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Commercial Pendant Lights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

In today’s guide, am going to show you how to choose high quality commercial pendant lights.

First, you will learn what pendant lights are, benefits, features, and quality testing, amongst others.

Then later, you’ll know the necessary quality certifications, installation and how to choose the best pendant light.

Let’s dive right in:

What is Commercial Pendant Lights?

Commercial pendant lighting is a type of multipurpose, stylish, and modern lighting with extensive usage in interior and exterior spaces.

 Commercial office pendant light

 Commercial office pendant light

They add beauty, elegance, and intricacy to a commercial space.

This type of commercial lighting is ideal for illuminating offices, hallways, halls, conference rooms, and entrances.

The pendant is a single lighting fixture suspended or hanged on the ceiling with a cord, rod, or chain. They can also be used in multiples.

Which are the Different Types of Commercial Pendant Lights?

Commercial pendant lights are available in different types to cater to different needs.

The available types of commercial pendant lights are:

a) Multilight Pendants

Multilight commercial pendants are also known as cluster light pendants.

It consists of several lights enclosed in a single unit to produce high quality and adequate light.

They come in different styles and varieties, thus suitable for enhancing architectural designs.

 Multi light pendant

Multi light pendant

b) Inverted Pendants

This commercial pendant light is designed in the shape of a bowl, which points upwards.

Inverted pendants are also known as bowl pendants.

The inverted pendant spills light over the bowl filling an entire room with relaxing and overcast light suitable for evenings.

This light creates a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

The inverted pendants are suitable for homes and are hanged on a ceiling.

It is similar to downlight pendants except that it points upwards to avoid direct light to the floor below.

The inverted bowl helps to eliminate lateral lights and glaring.

Inversted pendant light

 Inverted pendant light

c) Downlight Endants

Downlight pendants are the exact opposite of the inverted pendants lights.

This pendant points downwards, reflecting light to the entire room below.

Downlight pendants are hanged on ceilings to project light to the floor below and can have a pinpoint focus on the surface directly below it.

These types of commercial pendant lights are trendy and widely used in many places.

They are used as task lights to provide direct and bright light onto a work area such as kitchen, workshops, laboratories, and counter.



d) Drum-shade Pendants

Drum-shade pendant is very similar to other pendants but is modified slightly to block out lateral lights while providing ambient light.

A drum shade is used to block out or blur lateral light while allowing light at the top and bottom ends.

5 Drum shade pendants

Drum shade pendants

e) Linear Pendants

Linear pendants are types of commercial pendants hanged on a ceiling.

As the name suggests, linear pendants have several bulbs arranged in a line to produce light inside the pendant.

The linear pendant is mostly used in kitchens and pool tables.

 Linear pendants

Linear pendants

What are the Benefits of Commercial Pendant Lights?

The advantages of commercial pendant lights include:

· Flexible

Compared to other commercial lighting types, commercial pendants are very versatile.

They are attached to hang on the ceiling at a suitable height from the floor or working surface.

Besides, the hanging height can be adjusted to suit your requirement.

· Variety of Styles and Sizes

The commercial pendants lights come in a variety of sizes and styles to fulfill your requirements.

It is very easy to find a pendant light that complements your architectural designs and usage.

·  Saves Space

Pendants are fitted over the working areas such as work stations, and counters, thus saving on space and not cluttering on the area.

The hanging pendants will not intrude on your working table or space, yet being comfortably close to provide lighting.

· Adequate and Quality Light

Commercial pendants are designed to provide adequate and quality lights.

Thus, they are convenient in areas that require sufficient and quality light such as operating theaters, work stations, and kitchen tables.

In addition, they have a flexible cord hence can be twisted, moved or turned to illuminate a specific point or place.

· Pocket Friendly

Commercial pendants are manufactured using high-quality material in highly efficient factories.

This guarantees the user a pocket-friendly product that is long-lasting, high-quality, and cost-effective.

· Decorations

The commercial pendant lighting fixtures come in different sizes, styles, and cool designs, making it ideal for decorations.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing a Commercial Pendant Light?

As you choose commercial pendant lighting for your premise, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

· Room Size

The size of your room will influence the size and type of commercial pendant light.

A big room may be fitted with a single larger pendant or several pendants.

· Drop Height

The distance from the room ceiling to the floor affects the size and type of commercial pendant light.

Generally, rooms with short heights are best fitted with smaller pendants, while a higher ceiling might benefit from larger or several pendants.

· Cost-effective

Cost-effectiveness is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a commercial pendant lighting system.

Cost-effectiveness is a function of input cost (installation cost, pendant lighting cost, energy consumption, maintenance, and bulb replacement costs) against electricity bills.

Nowadays, commercial pedant lights are fitted with energy-saving LED bulbs.

The commercial pendants’ lights with LED bulbs are power saving, long lasting, and low maintenance, thus making them highly cost-effective.

· Quality

You should go for a commercial pendant light made with high-quality materials that translate to long life and low maintenance.

The quality product has enhanced safety features while producing consistent good lights for your comfort and satisfaction.

· Light Output

The new design of LED commercial pendant lighting is more cost-effective with high-quality light output than the fluorescent and ordinary bulbs.

Select the ideal type of pendant to suit your lighting needs, such as ambiance and task lights.

What is the Recommended Size of Commercial Pendant Lights?

Different sizes of pendant lights

 Different sizes of pendant light

The recommended size of a commercial pendant light, according to lighting designers, is medium.

The ideal size is not too small nor too big for the size of the room.

Determination of the recommended size is a function of three measurements clearance, scale, and spacing.

· Scale

This covers the height and diameter of a pendant lighting fitting.

· Clearance

This is the allowance between the floor and the pendant lighting fixture.

The clearance is significant, where pendant lighting is fitted.

Proper clearance should ensure smooth activities beneath the pendant lighting fixture.

Besides, the size of the room and lighting usage determines the clearance or allowance distance.

· Spacing

Spacing refers to the distance between pendant lights and surrounding objects within the room, such as furniture.

How do you Stop a Commercial Pendant Light from Swinging?

Commercial pendants lighting outdoors or in open places often sway from the wind.

Also, a fan can make a pendant inside a room to sway.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can stop a commercial pendant light from swinging.

i. Fixed Rod

A fixed rod is used to prevent pendant lights from swinging.

The pendant lighting is fixed firmly on the ceiling by a rod of the required length.

A fixed rod is different from the ordering rod.

The Fixed rod uses a rigid rod, whereas the ordering rod uses a chain that has hooks joining the rod to the pendant and ceiling canopy.

Thus the ordering rod has some movements at the hooks and chain points. In contrast, fixed rod does not allow any movement.

Remember to provide the specific dropping height and ceiling canopy design when purchasing a fixed rod for your pendant.

The fixed rod length cannot be adjusted on site hence give a precise measurement.

ii. Wind Chains

Wind chains are used to minimize swinging or twisting movement of pendant lights caused by wind.

The wind chain length can be adjusted on-site to your specification.

Besides, the pendant light is modified to include loops for the wind chain to attach to.

Also, the wind chains act as anchors for the pendants.

In general, wind chain fixing plates should be spaced equally on the ceiling or wall, with the four fixing points forming a rectangle.

Wall fixing plates are fixed perpendicular to the pendant while ceiling fixing plates are fixed far away from the pendant.

Is there Difference between Commercial Pendant Light and Suspender?

No, a commercial pendant light can as well be referred to as a suspender or drop.

Therefore, you can use the words interchangeably to refer to the same product.

How can you Test Quality of Commercial Pendant Lights?

Here are product safety and performance tests for a commercial pendant light.

· Fatigue Test

This test checks the functionality, durability, and reliance of the pendant light.

· Functional Test

A functional test checks if the commercial pendant light works well according to the user manual. It does not need any tool or equipment to check:

· Endurance Testing

In the endurance or running test, observe the safety and functional performance of the commercial pendant.

You can do this by leaving the lights on for four or more hours at the highest setting.

· Spectrometric and Photometric Test

This tests encompass all elements of performance features of the commercial pendant lights.

The scope of the test covers color rendering index, luminous flux determination and spectral value percentages.

It also measures color temperature to ascertain the photobiological safety of the lighting fixture.

· Energy Efficiency Test

Also referred to as efficacy testing, the test determines whether a commercial pendant light complies with the consumption standards by an energy-using product.

It measures the quantity of energy the lighting uses while working, as well as when put in standby mode and off.

· Electrical Safety Testing

The test is performed to determine the potential danger of electrical shocks during the usage of pendant lights.

It usually involves the following tests:

  • High voltage test which examines the capacity of a commercial pendant lighting fixture to sustain a high voltage administered between its electrical circuitry and the ground.
  • Leakage current test assess whether the current flowing between a source of power and the ground is not exceeding a designated limit.
  • Insulation resistance testevaluates the used electrical insulation quality.
  • Ground continuity test makes sure there is a clear path between all the bare metal surfaces and the ground of the power system.

Is there Recommended Height for Commercial Pendant Lights?

Commercial pendant light height

Commercial pendant light height

Yes, there are recommended height for commercial pendant lights.

However, the recommendation depends on room size, location, functionality, and aesthetic preference.

As a rule of thumb, pendants should be hanged over 7-feet from the floor and 30-inches from the top of a work surface.

Which are the Common Materials for Commercial Pendant Lights?

Commercial pendant lights are available in the following materials:

· Glass

Glass materials are used in commercial pendant lights but are being replaced by plastics.

Glass is not so ideal because of its fragile nature, especially for outdoor use.

On the other hand, it is easy to clean glasses.

Even though glass creates elegance and sophistication than metal or plastics, it is more expensive.

· Plastic

Plastics are cheaper than metals and glasses for use in commercial pendant lighting.

Also, plastic is more durable than fabrics and is suitable for outdoor use.

It is effortless to create a variety of designs with a modern and elegant style using plastics.

· Metal

Metals are very strong and durable than any other material, thus very ideal for outdoor use.

It can be molded into different shapes and sizes.

However, it is costly than the other materials

· Fabric

Commercial pendant lighting made from fabrics is lovely, creating a soft and welcoming look than the other materials.

They are ideal for bedrooms and lounge areas.

However, fabrics are weaker than other materials despite being the cheapest of all.

· Wood and Bamboo

Bamboo and wood provides rugged and aesthetic pendant shades, but are less often used.

They are common in cottages and cabins or wherever needed to create a rural theme.

What is the Importance of K-Value of Commercial Pendant Lights?

K value for commercial lights

K value for commercial light

Kelvin or K-value is the measure of the color temperature of a particular light bulb.

Color temperature describes the appearance of the light emitted by a commercial pendant light bulb, indicated in degrees of kelvin ranging between 1000 and 10000.

Generally, commercial and residential lighting k-value is in the range of 2000K and 6500K.

Pendant light with a high value of K emits whiter light.

For example, 4000K is suitable for task lighting while 3500K or are used in hospital and commercial places.

Hence the K value helps you to select commercial pendant light ideal for specific locations and usage.

Which are the Available Options for Customizing and Controlling Commercial Pendant Lights?

Several options are available for customizing and controlling commercial pendant lights, and the options include;

· Manual Switch

The manual system is typically the on and off switch for controlling commercial pendant lighting.

· Dimmers

A dimmer can be connected to the pendants to control the level of brightness and dimming of the lights.

· Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is another great option for customizing and controlling pendants.

The pendants fitted with motion sensors automatically switch on when there is a movement and switch off after some minutes when motion stops.

· Timers

The pendants can also be fitted with timers, which automatically switches the lights on and off at specific times as set by the user.

Outdoor pendants can be set to switch on in the evening and switch off in the morning.

· Wireless Control Systems

A wireless control system connected to a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer is another great innovative control system for pendants.

An app is used to control and customize the pendants lights.

The app can control the lights automatically, or an attendant can also control the lights from anywhere anytime.

These options of customizing and controlling lights automatically help to save power.

It also eliminates the need to have a person to switch on and off the pendants manually.

Why is Wattage and Lumen Important when Choosing Commercial Pendant Lights?

Wattage and lumens are significant when choosing commercial pendant light.

Wattage is the energy consumed by a pendant light.

Generally, lower watts signify low power consumption while high watts show high energy usage.

LED commercial pendant lights have low energy usage in comparison to other types of pendant light bulbs.

Lumens is the measure of brightness from a light source.

High lumen value indicates a brighter light, while low lumens indicate a dim light.

Therefore, these two factors are significant when choosing a pendant light.

What are the Advantages of LED Commercial Pendant Lights?

The initial buying price of LED commercial pendant lights is higher than others fitted with ordinary bulbs. However, it has critical advantages over others.

First, LED bulbs last up to 25 times more than the other bulbs.

Therefore, you will stay for long before replacing the LED bulb.

The LEDs bulbs also have low wattage rating hence consume minimal power.

LEDs use approximately 75% less energy than the others, thus making them the ultimate power savers bulbs currently in the market.

In addition, LEDs have bright light and with a cool temperature.

This means that the LED bulb commercial pendant lights will not affect the room temperature.

Lastly, LEDs have very low maintenance.

Combining all the above advantages clearly shows the LED commercial pendant lights to be very cost-effective.

What is the Difference between Plug-in Pendant Lights and Hardwired Pendant Lights?

The difference between plug-in and hardwired pendants lights is mainly in the electrical connection.

Plug-in pendants lights require long cable reaching socket-outlet while hardwired is connected to the junction box.

In addition, wiring of the hardwired pendants is permanent while plugin in pendants is temporarily connected via socket outlet.

Plugin pendants are easy to install, while hardwired pendants are more labor-intensive.

How do you Choose the Right Commercial Pendant Light for your Application?

Hotel pendant light

Hotel pendant light

Choosing a commercial pendant lighting starts with knowing the measurement of the room or space to be installed.

Big rooms need a single large pendant or multiple small pendants fitted together.

Several pendants of varying sizes and styles are suitable for large commercial places.

The next step is to consider drop height, where the pendant will be fitted.

In addition, you may need to consider the cost-effectiveness of the pendants.

As a matter of fact, LED pendants’ lights are highly cost-effective compared to others.

This means that you will save a lot on electricity bills.

Another fact to consider when choosing a pendant light is the material used.

This generally affects the cost, lifespan, and the design of the pendant light.

The usage of the pendant light is also very essential as you make your selection.

Task and ambient lights are used differently and are produced from different pendant types.

How do you Install Commercial Pendant Lights?

Before you start the installation always switch off the power at the main switch.

You will also need basic tools such as wire stripper, plier, screwdriver, and screw nails.

Step 1: Remove the Current Lighting Fixture

The installation and mounting of commercial pendants are identical to ceiling lights and chandeliers lighting fixtures.

Open the junction box and disconnect the wires.

Next, loosen the screws at the mounting bracket and then detach the lighting fixture.

Step 2: Mounting the Commercial Pendant Light

Remove the rod or chain that hanged the old fixture to the mounting bracket.

Next, remove the old bracket and fix the new mounting bracket at the ceiling.

Step 3: Connecting the Pendant

Using the wire stripper, strip off the insulation at the end of pendant wires.

Check the wire colors and connect firmly to the connections in the junction box.

Ensure red to red, green to green, and black to black in the wiring then cover the junction box.

Step 4: Fix the Shade and Bulb

Install the shade and the pendant bulb. Lastly switch on the power at the mains.

If you followed the steps correctly the pendant light should light up.

Besides, if you cannot do the installation, always look for a qualified electrician.

What is the Difference between Chandelier and Commercial Pendant Light?

Chandeliers and commercial pendants appear to be similar but in fact quite different.

The mode of suspension is the major point of dissimilarity.

Chandelier consists of multiple lights hanged with multiple branches, whereas commercial pendant light is hanged by a single suspender.

The other difference is usage.

Chandelier provides ambient light while commercial pendant provides ambient and task lights.

Additionally, the chandelier is expensive and bulky than the commercial pendant.

Can you Install Commercial Pendant Lights without Junction Box?

Yes, not all pendants lighting require a junction box.

For example, plug-in commercial pendant does not require a junction box during installation.

The hardwired pendants need a junction box when installing.

What are the Quality Certifications for Commercial Pendant Lights?

Several quality certifications for commercial pendant lights are available.

Let’s look at the four major quality certifications that are often required by technicians and local authorities:

· UL Certification

Commercial pendant light with a UL mark indicates that it has passed Underwriter Laboratories (UL) safety standards and requirements.

This makes it safe for consumer usage and electrical installations.

· ETL Certification

Electrical Testing Labs (ETL) is an electrical safety certification.

ETL subjects electrical and lighting products to safety standards and requirements tests.

· DLC Certification

Design Lights Consortium (DLC) test for quality and energy efficiency in commercial pendant lightings.

· Energy Star Certification

Energy Star also tests and certifies commercial lighting fixtures for energy efficiency.

· CEE Certification

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency certifies lighting products that comply with their guidelines on efficacy and operational and performance safety.

As you can see, there is a range of factors to consider when choosing commercial pendant lights.

The best part, this guide outlines everything you must consider.

However, in case you have any question, SMAlux team is here to help.

We design, manufacture and supply high quality commercial pendant lights for the American, European, Australian, Asia and African markets.