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Do you provide quality lower cost products

Proven by many people in business, we are the cost-effective provider of smart lighting worldwide.

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Yes, a fast yet secured process at the same time.

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SMAlux- Your Commercial LED Downlights Outstanding Provider in China

SMAlux Commercial LED Downlights are genuinely energy logical, at the same time, climate-friendly lighting premier choice. Surely significant as an addition to office areas, workplaces, etc. SMAlux has a larger span of the same surface-mounted type and recessed lighting Commercial LED Downlights. These are visible at business essential additions. Fitted for more lighting projects both government or industrial.

Commercial LED Downlights are available in consolidated types. These are generally known as cutting edge technology machine. It usually needs an important unit of attachment. Commercial LED Downlights featured offering lengthy life ranges compared to LED lamps. These also exceptionally known in total areas like internal houses designing and offices. SMAlux Commercial LED Downlights have a complete range of cooler or warmer temperatures. That is very important, especially for project light fittings. These really accessible with all sizes and dimensions.

Downlights formation is defined as having generic-purposes. Each lighting installations are functional and for integral better lightings intentions. These lighting frequently supplies customized lighting needs for the special prior area. Many options are given through SMAlux manufacturing institutions. All dimmable, Airtight- evaluated, so fast to do attachments are there. These also featured having availability with all color temperature ranges, measurements, shapes, and all ornamental light colors.

There are many requirements when do install. The first must consider is the height dimension of the Ceiling. When they have excessive height ceilings, more light origins should be modifying. Second, to be consider is the prominence lighting implementations. When wishing to have the focal focus or culminating the area, the Commercial LED Downlights together with 24°operating temperature permits to decorate the appropriate accent segment.

Stable Commercial LED Downlights are many ways better to use. Even the conduction of light can`t transform, hence, sourcing some sufficient lights is possible in an accent assembly. Even the world beyond is transforming moneymaking and expanding energy rates, commercials should still bring down everyday spending. Commercial LED Downlights surely gives big economical savings for you and all consumers. This one way to protect your business future and have successfully planned projects.

These known as economically friendly and the most precedent answer to your lighting projects. Surely save more space and budgets. Have lesser maintenance compound, with attractive aesthetics designs. Proven have higher range performance in lightings. Have colorful colors for lightings, surely fit for your expectations. These are ideal lighting solutions when planning to have big electrical savings and costs savers.

All customary lighting you wanted to have been here. Best suggested product addition for both business needs and project essentials. All quality lighting desired from SMAlux are cannot cause regrettably.  We, SMAlux always prepared prior to sourcing of high-class Commercial LED Downlights productions. We can also ship your SMAlux lighting orders safely and well-protected. To your main warehouse or project areas, we can manage to transport your large orders well-regulated.

Becoming your business supporter is our privilege to make. Manufacturing until the transporting process, your Commercial LED Downlights surely with excellent hands. Predict further services than can skyrocket your business.

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Commercial LED Downlights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

This guide will make you an expert in commercial LED downlights.

So, before importing commercial LED downlights from China, below are basic and advanced concepts you need to know.

Take a look:

What is Commercial LED Downlight?

Commercial lighting generally describes lighting solutions found in commercial spaces.

On the other hand, downlight attached to ceilings or high places specifically provides lights from above downwards to illuminate surfaces below.

The commercial downlights explicitly engineered to provide sufficient lighting and to complement while enhancing interior décor of the commercial space.

Commercial spaces such as retails, offices, restaurants, and hospitals have unique applications of the commercial LED Downlights.

Commerial downlight

Commercial downlight

Which are the main types of commercial LED downlights?

The LED downlights are available in 3 types based on their attachment and flexibility of the lighting fixture:

i. Fixed Commercial LED Downlights

Fixed commercial LED downlight attached to high places to provide ambient lighting while its lighting direction cannot be altered.

It is usually centrally located in a commercial area to produce evenly distributed light.

ii. Gimbal Commercial LED Downlights

This awesome, downlight lighting system is adjustable to provide focused light for a specific purpose.

If you have artifacts or attractive features that need highlighting, then the Gimbals are just perfect for you.

iii. Eyeball Commercial LED Downlights

Eyeball downlights are very similar to the gimbal lights but have the added advantage of broader adjustment range for a wider reach.

A protruding eyeball-shaped lighting fixture easily identifies the eyeballs with an adjustable bulb.

Furthermore, the LED downlights categorized on lighting purpose to suit all of your needs:

  • Ambient downlights: such as the fixed downlights are used to provide general lighting solutions.
  • Accent downlights: they provide specialized lights for performing a task. This includes fixed downlights with a beam angle of 60° or below, as found in kitchens.
  • Decorative downlights: decorative lights like wall washers that exemplify interior décor of a place while providing ambient lighting.
  • Spot downlights: are focused lights that provide task lights. This includes the gimbal or eyeball downlights

Which are the Types of Installation for Commercial LED Downlights?

The commercial LED downlights are manufactured for easy installation in any of the three types outlined below:

· Recessed Installation

Recessed installations are ideal for false ceiling whereby the LED downlights are fixed within a recess or alcove.

Spring clips or compression clips are used to hold the downlights lighting fixture firmly in position.

· Surface-mount Installation

Surface-mount or flush mount installations are suitable for low or concrete ceilings.

In the surface mount, the lighting fixture is fixed or attached to lie flatly or hang a few inches on the surface.

· Suspended Installation

Brackets and hanging accessories are used to hang or suspend lighting downlights or pendants on ceilings.

The Suspended downlights suitable for high ceilings provide warm and non-glaring accent lighting.

Also, pendants available in different designs and shapes add aesthetic value to a commercial space.

What are the Advantages of Installing Commercial LED Downlights?

Installing commercial LED downlights enhances customer satisfaction with unmatched benefits such as:

· Energy Efficiency

LED downlights use low power while providing sufficient and quality lighting solutions to users.

Also, LED bulbs are durable with very low maintenance, all translating into high energy efficiency.

Compared to incandescent bulbs, the LED has a lower power rating while having higher lumen ratings.

The initial cost of purchasing LED bulbs is higher, but you will enjoy small electricity bills, low bulbs replacement frequency, and zero maintenance.

· Flexibility

LED downlights are usually attached to ceilings for more design flexibility without interfering with interior décor.

Besides, LEDs available colors enhance and complement your lighting preferences.

· Low Maintenance

The LED commercial bulbs last for many years while providing quality lights, thus saving on bulb replacements and maintenance costs.

· Safety

Your safety while using LED lighting fixture is guaranteed as it meets stringent safety standards of various safety and performance international certification organizations.

Which are the Applications of Commercial LED Downlights?

Commercial LED downlight

Commercial LED downlight

The cost-effective LED downlights have unrivaled applications listed here:

  • Entrances, exits, and receptions areas
  • hallways
  • Hospitality industry
  • Meeting and board rooms
  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Learning institutions and churches
  • Stairways
  • Washrooms.

What is the Recommended CRI of Commercial LED Downlight?

Color rendering index (CRI) measured from 0-100 scale indicates how a lighting source reveals colors effectively as compared to natural daylight.

Color rendering index

Color rendering index

The higher the CRI value, the better the color and vice versa.

CRI above 80 indicates better color rendering.

Different places need specific CRI depending on the usage of the space.

Retail stores and textile industries will need CRI above 90, while restaurants need lower CRI.

How long does a Commercial LED Downlight Last?

LED bulbs are long-lasting because the LED lighting technology demands high-quality materials while operating at low temperatures.

Also, LED efficiently converts electricity to light using light-emitting diodes and not filaments that burn easily.

A standard LED bulb has a standard L70 lifespan of 50, 000 hours.

If this bulb is used averagely 8 hours per day, it will last up to 17 years.

The LED will continue to produce light, but dimmer beyond the standard L70 lifespan hence should be replaced.

Is there Dimmable Commercial LED Downlights?

Yes, some and not all commercial LED downlights are dimmable, and also LED bulbs dim differently.

Advancement in technology has enabled the development of dimmable LED lights controlled precisely by LED dimmer switches

Therefore, LED dimmer switches should be used for effective dimming of the dimmable LED downlights.

Dimming helps to save power will setting lights at the required levels.

Are Dimmable Commercial LED Downlight compatible with all Dimmers?

No, the dimmable commercial LED downlight is not compatible with all types of dimers.

The LED bulbs have low wattage ratings; hence most dimmers will not function the same way as the ordinary high wattage bulbs.

Use the recommended LED dimmers on your dimmable LED lighting fixture specified on the lighting packaging.

Is there difference between LED Transformer and LED Driver in Commercial LED Downlight?

Yes, there is a big difference in the quality and type of power they supply.

The LED transformers provide low voltage AC power to light LED bulbs while LED driver rectifies AC power to DC power that efficiently lights up the LED lamp.

LED transformers cause LED bulbs to flicker while LED bulbs powered with LED driver does not flicker at all.

Another notable difference is that LED driver supply constant voltage for optimal operation.

On the other hand, LED transformers supply varying voltages, which reduces the optimal performance of the LED bulbs.

Also, LED transformers easily damage LED bulbs, unlike the LED drivers that provide constant power.

The LED transformer cannot dim LED bulbs while the LED drivers can dim the LED downlights.

What is the Function of LED Driver in Commercial LED Downlight?

LED driver is an important integral part of LED lighting technology specifically rectifies low AC power to DC power using special rectifying components.

The rectifying components consist of bridge rectifiers and control electronics, producing the required output power for an LED bulb.

Also, LED drivers provide DC power, thus eliminating the problem of flickering in LED bulbs.

In addition, drivers protect LEDs against voltage or current fluctuations that damage bulbs.

Constant voltage and current ensures the optimal performance of bulbs.

Adding to power saving and lighting requirements, LED drivers enables commercial LED downlight to be controlled by dimmers.

In a nutshell, the LED drivers convert AC power to DC and produce constant power output at the required levels to power LED downlights in commercial areas.

Which is the Best Color Temperature of Commercial LED Downlight?

Color temperature for LED light

Color temperature for LED light

The color temperature indicated in degrees Kelvin as K value ranging from 1000 to 10000, describes color appearance from a lighting source.

Generally, the K value of commercial lights falls between 2000 – 6500.

Choosing the best color temperature depends on your lighting needs and preferences.

At 2000-3000 K value warm light is produced identified by yellowish appearance.

Mid-level K value provides a cool/bright white color with a slight blue tint.

K values above 4500 produce daylight colors, usually blue-white light.

4000 K value is generally recommended as it produces cool white color without being very bright to your eyes.

Below 3000 K values, you get warm light suitable for warmth and intimacy.

Why is Beam Angle, Trim, and Placement of Commercial LED Downlights Important?

Commercial LED downlight

Commercial LED downlight

Beam Angle

Beam angle indicates the spread of light over an area.

Narrow, brighter, and focused beam light is produced from a tight angle.

Focused/ narrow beams are characterized by a bright circle of light, suitable for highlighting objects or small areas.

The wide-angle beam produces dull light because the light is spread over a wider area.

Broad beam light suitable for areas that need general illumination, such as kitchens or living rooms.

The circle of light is not visible.

· Trim

Another important visual aspect of LED downlight fixture is the trim, which people see in a room.

Trims are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs to blend with interior décor and meet your personal preferences.

Most people prefer white trims because they naturally blend with different colors and designs.

· Placement

The placement of commercial LED downlight fixtures ultimately affects its overall performance and satisfaction of users.

Very close Downlights results extreme brilliance at the center while the periphery will have dull lights.

A suitable downlight fixture position should produce an even and useful light in the area.

What are the Factors to Consider when Selecting Commercial LED Downlights?

Some of the main factors include:

1. Correlated Color Temperature Tunability

It is always advisable to have moderate flexibility in the color controls of the light to fit the comfort of everyone working within the space.

When selecting commercial LED downlights for your business premise, always opt for CCT tunable downlight luminaries.

They provide both warm ambient light appropriate for colder seasons and cool serene light perfect for summer times.

Alternatively, in some scenarios, ‘cool white’ just is fine for some users of the premise while ‘warm white’ is the favored alternative for others.

Irrespective of your choice, it is recommended you buy an LED downlight having varied CCT options.

2. Check Lumens for Sufficient Brightness

A Lumen is the unit of measurement of light.

Conversely, the measurement of light radiated by a source, such as LED downlights, is referred to as light output or brightness.

An ordinary 100W incandescent gives out about 1500-1700 lumens whilst a 16-18 can give out similar amount of lumen.

Therefore, it is essential to know the Wattage Equivalence for your commercial LED downlight.

To calculate the needed lumens, multiply the space’s square footage with the foot-candle demands of the space.

3. Color Rendering Index

CRI is a quantitative measure of the capability of a source of light to display the color of different objects precisely compared with a natural source of light.

It is established on a scale varying from 1 to 100, with daylight represented by 100.

Every just looks dull without colors.

The radiance of colors makes life brilliant and lively.

A commercial LED downlight having 80+ CRI value will efficiently depict colors and finishes.

However, when you want the most precise color rendering, it is advisable to go for LED downlights having 90+ CRI values.

Installing commercial downlight with a high CRI value makes the colors to be crystal clear and textures to stand out.

4. Lifespan

Most commercial LED downlights are lighting fixtures that should be installed into ceiling cans or false ceilings.

Therefore, their replacement is often a daunting task that you obviously would wish to avoid.

Due to this fact, it is crucial to buy a type of commercial downlight that is long-lasting, ideally one that lasts for 50,000 hours and beyond.

Majority of manufacturers become slightly confident when it gets to indicating the lifespan of a commercial LED downlight as 50,000 hours.

However, a closer assessment would show that the guarantee just covers the LED chip.

Yet, a downlight also consists of other components apart from the LED chip.

For that reason, it is vital to confirm if the guarantee covers the whole commercial lighting fixture and not only a single component.

5. Aesthetics and Performance

Aesthetics is a crucial facet of your facility décor and you can use lighting as a catalyst that improves it.

Therefore, to guarantee the appearance and performance of commercial LED downlights, you need to consider their trim, beam angle, placement, and trim.

What is the difference between Candela and Lumen in Commercial LED Downlights?

Both candela and lumens are measurement units important in measuring the brightness of a source of light, though they denote different aspects.

A candela is the unit of luminous intensity.

It represents the intensity of a source of light at a specific angle.

On the other hand, a lumen is the unit of luminous flux.

It denotes the total quantity of visible light radiated by a source of light in all directions.

The power of commercial LED downlights is denoted in lumens, but normally the brightness of single LEDs is denoted in candela or millicandela.

How Far Apart should you Space Commercial LED Downlight?

Before installation, you should consider the beam angle of the downlight fixtures.

When using broader beam, you can place lights between 1.2 to 1.5 meters apart.

Alternatively, when installing concentrated beam light fitting, 1 meter spacing is a good idea.

In summary, it is important to determine the total number of commercial LED downlights required for the space.

Then you space them at equal recommended interval throughout the room.

How does Commercial LED Downlight Reduce the General Cost of Lighting?

Commercial LED Downlight

LED Commercial downlight

For commercial LED downlights that stay on for 12 hours per day, an LED bulb with a lifespan rating of 50,000 hours will last for over 11 years.

Conversely, if the lights stay on for approximately 8 hours per day, these types of commercial downlight fixtures would serve efficiently for 17 years.

Due to this fact, the overall cost of LED downlight is significantly decreased.

The high initial cost of this type of commercial lighting fixtures is usually the main challenge to the adoption of LED lighting technology.

However, they save on costs in the long-term since there will be no need of buying replacement bulbs for over a decade.

Installing commercial LED downlights also eliminate the need to change damaged bulbs.

This is due to the fact that LED lights will serve for over a decade.

The lack of routine maintenance adds to the convenience and cost-effectiveness of these commercial downlight types.

How do you Change Commercial LED Downlight?

Replacing a commercial LED downlight relies on whether it is built-in or not.

Majority of current types are built-in having a driver detached with a plug and fixed light.

If you have a built-in light, you can only change the entire fitting together with the LED driver.

Another driver cannot be purchased to run the light.

The whole downlight kit must be replaced since the driver was engineered to operate with this particular LED light only.

Why is Insulation Contact (IC) Rating Important in Commercial LED Downlight?

The IC rating is vital in ascertaining the suitability of a commercial LED downlight to get into contact with the insulation of a building.

There is no possibility of a fire hazard when commercial dowlights with an IC rating get into direct contact with ceiling timbers and building insulation.

An IC rated LED downlight should have a warranty of at least 3 years.

Fixtures that are not IC rated should not be installed close to insulation or timber.

How do you Test Quality of Commercial LED Downlight?

LM-79 testing of the Illuminating Engineers Society North America (IESNA) has become the international quality testing method for LED fixtures.

It can assist in assessing the quality and performance of commercial LED downlights.

LM-79 testing is instrumental in generating photometric and electrical measurements of LED lighting products.

The method specifies the procedure and precautions of quality testing including ambient conditions, lab considerations, measurement, and electrical equipment utilized in the operation.

It designates three test techniques to conduct the measurements coupled with correct operating orientation and treatment of the commercial LED downlight fixture being tested.

LEDs have unique electrical and thermal features.

This makes it challenging for standard test techniques applying relative photometry to determine their lumen output.

However, the LM-79 method of testing quality of LED downlights remedies this issue by applying absolute photometry.   

Absolute photometry directly measures the overall lumen output of entire commercial LED lighting fixture.

It tests the LED driver, LED lamps, thermal management, and any other component of the luminaries.

You cannot calculate the efficiency of an integrated commercial LED fixture in a standard way.

Rather you calculate the luminous efficacy by dividing the overall light output generated by overall electrical power input.

Here are the key parameters prescribed by IESNA to test during LM-79 testing of quality of commercial LED downlights:

Photometric Features

  • Luminous flux
  • Color Rendering Index
  • Luminous intensity distribution
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • Luminous efficacy
  • Chromaticity coordinates

Electrical Features

  • Power factor
  • Input RMS AC voltage
  • Input voltage frequency
  • Input AC power
  • Input RMS AC current
  • Equivalent of DC powered SSL

Should you Specify Power Factor when Buying Commercial LED Downlights?

Absolutely, Power Factor (PF) determines the efficiency of a LED downlight or driver.

The PF designate the ratio of real power consumed to the apparent power taken in by the circuitry of the LED lamps.

Basically, a commercial LED downlight may be rated at 100W but in essence uses more than 100W.

The power factor specifies the amount of real power load the LED driver supplies to the electrical circuitry of the lamps.

It ranges from -1 to 1, and the nearer the power factor is to 1, the more effective the driver is.

Therefore, a low PF is a sure indicator of an inefficient LED downlight.

This is because it takes in more current into the circuitry than is consumed by the load.

Choosing a commercial LED downlight having higher power factor reduces the current capacity of its components.

This ensures that the commercial lighting fixture does not draw in excess current amount than what is needed.

Therefore, the lesser the current draws of LED downlight, the more LED lights that can be served by a single circuit.

A low power factor implies that you are utilizing more electrical energy than you may notice.

For that matter, the right power factor for a LED downlight is 0.9 or beyond.

And when the PF is not indicated in the LED lighting specification, it signifies that the fixture has a low power factor, lower than 0.9.

How much do Commercial LED Downlights Cost?

Commercial LED downlight

Commercial LED downlight

When considering the cost of commercial LED downlights, you should also include the cost of hiring an electrician to skillfully install the commercial lighting fixtures.

This is because LED downlights need wiring and this needs to be carried out by a trained expert.

You should ask for a few quotes from reputable electrician and factor in these expenses in your total expenditure before ordering.

However, in terms of price of commercial LED downlight kits, you can purchase kits that comprise of bulb, lead, driver, fitting, and plug.

Some conventional prices are:

  • USD 18-20 for a 12W LED downlight kit (dimmable, low profile and single unit)
  • USD 20-25 for a 13W downlight kit (dimmable, single unit)

What are the Quality Standards for Commercial LED Downlights?

Here are the main quality standards that commercial LED downlights should comply with:

  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards
  • Underwriter Laboratories (UL) standards
  • American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standards
  • European EN standards
  • RoHS standards
  • CSA Group standards
  • CEE standards
  • DesignLights Consortium  (DLC) standards

With the information in this guide, you can go ahead to source for your commercial LED downlights from China.

However, if you have any question, SMAlux team is here to help you get the best solution – Talk to us now.