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SMAlux- Your Qualified Commercial Vanity Lights Supplier In China

SMAlux Vanity Lights designed to bring more brightness in every commercial and residential bathroom. These type of lights has a long fixture designed to mount above and behind of the mirrors. This is great for mirror lighting applications, like public bathroom mirrors and even in bedroom mirrors. It helps users see clearer faces when using mirrors. There are many types of vanity mirrors that can be great for any applications. The focal point of every commercial mirror is the bathrooms. To catch people’s attention, vanity lights are the great lights to be installed.

You can choose any type according to your applications. LED light fixtures are accessible at the SMAlux market including fluorescents. This is the energy-efficient type of light that can last for long usage. You can also select dimmable vanity lights for changing modes. There are also motion sensor vanity lights for unique bathroom lighting. For lighting control, remote or sensor control is mostly founded at the market including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control. It can be easier if you install the SMAlux app on your device.

SMAlux commercial vanity lights can be installed 40 inches at the top of the mirrors. There are also types of vanity lights that can be installed around the mirrors such as vanity strip lights.  This is the most popular vanity lights used by many artists for perfect brightness. For dark commercial bathrooms, you can use 100 watts vanity lights.

SMAlux Vanity lights do provide reflection similar to the natural lights for a clearer view. It has a clear visualization when applying make-up. It can be great as a decoration for commercial bathrooms and cosmetic rooms. It also provides great glamour to the commercial bathrooms to catch customer’s attention from supermarket comfort rooms. Energy-Efficient lighting designed to provide great ambiance to any applications.

Our commercial vanity lights are also energy saver and less maintenance. It may help users save their cash and time efforts. It is more usable than other lighting and offers durable quality. For perfect reflections, you should choose the power of magnification. SMAlux commercial vanity lights can offer long-lasting effects. You can be able to replace it in many years because it offers long-lasting usage. You can turn it on all day long without any problem. It has usage offers about thousands of hours.

There are lots of choices when purchasing vanity lights for commercial lighting. This is hard but you have to for the sake of your business success. All you have to do is to identify the products you ordered and most of all, your vanity lights provider. Find a manufacturer who can be able to take care of your ordered products and supply the best quality according to your taste. Find a manufacturer who passed a lot of certification for your business safety.

Since SMAlux was established, we built an excellent relationship with our customers. They trust our quality services according to their project needs. You can trust our quicker actions if you need to order vanity lights.

You can contact us directly so you can get a complete quotation.

Commercial Vanity Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for commercial vanity lights.

Or, you would like to learn more about commercial vanity lighting systems.

Whichever the case, this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about vanity lights.

Let’s dive right in.

What are Commercial Vanity Lights?

The commercial vanity light is a type of lighting fixture created to be installed over the bathroom vanity.

The commercial vanity light is a form of task lighting and does not fully light a commercial space on its own.

Its main goal is to provide even light for your task thereby increasing the brightness of commercial space.

Bathroom vanity light

 Bathroom vanity light

To ensure that there is light throughout a commercial space you should include other light layers to provide ambient light to your commercial bathroom as a whole.

You can use pendant or ceiling lights to provide ambient bathroom lighting.

Commercial vanity lights have a long fixture created to mount it behind and above the mirrors.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Vanity Lights?

In using commercial vanity light, you will receive a lot of benefits.

Some of these benefits are:

They make your commercial bathroom functional. It provides the bright task light needed for bathroom use.

Besides, it adds the directional light necessary for daily tasks such as the application of makeup.

To help you complete your task in the bathroom vanity light avoid shadows.

Commercial vanity light equips you with a chance to create a commercial space with comfort.

This is because of the soft appeal created by the several methods of layering employed in its design that produces an exceptional ambiance.

Are Commercial Vanity Lights Customizable?

You can customize a commercial vanity light to your specifications.

  • You can customize the light strip and light bars of your commercial vanity light.

Strips and bars used on vanity lights are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

For instance, in a large commercial bathroom, you can use 96-inch strips or 72-inch bars or several small bars.

  • Furthermore, you can customize the color and texture of your commercial vanity light. Depending on the color or style of your commercial bathroom the perfect color for your vanity light is available.

You can select from black, bronze, industrial, clear glass, chrome, or crystal vanity lights.

  • Also, you can customize the lamp of your commercial vanity light.

Consider choosing LED, Xenon, Incandescent, Fluorescent, or Halogen vanity lamp.

What are the Materials used for Making Commercial Vanity Lights?

To ensure that your commercial vanity light meets your functional and aesthetic requirements, different materials are used.

They include steel, acrylic, metal, and glass.

What are the Main Types of Commercial Vanity Lights?

Subject to your taste, your income, and requirements there is a wide array of commercial vanity lights you can select from.

They are:

· Young House Love Bubble Vanity Light – 2 Light

Young House Love Bubble Vanity Light – 2 Light has mid-century contemporary characteristics.

It is available in dark bronze or nickel backplate with a mix of polished nickel, brushed brass, bronze brass, and white brass.

 Young house love bubble vanity light

Young house love bubble vanity light

· Soft Seeded Commercial Vanity Light

Due to its classy bath light, soft seeded vanity light introduces a gentle and bright charm to rustic and modern rooms.

The classy seeded glasses, curved shades, and round backplate give it a gentle flash suitable for incorporating a minimal feel of style.

The soft seeded vanity light is made using metal or glass and it can be seeded glass or matte black.

Soft seed vanity light

Soft seed vanity light

· Pinnacle Commercial Vanity Light

The steel housing and thin silhouette of Pinnacle Vanity Light depicts a contemporary masterpiece.

The contemporary style gives your commercial bathroom taste when positioned horizontally or vertically.

Pinnacle Vanity Light is made using steel or acrylics and it can be white or age brass in color.

Pinnacle Vanity Light has an integrated LED and the backplate is rectangular.

Pinnacle vanity light

Pinnacle vanity light

· Volta Glass Commercial Vanity Light – 3 Light

The sleek, clean, and refreshing designs of Volta Glass Vanity Light – 3 Light flashes light.

In doing so it enables versatility in designing a space.

Also, the clear glass shades of Volta Glass Vanity Light – 3 Light soothe the classic aesthetic of the mid-century giving the ambiance a delicate quality.

 Volta glass vanity light

Volta glass vanity light

· Dewdrop Globe Vanity Light – 2 light

Dewdrop Globe Vanity Light – 2 light has metal caps that are petal-shaped and that hold opal glossy glass globes.

The double light scones are suitable for a mid-century or cottage-style space.

Dewdrop Globe Vanity Light – 2 light is made using glass or metal, it is UL damp and it is satin brass in color.

Dew drop vanity light

 Dewdrop vanity light

· Glass Vial Commercial Vanity Light

Glass Vial Commercial Vanity Light is a vial shaped transparent glass light that combines industrial chic and modern aesthetic designs.

Also, it comes in blackened bronze or brushed nickel.

Glass Vial Commercial Vanity Light can be mounted horizontally or vertically and it is made using metal or glass.

Glas vial vanity light

Glass vial vanity light

· Mixed Metal Globe Commercial Vanity Light – 4 light

This is a contemporary mid-century vanity light.

Normally, Mixed Metal Globe Commercial Vanity Light – 4 light has a glass globe and a frame made of mixed metal.

 Mixed metal light

Mixed metal light

Besides, they are available in matte black or antique gold.

Mostly, these lights are made using metal or glass.

What are the Major Styles of Commercial Vanity Lights?

Based on your specifications, there are different styles of commercial vanity lights that you can select from.

They include:

· Tech Lighting Style

Tech lighting commercial vanity light style specializes in design that is forward-looking.

They include lighting such as aesthetic incandescent lamps and energy-efficient LED lights.

· Minimalist Style

minimalist commercial vanity light styles provide several simple multi and single vanity light.

To the minimalist style vanity light, you can add metal and glass light to give it a sophisticated look.

· Modern Style

Modern style commercial vanity light styles are used to channel light towards the ground.

To provide balanced lighting you can install several vertical vanity lights in a commercial space to give it a modern style.

Are Commercial Vanity Lights Environmentally Sustainable?

To ensure that your commercial space contributes to environmental sustainability, you should use commercial vanity light.

The commercial vanity light is low maintenance and energy saving.

The commercial vanity light is usable for a longer time than other types of light and provides durable quality.

You will not have to replace it for a long time since it provides long-lasting use and you can keep in on throughout the day since it offers you thousands of hours of usage.

As such commercial vanity light allow you to save on time, cash and reduces your level of carbon emission and waste that end up in the landfills.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing Commercial Vanity Light?

To ensure that you have the right vanity light for your commercial space you should take into account the design style, bulb type, finish, and size.

· Size

To achieve a balanced look you have to choose the right size.

When the light is too big it will undermine your décor and if it is too small it will no longer be functional.

Therefore, you should ensure that you choose the right size based on the measurements of your commercial space.

The commercial vanity light is available in two, four, and three-light forms to suit large or small rooms.

Although if you want sufficient light you must select the one that is smaller than your vanity.

If you have a long commercial vanity light you should use over one bath bar to hold it in place.

Alternatively, you can use scones instead of bath bars.

For average rooms you can use 18-inch scones, for a small room you can use 12-inch scones, and for large rooms, you can use 19-inch scones.

Scones are preferred because they enhance the volume of usable light in a room and add style to your commercial space.

· Finish

The finish of your commercial vanity light can or cannot match with the existent fixtures and faucets in your commercial space.

You can use chrome or polished nickel finishes if your fixtures are shiny and if your fixtures are brushed you can use brushed nickel finished.

Alternatively, you can go for black, bronze or antique brass finishes.

· Bulb Type

For commercial vanity light, you should use opal glass or frosted shades.

Since filaments from naked light bulbs are blinding you should not go for glass shades or naked bulbs.

However, if you wish to use naked bulbs or clear glass you can pair it with frosted, dipped, or coated bulbs which will help in providing a flattering and even light effect.

Also, you could use even LED bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs.

These types of bulbs are recommended because they save energy, are durable, and release a low amount of heat.

· Style

You should choose a style that matches your personality.

If your commercial space is luxurious and has a lot of details you should choose a traditional style.

Commercial style is suitable for you if you are like a sleek modern appearance or if you are a minimalist.

Transitional look on the other hand is good for you if you want a balance between current and traditional look.

What is the Difference Between Commercial Barn Light and Commercial Vanity Light?

In choosing the right light for your commercial space you should know the difference between commercial vanity light and commercial barn light.

 Commercial barn light

 Commercial barn light

Vanity light

 Vanity light

  • While commercial barn light only direct light downwards, commercial vanity light direct lights both upward and downward.
  • Also, commercial barn light is a form of ambient lighting while commercial vanity light is a form of task lighting.

What are the Various Shades of Commercial Vanity Light?

There are different shades of commercial vanity light available for you to select from.

  • For a traditional commercial space, you can use a vintage bell shape shade and for a contemporary look, you can choose a cylinder-shaped shade.
  • Also, shades are majorly made used different types of glass.

If you want to add a dimension you can use textured shades and if you are looking for more output of light you can choose a simple and clear shade.

  • Some major shades used for commercial vanity light are white opal, alabaster, white etched, hammered, frosted ribbed, frosted and clear glass.

What are the Different Finishes of Commercial Vanity Light?

There are three commercial vanity light finishes that you can choose from.

Based on your style you can choose stainless steel, brushed nickel, or chrome finishing for your commercial vanity light.

  • When used in your commercial space stainless steel finish provides an explicit look while brightening and accenting your space.
  • Brushed nickel finish gives your commercial space a warm glow and a classic look.
  • Chrome finish produces a perfect ambient light and augments your commercial space with its clean and simple appeal.

What are the Different Commercial Vanity Light Shapes you can choose from?

The wide array of available light shapes enables you to be flexible in your designs and select a fixture that fits your commercial space perfectly.

Some of the common shapes are:

· Bar

Bar commercial vanity light gives a classic touch.

Normally, bar commercial vanity lights are made up of long rectangular shade covering several lamps rendering them a suitable alternative for including a long-lasting array of LEDs.

 Bar vanity light

 Bar vanity light

· Cage

Cage commercial vanity light induces an industrial, rugged mood and regularly enables light to shine unhampered without a disperser for an airy, open appearance.

Cage vanity light

Cage vanity light

· Globe

Globe commercial vanity lights are contemporary mainstay lighting and are suitable for creating a clean, sleek, and somewhat eccentric aesthetic.

 Globe vanity light

 Globe vanity light

Globe commercial vanity light covers your lamp in a frosted or clear global shade giving your commercial space a refined panache.

· Shades

Shades commercial vanity light comprises of several styles and shapes that cover lamps with a commercial vanity light shade.

Glass shade vanity light

Glass shade vanity light

Although shades commercial vanity lights are versatile and diverse you should choose fixtures with glass or metal shades.

This is because fabric shades are not appropriate for damp areas unless rated for safety.

Alternatively, if you are interested in fabric shades you can go for those designed specifically for damp spaces or use it in areas where water or moisture will not damage the material.

· Tube

Tube commercial vanity light is akin to bar lights. However, they have a significantly futuristic appeal.

Tube vanity light

 Tube vanity light

The long and tube shape of a tube commercial vanity light makes things simple and sleek for rooms that are significantly understated.

What are the Types of Bulbs used in Commercial Vanity Lights?

Commercial vanity light bulbs are available in all styles, sizes, and shapes so you can select the most appropriate shine and look for your commercial space.

The most frequently used types of commercial vanity light bulbs are:

· Edison Bulb

Edison bulb

Edison bulb

Edison commercial vanity light bulbs have a vintage and historic feel.

There are several styles of Edison bulbs.

Traditional Edison commercial vanity lights bulb has a unique tapered bulb shape with a seeable coiled filament in the middle.

Since the coiled filament is a popular and appealing look it is found in styles such as globe-shaped and tube bulbs.

These styles of bulbs are also known as Edison bulbs.

· Globe Bulb

Globe commercial vanity light bulbs are a stylish and fun alternative for fixtures with clear shades or naked bulbs.

 Globe bulb

Globe bulb

Also, globe commercial vanity light bulbs look good when peering from under opaque or translucent shades in the fixtures installed over a mirror.

Globe bulbs are suitable for creating a distinct look and emphasizing geometric appearances in your commercial space.

· Halogen Bulb

Halogen bulb

 Halogen bulb

Halogen commercial vanity light bulb is a long-lasting substitute for mainstream incandescent bulbs that are occasionally employed in slim commercial vanity fixtures.

You should check the specifications of your light to determine if you need a halogen commercial vanity light bulb.

Although halogen bulbs are available in standard candle base or medium base arrays, halogen bulbs are majorly used for a specialized wedge or bi-pin lamp bases.

· Incandescent Bulb

Incandescent commercial vanity light bulb is classic bulbs that have been a vanity linchpin for years.

They are available in a wide array of styles and shapes but are not energy efficient or long-lasting like LED bulbs.

 Incandescent bulb

 Incandescent bulb

· LED Bulb

LED bulb

 LED bulb

LED commercial vanity light bulb is a modern-day bulb technology.

LED bulbs are versatile, energy-efficient, and long-lasting.

Normally, the LED commercial vanity light bulb allows for several color brightness and temperature. Thus you can use it to customize your commercial space.

Even though most vanity lights have integrated permanent LED clusters, you can use LED bulbs to modernize and update any fixtures

Where does Vanity Light Work best?

Vanity light works best in both residential and commercial bathrooms. Also, they are functional in salons, photography studios, walk-in closets, and dressing rooms.

In the outlined spaces without or with limited natural light, vanity light provides illumination, brighten your space, concentrate your task light.

You can use small vanity lights for small spaces and you can arrange several small vanity lights for a bigger space.

Therefore, if you are using vanity light, you should take into account its purpose in your space.

If you use vanity light for your bathroom you should ensure that it is damp or wet-rated to guarantee that it is functional and safe.

For other spaces, you should determine whether you require a task or ambient lighting to know whether you need a commercial vanity light.

For instance studios and dressing rooms require bright lighting while nooks and hallways need dim light.

How does Commercial Vanity Light differ from Ambient and Accent Lighting?

You can install a light for many reasons. Based on your reasons and requirements there are three classes of light and they are task, accent and ambient lighting.

  • The commercial vanity light is a form of task lighting. Task lights are used mainly for functional purposes and less for aesthetic purposes.

The task light is a light meant to attain a particular goal or assist you in light areas that are poorly lit.

It is installed in areas where ambient light is not needed be it in terms of brightness or application.

As a task light commercial vanity light true functionality lies in its ability to produce directional light for daily tasks.

  • Ambient lighting on the other hand is a type of lighting used to provide light in a space to allow users to move around the space safely.

Subject to its role it is important that you choose ambient light that produces comfortable brightness.

Ambient light is available in several styles and its main objective is ensuring significant light distribution.

When choosing ambient light you should take into account the size of your space and the natural light that may add to the overall lighting.

  • If you want to add more character and drama to your space or object you can use accent light.

Unlike commercial vanity light, accent light draws attention to the things or spaces you wish to stand out.

Accent light tweaks the stature and presentation of existing areas or items in your space.

In professional and commercial space accent light is used by artists or businesses to highlight artwork and products using light to emphasize styles and images.

How is Wall Scones used with Commercial Vanity Light?

When you use modern commercial vanity light for task lighting in your commercial bathroom you can incorporate accent light with wall sconces use.

Wall scones emphasize the design of your commercial bathroom by building depth and accentuating various areas of your commercial bathroom.

When your accent and task lighting are covered, the only left section is ambient lighting.

Wall scones provide ambiance by illuminating the entire commercial bathroom and providing the light needed to navigate.

What are the different Ways of Installing Commercial LED Vanity Lights?

Installing a commercial LED vanity light is the best way of enhancing an illumination’s efficiency and elevating a space’s atmosphere.

Once a commercial LED vanity light is working it reinvigorate your commercial space with a nice environment.

When it comes to the feel and look of your commercial space it is important that you consider how your commercial LED vanity is positioned.

You can position your commercial LED vanity light vertically or horizontally.

  • If you want a lot of light in your commercial space you should use vertical and horizontal commercial LED vanity light.

The position of your commercial LED vanity light also varies with the size of your commercial space.

  • When installing a light over a mirror that is horizontal and long you should use a horizontal commercial LED light bar.

In a small room, you can hang two commercial vertical LED lights on the sides of a mirror.

How do you Choose Commercial LED Vanity Light?

If you want to modernize your commercial space, commercial LED vanity light is appropriate. When choosing a commercial LED vanity light there is a wide array of styles and types you can select from.

  • Firstly there is commercial LED bath bars or light bar that generates rectangular light strips that are generally installed on the side or above mirrors.

Some rays of light channel illumination over space while others focus light on the ground.

  • Secondly, you can use LED wall lights alone or together with light bars to enhance your room’s brightness.

LED-wall scones offer you a suitable option to create a mood with a beautifying style and significant lighting.

  • Thirdly, you should check if your chosen commercial LED vanity light will be appropriate for your commercial space.

You should determine if your chosen light is listed on UL for damp or wet locations before installation.

What are the Advantages of Commercial LED Vanity Light?

You will receive a lot of advantages when you use commercial LED vanity light for your space.

  • Commercial LED vanity light enhances the illumination quality of your commercial space. When your space has low temperature and low voltage commercial LED vanity light to equip you with bright and high-quality illumination.

For example, a mirror that is LED-lit offers you an open visualization because it imitates natural light

  • Since they use less energy commercial LED vanity light cuts your electricity bill and is environmentally friendly.
  • Compared to other types of light commercial LED vanity light lasts longer and is durable. This saves you from having to change your light bulbs constantly.

What is Crystal Commercial Vanity Light?

Crystal commercial vanity light is a form of light used to incorporate an additional dimension to a commercial bathroom space.

If placed strategically, a crystal commercial vanity light can add additional illumination gives your bathroom space a distinct setting and a relaxed ambiance.

You can use crystal commercial vanity light to transform an ordinary commercial bathroom into an elegant and sophisticated space.

To get the needed effect crystal commercial vanity light is normally set up around the bathroom mirror.

You do not have to use unappealing and boring mainstream fixtures for your commercial space.

This is because crystal commercial vanity light transforms your commercial bathroom into a beautiful room.

Crystal commercial vanity light does not just illuminate the area before your mirror.

It also integrates with the ceiling fixtures to produce a light source suitable for every corner of your commercial bathroom.

Also, it has features that enable you to alter the lighting to produce the desired impact.

This means that crystal commercial vanity light is versatile, non-standard, and can be adjusted to your needs.

Crystal commercial vanity light is appealing since it merges with natural light to produce a perfect look every time.

Although it does not produce a lot of light when there is no natural light during the day it merges in well with the natural light.

Therefore, instead of going for mainstream fixtures, you should choose commercial crystal vanity light that makes your commercial bathroom distinctively beautiful and innovative.

With the information in this guide, you can easily get perfect commercial vanity lights from China.

At SMAlux, we offer the perfect solution for all your commercial fixture lighting needs.

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