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SMAlux – Your Trustworthy Commercial Landscape Light Supplier in China

SMAlux Commercial Landscape Light is built for different streets or road use. We are a professional Commercial Landscape Light manufacturer in China for over 22 years. SMAlux Commercial Landscape Light has outstanding performance and durability. These blend beauty and functionality. It combines the advantage that makes your house stand out by boosting the edge appeal at night.

There are different types of Commercial Landscape Light, mainly are Rubber Boot In-Ground Commercial Landscape Light, Mini In-Ground with Cowl Commercial Landscape Light, Adjustable Accent Commercial Landscape Light, Mini Hooded Adjustable Wide Flood Commercial Landscape Light, Adjustable Wall Wash Commercial Landscape Light, and more. We also providing SMAlux Commercial Landscape Light in different categories like Wall Commercial Landscape Light, Modern Commercial Landscape Light, Pool Commercial Landscape Light, Contemporary Commercial Landscape Light, Parking Lot Commercial Landscape Light. SMAlux is skilled in the greatest Commercial Landscape Light manufacturing.

SMAlux Commercial Landscape Light is long-lasting and weatherproof that has the most excellent of adaptability outside. It is exposed in outside applications also recessed in-pole or wall. SMAlux Commercial Landscape Light is widely used in different industries. You can use our Commercial Landscape Light for the main road, house, tennis court, etc. Also, use conveniently our Commercial Landscape Light into different uses.

SMAlux has a leading  Commercial Landscape Light manufacturing capacity, we can produce hundreds of Commercial Landscape Light every day with our automated production line, so you will always have enough Commercial Landscape Light even in peak days.  We have some sets of various Commercial Landscape Light manufacturing lines and in the house lighting fabrication facility. Whether you are in need of a Commercial Landscape Light distributor, retailer, or a custom Commercial Landscape Light factory, SMAlux is always your most reliable choice because we can always accommodate your demands.

We are committed to excellence and our innovations in the Commercial Landscape Light are an example of our commitment. Our unparalleled Commercial Landscape Light is specialized for various tasks and our facility is ISO9001, SA8000, ISO140001 certified. Our superior units come with full customer support. For value-added experiences, you can rely on us to give you a fair price. We are excited to hear from you. 

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Commercial Landscape Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are looking for high performance commercial landscape lights, then read this guide.

It covers everything you have been looking for about commercial landscape light such as power consumption, benefits, quality standards, benefits, material type, and many more.

Keep reading to learn more.

How do you Choose Commercial Landscape Light?

When choosing landscape lighting for your commercial space there are factors you should consider.

They are:

Commercial landscape light

Commercial landscape light

· Safety and Security

For security and safety, your landscape has to have sufficient light.

Therefore, you should choose a light that provides enough light to enhance access, and to keep off burglars.

· Amount of Light

The light you choose depends on the volume of light you want.

Bright lights produce a large volume of light.

· Color, Style, and Size

Commercial landscape lights are available in different styles and sizes.

Thus you should pick the style, size, and color that fit your aesthetic and lighting needs.

· Durability and Energy Saving

Outdoor lighting should be energy-efficient and durable.

When the light is durable and energy-efficient to save on maintenance and utility bills.

· Cost

Commercial landscape lights are available in several price ranges.

As such, you should choose a commercial landscape light that matches your financial ability.

How much Power does Low Voltage Landscape Lighting use?

The amount of power used by low voltage landscape lighting ranges between 150 and 900 watts.

Thus you should select the one that aligns with your landscape lighting requirements.

How much does Commercial Landscape Light Cost?

There is no standard cost of commercial landscape light.

It varies with your requirements.

The cost of commercial landscape light varies with the type of material.

Lights made using elements resistant, corrosion-resistant, and strong materials cost more than those that lack these features.

Also, it varies with the color and size of the light, the source of power, and the design of the light.

The amount of lumen also determines the cost of your light.

High lumen light cost more than low lumen light.

How many Lumen do you need for Landscape Lighting?

The amount of lumen needed for landscaping lighting varies with the location where it is used.

  • 100-200 lumen is needed for path commercial landscape lighting.
  • 600-1800 lumen is needed for garden commercial landscape lighting.
  • 700-1300 lumen is needed for flood commercial landscape lighting.

Are LED Landscape Lighting Systems Worth it?

When buying commercial landscape light you should choose LED landscape lighting.

This is because:

  • They emit light in a particular direction and thus reduce the need for diffusers and reflectors that trap light.

This characteristic makes it efficient for a task and recessed downlight lighting.

  • Unlike incandescent bulbs landscape lights that emit 90% of energy as heat, the LED landscape lights only emit little heat.
  • LED landscape light systems have a long lifespan. Its energy efficiency, durability, and low level of heat cause it to last longer than other types of light.
  • These lights offer various color temperatures and colors without using filters or gels that can fade or burn out with time.

How many Watts do you need for Commercial Landscape Lighting?

The right watts for commercial landscape lighting is 80 watt or less.

For lighting garden beds and pathways 40 or less watt is used, for small yards and driveways 80-40 watt is used.

The outlined wattage is approved by Dark Sky lighting.

Which Commercial Landscape Light Ideas do you have?

There are several ideas you can pursue for your commercial landscape lighting. They include:

· Light Color

Lights are available in warm white, pure white, and cool white color temperatures.

Therefore, you should select the color temperature that enhances your commercial landscape.

Warm white is suitable around natural colored stonework or wall and warm-colored surroundings.

Pure white is used in places with dark materials.

Cool white and bright white are ideal for commercial applications.

· Beam Spread

Beam spread refers to the spread of light.

It varies with the width of the area, plant, or tree you want to illuminate.

Wall grazing and washing requires a beam angle of 120 degrees.

Accent lighting requires a beam angle of 25-45 and thin, tall structures require a beam angle of 10-15.

· Lumen

Lumen refers to how bright your light is.

It should complement the lighting of your object.

Which Material is Landscape Lighting Systems made of?

Landscape lighting systems are made from brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, or plastic.

Stainless steel, brass, and bronze are used because they are strong and can withstand elements.

Also, brass is equipped with a heat sink that dissipates heat.

Aluminum is used because it is cheap and can efficiently dissipate heat.

Plastic is used because it is a low cost, has a high resistance to corrosion, and is ultraviolet resistance.

What are the Components of Landscape Lighting Kit?

The landscape lighting kit has components that ensure its effectiveness.

They include mounting stakes, connectors, conduit, cable, transformer with a Photocell Unit and Timer LED bulbs and a spotlight.

Is Commercial Landscape Light IP Rated?

Commercial landscape lights are IP rated.

The initial digit indicates that the light is resistant to dust and the second digit indicates that it is resistant to water.

Therefore, the IP rating indicates that the light is protected from liquids and dust.

It shows that commercial landscape light can withstand dirt, dust, and water.

It has an IP rating of 65.

Which Types of Commercial Landscape Lighting do you have?

There are several types of commercial landscape lights you can choose from for your commercial space.

These lights are:

Commercial landscape light

Commercial landscape light

· Bollard Landscape Lights

Bollard landscape lights are used in lighting gardens, entrances, pathways, boardwalks, parking lots, and walkways.

These lights are used in both residential and commercial buildings to provide sufficient illuminations for a safe exit.

Ballard landscape lights are available in different shapes with the common shape being square and round.

· Flood Commercial Landscape Lights

Flood landscape lights are used in illuminating large landscapes due to their ability to discharge a significant volume of light.

They are used for gardens, sports courts, streets, driveways or to augment features of a property such as sculptures or entrances.

Most commercial properties need particular levels of light as a component of insurance requirements.

These lights exist in several styles and sizes. Also, they have a wide beam that enables them to light a space effectively.

· Area Commercial Landscape Lights

Area landscape lights la large landscape area. They are available in various colors, sizes, and styles.

They are designed to protect from weather conditions such as extreme temperature fluctuations, snow, rain, and wind.

· Inground Commercial Landscape Light

It is a type of landscape lighting that is directly installed in the ground.

It is used in illuminating driveways and walkways since it heightens visibility and sophistication and makes driveway safe for movement.

· Outdoor Post Light

This type of light accents your commercial space’s pathway and create ambiance without excessive brightness.

They are suitable for illuminating long stretches and driveways that disappear in the dark.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Landscape Lighting?

A lot of benefits accrue from using commercial landscape lights. They are:

· Enhanced Security

Landscape lights keep burglars and criminals from your commercial space.

Also, they prevent your guests from falling or tripping during the night.

· Enhance the Aesthetic of your Landscape during the Night

When your business is well-lit people recognize it as well as remember to come to it during the day.

For instance, entertainment venues, restaurants, or other places that operate at night have to greet guests with professional landscape lights.

· Improve Competitiveness

Buildings that disappear in the shadows are less attractive than buildings that are well lit.

A commercial space with well-lit exteriors, patios, and walkways is more beautiful.

· Attract more Visitors

Potential clients walking by are unconsciously drawn to buildings with a well-lit exterior.

A well lit commercial landscape is likely to attract such customers.

· Environmentally Friendly

Provide warmth and nuance to your commercial landscape while consuming a low amount of energy.

Where can you Install Commercial Landscape Lights?

Based on the lighting technique you use, you can install your commercial landscape light in different areas in your commercial space.

You can install it at the base of or behind an outdoor feature.

Alternatively, you can install it a few feet from a shrub or a wall.

Commercial landscape light can be installed at the base of a hardscape or stone wall, at the trellis, and on the eave.

LED landscape light

LED landscape light

Is there a difference between Commercial Landscape Lighting with Commercial Lighting Systems?

The commercial lighting system refers to the lights uses for lighting commercial space.

Commercial landscape lights refer to the lights used in lighting commercial landscape.

Are Commercial Landscape Lights Environmentally Friendly?

Commercial landscape lights are environmentally friendly.

This is because:

  • Commercial landscape lights reduce your level of carbon emission.

It uses bulbs that have a long life therefore saves approximately 80% of electricity reducing your energy consumption.

  • Commercial landscape lights use bulbs with a lifespan of between 30,000 and 50,000 hours.

As such the amount of bulbs that end up in landfills is lower when using commercial landscape light.

  • They are energy-efficient since they do not use bulbs that emit heat and light in every direction. When the light source is directional, energy is efficiently used.
  • When a commercial landscape light is automatically turned ON/OFF it does not stay on throughout the day. As such, a lot of energy is saved.
  • Lithium batteries used for commercial landscape lights are recyclable thus they do not wind up in the landfill.
  • When you light your commercial landscape light using solar power, you reduce your carbon footprint since it does not release carbon.
  • Further, it does not emit ultraviolet and infrared radiation that are hazardous to the environment.
  • It does not have mercury which pollutes the environment when it is disposed of in the landfill.

What Mistakes should you avoid when Buying Commercial Landscape Light?

When purchasing commercial landscape lights, there are several mistakes you should avoid.

They include:

· Not Utilizing LED Bulbs

LED bulbs save you time and money in multiple ways.

They have a long lifespan than mainstream bulbs since you do not have to replace and remove bulbs less regularly.

Further, if used continuously LED bulbs last up to 11 years.

If used only half of the time the bulbs last 22 years.

LED bulbs use less electricity therefore it reduces your monthly electric bill.

· Causing Light Pollution

Extreme lighting or poorly installed lighting makes it challenging for individuals to see.

Thus you should set up the right voltage, amount, and type of lighting.

Also, you should install a light fixture in the appropriate places to inhibit light glares and pollution.

· Adding Intrusive Light Amounts

Once your solar commercial landscaping light has attained the intended goal, you should not add additional fixtures.

Over illuminating a commercial space is not right.

· Not Adding Sufficient Light

A low level of lighting can undermine the goal of adding light.

Thus the amount of light you add should be sufficient to meet its purpose.

Your solar commercial landscaping light should be sufficiently bright to keep your commercial space secure and visible without flooding a space.

· Poorly Mounting Landscape Light

You should ensure that your light is secured properly to prevent it from falling over.

Also, adding a solar commercial landscaping light to grass can make it challenging to cut grass.

Poorly installed lights create challenges about uneven light that eventually alter the preliminary design.

· Do not Install Light Fixtures too Close

To avoid overcrowding lighting fixtures should be placed sufficiently apart.

Failure to do so can result in you spending more than enough on electricity bills and fixtures.

· Do not Forget your Lighting’s Purpose

The lights needed for different places varies in illumination.

For instance, while too much light is good for the parking lot it can be a turn off for pedestrians.

How are Commercial Landscape Lights Powered?

There are three major ways in which commercial landscaping lights are powered.

These options are:

· Electric Lighting

A typical commercial landscaping light is powered using electricity.

This is because you can hard-wire it to a commercial structure to supply stable power.

However, this form of powering can result in a high utility cost if the light remains on throughout the night.

Also, since it must be installed near the commercial structure, there are limited areas it can be installed.

· Solar Lighting

Solar power is being used for commercial landscape lighting because it does not attract more utility costs and is environmentally friendly.

Also, it is used because it can be set up away from commercial structures and traditional sources of power.

Solar lighting lasts longer than mainstream landscaping lights.

However, it has to be set up in areas with access to direct, abundant sunlight the whole day to function effectively.

· Gas Lighting

Gaslighting provides aesthetic value and reliability to your commercial space.

However just like electric lighting if you leave it on throughout the night it is not energy efficient or cost-effective.

How do you Test the Quality of Commercial Landscape Light?

To ensure that you receive quality solar commercial landscaping lights, many tests are done.

They are:

LED landscape lighting system

LED landscape lighting system

  • Quality Test Method Testing

Quality Test Method testing is done to check overall product performance and quality.

The Quality Test Method results are employed in determining if the light has attained Quality Standards.

  • Ingress Protection Rating Test

This test is carried out to ensure that solar commercial landscaping lights are protected from dust and water.

The test confirms that the light is protected from objects and moisture.

  • Luminous Flux Test

A luminous flux test is done to measure the volume of energy that a light emits in every direction.

  • Luminous Intensity Test

A luminous intensity test is carried out to measure the luminous influx of a solar commercial landscaping light.

  • Color Rendering Index Test

The color rendering index test examines a solar commercial landscaping light ability to show the natural color of an object.

The color Rendering index is calculated in CIE Ra and its maximum rate is 100.

  • Color Temperature Test

The color temperature test determines the color temperature of solar commercial landscaping lights and it is measured in degree Kelvin.

A color temperature of over 5000K is a cool color and that of between 2700 and 3000K is a warm color.

What are the Quality Standards Certifications for Commercial Landscape Light?

For solar commercial landscaping lights to be considered appropriate for use, it has to adhere to certain certification standards.

They include:

  • Dark Sky Certification

Dark sky certification shows that your solar commercial landscaping light reduces light glare and light trespass.

It confirms that the source of light is shielded and light output is not forecasted to more than 90 degrees upwards.

  • Energy Star Certification

Energy Star Certification signifies that landscaping light is utilizing less energy than mainstream bulbs.

Also, the certification indicates that the landscaping light has a lifetime that ranges between 50,000 and 10,000 hours.

Energy start certification shows that a solar commercial landscaping light emits a constant amount of light in its lifespan.

  • Consortium for Energy Efficiency Certification

Consortium for Energy Efficiency certification indicates the performance, operational safety, and efficacy of solar commercial landscaping light.

  • Design Lights Consortium Certification

Design Lights Consortium Certification displays the lumen maintenance, stress endurance ability, and warranty period of solar commercial landscaping light.

Also, it shows the light distribution, output, and color rendering capability of solar commercial landscaping light.

Other certifications include UL, CE, ISO, FCC, DLC, ETL, DOE, cUL, and RoHS, depending on the jurisdiction

What are the Benefits of Solar Commercial Landscape Lights?

A lot of benefits accrue from using solar commercial landscape lights.

They include:

Solar landscape lights

Solar landscape light

· Cost

It cost almost nothing to use solar commercial landscape lights.

They do not need electricity to power and this saves money in the long run.

Further, even though the preliminary cost for solar commercial landscape lights is high, the cost is recovered over time since you do not pay for energy.

· Convenience

Solar energy is free and because it charges in direct sunlight it works smoothly automatically going off after dark.

· Installation

The majority of solar commercial landscaping lights are wireless since the things needed to run them are found inside the unit.

Installation only requires you to stick the spike inside the ground or mount units on posts or walls.

Also, the solar panel is installed over the light without any complex processes.

· Brightness

Solar commercial landscaping lights are not as bright as electric fixtures.

They provide the ambient lighting that is almost bluish hue which makes them ideal for garden space and paths.

Brighter solar commercial landscaping lights need more power therefore they last only for a few hours.

Dimmer solar commercial landscaping lights on the other hand can light a room all through the night.

· Maintenance

Solar commercial landscaping lights require minimum maintenance.

The LED solar bulbs used in such lights have a 20,000 hours service life.

Since this type of light is self-contained, it only needs a quick periodic wipe to clean away debris, dirt, or moisture.

Also, it does not require a periodic battery change

· Flexibility

Since solar commercial landscaping lights do not have cables, you can flexibly install it.

You can install any number of lights in your yard or anywhere else you want.

You can install it in the part of the yard where it is impossible or impractical to install lights.

These are areas not close to the house and where you would normally mount a transformer.

What are the Disadvantages of Solar Commercial Landscaping Light?

Although a lot of benefits accrue from using solar commercial landscaping lights, there are also disadvantages of using.

· Cost Variation

When using outdoor solar lighting most things are site and fixture dependent.

Therefore, the cost of outdoor solar lighting varies with the type of fixture used and the site where it is installed.

Further, when using solar commercial landscape lights you have to bear the cost of system maintenance and management.

· Weather Dependent

Solar commercial landscaping light is dependent on weather conditions.

Poor lighting or partial shade resulting from rain or overcast skies result in short running time or low light output.

Under such circumstances, light does not operate normally and there is little one can do.

· Installation Location

Although installing solar commercial landscaping light is easy, you have to install it in a place with sufficient light to charge the battery.

This means that you cannot use it where there is no adequate light.

Here at SMAlux, we have a range of commercial landscape lights, designed to your specific needs and requirements.

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