinets are a shadow-free that supports other lights.

Our engineer experts created a very high-tech light with the help of our modern technology machines. We have a lot of selections accessible in the market such as motion sensors. We have a lot of motion sensor lights. Ceiling mounted lights to corner spotlights are founded with motion sensor functions. Corner spotlights can be dimmable. Other types of ceiling lights are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control. You can install the SMAlux app to your device so you can control kitchen lightings.

We have plenty of stocks. For your idea commercial kitchen lighting fixtures, you can choose and order according to your project need. We can ensure secured packaging to prevent any damages. We can make sure the standard quality before we move it out. We have a lot of professional sales staff who can provide fast and effective communications who can answer questions within 8 working hours.

We are founded since 1996 in manufacturing, CE lighting’s subbrand which appointed as China’s high-tech enterprises. We received domestically and internationally awards from red dot, iF, and IDEA. Quality controlled with SA8000 since 2012, 2015 with ISO 140001, and since 1998 with ISO 9001. With these certifications, SMAlux can exceed every client’s expectations. With our quality products and services, we can help and support your business. We can be able to support your expanding and growing business fastest and in the safest ways.

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Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Choosing commercial kitchen lighting fixture can be an overwhelming task.

However, I want to make this process simple for you by answering all questions you have about these lighting fixtures.

Keep reading.

What are Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures?

These are devices or structures specifically designed to hold kitchen lamps or bulbs.

Normally, commercial kitchen lighting fixtures are designed for cooking areas.

Depending on the design, the can hold one or more bulbs.

Commercial kitchen lighting fixture

Commercial kitchen lighting fixture

How Many Types of Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures are There?

In a professional or commercial kitchen, you will need different types of lighting fixtures to provide proper illumination.

The main types of commercial kitchen lighting fixtures that you can choose from include:

· Ambient Lighting

You will use ambient lighting in your commercial kitchen to illuminate and penetrate all the dark corners within the kitchen.

You will also place the commercial ambient kitchen lighting at the center of the room to balance proper light distribution.

· Task Lighting

You will use the commercial task lighting for illumination of specific areas where you perform particular tasks within the kitchen.

This type of light system provides direct light beams on to specific places within your kitchen and are not very bright.

· Accent Lighting

In case you would want to show off specific things within your kitchen, then you will use the accent lighting.

Accent lights often have the ability to draw people’s eyes and attention towards specific areas of the kitchen,

How Much Do Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures Cost?

You will pay different costs depending on the type, quality, and quantity of commercial kitchen lighting.

The rule of thumb in this case dictates that the higher the quality and quantity, the higher the cost.

There are specific types of commercial kitchen lighting fixture such as custom lights which might cost more.

Generally, the cost of commercial kitchen lighting fixtures will range between 30 to 270 US dollars.

Do You Supply Waterproof Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures?

Absolutely, we do supply waterproof commercial kitchen light fixtures at affordable prices.

This type of commercial lighting fixtures is capable of withstanding water splashes and immersions.

This ensures that you have light throughout the working period within your kitchen.

What should you Consider when Choosing Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixture?

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen light

Every decision that you make within your kitchen is important to the success of your commercial kitchen.

Implying that, when choosing on the type of commercial kitchen lights, you have to consider specific factors.

Here are the main things that you will have to look at when choosing the right type of commercial kitchen lighting.

· Shatterproof Bulbs

You should consider purchasing commercial kitchen lighting fixtures that are shatter proof to prevent injury and food contamination.

It is important to have shatterproof bulbs within your kitchen to withstand the high temperatures in the kitchen.

· Temperature of the Light

You should consider using warmer temperature light especially in the plating areas as they are more visually appealing.

Apart from that, you should consider the cool and focus oriented lights for carrying out cutting and cooking tasks.

· Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

In this case, you will look at the ease of cleaning the commercial kitchen lights since the kitchen has numerous pollutants.

Apart from that, cleanliness is an absolute requirement in the kitchen so the lights must be easy to clean.

· Purpose of the Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixture

It is very important that you know the reason why you are installing particular types of commercial kitchen light fixtures.

For that reason, you must have the task lighting fixtures which will illuminate specific tasks you are performing.

· Low Heat Generating Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Of course, while in the kitchen, you should try and reduce the amount of heat generation too reduce temperatures.

That is the reason why you have to look for commercial kitchen lights that generate very low heat.

Why use LED for Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixture?

Well, you should consider using commercial kitchen lighting fixtures due to the benefits they present.

Here are the advantages that will compel you to consider using the LED kitchen lighting.

LED strip lighting for kitchen

LED strip lighting for kitchen

· Reduction in the Overall Operating Cost

Replacing the traditional bulbs with LED commercial light fixtures will reduce energy consumption and overall cost.

· Reduction in Cost of Maintenance

Using high quality LED commercial kitchen lights will also reduce the cost of maintenance.

Apart from that, proper maintenance will allow you to use the LED commercial kitchen light 10 or 20 time longer.

· Increase in Bulb Longevity

On a different note, an increase in bulb longevity will also save on time, as well as money for replacing the bulbs.

· Superior Design and Performance

LED commercial kitchen lights are often directional thus allow precise placement of the light emitted.

This will make it quite easy to highlight specific parts of the ki9tchen by increasing visibility.

· Excellent Temperature Control

You will also enjoy perfect temperature performance from LED Commercial kitchen light fixtures.

Apart from that, these lights are also resistant to damages in the fluctuating hot and cold kitchen environments.

· Perfect Control

You can also dim or brighten your LED commercial kitchen lights according to your kitchen lighting requirements.

Implying that you will use the control systems of the commercial kitchen lights to adjust the light accordingly.

Why use Energy Saving Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures?

You should use energy saving commercial kitchen lighting fixtures to help you run your commercial kitchen well.

Apart from protecting the environment from exploitation of the energy resources, you will save on cost.

You will pay considerably less amount of power bills when you use energy saving bulbs in your commercial kitchen.

Apart from that, you will also create the perfect environment within the kitchen with controlled heat emissions.

Additionally, having energy saving commercial kitchen lighting fixtures will improve the ambiance of the kitchen setup.

Implying that the commercial kitchen lighting fixtures produce brighter and focus oriented light within the kitchen.

What are the Considerations for Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixture Design?

You can design your own commercial kitchen lighting system depending on your personal requirements.

Despite that, there are specific factors that you have to take under proper consideration such as:

· Natural Lighting Availability

Here, you must look at the relationship that exists between the natural lighting and artificial lighting in your kitchen.

Despite the fact that artificial lights should be the main light source, you must also complement it with natural lights.

· Light Fittings

When installing the light fittings, you must avoid using fittings that will lead to the contamination of food.

Implying that you should have commercial kitchen light fittings that you can clean very easily.

In many cases, you should consider using recessed on ceiling or surface mounted commercial kitchen light fittings.

· Emergency Light Fittings

You must also consider having emergency lights within the kitchen to ensure that the staff or guests vacate quickly in emergencies.

Since potential hazards are inevitable, you must think of having the best type of lighting fixtures for emergencies.

· Saving Energy

Well, conservation and reduction of waste is a very important factor that you have to take into consideration.

In case of a business, you will look at using energy saving commercial kitchen lights that will reduce the operation cost.

Which Type of Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixture Trends are Available?

As time goes by, so are the trends of the commercial kitchen lighting fixtures to choose from.

Some of the most recent trends for the commercial kitchen light fixtures include:

Kitchen lighting fixture

Kitchen light fixture

· Matte Black Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Black is becoming the new favorite neutral in modern kitchen due to its edgy, chic, and makes its personal space.

· Clear Pendants Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

Clear pendants involve a mixture of industrial designs and rustic designs.

You can also add elements of fun on the design either by varying the heights or using different colors.

· Geometric Chandeliers Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

You can use geometrical shapes to boost the image of your chandeliers to improve the casual appeal.

What are Recessed Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures?

Recessed lighting is a minimalist and sleek type of lighting that can assist you to achieve all the specific kitchen lighting specifications.

You can use the recessed commercial kitchen lighting fixtures to do the following:

  • Lighting up kitchen islands and countertops
  • General lighting in open plan floor areas
  • Highlighting stove tops, counter areas, among other details of visual interest
  • Use without or with standard flush mount ceiling lights

Should you Choose Warm White or Cool White Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures?

There are no rules when it comes to the temperature of commercial kitchen lighting fixtures.

It always comes down to the personal preferences on what temperature of light you would prefer.

The kitchen is a warm area, so it would be better to consider the cool white commercial kitchen lighting fixtures.

On the same note, cool white light often has more blue light and that looks brighter and increases visibility.

Apart from that, the surrounding climate of your location also plays a huge role in the temperature of light.

You will note that people coming from warm areas often use cool white light in commercial kitchen lighting fixtures.

On the flip side, people coming from cool areas often prefer using the warm white light for their kitchen.

What is the Right Color Temperature for Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixture System?

Well, there are no specifics when it comes to the right color temperature for the commercial kitchen lighting fixtures.

Despite lack of preferences, there are specific color temperatures that you should consider for commercial kitchen lighting fixtures.

White to cool white will make the perfect color temperature for your commercial kitchen lighting fixtures.

Well, there is no reason why you should not consider a mixture of the different color temperatures in the kitchen.

You can vary the color combinations based on the task as well as general use of the commercial kitchen lighting fixture.

What is the Right Lumen Range for Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixtures?

The lumen for the commercial kitchen lighting fixture is the main determinant for the bulb brightness.

The more the lumens of the commercial kitchen lighting fixtures, the more the brightness of the bulb.

The right lumen for your commercial kitchen will depend on how big the commercial kitchen really is.

Apart from that, it will also depend on the color of the kitchen walls, and your preferred light intensity.

Which Type of Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixture Optimizes the Kitchen Environment?

In your kitchen, you should consider using ambient light as the overhead light to illuminate the whole room.

Apart from that, you should look consider specific task lighting fixtures for the counter spaces of work.

You must also remember to add task lighting on the sink of the commercial kitchen lighting fixtures.

What is the Best Material for Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixture?

The best commercial kitchen lighting fixtures are LED bulbs which are made out of polycarbonate.

Apart from polycarbonate, you can use acrylic which is less tough in comparison to polycarbonates.

Polycarbonates are also tougher and have very high durability as well as flammability characteristics.

Additionally, polycarbonate film and sheet have excellent diffusion, good light transmission for LED hotspots.

What’s more, polycarbonate offers perfect heat resistance along with perfect impact resistance properties.

The structure of the lighting fixture are made from different materials such as aluminum, wood, and stainless steel.

Are there Quality Standards for Commercial Kitchen Lighting Fixture?

Absolutely, there are quality standards that commercial kitchen lighting fixtures must adhere to.

These quality standards are proper for setting base line for proper durability, quality, performance, as well as safety.

Here are some of the most significant quality standards for commercial kitchen lighting fixtures:

  • CE Quality Standards
  • Pico-PV Quality Standards

In short, as you choose commercial kitchen lighting fixture, you should consider type of material, design, quality, type of bulb or source of light and cost, just to mention few.

At SMAlux, we can help you to the best commercial kitchen lighting fixture in the market – talk to our engineers now.