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Questions You May Ask About Your Commercial Light Fittings Orders

Do you project free sample to test

Yes we provide quality checked samples. This way, you can examine the sample quality of SMAlux products.

Do you supplies all-time solution for a whole lights project

Yes, indeed. We help you and assist all projects that essentially needs quality verified lighting materials.

Delivery Time

SMAlux gives assurance to deliver your Commercial Light Fittings orders in any quantity range punctually.

SMAlux- Commercial Light Fittings to Boom your Business

SMAlux Commercial Light Fittings are well-known because it is powerfully built, trusted, and serviceable for every night use. Assuredly gives elastic performance through mindsets. Does have expansive range functions and diversity. Best positioned at storage rooms, warehouses, and to any manufacturing complex. These also seen at most offices, public garages, subways, night clubs, market place, churches, and there`s many more beyond.

Commercial Light Fittings are featured best functional and perfectly positioned at public places. Can be located at car stations, front of workshops, used as emergency lights, etc. These are first requirement for areas that operates during nighttime, to public hallways or communal passages. These have rendering vibrant colors surely prevents accidents, bad happenings, and others. Basically have color sodium orange and sunlight white colors. Not just for nighttime use, these Commercial Light Fittings can be useful also in day time.

Hence, these perform reliable power energy savings and have spectacular lengthy life span. These are comes from minimized management and costs replacements, perfect for commercial buildings projects and businesses. However, Commercial Light Fittings are fundamentally for those areas that isn`t residential, where many people who lives in. These isn`t light types that can easily compared to others. These proven on higher durability levels, maintenance-free, and lastly an amenity saver. These are best kind of lighting when planning to have prior money savings.

Also, this type of lighting is good inclusion for next upcoming projects, whether government or industrials. These help to have faster activity completions, which most essential functions of Commercial Light Fittings. These also approved by luxurious level requirements. Surely gives trusted and reliability attachment standards. Moreover, these works finely and smoothly activated for more long-term ways. Have excellence energy regulation and suitable for achieving wonderful and relaxing ambiance.

SMAlux Commercial Light Fittings designed with uniqueness. This truthfully brings out peaceful mindset, one way effectively gives stress-out feelings. These have been installed with provided safety measures, which is priority to make, for the good sake of family, guests, and more other consumers. Commercial Light Fittings gives completely enough illuminating effects of lights, also on aesthetics color designs.  Practically been used by constructors or professional installers, who usually engaged with finalizing all main government projects. For having safer installations, letting those experts lessen injuries or preceding accidents.

These probably brought many advantages in performing tasks related to electrical lighting duties. More money savings, and electrical range usage. These also effectively save a lot of effort when installing. Just call out professional installers and let them perform, safer way to prevent any accidents occurrences. These lights carry out benefits for both light business and to lighting projects also. On business, one way to gain benefits is ordering large quantity of lighting productions. In this case, leading the way to achieve more progressions will be prior outcome.

Lighting materials that is reliably made and have trusted brand is only encountered at SMAlux. All light assortments are provided, depending on what design you want. These are essentially good addition for having well-operated business.

Kindly contact us if you have further inquiries.

Commercial Light Fittings: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re looking for durable, quality compliant and sustainable commercial light fittings, this guide will show you exactly how to get one.

Among the key things you will learn include installation, sizes, components, quality specifications and types of bulbs, just to mention a few.

So, keep reading if you want to be an expert in commercial light fitting.

What are Commercial Light Fittings?

Commercial light fittings are an assembly that contains all the elements that you need to light up a room.

In the most basis state, the light fittings often contain a combination of:

  • Electrical Connectors
  • Light sockets which will hold the entire globe in the right place.
  • Globe itself

Commercial light fitting

 Commercial light fitting

How Much Do Commercial Light Fittings Cost?

There is a very wide range of commercial light fittings that are suitable for different functions.

Implying that the costs of the wide variety of commercial light fittings will also vary considerably.

You must also remember that the higher the quality, quantity and more design oriented it is, the higher the cost.

Generally, the cost of commercial light fittings ranges between 10 to 150 US dollars or even higher.

How Many Types of Commercial Light Fittings are there?

It is often very important to know the kind of installation before choosing the type of fixtures.

This is because different installations require different types of fittings such as:

i. Recessed Lighting Fittings

The recessed lighting fittings often sit flush against the mounting surface thus can either be up light or downlight.

You will use the recessed light fittings to emit light in one direction in particular.

ii. Strip or Track Light Fittings

This can be prefabricated by housing multiple directable globe fitting in one strip, rail or cable set up.

It often allows you to suspend good or enough light in areas that have higher ceilings.

iii. Sconces Light Fittings

You will mount this type of light fitting on the wall to either transmit light downwards or upwards.

You can use the scone lighting fittings to add emphasis or improve decorative effects on a particular feature.

iv. Oyster Light Fittings

This is a ceiling mounted commercial light fitting that provides light to the entire room.

v. Chandelier Light Fittings

Chandeliers are very large and decorative fittings that hang from the ceiling and serve as decorative features as well.

vi. Pendant Light Fittings

This type of light fitting often hangs down from a cable with an elaboration of decorative shades on them.

vii. Picture Light Fittings

This is a small mounted light fitting that you will use to provide enough light on a particular picture.

viii. Spot Light Fittings

You can mount the spot light on the walls or the roof in order to direct light straight to a particular point.

ix. Fan-based Light Fittings

This type of light fitting is part of the ceiling fan which you must not confuse with fanlights.

There are numerous other types of commercial light fittings that you can choose from depending on the application.

How do you Install Commercial Light Fixture?

The installation process of particular light fittings will depend on the type of light you intend to install.

Here is a step by step procedure that you can follow when installing the commercial light fixtures.

Step One: Wiring Installation

First, you must make sure that there is a proper wiring connection that will provide the power for lighting the fittings.

You can do the wiring by having pipes within the walls and passing wires through the pipes from the main source.

You must, however, be very careful when doing the installation and also ensure that you have all the wires in place.

The final step of wiring involves leaving a considerable amount of wires hanging from the roof for the fitting installation.

Step Two: Fastening the Ceiling Bracket

After wiring, you must have a ceiling bracket in place that will hold the commercial light fittings.

Using a screw and a screw driver, you will fasten the ceiling bracket to the ceiling and ensure that it holds tightly.

Pass the wires through the holes on the ceiling bracket to make them easily accessible.

Step Three: Installing the Light Fitting

At this point, you will begin by sorting out the light fitting by unscrewing the connection points on the fittings.

After that, you will start by fitting the live wire into the live section of the custom light fitting.

After that, you will follow it with the neutral then the earth wires directly to the fittings.

Make sure that they hold firm by tightening the screw using a screw driver.

Step Four: Attachment to the Ceiling Bracket

Here, you will attach the commercial light fittings to ceiling bracket and hold them firm with a screw and screw driver.

After that, you will fit the LED bulbs in the right place before switching the lights on.

How Does the Screw Cap Commercial Light Fitting Compare to the Bayonet Cap Commercial Light Fitting?

Screw light fitting

Screw light fitting

In history, bayonet was used in the United Kingdom for providing domestic light.

One of the advantages of using bayonet is that it does not work in loose settings with vibrations.

On the other hand, Edison was used in America as well as other parts of Europe.

Bayonet light fitting

Bayonet light fitting

How Many Sizes of Bayonet Cap and Screw Cap Commercial Light Fittings are There?

Bayonet cap and screw cap commercial light fitting are available in different sizes.

The main sizes of bayonet cap and screw cap commercial light fitting available include:

· E27 or ES or the Standard Screw Size

Here, the diameter of the light bulb cap is 27mm

· E14 or SES or the Small Edison Screw

In this case, the diameter of light bulb cap is 14mm

· B22 or Ba22d or BC

You can also identify it as the bayonet cap with a diameter of the light bulb cap at 22mm

· B15 or Ba15d or SBC

This is the small bayonet cap with a diameter of the light bulb cap at 15mm

What is the Difference Between the Cord Grip Commercial Light Fitting and Hooked Commercial Light Fitting?

The cord grip and hooked commercial light fittings are examples of holders that you can use in holding bulbs.

The cord grip has a cord grip which will secure the cord and then suspend the bulb and creates a pendant light.

Some of the types of cord grips include screws that have presses against the cables and compression fittings.

On the other hand, hooked commercial light fitting has hooks and chains that you can use to suspend the bulb.

It has a chain that will secure the bulb holder and device that restricts the pulling out of the supply cable.

Where Can you Use the Commercial Light Fitting?

You will use the commercial light fittings in different commercial applications.

Some of the commercial applications where the commercial light fittings come in handy include:

  • Office Buildings
  • Display Shops
  • Shopping Malls and Supermarkets
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Play Grounds for Kids

What is Threaded Lamp Holder Commercial Light Fittings?

Threaded lamp holder

Threaded lamp holder

Threaded lamp holders are commercial light fittings that have threads for hanging them on a support.

You will find the threaded lamp holder in standard or table lights with lamp holders at the base of the stem.

You can also use this type of lamp holder on conduit applications of the commercial light fittings.

The threaded part is available in different metric and empirical sizes.

Which Types of Materials Do You in Making Commercial Light Fittings?

You can use different types of materials in making the commercial light fittings.

Some of the materials that you can use include, brass, bronze, silver, ceramic and Bakelite.

Apart from that, the other materials alongside finish options that you can use include:

· Metal

You will machine the metal material from brass materials with finishes such as silver nickel or brass plate.

· Ceramic

You will mold ceramic from clay and the glaze it in fire with off-white among other colors for the finish.

· Plastic

You can also use plastic which is widely available and at very affordable prices with modern white finishes.

What are the Components of a Standard Bayonet with Cord Grips?

To make up a standard bayonet with cord grips, you must gather different components.

Here are the main components of the standard bayonet with cord grips.

  • Shade Ring
  • Body
  • Cap
  • Grub Screw
  • Cord Grip
  • Insert

You will also find some bayonet lamp holders with flared skirts which hides the light bulb base.

What are Shade Rings for Commercial Light Fittings?

Shade rings are the point of attachment that you will attach the lamp holders and the supply cord.

It often attaches to the neck of the lamp holder or the internal carrier ring also known as harp.

How Do you Choose a Commercial Light Fitting?

When choosing the right commercial light fixtures, there are specific factors you must consider.

Here are the main factors that you need to take under proper consideration.

  • Considering how you will be using the room and then make the right choice of light fittings.
  • Type of lighting styles that you need to use in your business setting coupled with the right fittings
  • Choose fittings that will fit the mood and size of the room or place.
  • Select flattering fittings such as bulbs that will emit proper lighting within the space you desire.
  • Be creative and go for the unexpected fittings that will only attract more attention to the commercial setting.

Which Quality Specifications Must Commercial Light Fittings Adhere to?

You must make sure that the commercial light fittings adhere to specific quality specifications.

Here are the main quality specifications that the commercial light fittings must adhere to.

  • CE Quality Specifications
  • IS: 732 Quality Specifications
  • IEC Quality Specifications

Why should you Import Commercial Light Fittings from China?

You should consider importing commercial light fittings from China due to numerous benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider shopping from China.

Pendant light fitting

Pendant light fitting

· Numerous Light Fitting Suppliers

China has numerous commercial light fitting suppliers that you can easily get access to via the internet.

· Competitive Pricing

The prices of goods that you will import from China are affordable due to high level of competition from different suppliers.

· High Quality Products

Chinese manufacturers use very high-quality materials from different suppliers to make the commercial light fittings.

This also enables them to support the original equipment manufacturers by using their products to make commercial light fittings.

· Perfect Infrastructure

China is also the perfect shopping destination because of the good transport, communication and hospitality infrastructure.

This will make you stay and even maneuver in and out of China very comfortable without worries.

How Many Types of Commercial Light Fitting Switches Do You Have?

Well, we have different types of commercial light fitting switches that you might need.

Here are the main types of commercial light fitting switches that we offer:

  • Time Delay Switches
  • Time Lag Switches
  • Dimmer Switches
  • Pull Down Switches
  • Sensor Switches
  • Standard Switches
  • Motion Detector Switches
  • Touch Switches
  • 3-Way 2-Circuit Switch
  • X10 Systems Switches

Which Type of Bulbs Do You Supply for Commercial Light Fittings?

We will supply you with all the types of bulbs for commercial light fittings that you need.

Some of the commercial light fittings bulbs that we supply include:

  • Incandescent Bulbs
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Halogen Bulbs
  • HID Bulbs
  • LED Bulbs

Do You Supply Commercial Light Fittings Replacements?

Absolutely, we do supply commercial light fitting replacements according to your needs.

You must specify the type of replacement that you need and we will gladly supply it.

How does Commercial Light Fittings for Restaurants compare to Homes?

You will use different light fittings for commercial purposes and the other for residential purposes.

Here are the main points that differentiate the two types of light fittings:

· Meaning

Just from the name you will note that you will use commercial light fittings in commercial settings.

On the other hand, you will use residential light fittings in residential areas to light up the home.

· Purpose

You will use the commercial light fittings to produce attractive light that draws customers towards the display products.

On the other hand, you will use the residential light fittings to light up the home and the increase visibility in the house.

· Traffic

When it comes to traffic, commercial light fittings often have mote traffic than the residential light fittings.

Implying that the commercial light fitting requirements are more than that of the residential light fittings.

· Durability

Commercial light fittings are more durable and will serve you for longer periods than residential light fittings.

On that note, commercial light fittings will also cost you more than the residential light fittings.

Is there Difference between Light Fittings and Fixture?

Yes, there is a difference between light fittings and light fixtures.

Light fixtures are the types of things that you can easily fix or attach to a particular property.

In many cases, commercial light fixtures come as a whole thus making the attachment very easy. s

On the other hand, commercial light fittings are not attached or fixated to a particular property.

You will need to use a screw and a screw driver to fit the commercial light fittings to the property.

How do you find the Best Commercial Lighting Suppliers in China?

There are numerous suppliers of commercial light fittings in China that you can comfortably do business with.

You must, however, find the suppliers before you begin doing your negotiations.

Here are a few steps that you will follow when looking for a good supplier.

Step One: Understanding the Products You Need

First, you must have a clear picture of the commercial light fittings that you need from China.

You can also have custom designs in place for the oncoming negotiations with potential suppliers.

After that, you will proceed to performing preliminary research via the internet.

Step Two: Preliminary Research

Doing preliminary research will set you on the level towards the specific needs over the internet.

You can create a data table that will help you do proper recording of the results that you get online.

Here you will have information such as name of the company, information on the contacts as well business scope.

Step Three: Searching for Information with Reference to Product Name

At this point, you will search the web and consider the first 100 results as being the most relevant of them all.

You can create the perfect sense of the marketing segments as well as marketing channels.

You should consider using B2B websites that will give the right information about the Chinese suppliers.

After that, you will narrow down your searches by the help of local Chinese suppliers that you know.

Establish proper contacts and then get in touch with the suppliers as soon as possible.

You must, however, be very careful as there are numerous scammers online that may deceive you.

Can you use LED in Regular Commercial Light Fittings?

Yes, you can use LED in regular commercial light fittings without having problems.

The LED commercial light fittings also come with either bayonet or screw fittings on them.

This allows you to attach them firmly on the light fitting holders just like regular commercial light fittings.

Do you have Custom Commercial Light Fitting?

Commercial LED light fixture

Commercial LED light fixture

Yes, we do have custom commercial light fittings.

We will supply you with custom commercial light fittings according to your specifications.

Implying that, you must provide the custom specifications of the commercial light fittings.

After that, we will assess the functionality of the design and then manufacture it for you.

Do Commercial Light Fitting have a Warranty?

Absolutely, commercial light fittings must have a warranty.

You will note that the warranty period will vary according to the type of the commercial light fitting.

The higher the value of the commercial light fitting, the longer the warranty period.

Additionally, the warranty period will also depend on the supplier as different suppliers have different warranty periods.

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture top grade commercial light fittings.

Whether you need outdoor light fitting or indoor light fitting for residential and commercial setup, SMAlux offers a perfect solution.

Contact us now for best prices on commercial light fitting.