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SMAlux – Your Reliable Solar Street Light Manufacturer in China

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Commercial Street Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything about commercial street lights such as design, features, switching mechanism, material type and quality certifications, amongst others.

Read this guide if you want to be an expert in commercial street light.

What is Commercial Street Light?

Commercial street lights are street lights used for commercial spaces.

They are used by owners of commercial properties in spaces such as country clubs or parking lots among others.

Also, they are used by associations of the homeowner, school districts as well as county and city government.

The right commercial street light option is key for a successful external upgrade.

Since they are highly visible, commercial street lights form an important part of the outdoor look.

Commercial street light

Commercial street light

How do you Choose Commercial Street Light Poles?

When choosing commercial street light poles there are traits you have to evaluate.

These traits are:

· Style

Style is important because when you are installing the light in a new area, you have control over its look.

However, when you are installing the light in an area with an established style the situation is different.

You have to ensure the poles matches the outdoor features, houses, and surrounding of the new area.

· Height

Pole heights commonly range between 9 feet and 14 feet.

You can employ a stand-in pole to determine if the height will be appealing aesthetically.

However, the height of a pole determines the amount of light in an area.

· Durability

You should ensure that your light looks good for a long time.

To achieve this, you have to choose a lighting pole that is made using high-quality aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloy commercial street light poles can withstand demanding weather such as fluctuation in temperature or ice.

What are the Benefits of Solar Powered Commercial Street Light?

A lot of benefits accrue from using solar-powered street lights.

They include:

Solar powered street light

Solar powered street light

· Installation

It is cheaper, faster, and easier to install solar-powered commercial street light.

Grid powered lighting need infrastructure, several engineering analysis, cables trenching, and wiring.

Solar-powered commercial street light does not require underground linking as it is a self-contained separate unit.

Easy installation is suitable when you are installing a light on a paved, existing site.

It eliminates the expenses and hassle of dredging through existing pavements for excavating and future repairs.

Solar-powered street light makes it easy for you to light rural business parking lot, city park sports fields, and roadways.

You can avoid logistical problems and expenses of tapping a grid system that is far away.

· Reliability

They shine bright even when the power grid is down.

As such it provides safety and security when there is a blackout.

Unlike commercial street light that is powered by the grid, its solar-powered stand-alone units provide reliability when the weather is extreme.

When one unit is damaged by a falling tree or lightning strike the whole system does not fail.

· Cost-efficient

Compared to grid-powered commercial street lights, they are cost-efficient and have low maintenance and operating cost.

They produce their power hence do not increase electricity bills.

They last for long and need no or little regular maintenance.

Its lifespan is five times the lifespan of incandescent light.

· Environmentally friendly

Unlike other lights that function using incendiary gases, it uses a solid diode to generate light.

Since it is solar-powered, it does not rely on energy from power plants generated by fossil fuel.

it does not have toxic emissions and produce a small amount of heat.

· Multiple-use

You can use solar-powered commercial street light in several commercial setting.

You can use them in airports, military installation, corporate parks, government facilities, parking lots among others.

How much Power do Commercial Street Lights use?

It is always important to be aware of the amount of power used by your commercial street lights.

Lamps used for street light come in different sizes and levels of consumption.

Nevertheless, they range between 400 and 35 watts.

Residential streets use between 55 and 35 watts, traffic streets use around 150 watts while town centers use between 400 and 250 watts.

Which are the Best Bulbs for Commercial Street Lights?

There is a list of bulbs that you can choose from for your commercial street light based on your needs.

They are:

· Compact fluorescent street light bulb

It is a spiraled bulb and it is efficient as well as less hot than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

It produces light by passing electricity via the gas found in the coil.

The spirals coating makes your light white.

Its color rendering index ranges between 50 and 80, watts range between 9 and 13 while lumen ranges between 550 and 810.

Street light bulb

Street light bulb

· Light-emitting diode bulb

It is the most efficient bulb.

Even though it produces a white looking light, the light has every rainbow color.

It has a lot of blue light that is bad for both animal and human health.

Its color rendering index ranges between 80 and 98, watts ranges between 6 and 9.5 while lumen ranges between 450 and 800.

LED street ligh bulb

LED street light bulb

· Metal halide bulb

They are suitable for stadiums and parking lot.

The metal halide bulb is moderately efficient.

The light has a great color rendition and generates significantly white light.

This means that objects below it have their true color.

It is very light hence contribute to light pollution.

Its color rendering index ranges between 85 and 94, watts range between 250 and 1000 while lumen ranges between 22,000 and 110,000.

Halide street light bulb

Halide street light bulb

· High-pressure sodium bulb

It is the most frequently used street light bulb.

It generates light by passing electricity through a mix of gases.

Due to its low maintenance need, it is preferred.

High-pressure sodium bulb is moderately efficient and it creates a yellow-orange glow.

It takes time to completely turn on.

Its color rendering index ranges between 20 and 24, watts range between 150 and 400 while lumen ranges between 16,000 and 50,000.

pressure sodium bulb

Pressure sodium bulb

· Low-pressure sodium bulb

Low-pressure sodium bulbs work like a high-pressure sodium bulb.

However, it exclusives produce yellow light instead of white light.

It takes a while to go on and it is moderately efficient.

The yellow light gives the object below it a grey or a different color.

Its color rendering index is -44, watts range between 18 and 55 while lumen ranges between 1,800 and 7,800.

Low pressure sodium bulb

Low pressure sodium bulb

How do you Choose Commercial Street Light Fixture?

When choosing commercial street light fixtures, you should consider several things.

They include:

· Purpose of the fixtures

Commercial street light fixtures are used for different purposes.

There are commercial street fixtures suitable for decorative purposes.

Also, we have flood commercial street light fixtures.

They are appropriate for lighting landscapes and billboards.

Landscape commercial street light fixtures are good for pathways, courtyards, and walkways.

· Fixture finish and style

There exist several styles of commercial street light fixtures you can select from.

Therefore, before choosing a commercial street light you should consider the style of the fixture.

You can choose ASL fixture, viper fixture, ratio fixture, or urban fixture.

· Performance and expected life of fixtures

Heat management is the key to attaining the expected life and performance from light fixtures.

Heat is managed via the design of the fixture, light rating, and current operating a light.

Fixtures with high heat management have a long expected life and high performance.

· Fixture color

Different colors give fixtures varying appearance.

The color of fixtures is determined based on correlated color temperature.

High correlated color temperature fixtures look cool and have blue content.

Low correlated color temperature fixtures appear warm and have red content.

Street light fixtures correlated color temperature ranges between 4,000 and 5,700K.

From this range, you can select the right color for your fixture.

· Fixture construction

Construction and material indicate a fixture’s lifespan.

You can review the fixtures test report to determine the quality of its construction.

The tests you should review are salt fog, salt spray, Ingress protection, and vibration testing reports.

The outlined tests indicate the fixture’s ability to withstand liquids, solids, impacts, and weather.

Also, the warranty of a fixture indicates the quality of its construction.

Fixtures with a long warranty have a strong construction.

What are the Features of LED Commercial Street Light?

LED commercial street light has features that make it a suitable lighting option for commercial streets.

They include:

· Energy saving

It uses few energy and very efficient source of light.

· Light gain

LED commercial street light has a light output of more than 30 lumens per watt.

Colored LED commercial street light has a light output of 50 lumens per watt.

Light gain expands continuously and it doubles after every two years.

· Long lifespan

It has an operational life of up to 50,000 hours.

· It is compact

Compared to commercial street lights it has small dimensions for equivalent light output.

It has no radiation.

LED commercial street light does not produce infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

It does not emit heat towards an illuminated object hence can be used to light materials that easily fade like art and food.

· Durable and dimmable

It can withstand vibration and impact.

It can also be dimmed.

· Colored

LED commercial street light can effectively produce colored light.

It can produce more than 16 million colors.

How do you Switch Commercial Street Lights ON/OFF?

Commercial street light automatically goes on and off.

It has a light sensor that turns the street light on at night and off during the day.

Further, it has a motion sensor that brightens light when there is motion and dims light if motion is not detected.

Today, most automatic street lighting systems are common in most commercial setups.

When should you use Grid Powered Lighting and not Solar Commercial Street Light?

When installing a commercial street light in an area without sufficient sunlight, you should use grid-powered lighting.

What are the Advantages of Commercial Street Lights?

There are many advantages to using commercial street light.

  • Commercial street lights reduce the cost of energy and consumption of energy.
  • They have a long lifespan as such they have a low cost of maintenance.
  • Commercial street lights are visibly committed to efficiency and enhance safety via enhanced visibility.
  • These lights have low light pollution and trespass, instantly go on, and have no disposable hazards like lead and mercury.
  • The lights provide programmable control opportunities.

What are the different Types of Commercial Street Light Fixtures?

There are different types of commercial street light fixtures you can use.

They include:

· Area sight lighter fixtures

Area sight lighter fixtures are modern designs with a mix of shoebox and cobra head style.

Area sight lighter fixture uses directional LED to illuminate areas where light is required and light is not wasted.

It is used for perimeters, pathways, parking lots, and roadways.

Its housing is made of die-cast aluminum.

This fixture utilizes directional LEDs to provide light where it is needed and not wasted.

It comes in platinum silver, white, gray, bronze, gray, and black finish.

Area sight lighter fixtures have a dimming driver and several light distributions.

This type of fixture uses a 15-50 watt LED lamp.

· Viper fixtures

Viper fixtures are modern fixtures with the same style as standard cobra head.

It provides illumination in a wide array of distribution patterns and wattages.

It is dark sky compliant and uses directional LEDs.

It is used in perimeters, pathways, parking lots, and roadways.

Viper fixtures used LED light source, has a dimming driver, has several light distribution options, and is made of die-cast aluminum.

This fixture uses 15-80 watt LED lamps.

· Ratio fixtures

Ratio fixtures have the same style as mainstream shoebox fixtures.

Its casing is made using die-cast aluminum.

It has dimming drivers, uses LED light sources, and has several light distributions.

Ratio fixtures are available in white, dark bronze, black matte, and platinum silver finishes.

This fixture uses 15-100 watt LED lamps.

· Dusk to dawn fixture

Dusk to dawn fixture uses a refractor lens to push out light in large circles.

It provides lighting in both asymmetrical and symmetrical patterns.

This fixture comes in gray finishes and it is used in perimeters, walkways, parking lots, and roadways.

It uses 10-20 watt LED lamps.

What Materials Are Commercial Street Lights made of?

Commercial street lights are made using stainless steel, polycarbonate acrylic, and high grade cast aluminum material.

Polycarbonate is used because it is durable and highly resistant to impact.

As such it is minimally likely to be vandalized or damaged.

Acrylic on the other hand is used because it is resistant to aging and weathering.

This allows them to withstand extreme weather and last for long.

Stainless steel and cast aluminum are used in making commercial street light fixtures because they are resistant to temperature.

They are also resistant to corrosion and have high tensile strength.

The outlined features make commercial street light temperature, impact, and weather resistant.

Further, commercial street light fixtures are coated using baked urethane or polyester powder coat.

These materials are resistant to harsh temperatures, resistant to impact, and a wide array of hardness.

Are Commercial Street Lights Environmentally Friendly?

Commercial street lights are environmentally friendly due to the following reasons:

  • The lithium battery used for lighting commercial street light is recyclable.

Recycling agencies can recycle lithium batteries when its lifespan ends meaning it does not end up in the landfill.

  • When solar power is used to light a commercial street light, the carbon footprint is lowered as solar energy.

This prevent carbon from being emitted to the atmosphere.

  • Also, commercial street light does not emit infrared and ultraviolet radiation which are harmful to the environment.
  • Commercial street lights use LED lights and these lights are environmentally friendly.

LED lights do not contain mercury that contaminates the environment when it ends up in the landfill.

  • They use bulbs that have a long lifespan.

A long lifespan implies a low level of carbon emission, this is because fewer lights are manufactured and transported.

Remember, the sustainability must focus on both the lighting systems and street lighting housing.

How do you Customize Commercial Street Lights?

You can customize commercial street light based on your specifications.

  • Solar commercial street light comes with a wide array of additions, batteries, and wattages.

Thus you can select the batteries and wattages option that aligns with your needs.

  • Commercial street lights can be customized to align with installation in locations that are demanding.

You can customize the light for mine sites, ocean fronts, or areas that are prone to vandalism.

  • There are various fixture options for a commercial street light that you can use for your light.

You can choose viper, ratio, dusk to dawn, and area sight lighter fixtures.

  • Further, there are several light bulbs that you can choose from for your commercial street light.

You can use LED bulbs, metal halide bulbs, high-pressure sodium bulbs, low-pressure sodium bulbs among others.

What is the Role of Solar Controller in Solar Commercial Street Lights?

A solar controller is a necessity for storing excess electricity in batteries.

The solar controller regulates the flow of energy from the photovoltaic array and directly transfer it to batteries.

In doing this a solar controller gives batteries a long lifespan.

By regulating the flow of energy, the solar controller increases the effectiveness of solar array by 30%.

Solar controller

Solar Controller

What are the Downsides of Solar Commercial Street Light?

Although a lot of benefits accrues from using commercial street lights, there are downsides to using it.

Notwithstanding the improvements in batteries; they work for only 1-3 hours before needing a recharge unless you have an AC backup.

This shortcoming makes it suitable for regions with a lot of sunlight during the year.

What is the Lifespan of Commercial Street Light?

Commercial street lights have a guaranteed lifespan of 5 years.

They work for 10 years without maintenance and are expected to last for an average of 30 years.

How do Solar Commercial Street Lights Work?

To fully understand the advantages of using commercial street light, you have to understand how it works.

In a solar commercial street, when sunray reaches solar cells, the solar panel collect solar energy.

It then transforms solar energy into electricity.

During the day, solar battery charges the storage battery that powers LED lamps during the night. The controller protects the storage battery from over-discharge or overcharging.

What is the Recommended IP Rating for Commercial Street Light?

Ingress Protection rating measures light protection against solid and liquid objects.

The first number (0-6) shows resistance to a solid object and the second number (0-8) shows protection from water.

Outdoor lights such as commercial street light should have an IP rating of 65.

IP65 rating provides total protection from water jets and foreign bodies.

How much do Commercial LED Street Lights Cost?

The cost of commercial street light varies with the lumen, watt, and construction of the light.

The higher the lumen, IP rating and watt, the higher the cost.

How do you Test Quality of Commercial Street Light?

To ensure that you receive high-quality commercial street lights, quality tests are done on the light.

  • Photometric tests are done to measure the performance of commercial street lights.

They include luminous influx, luminous intensity and efficacy, color rendering index, and correlated color temperature.

  • Luminous flux measures the amount of energy a light source radiates in all directions.
  • Luminous intensity measures a point source luminous influx.
  • Luminous efficacy measures the luminous influx subject to the emerged used to produce it.
  • Color rendering index measures light ability to reveal an object’s natural color.

It is measured in CIE Ra and its highest value is 100.

  • Correlated color temperature measures light source color subject to a black body at a given temperature.

Color temperature is measured in degree Kelvin (K).

The color temperatures of more than 5000K such a bluish-white are cool colors.

Color temperatures of between 2700-3000K like yellowish-white to red are warm colors.

What is the Recommended Wattage for Commercial Street Light?

There is no standard wattage for a commercial street light since it varies with the places it is used.

The ideal wattage for a commercial street light depends on the pole height and the width of your road.

Why is Lumen Important when Choosing Commercial Street Light?

Lumen helps in showing the volume of light produced compared to consumed energy.

It is advisable to avoid high lumen commercial street lights.

What is the Best Color Temperature for Commercial Street Lighting?

Choosing the appropriate type of light for outdoor lighting is very important.

Choose warm color temperatures of between 2700 and 3000K.

This color temperature creates a natural and soothing tone hence create a comfortable, relaxing street environment.

Street light color temperature

Street light color temperature

Which Certifications Should Commercial Street Lights have?

To be considered suitable for lighting streets, commercial street lights must have several certifications.

They are:

· Design Lights Consortium Certification

This certification is given to commercial LED lights subject to the warranty period, stress withstanding ability, and the maintenance.

It is also based on light output and distribution as well as color rendering capabilities.

· Consortium for Energy Efficiency

Consortium for Energy Efficiency certification examines the efficacy, operational safety, and performance of commercial lights.

· ENERGY STAR certification

It indicates that the light is using less energy than traditional bulbs and has a lifespan of between 10,000 and 50,000 hours.

It also indicates that the light produces a consistent volume of light throughout its life.

· Dark Sky certification

Dark Sky certification indicates that a commercial street light lessens light trespass and glare.

It indicates that light source is protected and light output is not projected to over 90 degrees in a vertical plane.

Why Should You Buy Fully Assembled Commercial Street Light?

For easy installation and to avoid making mistakes when sourcing commercial street light parts, you should buy a fully assembled light.

At SMAlux, we give you the best commercial street light systems.

Contact us today for affordable prices of commercial street lights.