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SMAlux- Your Reliable Commercial LED Pole Lights Supplier in China

SMAlux created commercial led pole lights to provide excellent lightings in every street and everywhere on the outside.  Pole lights can be seen everywhere in the parking areas, streets, and most especially along the highways. LED pole lights are also useful in many ways. When you decided to decorate your driveway to the hotel parking areas or entrances and exits, you can select your ideal decorative led pole lights from our market.

SMAlux can supply anything you need for your lighting projects. Any functions such as remote control, motion sensor or battery operated lights for commercial poles are accessible. We have a lot of selections in lighting colors, sizes, shapes and features. Thousands of colors from our productions are functional and cost-effective. We have created any shapes with different sizes that can be suited to your ideal applications.

Our engineering team did a lot of research to create perfect designs and functions for led pole lights. We provide each of your needs to support your projects. You can select from our market and we can follow your desired orders.

Pole lights need to be durable and functional. Aside from overnight used, all people’s safety depends on the quality of the light you applied or attached. SMAlux led pole lights are durable and long-lasting. Our led pole lights are replaceable and easy to install. You don’t have to worry about your great effort in installing your pole lights.

SMAlux led pole lights used less powers and can last up to 100,000 hours. There are many types of led lights for poles. Each type has its different sizes of and brightness. The other types of led pole lights can allow you to change lighting modes.

LED lights can save half of the energy compared to other type of lights. Whether it is solar powered or battery operated or even electrical, led lights are the most common for commercial lightings. It is more durable and practically lower maintenance from the day of installation. Compared to other fixtures, you can control your led lights. Caused by any weather conditions, you can adjust your light’s brightness. There is no other type of fixtures to control aside from led lights.

You don’t have to worry about the products we supplied. We are trusted by many people in business. From designing, assembling, providing secured packaging to fast delivery, we, SMAlux are capable of handling anything just to support your business. We are the smart led lighting provider worldwide. We are certified by CE lighting, SA8000 and many others so we can boost your brand.

From your personal lighting to government projects, we already have lots of experience in supplying products to different places. They are satisfied with our offered services at the same time.

If you urgently need our help, you can directly contact our service team for quick support. We can give you complete information with all the process for convenient purchasing.

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Commercial LED Pole Lights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

This guide will take you through the basic and advanced concepts about commercial LED pole lights.

So, if you want to be an expert in commercial LED pole lights, read this guide.

What is Commercial LED Pole Light?

Commercial LED pole lights are economical substitutes to metal halide street lights and area lights that may be utilized for illumination in commercial spaces.

They are mounted on top of posts and illuminate the region around the post.

This type of commercial outdoor lighting fixtures are low maintenance and typically offer superior light quality compared to conventional commercial pole lights.

LED Pole light

LED Pole light

Which are the Types of LED Pole Lights?

You can consider any of the following options:

· Adjustable Commercial LED Pole Lights

These types of LED post lights can be adjusted by a few feet.

They have a telescopic pole mount which makes it possible to adjust the fixture.

This facilitates the raising of the light heads to a height that creates the correct light distribution for any application.

As a result, you have more control and flexibility over mounting and light distribution.

It provides a wider range of angles in comparison to a stationary arm fixture.

· Fixed Commercial LED Pole Light

These are LED post lights having the light heads permanently mounted on the fixture.

They are firmly attached on the mounting platform.

· Anchor Base Decorative Commercial LED Pole Light

These are lights with stylish anchor base mounting designed to produce lights while adding aesthetic value to the place.

· Direct Burial Decorative Commercial LED Pole Light

These are beautiful lighting fixtures supported on a pole buried on the ground and then strengthened with concrete or compacted soil.

What are the Factors to Consider when Selecting Commercial LED Pole Lights?

 LED Pole light

LED Pole light

· Efficacy

This is the accurate measure of the efficiency of a lighting fixture.

It shows the lumens generated for each watt of electricity utilized.

LED post lights are more efficient than conventional commercial pole lights having a higher luminous efficacy.

High-quality commercial LED pole lights to boost of exceptional efficacy ratings.

When calculating the luminous efficacy of lighting luminaires, divide the number of lumens provided by the lamp by the watts it uses.

Commercial LED pole light having a higher efficacy is more effective in comparison to one with lower efficacy.

· Color Rendering Index

CRI is one of the important factors to consider when choosing commercial LED pole lights.

It is a measurement of the light quality produced by the commercial outdoor light.

CRI has a scale ranging from 0 to 100, with sunlight having 100 CRI.

Installing better quality commercial lighting fixtures ensures quality, bright lighting with a reduced quantity of light.

High CRI of LED make produce better quality light than the majority of traditional lighting luminaires.

However, high CRI is not needed in conventional commercial LED post lights.

It is ideal for retail spaces where accurate color presentation is critical.

A LED light with high CRI is not appropriate for outdoor commercial applications.

Color rendering index

Color rendering index

· Lumen Maintenance

Lumen maintenance associate with the lifespan of the lighting luminaires.

LED light fixtures do not wear out like ordinary light sources.

They maintain their original lumens for a longer period.

Utilized for 12 hours every night, high quality LED post top lights should maintain their initial lumens for over 17 years.

However, the intensity of light wanes gradually, though it normally takes years.

· Color Temperature

You should choose a commercial outdoor lighting fitting with a color temperature spanning from 3000K to 5000K.

A commercial LED post light having 5000K color temperature is the right substitute for outdoor Metal Halide lights.

Those with 4000K are the perfect choice for commercial spaces requiring a somewhat warmer light.

Which are the Different ways of Mounting Commercial LED Pole Lights?

There are different ways of mounting commercial LED pole lights to make the installation process easy:

· Adjustable Mounting or Slip Fitter

In this mounting method, the LED pole lights are mounted via ‘tenon’ at the pole.

The tenon is normally measured 4 inches in length and 2-2 ½ inches in diameter.

This tenon is cap-shaped that may be circular or squared determined by the nature of your pole shape.

The tenon can be employed to install LED pole lights on the building walls.

· Yoke Mounting

This mounting type is facilitated by the use of ‘trunnion-mount’.

The mount is fitted at the lower part of the LED pole lights.

It is the same as the type of mounting adopted in LED floodlights.

This mounting typing is the best to be used in areas where high creativity is required, for instance in signage and billboards.

· Arm Mounting or Direct Mounting

In this mounting process, the light from LED pole lights is channeled downwards aiming at a particular place.

This is enabled by the adoption of flexible mounting arm for all categories of poles (either circular or squared).

Wider space is covered in this mounting type, whether you use a single arm or several.

In this case, the mount appears great since it is integrated to the pole.

Usually, great producers of commercial LED pole lights will in addition give you the choice of Universal mounting.

This gives you all the brackets where you can shift from one mounting choice to the other.

Which are the Types of LED Drivers used in Commercial LED Pole Lights?

There exist three types of LED drivers used in commercial LED post lights. E

very driver type is modeled to operate the light fixture with a different group of electrical requirements.

· Constant-Current LED drivers

This LED driver powers LEDs which need a constant output current and an array of output voltages.

There will be only a single output current specified coupled with a number of voltages that vary based on the load of the LED pole lights.

· Constant-Voltage LED drivers

These power LEDs need a constant output voltage with the highest output current.

The current has been already controlled with either simple resistors or an internal constant-current driver that is in the LED module.

The drivers need a single steady voltage, normally of 12V DC or 24V DC.

· AC LED Drivers

They have no-minimum load transformers, thus they can technically work with low-voltage halogen as well as incandescent bulbs.

Though, LEDs do not work with conventional transformers since conventional transformers were not designed to sense the low wattage of LEDs.

AC LED drivers are commonly used with bulbs that have an internal driver which changes the current from AC to DC.

An AC LED driver’s task is to record small wattage of LEDs and bring down the voltage to achieve the bulb’s voltage needs.

What are the Benefits of Installing Commercial LED Pole Lights?

These are some of the advantages of commercial LED post top lights:

LED Pole light

Pole light

· Reliable and Long-lasting

Commercial LED Lights are designed to be reliable and last longer.

This implies that you may have similar lighting fixtures in your business for about 10 years.

Most of the fixtures come with an aluminum casing which makes them last even longer.

Furthermore, the luminaries have good heat dissipation and management.

This enables constant temperature for them to perform effectively during their lifespan.

· Energy and Cost-effective

Apart from giving good lighting, LED Pole lights are also energy-saving and affordable in terms of the overall cost.

· Better, Beam Angle, Lumens, Wattage, and CRI

Commercial LED Pole lights emit 30 percent of lumens higher than conventional lighting.

Moreover, the lights have a bigger beam angle making them the ideal choice for commercial outdoor lighting.

In addition, they have a higher power factor, implying that they utilize the power supplied efficiently.

Furthermore, the LEDs have higher CRI making your commercial space appear brilliant due to high-quality light output.

· Ensure Safety and Security

Safety is a requirement in all places.

If you are giving a properly lit outdoor for customers or employees, LED lighting is the best choice in such an application.

Correctly installed commercial LED pole light help in lighting dark areas around your facility.

Moreover, these lights help in reducing accidents and undesirable mishaps like vehicle collisions and occurrences involving other users.

What are the Applications of Commercial LED Pole Lights?

Uses of commercial LED light vary across commercial spaces.

This type of commercial outdoor lighting fixture provide high-intensity brightness, helping with better illumination.

You can use them in various commercial outdoor spaces such as parking lots, hotel walkways, streets, building entrances and lawns.

Is Power Factor Important when Choosing Commercial LED Pole Light?

Yes, it is vital to consider the power factor of your commercial LED post-top light.

A fixture with low power factor is inefficient since it takes more current into the circuitry than is consumed by the load.

Therefore, in addition to selecting an outdoor lighting fixture that genuinely depicts green technology, choose a LED pole light with higher power factor.

This reduces the current capacity needs of fixture’s circuitry, including cables and dimmers.

A higher power factor means that the lighting fitting is not taking in excess quantity of current in relation to what is needed.

Are Commercial LED Pole Lights Safe?

Different from other types of commercial outdoor lighting fixtures, LED post lights do not release harmful radiation.

In addition, the lighting fittings do not emit infrared or UV radiation and do not comprise of mercury.

This makes them safe for human health.

What Color Temperature is suitable for Commercial LED Lights?

Color temperature is essential when choosing commercial post-top LED lights.

The outdoor lighting luminaires come in different color temperatures spanning from 3000k and 5000k.

However, 5000k is the recommended color temperature for commercial LED pole lights.

What is the Recommended Lumen for Commercial LED Pole Lights?

LED light brightness in lumen

LED light brightness in lumen

Lumen is the measure of light produced by a source of light.

The higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

LED pole lights have different lumens. Generally, 10,000 lumens is recommended per 1000 square feet.

For taller poles, you can use up to 20,000 lumens as the light will spread wide.

Should you consider Watts or Lumen when Buying Commercial LED Pole Lights?

When buying commercial LED pole lights, always consider lumen and not watts.

Watts indicates the power used to produce lumen.

It is vital to consider lumens per watt as higher lumens per watt indicates lesser energy needed to produce the light.

Besides, it is difficult to determine the brightness of LED lights based on wattage.

What is CRI in Commercial LED Pole Lights?

Color rendering index (CRI) is an essential specification for a commercial LED pole lighting fixture.

CRI measures the quality of light being produced by the lighting fixture on a scale of 0-100.

Commercial LED post light has a high CRI rating of 70- 92, thus better light quality.

Can commercial LED Pole Lights Overheat?

The LED pole lights cannot overheat because LED lights efficiently convert electricity into light.

Also, LED lighting technology has an excellent thermal management system that effectively dissipates the heat away.

In addition, LED lights require low power to operate while having high lumen value.

Why is IP Rating Important in Commercial LED Pole Light?

 IP Rating

IP Rating

Outdoor lighting luminaires having this label are tested to be resistant to water and equally protected against debris, dust, and dirt.

This is important as it maintains long fixture light.

Therefore, it is very important to verify the IP rating of the commercial LED pole light before purchasing.

What is the Average Commercial LED Pole Light Price?

The cost of commercial LED pole light varies depending on the quality, size, and design, and manufacturer.

The cost also differs from the most affordable to the high-end lights.

However, the average price of a 100 watts LED pole light is $150.

Why import Outdoor Pole Mounted LED Flood Lights from China?

Here are some of the benefits of importing commercial LED post-top lights from China:

  • China has many high-quality commercials LED outdoor light manufacturers, thus a wide selection to choose from.
  • China manufactures relatively cheaper products than other countries.
  • The assembling and installation of the lighting fixtures from China is very simple and quick.
  • You will have a broad of variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and design to consider when shipping commercial LED pole lights from China.
  • The commercial lighting fixtures from China are manufactured to the specifications of internationally recognized quality certification bodies.
  • The importation of commercial LED post lights from China is cheaper and faster.

What is the Average Length of LED Street Light?

The length of the LED Street light is determined by usage. 20-25 feet is the typical length, but for small areas, you can use 15 feet poles.

What are the Benefits of Solar LED Pole Lights?

Some of the advantages of solar LED post lights include:

  • The lighting fittings have better light quality than an ordinary pole lamp.
  • They have low maintenance requirements and cost.
  • They incur zero electricity bills.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • You can control them using photocell light sensors and this helps to extend the lifespan of the lighting fixture.
  • Easy to install since it is just a solar panel and LED light fixture on top of a pole.
  • It is very cheap to install as no overhead, or underground wiring is required.
  • Cost-effective: the initial buying price could be high, but you save a lot on low maintenance, long-lasting, and zero electricity bills.
  • They are not affected by power outages.

What the Features of Commercial LED Pole Lights?

Here are the common properties of commercial LED post top lights:

  • Have good color temperature
  • Provide up to 40,000 lumens of light
  • Long-lasting up to 50,000 hours
  • Have wider beam angle thus can light up large areas and spaces.
  • Have superior heat dissipation
  • Can integrate with light dimmers and motion detection sensors.
  • Most come with universal mounting making it possible to install them on any surface.
  • Do not release any dangerous gases

Which are the other Accessories for Commercial Pole Lights?

Most commercial LED pole light kits will come with the following additional accessories:

  • Tenon reducers and adapters
  • Bullhorn light pole brackets
  • Floodlight brackets
  • Spoke brackets
  • Sports light brackets

Why is Distribution Type Important in Commercial LED Pole Lights?

The projected light pattern from a commercial LED post top light comes in various patterns or types.

Choosing the right distribution type is crucial to ensure you get the best out of your LED post light.

Apart from improving light levels, selecting the right distribution type can as well minimize the number of pole lights needed for outdoor lighting.

Which are the Distribution Types in Commercial LED Pole Lights?

 LED pole light

LED Pole light

· Type I

This is a lateral distribution with a favored with a 15 degrees width in the cone of maximal candlepower.

The two leading concentrations of light are in contrasting directions across a roadway.

Type I is typically suitable for lighting fixtures close to a roadway center where the installation height is roughly equivalent to the roadway width.

Outdoor lighting fixtures having distribution type I are appropriate for illuminating sidewalks, walkways and paths.

This type of commercial LED pole light is supposed to be positioned close to the pathway center.

This way, it offers sufficient illumination for smaller pathways.

· Type II

Commercial LED pole lights with type II distribution are suitable for entrance and on ramps pathways, walkways and other lengthy, narrow paths.

They are meant for illuminating larger commercial outdoor spaces and always positioned close to the roadside.

You will get this type of commercial outdoor lighting luminaires on smaller jogging paths or side streets.

Light distribution Type II have a 25 degrees favored lateral width.

These types of commercial LED post top lights are typically positioned at or close to the side of a comparatively narrow pathways.

They are common in applications where the pathway width does not go beyond 1.75 times the mounting height.

· Type III

Type III light distribution is appropriate for general parking areas, roadway lighting and other commercial spaces a broader area of illumination is needed.

Commercial LED pole lights of this distribution type should be installed to the side of the space.

This permits the light to extend outwards and cover the space, creating a filling light flow.

Commercial LED post lights with type III light distribution have a 40 degrees favored lateral width.

They are typically installed at or close the edge of medium width areas or roadways.

Also, they are perfect for applications where the area or roadway width does not go beyond 2.75 times the height of mounting.

· Type IV

Outdoor Lighting fixtures with type IV distribution generate a semicircular light, making them suitable for installation on the sides of walls and buildings.

They are perfect for lighting the peripheries of businesses and parking lots.

Type IV light distribution has equal light intensity from 90 to 270 degrees angles.

The favored lateral width of light distribution type IV is 60 degrees, and is best for side-of-road mounting.

Typically employed in applications where the width of the roadway does not go above 3.7 times the installation height.

· Type V

Commercial LED pole lights having Type V light distribution generate a circular light having equal intensity at all angles.

Distribution type V has a circular candlepower symmetry that is basically equal at all lateral angles.

This type of commercial outdoor lighting is ideal for installation at or close to parkway center islands, intersections, and center of roadways.

They are as well appropriate for vast commercial parking areas coupled with spaces where adequate, uniformly spread light is required.

· Type VS

Type VS light distribution generates square light having the equal intensity at all angles.

It is commonly referred to as type 5S (square) light distribution pattern.

This light distribution type has a square candlepower symmetry that is virtually equal at all lateral angles.

Commercial LED pole light fixtures with type VS distribution are ideal for mounting at or close to parkway center islands, roadway centers, and intersections.

Moreover, you can install them in large, commercial parking areas or spaces that require adequate, uniformly spread light.

This type of exterior lighting luminaires are employed in projects where the light pattern should have a highly defined edge.

Are there Dimmable Commercial LED Pole Lights?

Another awesome thing is that you can find dimmable LED pole light.

This implies that it is possible to dim or turn off these types of LED post lights when there is no motion.

The dimming does not impact on the life of the outdoor lighting fixtures, instead it will prolong it.

Moreover, dimmable commercial LED post lights utilize less electricity, helping in saving more on lighting bill.

Can you Integrate Motion Sensors with Commercial LED Pole Lights?

There is no other light luminaires technology that is as easy to manage as LEDs.

You can use this extra controllability in several interesting ways.

For instance, you can link motion sensors with commercial LED pole lights.

The sensors detect any motion close to the lamp.

The motion sensor brightens the LEDs when it detects motion and dims them in the absence of movement.

This reduces the energy consumption of the commercial outdoor lights considerably.

Can you Install Photocells on Commercial LED Pole Lights?

LED light fixtures allow the incorporation of compatible sensors to aid in saving on energy and money.

This is one of the many advantages of LEDs. For instance, you can install photocell sensors on commercial LED post lights.

Photocell sensors detect when the sun is rising or setting and switches the luminaires on or off with regards to the hour of the day.

There are various types of photocell sensors and to guarantee maximum performance, you need to proper position them with respect to sunlight.

This technology assists in saving money and energy.

It also makes maintenance of commercial LED pole lights easier.

Which are the Different Types of Photocell Sensor for Commercial LED Pole Lights?

Here are the common types of photocells used with commercial LED post top lights:

 LED Pole light

 LED Pole light

· Fixed Position Photocell Sensors

The photocell is integrated within the commercial outdoor lighting fitting, with the “eye” visible through a hole or knockout.

You can mount them behind wall plates to protect them, and they regulate LED pole lighting luminaires with 120V to 305V.

· Locking-type Mount Photocell Sensor

This photocell type is perfect for installation in commercial LED post lights for rugged outdoor uses.

The sensors are normally mounted on the upper part of the fixture to make sure there is maximum daylight sensitivity.

· Stem Photocell Sensor

This photocell sensor comfortably suits into knockouts in standard vent boxes and commercial outdoor lighting appliance.

Stem mount photocell are perfect when the lighting luminaires are not in the direct focus of the sun.

This because the sensor can be extended outward from the shade.

· Pencil Photocells

Pencil photocells detectors have a stem to increase the photocell outward and a pivot joint to turn the angle to sense maximum light outside.

They are also perfect for commercial LED pole lights in covered places or with things barring them from sunlight.

Which are Quality Certifications that Commercial LED Pole Lights must Comply with?

When choosing commercial LED post lights, you should ensure they comply with the following quality certifications:

  • CE marking
  • RoHS certification
  • ETL certification
  • Energy Star certification
  • CEE certification
  • DLC certification
  • UL certification

How do you Test Quality of Commercial LED Pole Lights?

· Photometric Test

In this method of testing quality of LED lighting fixtures, you assess the good light within a space against light amount the fixture produces.

It as well examines the color effects of commercial LED post light to human eyes.

· Electromagnetic Compatibility Test

This quality test ensures that the commercial LED post lights do not release destructive electromagnetic radiation.

The emitted radiation should not result in interference during operation.

· Endurance Testing

The endurance test inspects the safety and operating performance of this type of commercial lighting fixture over time.

· Light Distribution Test

This quality test of commercial LED pole lights to assist in eradicating dark areas and shadows while boosting the light distribution.

· Electrical Safety Test

Electrical safety quality test assesses the wiring and insulation of commercial LED pole lights for likely fire hazards and electric shock.

Are there Quality Standards for Commercial LED Pole Lights?

Absolutely, there are quality standards that the best commercial LED post lights need to comply with, they include:

  • IEC standards
  • UL standards
  • IES standards
  • CE standards
  • ANSI standards
  • ASTM standards

Clearly, there are a number of aspects you should consider when buying commercial LED pole lights.

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture high quality and reliable commercial LED pole lights.

Contact us now for best prices in commercial pole lights.