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SMAlux- Your Trusted Commercial Pendant Lights Provider in China

SMAlux Commercial Pendant Lights are designed with modernity. Have the ability to gives the area more attractive and surely noticeable for both guests and visitors. These been demonstrated having outstanding industrial formations, with the same vintage shade and contemporary designs. Made with structural LED lighting material. These are surely suitable for commercial buildings and establishments.

Commercial Pendant Lights are been described with having replacing head bulbs. These definitely utilize rechargeable equipment or even have an opening tool. These precisely an effective lighting tool when you need to save more power energy and money costs. Applicable for home and workplace office implementations. Available with unique, traditional, or mounted to contemporary style designs. These Pendant Lights can be dangled, frontal lights, or even stretched lights compositions.

These Commercial Pendant Lights are completely in shape Linear LED. These also are in suspended fixtures style, potentially gives a luxurious environment to a room. Have actual size of 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, 4×1 meters. Yet accessible with all tailored sizes. Our established Commercial Pendant Lights generally have the same design with Architectural lighting. Both of them were the same assisting architecture fields. It both applicable when designing interior areas, gives total ambiance beyond your expectations. All design lighting complex has the inclusion of natural white light, downlighter, or both. Best servant tool, assist surely to human necessities.

All pendant kinds of lightings have operative existence up to 50,000 hours. Brighter compared to another type of lighting materials. Been totally certified have low power consummate. However, these Commercial Pendant Lights also give big benefaction for each upcoming project you are planning. Although all commercial areas should be designed with modernism, it is necessary to have pendant lights that bring usual elegance touch to any commercial areas. Perfect light installment and arrangement assuredly provides peacefulness, both mind and business utilities.

Choosing appropriate Commercial Pendant Lights not so hard. Though, you should actually start with the main dimensions of the areas planning lights to be install. Team up pendant’s lights might give undeniable calmness. For larger areas, a grouping of small pendant light gives beautiful effects, pretty ambiance for sure. Commercial Pendant Lights are free with any diversity sizes. Contemporary appearance for some areas surely achieved with this decorative style of lighting.  Heights, weights, widths, deepness must be considered firstly. For you able to know, Commercial Pendant Lights never required to be used at residential uses.

All leading preferable Commercial Pendant Lights come here in SMAlux. Uncommon yet unique style of Commercial Pendant Lights are available with SMAlux global lighting markets. All great engineered pendant lights are same, better for contemporary and either traditional spacious usage. Featured having unusual lighting performance. SMAlux distributes all brilliant lightings that have maximum lights. Both done duties between giving ambient and lighting tasks.

These much better when installed and used as decoration within smaller commercial room. All interior spaces needed quality lights, these Commercial Pendant Lights are best among the rest. Commercial Pendant Lights that passed through complete certifications are all here. Choose what you desired for cheaper price.

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Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixtures: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Whether you are looking for commercial pendant lighting fixture for your LED pendant lights or any other lighting system, you will find all information here.

From classification criteria, quality certification, standards to sizing, you will find all information here.

Keep reading to be an expert in commercial pendant lighting fixture.

What is Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixture?

A commercial pendant light is alighting fixture normally suspended from a commercial premise ceiling by a cord, chain or metal rod.

Pendant lighting fixture

Pendant lighting fixture

It is one of the most versatile types of lighting for both interior and exterior applications.

This type of commercial luminaire provides functional light as well adds modern style to any commercial space.

Which are the Different Types of Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixtures?

There exist various kinds of commercial lighting fitting which include:

· Multi-Light Pendants

Multi pendant light fixture

Multi pendant light fixture

Also known as luster-pendants, multi-light pendants are commonly composed of 2 to 12 lights that are linked to a central fixture.

Designs of these kinds are usually simple and effective in spaces with just a sole overhead electrical opening.

In addition, group pendants are an ideal options when you intend to copy the appearance of a conventional chandelier.

· Inverted Pendant Lights

Inverted pendant light fixture

Invested pendant light fixture

 In some occasions, they are referred to as Uplight commercial pendants.

These types of pendant luminaire cast light inverted pendants project light upwards towards your ceiling.

This makes the fixtures suitable for ambient lighting.

Commercial pendants lighting fitting of this type operates in the same way as semi-flush-mount luminaires.

The only dissimilarity is that it dangles down, instead of being fixed straight onto the ceiling.

They are commonly installed in entrance lobbies.

· Down-light Pendant Lights

Down light pendant light

Downlight pendant light

At times known as bell-shaped pendants, this type of commercial pendant light cast light downwards.

This makes them perfect source of general lighting.

They provide concentrated, direct light that is ideal for large spaces and office.

· Drum-Shade Pendant Lights

Drum shade pendant light

 Drum shade pendant light

Drum-shade commercial pendant lights form a cylindrical shade light diffuser that is normally built from hardback or malleable fabric.

The lighting fixtures can incorporate a luxurious ambiance to any commercial space which equally permits for unlimited ways to combine colors, designs, and usage.

· Linear Pendants

Linear pendant light

Linear pendant light

Just as the multi-light pendants, linear commercial pendant lighting fixtures are made of various light sources which clear out from one canopy.

Some manufacturers modify and produce linear pendants that are flexibly oriented to help provide both downlight and uplight.

How do you Choose the Best Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixture?

Here are the essential factors to consider when selecting pendant luminaires for your commercial space:

· Space

The first step involves determining the size of the space to install the pendants.

Logically, bigger areas will need a larger pendant or several pendants clustered together.

You may consider installing different sizes and designs of pendants for a stylish look and interior decor in your commercial space.

Get the correct measurements, or you may end up buying very large or smaller commercial pendant lights to your space.

Also, proper measurements ensure even light distribution, thus reducing shadows.

· Drop Height

Next, determine the drop height of your business space to determine the required beam angle and lumens.

Higher ceilings need more lumens than lower ones.

· Designs

Pendant lighting fixtures for a commercial spaces are available in an array of designs and sizes.

Some modern commercial pendant lights suitable for both contemporary and traditional spaces feature magnificent blown glass diffusers for effective light distribution and brightness.

This design of pendant light fittings has explicit applications in smaller commercial spaces such as the office and hotel dining area.

There also exist ultramodern commercial pendant lighting fixture designs suitable if you want that ultramodern in your space.

While being slightly expensive and constructed from sustainable materials, such as certified wood and recyclable materials, they have sophisticated shade designs.

Multiple light pendants design is another awesome option for your consideration.

They provide sufficient lighting solutions in both large and small business spaces.

· Cost-effectiveness

Different types of commercial pendant lighting fittings are available in the market, each consuming electricity differently.

In addition to being eco-friendly, LED pendant lights are more cost-effective than those fitted with halogen or incandescent bulbs.

Therefore, when choosing your pendant lights, consider its cost-effectiveness.

The initial price for the highly efficient commercial lighting fixtures might be higher, but the overall saving is worth every dime.

· Power Controls

Many commercial pendant lighting fixtures have various options for power control.

The options include dimmers, light sensors, timers, wireless connections, and integrated lighting control systems.

Depending on your lighting needs and preferences, it is important to consider power control.

Efficient power controls minimize power wastage while saving on electricity costs and human resources.

· Lighting Type

The type of lighting provided by this type of commercial light is as well an important factor to consider.

Some commercial pendant lights provide ambient lights while others provide accent lights.

The accent lights are suitable for providing bright and focused light suitable for highlighting attractive decorations, and artifacts.

On the other side, ambient lights provide sufficient illumination for general lighting in many trade areas.

Commercial spaces such as garage, office, warehouse, and outdoor need different types of lighting.

· Robustness

Choose a lighting fixture that is manufactured using high-quality materials.

This will ensure longevity and a low maintenance budget.

The initial cost of purchasing a high-quality product is high but is more beneficial in the long run.

· Aesthetics

It is essential to consider how the lighting ambiance will affect your business space’s decor and architectural design.

Opt for commercial pendant lighting fixtures that will enhance and complement the architectural designs while highlighting points of interest.

Which are the Different Types of Light Bulbs used in Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixtures?

A variety of bulbs are available in the market which you can utilize in industrial pendant light fitting luminaires, they include:

· Incandescent Lights

These are the typical bulbs that have a tungsten filament, which glows if electric current goes across it, lighting the light fixture.

This type of bulb used in commercial pendant lighting fixture has a lifespan of 700 to 1000 hours and result in energy wastage.

· Compact Fluorescent Lights

CFL are made to substitute incandescent bulbs in commercial lighting fixtures, and they have the same working principle as fluorescent lamps.

These bulb types generate same light quantity using less electricity.

It comprises of several tubular loops that have mercury within and resembles an incandescent bulb.

· Halogen Lights

Halogen bulbs are an advanced variety of incandescent lamps in which the tungsten filament has a compact, clear cover.

Its name is derived from small quantity of Halogen and inert gas that fill up the bulb.

Inclusion of the inert gas boosts the brightness and extends the lifespan of the commercial pendant lighting fixture.

· Xenon Lights

Xenon light bulbs function in similar manner as halogens, though they have a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

Electric current makes the Xenon gas to glow which allows it to attain the similar brightness as halogen bulbs, but with less power.

Different from halogens, these types of bulbs produce less heat, while radiating a modestly warmer color light.

· LED Lights

A LED lamp comprise of several diodes generating the needed quantity of light.

Being a semiconductor, commercial LED pendant lights have high energy efficiency and can generate brighter illumination using less power.

Further LED bulbs can radiate colored lights without utilizing color filters.

What are the benefits of installing commercial pendant lighting fixtures?

Here are some of the advantages of installing commercial pendant lighting fixtures.

· Adaptability

This types of commercial lighting luminaires can be conveniently installed to your preferred height, whereas some lighting fixtures are fixed.

Also, the hanging heights are adjustable to suit your preference.

· Versatility

Pendants lights for commercial spaces are available in a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Hence, you will easily get your preferred selection to complement your decorations while solving your lighting needs.

· Save Space

While providing adequate lights over the working area, pendants save on space, therefore, leaving the working area tidy and organized.

· Sufficient Lights

Pendants are very useful in providing adequate and sufficient lights in trade areas.

This is because the height can be adjusted for wider and even distribution of lights.

· Affordability

Popularity and high demand for pendants have led to mass production of the light fittings.

This has resulted in reduction in price of commercial pendant lighting fixtures.

· Decorative

In addition to lighting functionality, pendant lights come in a variety of styles and designs suitable for decorations and accent illumination in business spaces.

· Ambiance

Hotels and restaurants utilize this type of commercial lighting fitting intelligently to provide intimate and romantic settings similar to candlelit setup.

What are the Applications of Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixtures?

These are versatile types of commercial lighting fixtures for both outdoor and indoor applications.

You can use commercial pendant lighting fixtures in offices, hotels, and retail spaces.

They are commonly installed in the following areas:

  • Lobbies
  • Entryways
  • Banquet facilities
  • Grand foyers

What is the Recommended Hanging Height for Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixtures?

Proper height is important for sufficient lighting and decorations while providing enough clearance for easy movement beneath the pendants.

Thus hanging height rules should be applied to determine the appropriate dangling height of the lighting fixture in commercial spaces.

To provide sufficient clearance, the bottom of the commercial pendant light shade should be 60-66 inches from the floor.

The recommended height for working surfaces such as workstations, desks, or tables is between 28 and 36 inches.

Leave a space of at least 24 inches apart when hanging several pendants within a single space.

Typically, it is advisable to hang your commercial pendant lighting fixtures more than 7 feet above the floor.

Similarly, working spaces need to have at least 30 inches clearance.

In places with a low ceiling, consider using flush mount pendants.

Commercial pendant light

Commercial pendant light

What is the Difference Between Hardwired and Plug-In Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixture?

Plug-in types of commercial pendant lighting fixtures are easy to mount and require less labor in comparison to hardwired types.

However, the primary disadvantaged of plug-in pendant lights is the necessity of longer cords.

This implies that in certain scenarios, the hanging cords may remain visible.

On the other hand, hardwired commercial pendant lights offer a cleaner and glossy app, and perform as a more fixed luminaire.

This is due to the fact that there exist no visible plugs or suspending cables.

However, they are more labor intensive in comparison to commercial plug-in pendant lighting fixtures.

Therefore, in case you opt for commercial hardwired pendant lights, make sure to talk to your supplier prior to your purchase or implementation of your project.

What does of K-Value of Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixture mean?

Kelvin is a measurement unit that denotes the shade of a distinct source of light utilized in commercial pendant lighting luminaires.

A higher K-Value implies bluer or cooler light, whereas lower K-value signifies more yellow or warmer light.

Which are the Different Control Functions of Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixtures?

Here are some of the common power control technology that you integrate with the commercial pendant lights.

They help in minimizing power wastage and cut electricity costs:

· On/Off Switch

This is the basic form of controlling commercial pendant lights.

It consists of a manual switch for putting ON and OFF.

The manual is ideal for small scale lighting control.        

· Dimmers

Dimmers are ideal for controlling the brightness of a commercial pendant lighting fixture to your desired level in addition to switching it ON and OFF.

Basically, they are modified lighting control from the basic on/off manual switch.

· Motion Sensor

This type of lighting control technique entails sensors that detect motion within a certain range.

When motion is detected, the lights turn on or increase brightness automatically.

In the absence of motion, the lights dim or go off automatically.

· Timers

As the name suggests, timers switch commercial pendant lighting fixtures on or off as per the time setting of the switch.

They are available in two types; analog and programmable digital switch.

· Smart Lighting Technology

This is the advanced form of lighting control, which applies smart technology to control lights automatically.

A downloadable app installed on a smartphone or computer remotely controls the lights at a click of a mouse in computers or swipes in smartphones.

Simply switch off or on power using the app or set schedules for controlling the power automatically.

In addition, the smart lighting technology controls brightness level and lighting in a different section of a large commercial premise from the app.

This technology effectively minimizes power wastage, especially in big establishments such as hotels, hospitals, or colleges.

How do you Develop a Cohesive Pendant Lighting in a Commercial Space?

Here are three tips to create cohesive pendant lighting in your commercial space:

i. Blend the Pendants and Mix the Drop Length

Hanging one style of pendant lights within your commercial space is the most straightforward way to produce cohesion.

To take your lighting design to the next level, vary the drop lengths of each pendant.

This will create a unique, eye-catching lighting design.

ii. Coordinate the Color and Blend the Shape

Blending similar commercial pendant lighting fixture styles while maintaining the color consistent is another means to develop a cohesive lighting cluster.

iii. Blend the Color, Drop Length and Shape

When developing a cluster of commercial pendants lights, blending complementary hues and shapes causes coordination within a space.

Why is Watts and Lumens Important in Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixture?

Commercial pendant lighting fixture dimension

Commercial pendant lighting fixture dimension

Lumens indicates the amount of light provided by a lighting source, while watts is the power utilized by fixture to produce the lumens.

Power lighting companies use watts to calculate your electricity bill.

Higher lumens ratings mean brighter lights, while high watts mean higher electricity bills.

Highly efficient commercial pendants use fewer watts than the inefficient types to produce the same amount of lumens.

LED bulbs use fewer watts, while incandescent bulbs use more watts to produce equivalent lumens.

Technology advancements have introduced energy-efficient light luminaires.

For example, there are commercial LED pendant lighting fixtures which use fewer watts while having higher lumens.

Thus, in the current environment conscious world, lumens are more important than watts when selecting the best commercial lighting fixture.

However, watts are important in pendant lights having incandescent and halogen bulbs, as its wattage corresponds directly to lumens.

How do you Determine Required Lumens when Installing Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixture?

The brightness of a commercial pendant lighting source is measured in lumens.

Determining the required lumens for a commercial space involves simple calculations.

Be very careful as poor calculations automatically lead to glaring mistakes.

First, measure the floor’s length and width and multiply the figures to get the square footage of the business space.

Second, multiply the room square footage by the foot-candle needed.

For instance, a 500 square foot commercial space that needs 10-20 foot-candles, will need 5,000-10,000 lumens.

What does a Foot-candle Mean in Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixture?

A foot-candle is a measurement unit of intensity of light emitted by the commercial pendant lighting fixture.

One foot-candle is described as sufficient light to fill a 1-ft square with 1 lumen of light.

Instead of measuring the lumen output of a light source, foot-candle measurements concentrate on the quantity of light that hit a surface area.

In a nutshell, foot-candle is a measurement unit that denotes the amount of light a location receives.

It is a unit that quantifies the light intensity falling on a specific surface, or amount of light emitted from a commercial pendant lighting fitting.

What is the Recommended Size of Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixture?

Pendant lighting fixtures look great when their size is in harmony with the size and decorations of a commercial space.

Bigger pendant lights produce sufficient lights than smaller types.

Generally, commercial pendant lighting luminaires come in a wide range of sizes, from a small type of 5 inches to the biggest of 43 inches in diameter.

Which are the Quality Certifications for Commercial Pendant Lighting Fixture?

These are the key quality certifications you should look for when shopping for commercial pendant lighting luminaires:

  1. UL certification
  2. CEE certification
  3. Energy Star certification
  4. RoHS certification
  5. ETL certification
  6. DLC certification

Are there Quality Standards for Commercial Pendant Lighting Luminaries?

Absolutely, commercial pendant lighting fixtures need to conform to the following international quality standards for lighting fixtures:

  • UL Standards
  • CE Standards
  • IES Standards
  • IEC Standards
  • ISO/CIE Standards
  • CSA GroupStandards
  • ANSI Standards

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture top grade commercial pendant lighting fixture.

So, if you’re looking a commercial pendant lighting fixture manufacturer you can trust, SMAlux is here to help you.