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SMAlux- Provides Ideal Options of Commercial LED Shop Lights

SMAlux Commercial LED Shop Lights are made from long-lasting polycarbonate plastic materials. These are the fluorescent shop lights in latest model. These lights are basically seen and utilize in terminals, bus stations, and work factories. Known as very simple in style and formation but still advantageous and worthwhile kind of lighting source. These usually magnifies smaller rooms and areas, either in workbench or tabletop areas. Available with traditional or classical designs.

Commercial LED Shop Lights manufactured by SMAlux can be a customary style shop lights. These can hold 4 feet of fluorescent channels. Differentiate from any kind of incandescent tubers, these Commercial LED Shop Lights are in condition with giving extended lifetimes. Plus, these can provides lesser electrical usage and the same time, can managed the temperature colors in daytime. Better installed at some workplaces, these makes very attractive ambiance in lighting installments with that main areas.

Because it`s very captivating to see, SMAlux creates more unique designs of Commercial LED Shop Lights. Have reliable good lighting performance. However, together with assumption from LED tech machines, the lighting output of SMAlux Commercial LED Shop Lights really outshines. Make the LED models of shop lights into scientific breeze. These Commercial LED Shop Lights are established with composed of lengthy lifespan and highest regulation provider.

Moreover, SMAlux Commercial LED Shop Lights are values effective, very easy to install, flexible, easily adaptable, and also uses lesser electrical lightings. These are easy to attach and install because it does not really need system wiring or wide electrical comprehension. These are also cheaper because you can purchase any fixtures with discounts. However, it became easy to adjust because the height and location of these materials are much easy to calibrate. These only consume lesser electrical lights because these can only locate wherever the lightings are needed. Invented with no mercury substance. Then, truthfully a big contribution for electrical price reduction.

Also, these are best option for lighting business and projects, these gives out sufficient lights needed. These have universal purposes and advantages, highly includes longer terms usage, lesser electrical expending and without mercury materials. Consumers and business managements units are both beneficiaries. These also never bring dangerous  chemical discharges compare from fluorescent tubes. SMAlux Commercial LED Shop Lights makes highest efficiency level. Great for long-lasting utilizations.

Commercial LED Shop Lights can be categorized with 2 options: integrated Commercial LED Shop Lights and retrofits Commercial LED Shop Lights. These are both in availability. These integrated Commercial LED Shop Lights have fixture of LED electronic chips that elevated straightly. Retrofits Commercial LED Shop Lights describes moreover to specialize and keeping the lamp unconnected from main fixture shop lights, might cause big fire.

SMAlux are popular among other institutions when talking about giving quality system of Commercial LED Shop Lights. Not just that, all lights that most preferable, SMAlux did manufacturing. Whether LED tech lights or Smart lighting, SMAlux did great efforts to perform duties in supplying highest quality of Commercial LED Shop Lights.

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Commercial LED Shop Lights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about commercial LED shop lights.

Whether you want to learn about the classification criteria, specification, quality compliance or installation process, you will find everything here.

Keep reading.

What is Commercial LED Shop Lights?

Commercial LED shop light are overhead luminaires used to light up any commercial space within which a task is carried out.

They come in many styles and options and are specifically designed for commercial shop lighting uses.

Commercial LED shop light

Commercial LED shop light

What are the main Features of Commercial LED Shop Lights?

Here are the key properties of commercial LED shop lights:

  • Have high color rendering, with a minimum color rendering index of 80
  • Have high color temperature, normally 4000K or 5000K
  • Have high lumen output, which relies on the amount of space or mounting height of the fixture employed for a specific application
  • Can be surface mounted or suspended using cables hooks or chains.

Which are the Types of Commercial LED Shop Lights?

Commercial LED shop lights are mostly categorized based on their installation mechanism.

Let’s look at the main types of LED shop lighting fixtures:

1. Vapor Proof LED Shop Lights

Vapour proof led light

Vapor proof LED lights

These are commercial lighting fittings suitable for installation in dusty, humid or rough environments.

Vapor proof LED shop lights are manufactured using vibration, shock and shatter resistant materials.

This enables them to endure dust, other forms of dirt and rain.

Vapor proof commercial LED shop lights are the best option if your focus is on longevity.

They are efficient lighting solution that guarantee low costs of maintenance and long lifespan.

2. Integrated LED Shop Light Fixtures

Integrated LED light fixture

Integrated LED light fixture

Integrated LED shop lights are the ideal choice in case you want to enjoy the full benefits of your commercial lighting fixture.

Instead of a luminaire that permits exchangeable bulbs, these types of commercial LED shop lights are one unit of equipment.

The luminaires provide higher quality light, ensure lower consumption of power, and have longer lifespan.

They are ideal for installation during renovations or in new shops.

3. Retrofit LED Shop Light Fixtures

Retrofit LED shop light fixture

Retrofit LED light fixture

These are one of the most common commercial LED shop lights, which resemble traditional fluorescent light fixtures.

However, the fluorescent tube is replaced with LED tube light.

They are a more cost-efficient alternative rather than completely changing your traditional commercial lighting luminaires.

Retrofit LED shop lights are affordable and suitable for workshops, retail stores and other smaller facilities.

What are the Benefits of Commercial LED Shop Lights?

LED lighting technology has advanced to the point it can beat most of the disadvantages of other types of lighting technologies.

Therefore, let’s look at the key advantages of commercial LED shop light:

· Superior Lighting Quality

Commercial LED shop lighting has superior light quality in terms of color temperature, color rendering and lumen output (in comparison to wattage consumed).

· Longer Lifespan

This type of shop lights has longer lifespan implying that you are required to replace the fixtures less often.

This is specifically essential with regards to high bay lighting that needs scaffolding or lifts to reach the fittings.

· Cost Efficient

Installing commercial LED shop lights ensure cost efficiency in the long term even though the initial cost of LED shop lights is high.

These lighting fixtures use less energy compared to traditional types.

This saves cost on electricity bill.

· Concentrated Light Beam

Other types of lighting fixtures are omnidirectional, which implies that they emit a 360 degree output.

In shop lighting, you should project the light downwards and out towards the task area or floor.

Most of illumination goes to waste or requires to be directed utilizing a reflector.

However, using commercial LED shop light guarantees more focused light beam signifying no light is wasted.

Where can you use Commercial LED Shop Lights?

Some of the applications of commercial LED Shop lights involve lighting commercial spaces including:

  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Studios
  • Storage rooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Retail stores
  • Auto repair shops
  • Small warehouses
  • Sheds
  • Groceries

What are the Factors to Consider when Buying Commercial LED Shop Lights?

There are important factors that you should consider when choosing commercial LED shop lighting fixtures.

Some of these considerations will differ slightly depending on your requirements.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to consider all of them when selecting the lighting fixture:

· Luminosity

This is the first thing you should look for in your luminaire. It represents the total brightness of the LED shop light.

Majority of shop lights radiate around 4000 lumens that will illuminate a space of about 30 square feet.

You will need approximately 140 lumens for every square foot, and endeavor to select fittings that give at least 90 lumens per Watt.

· Color Temperature

This is specifically about preference, however, you will commonly achieve a better CRI as you get to 6500K.

For a neutral white color temperature, opt for 4000K.

Go lower for a warmer commercial lighting, and to get a cooler lighting, opt for higher color temperature.

· Mounting Method

It is essential to be keen on the mounting alternatives of the commercial LED shop light.

If you plan to suspend them from the ceiling, ensure to get appropriate lighting fixture accessories, like cables, mounting studs, hooks etc.

Conversely, in case you plan to retrofit, ensure to buy the correct length and size for the existing shop light fixture.

· Daisy Chaining

Most commercial lighting fixtures allow for daisy chaining several lights together, enabling easier installation of LED shop lights for a big space.

Therefore, make sure to confirm if your chosen luminaire have this feature, in case it is something you require.

Moreover, make sure to check the number of lights you can daisy chain.

· Water Resistance

When you intend to install the fixtures outdoor or in a humid, dusty or risky environment, opt for water resistant LED shop lights.

Confirm the IP rating of the light fixtures, and ensure that they are rated to at minimum IP65 for outdoor application.

IP Rating

 IP Rating


It is important to remember that not all commercial LED shop lights will give correct colors.

A low color rendering index is ideal for non-sensitive applications.

Nonetheless, you may require 90 CRI for projects such as assembling products, metal work, painting or woodworking.

Luckily, most commercial LED shop lights fixtures come with minimum CRI of 90.

Nevertheless, some can go as high as 90, almost mimicking daylight.

What Efficacy of Commercial LED Shop Light do you need?

Commercial LED shop lights come with varying efficacy depending on the manufacturer and application.

However, higher efficacy implies that the light fixture will use less watts to generate the needed light levels.

Though the initial cost of higher efficacy lights may be modestly higher, the retribution will more than balance this extra cost.

How many Commercial LED Shop Lights are needed for a Commercial Space?

The number of electric LED shop lights you require is dictated by the lumens you need distributed throughout the commercial space.

Each setting needs a varying light intensity.

Though the most crucial aspect is lumens amount, you should also consider beam angle, placement and efficacy of the shop light fixture.

Therefore, you can apply luminosity to determine how many commercial LED shop lights you require.

Different tasks need different amount of lumens for every square foot.

Thus, while a detail-inclined shop may need 250 lumens for every square foot, a store may be okay with 30 Lm/square foot.

Due to this fact, it is recommended to group your lighting based on how light-critical your application is:

  • Non-critical (storage, warehouses,etc.) need 30 to 70 Lm for every square foot
  • Somewhat critical (garages, large sized objects, etc.) require 70 to 130 Lm for every square foot
  • Critical (painting, medium sized objects, etc.) need 130 to 450 Lm for every square foot
  • Highly critical (high contrast painting, small objects, etc.) need 450+ Lm for every square foot

After calculating the amount of light you require per square foot, it is easy to determine how many LED shop lights are required.

For instance, a warehouse that is 2000 square foot that requires 20 Lm per square foot requires 10 lights that release 4000 lumens.

How do you Install Commercial LED Shop Lights?

Here are the general tips for installing commercial LED shop lights:

· Establishing the Position of Installation

Locating an appropriate position is the initial step during installation of LED shop light fixture.

Make sure to position the light directly above the work area or workbench.

Additionally, the mounting surface or ceiling above this location needs to support the shop light weight.

Many commercial LED shop lights link with electricity through ordinary wall-plug.

Ensure that it is possible to safely connect an electrical wire to the shop light.

Particularly, when you are daisy chaining, ascertain that the fixtures’ power draw will not surpass that of your wires.

Finally, check that the mounting height and the supplied chain permit the commercial lighting luminaire to hang at an allowable level.

LED shop lighting fixture installed too high may not offer sufficient directed light to the commercial space.

On the other hand, those that hang too low may pose a serious danger in case they come in the way of other objects or people.

Even though there is no mercury in LED shop lights, they are connected to line voltage, which may lead to harm or death.

· Installing the LED Shop Light

In this stage, it is recommended you follow the user manual of the LED shop light fixture.

Remember to always take note of electrical safety, and disconnect power supply to all outlets and electrical cables you will be using.

An integrated commercial LED shop light fitting should be ready for use once you have mounted it.

In contrast, a retrofit LED shop light needs you to replace the fluorescent tube using a compatible LED tube.

A 3-in-1 LED tube shop light can simplify the retrofitting into commercial fluorescent shop light luminaire.

This is because it does not need any rewiring of ballast.

How many Lumens do you need when Installing Commercial LED Shop Light?

Equivalent lumen

Equivalent lumen

Evaluation of lighting requirement is the first step in determining the amount of lumens needed during installation of commercial LED shop light.

You will require less lighting level when the visual nature of the task to be performed is limited compared to visually intensive applications.

Shops, where sensitively detailed work is performed, may need up to 300 foot candles for every square foot.

In the contrary, an ordinary retail store might require a lighting intensity of just 20 to 30 foot candles for each square foot.

Therefore, to calculate required lumens, multiply the needed lighting intensity (foot candles per square foot) by total square footage of the space.

Suppose 1,800 square feet is the total square footage of your shop and 30 lumens for each square foot is the required lighting level.

You get the total lumens needed by multiplying 30 foot candles for every square foot by 1,800 square feet.

What is the difference between Low Bay and High Bay Light in Commercial LED Shop Lights?

A high bay LED shop light is meant for lighting applications with ceiling height spanning from 20-40 feet from the floor.

Likewise, a low bay LED shop light is intended for lighting projects with ceiling height below 20 feet from the floor.

Low bay lights commonly have a 120 degrees beam angle and are 60W to 100W.

High bay light, on the other hand, have a 90 degrees or lower beam angle and are 150W or beyond.

Commercial high bay lights normally find application in hangars, warehouses and factories.

Conversely, Low bay luminaires are commonly used in workshops, retail stores, and grocery stores.

What is UFO LED High Bay Light?

A UFO LED high bay light is a commercial lighting fixture shaped like a UFO disc with flat integrated aluminum casing.

The aluminum housing has optics particularly designed to maximize light distribution throughout a commercial space without depending on bulky reflectors.

UFOLED High Bay lights are an exceptional advancement of commercial LED shop lights.

They are compact lighting fixtures that feature several outstanding LED technologies.

These luminaire systems provide high quality light output and are more effective than traditional commercial LED fixtures.

They have a magnificent look, more durable, and are easier to install.

Why is DLC Certification Important in Commercial LED Shop Lights?

The Design Lights Consortium is a regional organization that concentrates energy efficient and quality lighting, specifically for the commercial sector.

DLC is a rating institution that determines, through testing and data from manufacturer which lighting fixtures are acceptable for their purposed applications.

Therefore, choosing a DLC certified commercial LED shop light is a wise decision.

This is because DLC quality certification guarantees that the fixture has passed a sequence of tests.

These tests are evidence that the luminaires are high-quality and efficient, but importantly they fulfil their claims of light quality and lumen output.

DLC listed LED shop lights are independently tested at the laboratory and the outcome are posted online.

This guarantees you that you will get the stated THD, lumens and CRI.

Which are the Quality Standards for Commercial LED Shop Lights?

Commercial LED Shop Light

Commercial LED Shop Light

The main quality standards for commercial LED shop lights to comprise of:

  • CSA group standards
  • CEE standards
  • ANSI standards
  • IEC standards
  • RoHS standards
  • UL standards
  • European EN standards

Can you Replace Fluorescent Tube with LED Tube in Commercial Shop Lights?


New linear LED tubes are ballast compatible and uncomplicated plug and play bulbs.

You are simply required to detach the fluorescent tube and substitute it with the LED replacement.

The efficiency of LED lighting technology makes it difficult to justify continuing to use traditional incandescent bulbs or fluorescents.

You will notice significant savings on energy, which will compensate the high initial costs of replacement within approximately 2 years.

How does Cold or Hot Temperature Affect the Performance of Commercial LED Shop Light?

Here are the fundamental aspects you should pay attention to:

· How Cold Temperatures Affect Performance of LED Shop Lights

Among the most popular advantages of commercial LED lighting fixture is that it functions efficiently in cold temperatures.

This is due to the fact that it depends on an electrical driver to work. Truth is, commercial LED shop lights thrive well in cold temperatures.

LED shop lights stay unaffected by cold temperatures and are capable to switch on instantly.

This is because they are semiconductor sources of light that emit light if an electric current passes through them.

Moreover, the luminaires function best in cold temperatures since less thermal stress is exerted on the driver and diodes.

Actually, there is improvement in lumen output and reduction in rate of LEDs degradation when fixed in cold applications.

· How Hot Temperatures Affect Performance of LED Shop Light

New-generation commercial LED shop lights feature heat sinks that are instrumental in preventing heat-associated lumen depreciation.

They conduct the extra heat and protect the driver and LEDs from it.

Some fixtures comprise of a compensatory circuitry that controls the current via the LEDs.

This guarantees constant light output in varying ambient temperatures.

But just as most electronics, commercial LED shop lights incline to underachieve when functioning at extremely hot temperatures.

The lighting fixtures may overwork which can lower their anticipated lifespan (L70) during prolonged high ambient temperatures periods.

High temperatures lead to high junction that may increase the rate of deterioration of junction element of the LED shop light.

This reduces the lumen output of the fixture drastically.

Are LED Tubes in Commercial LED Shop Light Compatible with Fluorescent Ballast?

All commercial fluorescent shop lights utilize a device referred to as a ballast to control the brightness of the lamp as it warms up.

However, commercial LED shop lights function differently, and do not use a ballast.

They need an electronic device known as LED driver.

Most modern LED shop lights are configured to be adaptable with fluorescent ballasts.

This allows for effortless fluorescent tube replacement with linear LED tube, without the need to re-wire the fixture.

Now, with the information in this guide, am sure you can comfortably choose suitable commercial LED shop lights.

However, if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact SMAlux team – we are here to help you.