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We are trusted in this manufacturing industry for so many years and counting.

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Yes, our well-trained employees are capable of handling each of their tasks to support on-time delivery.

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Yes, we fabricate commercial lighting fixtures using modern machines to provide lower maintenance and lower consumption lights.

SMAlux- Your Commercial Lighting Fixtures Provider to Expand Your Brand

SMAlux Commercial lighting fixtures are directed with LED. These are confirmed as power-efficient lighting material and practical on commercial applications. Completely designed with many available shapes and dimensions. Best lighting useful at most commercial buildings and spaces. These are usually applicable both for indoor and outdoor purposes. It can be installed trouble-free at some parking space, palm drive, or external warehouse provisions.

This provides crucial comfort and potential in performing the best lighting activation. Convenient to attach at the workplace. That way, Commercial Lighting Fixtures brought a large impact on work production. Same as commercial areas, this lighting is all-important for a business you actually managed and took care of. Commercial Lighting Fixtures makes possible to have well layout fixtures and suitable for clients budget. This type of lighting does enhance the place’s potentiality.

Commercial Lighting has eruption proof fixture designs. All immeasurable commercial fixed appliances lightings are available at markets. Complete energy-structured lighting is on-the-market. In many sizes, lengths/widths, Commercial Lighting Fixtures have open wide selections. These are significant functional in areas like offices, government structures, hospitals, etc. Proven gives sufficient lighting sources in each area. These really bring out calmness in some areas mentioned.

Fixtures of Commercial Lighting have featured on different characteristics: strong housing, air-tight adhesive, and have definite splinter proof glasses. Commercial Lighting Fixtures inclined in having trial values, higher life range, best permanence, high preservation, utility values, and good power reduction choices. In commercial structures, fulfilling some charges and duties is the most essential purpose of these lightings. Luxurious grade Commercial Lighting Fixtures are distributed with efficient power quality.

Some requirements should be included: Illumination of the area, the administration which space has to use, fixture designs that are appropriate right for some spaces, and luxurious degree lightings. All of these fixtures must be reconsidered every now and then, especially when designing commercial lighting. However, these Commercial Lighting Fixtures are designed with welfare goods and never present unsolved troubles. No more bad injury for your business might occur.

If essentially wanting a high-quality level of Commercial Lighting Fixtures, this surely helps for business to grow as predictably easy. When installing these lightings into your business, costumers surely get attracted. They can quickly figure out if your business is open or not, right illuminating design of lightings will provide enough. Useful for giving signs or highlighting the products you certainly selling at your businesses. These actually create an exact ambiance for space. Not just highlighting, it gives relaxation for customers too. The right way to welcome them.

On another hand, if you have your owned business which highly regards and related to lightings, you can add these Commercial Lighting Fixtures. It’s quality system isn`t regretful. Though, you`ll be truly certified. SMAlux is a leading source institution of different excellent lightings. SMAlux goes through with SA8000, ISO9001, ISO14001, etc certifications. Best experienced manufacturer for 22 years and continuing. When do inquire with us, expect to have 100% supportive partner for your outgrowing business.

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Commercial Lighting Fixtures: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

This guide covers all the vital aspects about commercial lighting fixtures such as wattage, benefits, color rendering index and specifications, amongst others.

It will help you choose the best commercial lighting fixtures for your business.

Read this guide if you want to be an expert in lighting fixture:

What is a Commercial Lighting Fixture?

Commercial lighting fixtures are lighting utilized in commercial spaces like in offices, hospitals, institutions, stores, hospitals, and government buildings.

They have essentially used all spaces other than industrial, residential, or manufacturing facilities.

Unlike other lighting types, commercial lighting fitting has:

  • Higher initial service
  • High maintenance costs
  • Better durability
  • Longer lifespan
  • Better energy efficiency options

Commercial lighting fixture  LED lighting fixture Flourescent lighting fixture Compact florescent light T5 flourescent light LED lighting fixture  Color temperature Commerial lighting fixture Wattage in LED lights

Commercial lighting fixture

How many types of Commercial Lighting Fixtures are there?

You can find Commercial lighting fixtures in various forms, style, size, lamp type, function, color, and luminosity.

Generally, commercial lights can be classified into the following categories:

· Gooseneck and Barn Lights

The functional styling and extensive attractiveness of barn and gooseneck lights offer an elegant illumination to your space over a long time.

· Drop Ceiling Lights

Drop ceiling lights offer a modern look to any office environment, besides they brighten any space, with an evenly distributed illumination.

This results in a balanced and comfortable visual lighting.

· Surface Mount Ceiling Lights

Often, surface mount commercial light fixtures are connected to the ceiling through a chain.

They are perfect for transitional areas such as hallways, walk-in closets, foyers, and art exhibits.

· Suspended Linear Lights

Suspended linear lighting performs well in retail and office spaces.

You can find them in LED, T5, and T8, options, and they produce aesthetically pleasing lighting in a broad array of sizes and styles.

· Emergency and Exit Sign Lights

Emergency and Exit sign lights are essential to protect both your employees and customers.

These lights are another intelligent method of protecting your business, ensuring that you have taken the necessary precaution to prevent injuries and accidents.

· Wrap Lighting Fixtures

These types of commercial lighting fixtures utilize a linear prism model.

This design makes them best for use in large interior spaces of government buildings, schools, military bases, hospitals, and other institutional structures.

· Stairway Lighting

Stairway lights are commercial lighting fittings used for illuminating any space that has either steps or a staircase.

They can be used for both indoor and outdoor stairways to provide ambiance, safety, and security.

· Hospital Bed Lights

Hospital bed lights provide the visibility necessary for taking care of anyone with the most ease.

At the same time, it offers the patients light for their personal needs.

· Grow Lights

Each plant has a unique treatment, but all of them require the commercial grow lights.

You can be confident that this kind of commercial lighting fixtures will get your work done.

It provides the value that best fulfills your needs each day of the year.

· Wafer Lights

Wafer commercial lighting are ultra-thin fixtures favorable for surface mounting, shallow ceiling applications, and architectural pendant mounts.

They are available in many designs, shapes, and sizes.

· UV Disinfecting Lights

Ultraviolet light disinfects and kills bacteria and viruses.

There is a wide range of Ultraviolet disinfecting lights used for disinfecting objects, air, and surfaces.

This type of lighting can function both as an indoor or outdoor lighting, with commercial LED lighting increasingly becoming the dominant form of illumination.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

 LED lighting fixture

LED Lighting Fixture

Commercial lighting fixtures are essential for the present-day business environment, from offices and retail stores to hotels and restaurants.

Commercial light fixtures have both diversity and versatility hence providing sufficient layering of light to every space of a commercial property.

Choosing the best commercial lighting fixtures matters on a functional level.

Employees and office personnel should be able to work in comfortable and safe surroundings.

An appropriate commercial lighting fixture can create all the difference.

The lighting ensures this while improving the sense of well-being and efficiency of the workplace.

Other than the productive benefit, they also help reduce energy costs by adding daylight into the lighting experience.

You should go for energy-efficient versions such as LED lighting fixtures.

In addition, there are various types of commercial lighting fixtures to select that will help in beautifying your space from industrial to ultra-modern.

Basically, commercial lighting luminaires are vital element to support the modern workplace environment.

Which are the Main Types of Light Sources of Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

When choosing light fixtures for commercial lighting designs, you should consider their characteristics, function, and application.

Here are the common light sources used in commercial lighting fittings:

· Tubular Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Flourescent lighting fixture

Fluorescent lighting fixture

Tubular fluorescent light fixtures borrow their make from traditional fluorescent technology.

Usually, the bulb is mounted on the ceiling and later enclosed with a frosted lens.

Occasionally, standard fluorescent bulbs have one to a maximum of four bulbs, which depends on the illumination requirement.

Often they are considered as one of the most durable and more energy-saving options to use for any commercial lighting design.

· Compact Fluorescent Light Fixtures

Most people prefer to use this type of light fixture instead of incandescent bulbs.

This is because compact fluorescent lighting systems are energy-efficient, they emit light that has a natural white color perception.

Besides, compact fluorescent lighting is created from traditional fluorescent technology.

Also, it has a small interior ballast.

Compact florescent light

 Compact florescent light

· T5 Fluorescent Light Fixtures

The best application for T5 fluorescent light fixtures is in troffers or high ceilings.

The long life span and minimum maintenance requirements make the light fixtures still remain the best option for commercial lighting designs.

Previously T5 light fixtures had lamp sources, but today they are designed to accommodate LED lights.

T5 flourescent light

T5 Fluorescent lights

· LED Light Fixtures

Recently, the adoption of LED commercial lighting fixtures has widely increased since they have low power consumption and a long life span.

At first, the adoption of LED lights was a significant challenge.

Nowadays, the cost has reduced to almost that of T5 and fluorescent light fixtures.

This has resulted in a rise in the preference of LED lighting fixtures in commercial lighting design applications.

LED lighting fixture

 LED lighting fixture

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

You should consider the following factors when selecting a commercial lighting fixture:

i. Cost-Effectiveness

As a business, you need to seriously factor in the cost of your lighting system.

This comprises of the initial expenses on the commercial lighting luminaires, installation costs, maintenance and replacement costs, and costs of energy consumption.

You can control this cost by observing the following:

  • Consider the space design and mount the lighting in places where it will have a maximal impact.
  • Select energy-efficient and long-lasting light fixtures such as LED lights.
  • Try to capitalize on natural light as much as possible.

ii. Robustness

You should make sure that the commercial lighting fixture you select is produced from quality materials to guarantee minimal costs of maintenance and durability.

The lighting components such as flush fittings, shades, and suspensions should be made using top quality materials and make sure they are correctly installed.

Also, the initial cost of the lighting luminaries may be higher, but they will look attractive, have longer lifespan and be economical in the long run.

iii. Aesthetics

Make sure not to pay attention only to the appearance of the commercial lighting fittings but also the ambiance they create.

Ensure that lighting design is fit for space, it spotlights areas of interest and enhance existing attributes.

The lighting fixture should as well produce the right atmosphere you desire to set.

iv. Light Output

Select LED commercial lighting luminaries where practical as they have higher lumen output coupled with cost-effectiveness.

This is compared to high-intensity and fluorescent lighting systems.

If possible, install an integrated building control system that is instrumental in monitoring your energy use and can automate controls if necessary.

v. Maintenance

For the majority of business premises, maintenance is a primary deciding consideration on the type of commercial lighting fixture to install.

The more durable the ballasts and bulbs in any fitting, the less equipment and manpower is required to keep them operating properly.

In large premises, even more, emphasis should be put on the cost of maintenance.

Maintaining sufficient lighting levels in spaces having more than 200 metal halide or fluorescent commercial lighting fixtures can easily turn to almost full-time work for maintenance personnel.

What is the Importance of Lux Level in Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

You should calculate the lux level to know the number of lights you need for your commercial space since they vary according to their size, function, and energy efficiency.

Typically, you can use software programs to help in lux level calculation.

What is Correlated Color Temperature in Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

 Color temperature

Color temperature

Correlated Color Temperature is a specific scale used in lighting for the measurement of the color temperature produced by commercial lighting fixtures.

It accurately describes the appearance of white light as “cool,” “neutral,” or “warm.”

The color selected for a task will depend on the use of a particular space and the object that requires illumination.

For instance, “warmer” light is mostly used in residential applications, while “cool” light is widespread in industrial and commercial spaces.

The color appearance or correlated color temperature of light is measured in kelvin (K).

If you want to know whether a bulb or lighting fixture generates either a warmer or crisper or cooler light, you should check the Kelvin number.

A lower Kelvin number indicates that the light produced is warm. On the other hand, a high Kelvin number suggests the appearance of cool and blue light.

Which are the Key Specifications to look for in Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

The following are the key specifications to look for while selecting commercial lighting fixtures: energy use, lamp lifespan, and light output, among other functionalities.

Importantly check for these essential specifications on the commercial lighting fixtures to help you make an informed decision:

  • Power consumption
  • Minimum Lamp Efficiency
  • Wattage ratings
  • Lumens – Light Output
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • Color Rendering Index
  • The life span of the bulb
  • Start Timer

Which are the Different Mechanisms of Lighting by Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

Commerial lighting fixture

 Commercial lighting fixture

· Downlighting

Downlight is an innovative, stylish, and contemporary way to provide essential lighting in residential and commercial premises.

Technically, this is a lighting fixture that projects light downwards mainly to highlight or provide task light.

Additionally, downlights are also available with an LED bulb that provides adequate lighting while cutting down electricity costs.

Downlight lighting fixture usually attached to ceilings is also known as can lights or pot lights.

They are gaining popularity in the lighting market because of their variety and quality.

Halogen is mostly used in the downlight lighting fixture but is facing stiff competition from the energy-efficient lighting bulbs.

LED bulbs and compact fluorescent lights (CFL) are the power savers gaining popularity in the downlight lighting fixtures.

Also, the downlight lighting has a dimming switch to control brightness and dimming.

· Uplighting

Uplighting lighting fixtures are specially designed to projects light upwards.

Therefore, they are installed at the ground or low levels.

The uplighting lighting fixture finds usage in backyards besides being available in an array of styles.

Advantageously, the uplighting lighting fixtures have a wide beam range, thus suitable for big spaces with large walls.

Also, they provide ambient lights that boost architectural designs and interior décor.

In overall, the uplighting lighting fixture specifically projects ambient lights only.

What is the Difference between Luminaire and Lamp in Commercial Lighting Fixture?

A lamp, also known as bulb is the actual device that lightens to produce light output.

Also, a bulb is replaceable when it burns out. Bulbs are available in several varieties as listed below:

  • CFL bulbs bulbs
  • Incandescent light bulbs
  • fluorescent tubes
  • LED  bulbs and tubes
  • Halogen  bulbs

On the other hand, luminaire, also known as a light fixture, is the bulb and all the components that make up a functional lighting fixture.

These components are:

  • Bulb holder
  • The housing
  • Electrical wiring
  • choke, especially for fluorescent lighting
  • Reflective parts

In a nutshell, the lamp is the light producing elements while luminaire is the lighting system,

Are there LED Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

Technological advancement has led to the innovation of LED commercial lighting fixtures.

The LED commercial has gained wide usage over other types of bulbs.

Also, the wide use of LED bulbs in commercial lighting fixtures is due to their power-saving, low maintenance, and longer lifespan.

Besides, LED commercial lighting produces cool and adequate daylight lights.

This is suitable for a variety of usage and location for ambient and task lights.

With LED bulbs, you do not worry about the constant replacement of bulbs or burned bulbs.

What are the Benefits of LED Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

By choosing LED commercial lighting fixture, you reap benefits of:

· Financial Savings

Lighting fitted with LED bulbs is a bit expensive to buy but has the advantage of low power consumption and longer lifespan.

Besides, it has low maintenance and replacement frequency.

All this translates into a lot of saving in electricity bills and running costs.

· Long Life

The LED is made of diodes that emit light as opposed to other types that heat up to generate light.

Thus LED bulb has a longer lifespan as it does not heat up.

· Energy Efficiency

LED bulbs have a low wattage rating, and high lumen value makes it highly efficient in power utilization.

Research has proven that LED bulb uses 70% less power than other bulbs.

The other types of bulb convert most of their energies into heat while LED efficiently convert energy to light.

For example, a 6 watt LED bulb produces the same brightness as a 40-watt incandescent bulb without heating up.

· High Brightness and Intensity

LED bulbs emit bright light at a lower wattage rating.

Energy-efficient bulbs have low wattage and high lumen while energy-inefficient bulbs have a low lumen and very high wattage ratings.

· Reliability

LED commercial lighting fixtures are more durable and reliable than others.

The LED bulb has no filament or fragile parts hence withstands cold temperatures, impacts, and vibrations than other lightings.

As a result of its stability, it can be used in places with a high-temperature difference, vibrations, and extreme weather conditions.

· Environmental Benefits

The LED commercial lighting fixture is environmentally friendly.

First, bulbs such as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs have environmentally harmful mercury traces.

These mercury traces are not found in the LED bulb.

Secondly, the LED bulb has no carbon dioxide emissions, and it efficiently converts energy into light.

Its long lifespan is safe to the environment as opposed to others with shorter lifespan requiring frequent disposal.

Why is the Wattage of Commercial Lighting Luminaries Important?

Nowadays, the wattage of commercial lighting luminaire is essential when making a selection.

Wattage refers to the energy used to produce light.

The inefficient lighting fixtures have high wattage, thus consumes more power than highly efficient appliances.

For instance, an LED bulb uses low watts than other bulbs to produce the same amount of brightness.

The brightness of the incandescent bulb increases with the wattage rating, which is a factor to consider when buying this type of lighting fixture.

In sharp contrast, this analogy does not apply to the LED commercial lighting fixture.

A 60 watts LED bulb is not comparable to a 60 watts incandescent bulb simply because the LED will be exceptionally bright.

When choosing LED commercial lighting, wattage is irrelevant as its choice is based on lumens.

Wattage in LED lights

Wattage in LED light

Which are the Considerations when Installing Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

You should consider the following:

vi. How each Room will be Used

In every premise, each room has specific usage that requires a particular type of lighting.

For example, a living room may require ambient light while a kitchen will require task light.

· The Ceiling Height and Shape

Ceiling height and shape will affect the type and size of a commercial lighting fixture.

Higher ceilings may require suspenders while low ceilings will do with flush mount lighting fixtures.

· Color of the Walls

The color on the wall affects the ambient lighting of a room.

Besides, the bright colored wall reflects light, while dull colors tend to absorb light.

· Artwork and Highlight Areas

Artwork and highlight areas need projected light, thus choose commercial lighting fixtures with accent light.

· Families of Luminaires

Adjustable lighting accents should complement the interior décor and enhance the style and the elegance of other lighting fixtures and furniture in a room.

Carefully consider the following aspects as you think to install a commercial lighting fixture.

  • The Size and shape of the room or space
  • Movements and activities in the room

What is the Color Rendering Index of Commercial Lighting Fixture?

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is an indication of the color effect of a light source on human beings.

It also refers to interpretations of color variations and shades. CRI ranges from 1 to 100, where the lower value indicates poor colors.

Always choose higher CRI for the ideal color definition.

What are the Quality Standards for Commercial Lighting Fixture?

Commercial lighting fixtures are subjected to safety and performance standards tests by domestic, regional, and international bodies.

All the commercial lighting fixtures are required to conform and comply with the following quality standards:

  • Underwriters Laboratories Standards (ULS)
  • Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Standards
  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standards CE Standards
  • CSA GroupStandards
  • RoHS Standards
  • ISO/CIE Standards
  • ANSI Standards

How can you Test Quality of Commercial Lighting Fixture?

All Commercial lighting fixtures should undergo quality tests and certifications to ascertain and document its safety, quality, and performance.

Quality test certification aids in product trust and ultimate selection by consumers while enabling easy access to domestic, regional, and international trades.

Let us look at some of the necessary tests and certification for commercial lighting fixtures:

· In Situ Temperature Measurement Test (ISTMT)

This is the temperature of the LED lighting bulb within the LED commercial lighting fixture.

Besides, this test determines whether the LED bulb is operating within the specified temperature limits of the LM 80-08 report.

It is the lifespan determination criteria of the LED bulb.

· Electrical Safety Test

It is essential to test for insulation and wiring for potential electric shocks and fire risks of the commercial lighting fixture.

· Photometric Test

Photometric test checks for good light on a surface against the amount of light produced by the commercial lighting fixture lighting bulb.

It also tests the color effects of the light spectrum to human beings.

· EMC Test

This is a test to determine the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the commercial lighting fixture.

EMC tests the effect of electronic emissions of the commercial lighting fixture on other electronic products.

In addition, it checks how the working of the commercial lighting fixture will be affected by other electrical products in nearby places.

Now there you have it – all information you’re looking for about commercial lighting fixture.

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture high-quality commercial lighting fixtures.

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