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If you are searching for reliable and durable wall sconces for your commercial projects, SMAlux is the best place for you to find. Unique designs and thousands of colors are accessible in plenty of stocks.

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SMAlux- Your Commercial Wall Sconces Trusted Provider in China

SMAlux Commercial Wall Sconces designed to provide amazing wall lightings. Wall lightings also provide safety in any commercial buildings and other establishments. From commercial to residential buildings, wall sconces need to be durable and waterproof. Aside from getting wet, it will be strong at any weather conditions. Wall sconces give the best accent lighting to all areas. If you need different features for your walls, SMAlux has a lot of stocks to provide.

SMAlux commercial wall sconces are made in many different materials. SMAlux engineering team did great research to create and design lightings for walls and many other applications. In the manufacturing process, it’s not always easy. Teamwork is the key to the perfect output. Our expert team in engineering builds its excellent teamwork.

We SMAlux is your premier, professional and high-skilled provider of smart lighting solutions worldwide. In this manufacturing industry, from handling and solving problems in terms of purchasing wholesale and more we are more trustworthy. We passed plenty of certifications such as ISO9001, SA8000, UL, NOM, etc. Whether it is residential or for government proposes, we, SMAlux can be able to sustain and support your projects. For your commercial lighting projects, SMAlux is the best one-stop solution. From indoor, outdoor lighting problems, we can be able to produce all your needs. Let us design your projects with the help of our professional team. Since 1996 in manufacturing, we can produce billion of lamps worldwide.

Commercial buildings need enough lights. Wall sconces for commercial buildings have a lot of benefits. You can also find your ideal sconces based on your building project. There are lots of wall sconce types in our productions. Up down wall sconces are the most popular wall lightings. This can provide lights up to down part of your wall to create unique brightness.

For any part of rooms such as offices, showrooms, kitchens and many other rooms for commercial buildings, wall sconces are very useful. It is very popular in providing the best solutions to light up rooms. If you need dimmable, remote control, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth control, motion sensor wall lights, it is all accessible. Safer from an overloaded or short-circuits type of lights. It is easy to maintain so we can help your efforts fewer. It also saves your cash. Our commercial wall sconces are lesser consumption than other lights. For commercial lightings, overnights or 24 hours lighting usage are very possible. But you don’t have to worry. Our production has a lot of smart lighting solutions. Our wall sconces are very durable that can last for long.

If you have any questions, let SMAlux help you. We are experts in giving advice and help clients to their way of success. We are the trusted advisor and provider of lighting solutions. Deal with us for a safe and fast effective process for your project requirements. We can provide your ideal wall sconces for commercial purposes.

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Commercial Wall Sconces: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about commercial wall scones.

Whether you want to learn about the classification, applications, styles, quality tests, standards or installation requirements, read this guide.

What is Commercial Wall Sconce?

Commercial wall sconce is a lighting fitting projecting lights upwards or downwards and is usually attached to commercial building walls.

They are made in different styles and varieties to provide sufficient light and decoration both in exterior and interior spaces.

Based on the application, you can use the luminaires to provide the various types of lighting in your space.

Wall scones

Wall scones

Which are the Main Types of Commercial Wall Sconces?

Your lighting needs and preferences affect the commercial wall light that you will select.

These type of commercial lighting fixtures are available in a variety of styles and designs, including:

a) Flush Mount

This type of wall sconces do not have protruding parts such as arms or decorations extending into space.

They are suitable for providing ambient lights in different kinds of rooms or areas.

· Armed Wall Sconces

The armed wall sconce is attached on a fixed and bent arm.

This type of commercial luminaire accords you the option of turning light shade upwards or downwards.

The downlight armed wall light has focused lights suitable for accent lighting.

The uplight type has a warm glow that makes hallways and open commercial spaces appear more impressive.

b) Candle-type Wall Lights

These are commercial wall mount light fixtures designed in the shape of a candle usually attached to arms to provide some artistic effects in a room.

While made to mimic candle lights, they offer an intimate atmosphere.

They are designed to have fully exposed or partially enclosed bulbs by a shade.

c) Barn Light

They are classical lights boasting of farmhouse designs.

Easily identified by its large and exposed bulb giving a robust golden light.

Barn light wall sconces are very similar to the down-facing armed wall sconces because they have a bent arm and a lamp facing down.

However, the barns have built-in more definite lampshades made of glass or metal.

d) Swing Arm

The swing-arm sconce lights are specially designed with flexible arms.

Besides, the adjustable arms make it easy to adjust the lights, thus suitable for task lights.

The flexibility of the arm allows the commercial light fixture to move sideways, up and down.

Furthermore, it is equally able to stretch or extend forward and backward.

e) Corner

Corner commercial wall sconces are perfect for places that are difficult to provide lights.

They are fixed at an intersection between two walls.

f) Wallchiere

These are lamps that look like torches designed to fit on top of vertical poles.

The vertical pole can be decorated for a stylish and contemporary look in a commercial space.

You can as well mount them facing either upwards or downwards.

Also, fitting with a lampshade is another option available for wallchiere type of commercial wall lights.


Spotlights are soft lights that are very similar to swing-arm wall sconces.

The spotlights have narrow shiny metallic shades that reflect a narrow beam of light.

Also, the beam of light can be focused on a specific direction thanks to its movable heads.

These unique qualities make these spotlights very similar to stage spotlights or spotlight-style track light heads.

They can be fixed either on an arm, wall directly or on a wall-mounted bracket.

h) Half-Moon

Half-moon commercial wall mount lights have a similar design to flush mount types.

They fit perfectly on walls without any protruding parts.

They have an upward-facing half-moon shape, with a round base and a flat open top.

They provide warm, gentle light and you can install them in almost any area or location.

i) Recessed

The recessed commercial wall sconce is primarily designed to be installed behind walls, this makes them to lie always flush with the surface.

Easily noticed by its simple design while facing downwards, they are suitable for use in stairways and paths.

What are the Benefits of Installing Outdoor Commercial Wall Sconces?

 Wall scones lights

Wall scones lights

Here are the key advantages of installing commercial wall light fixtures:

· Complement Architectural Design

Exterior commercial wall mount lights are a warm and welcoming addition to a front porch, doorway, or any other entrance.

· Provide Lighting

This type of commercial light fixtures also offer general and accent lighting about the perimeter of your commercial building.

Moreover, decorative wall sconces also aid your visitors to locate the exterior doorway of your premise.

· Offer Security

While exterior commercial wall lights are decorative in design, they as well make efficient safety lights.

This prevents robbery and vandalism because they keep the entrance of a commercial premise properly lit.

Is there a difference between Commercial Wall Sconces and Commercial Wall Lights?

The terminologies “commercial wall sconces” and “commercial wall lights” are commonly utilized interchangeably and basically refer to one thing.

They refer to a light fixture installed on the wall of a commercial building.

Nevertheless, if you are to delve into the technical features, where there is a difference between the two terms based on making.

In this case, the light source in commercial wall light is usually covered, commonly by the glass.

Nonetheless, commercial lighting fixtures are rarely classified depending on these differences in technical features.

Therefore, you can use either of the two terms to refer to product.

What are the Benefits of Installing Commercial Wall Sconces?

Here are the main advantages of incorporating commercial wall lights in your business premise lighting design:

 Wall scones lighting systemv

 Wall scone light system

· Provide extra lighting

Commercial wall sconces can introduce an impressive lighting layer to your atmosphere, whether you desire to install them outdoors or indoors.

· Decorative luminaires

Modern commercial wall mount lighting fixtures can improve the lighting décor and design of any indoor space.

They do so while offering efficient illumination with reference to general lighting, ambient light, or accent light.

If mounted on the outdoor walls, patio, porch, driveways or deck, they function as decorative fixtures while equally giving soft lighting after sunset.

· Wide variety of options

This type of commercial lighting fixture comes has a broad selection of aesthetically striking styles, colors, themes, and designs.

· Energy efficient

Commercial wall sconces are as well one means to enhance the energy efficiency of your facility.

Lighting consumes a substantial portion of all electricity utilized in your business premise.

The luminaires give the needed light amount without the need to illuminate the entire space.

This means that you will use less power overall.

Where are the Best Places to Install Commercial Wall Sconces?

You can position commercial wall lights strategically to illuminate dark sections, giving the impression of a bigger commercial space.

Entryways are suitable places to mount modern wall sconces, which help to make an eye-catching style statement.

They are as well appropriate for narrow hallways which do not get natural lighting and may lack overhead ceiling lighting.

In office or open commercial space, you can strategically install the lighting fixtures to complement the other existing light.

However, you should not limit commercial wall lighting to interior application only.

Commercial LED wall lights rated for exterior applications are ideal way to introduce a stylish yet modern appearance to walkway, lawns, or deck.

Wall sconces that offer uplighting are typically suitable as primary or secondary light sources in driveways, corridors, porches, hallways or stairways.

What are the Applications of Commercial Wall Sconces?

Uses of modern commercial wall sconces are infinite and these flexible wall mount lights function equally good outdoors and indoors.

As you already know, there exist a number of both contemporary and traditional commercial wall lighting fixtures.

Modern styles are appropriate for upscale hotels, restaurants, country clubs, resorts, nightclubs, inns and other hospitality environments.

They are elegantly designed, match well, and augment modern buildings.

The classic style of traditional commercial wall lights are ideal for older buildings and to match vintage décor.

What is the meaning of Wall Wash Lighting?

Also referred to as fill lighting, wall wash lighting refers to a technique that is at times applied to light flat walls.

It entails spreading the light uniformly from the floor to the roof or ceiling.

This type of lighting aids to focus attention to a bigger portion of a smooth surface – usually an interior wall.

Contemporary wall lighting luminaires also provide LED light choices with regards to wall washers.

What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Commercial Wall Sconces?

Here is a general guideline to help you make informed decisions when choosing the best commercial wall mount light:

Wall scones light

Wall scones light

· Wall Sconce Sizes

Commercial wall lights come in a variety of sizes, hence it is important to choose the right size for your application.

In order to select the right size of wall sconce, measure the area on the wall where you intend to mount the lights.

Also, consider the presence of other decorative fittings within the space so not to choose an undersized or oversized luminaire.

· Wall Sconce Placement

The location or position to install the light fitting is very critical when determining the best commercial wall sconce.

Also put into consideration the direction of sconce light projection – upwards, outwards or downwards.

· Sconce Colors, Shape and Finishes

When buying commercial wall mount lights, it is critical to consider the color palette of the space you will be fitting the lamps.

Moreover, opt for finishes that blend with other decors within the space.

Besides, ensure to choose materials and shapes that match with the interior and exterior decoration of your facility.

· Other Considerations

Selecting the right commercial wall-mounted light for your business premise should be difficult process.

However, you should be keen on the available choices and how they will perform in your outdoor and indoor spaces.

Make sure you go for a lighting fixture that optimizes energy efficiency by regulate ambient light and wattage waste.

You will as well want to consider the installation process, together with the ease of bulb replacement and maintenance.

Inquire from several manufacturers to learn designs, advice and comprehensive specifications.

How do you Install Commercial Wall Lights?

Most installation of commercial wall lights involves hardwiring into the prevailing power outlet.

However, there also exist plug-in wall sconces that you simply connect to the closest power outlet.

Plug-in type is the right choice in case you might want to relocate the sconces in future.

But, if you fancy the clean cordless appearance of wall light, then go for hardwired types.

Always consult an experienced electrician when you are unsure of how to install commercial wall sconce.

In terms of design, you can get insight from your existing decoration.

Generally, a simple sconce with simple elements in conjunction with LED bulbs is suitable for minimalist styles.

In the case of a hybrid of traditional and modern style, choose sconces with relatively more of decorative shades.

To create a modern look, select metal finishes blended with decorated glass shades.

Which are the Main Design Configurations of Commercial Wall Sconces?

Based on the direction of light, commercial wall-mounted light can be grouped into the following design configurations:

· Up Light

This type of wall sconce is designed and intended to cast light upward.

Uplight wall light is ideal for making a commercial space appear bigger and spacious.

· Down Light

Downlights wall sconces are a direct opposite of the uplight types.

They are specifically designed and built to project light downwards in a space or room.

This design of wall light is perfect when you desire to create a warm and comfortable ambience.

· Up/Down and All-Around

This type of wall sconce provides light in both directions to help in balancing the light in a room or space.

Wall lighting fixtures of this nature are suitable for adding more depth into lengthy, dark hallways or illumination to a dark space or room.

How many Styles of Commercial Wall Sconces are Available?

In addition to the various configurations of commercial wall lights, you can as well find them in a number of style, including:

Contemporary / Modern

Same as any modern item, these types of wall sconces have an elegant, contemporary feeling.

The lights are commonly available in silver colors.

They have a simple designs and concentrate more on performance than decoration.

Even though they blend well with modern structures, you can also install them to incorporate a minimalist impression within a more traditional building.

· Rustic

If you fancy light designs with animal motifs, dark colors and dull finishes, then rustic wall sconces are the best choice.

They can assist you in adding character to any commercial room or space.

· Traditional

Traditional sconces tend to be the preferred type of commercial wall lights for decorative applications.

You can use them to create the deluxe atmosphere within a space, while giving throwback to yesteryears styles.

· Transitional

Transitional commercial wall sconce offers cool and fundamental designs that can blend very well and effortlessly with any type of decorations in a space.

If you’re hard-pressed to decide on either traditional or contemporary lighting style, then the transitional style is perhaps the best for you.

It is recommended to invest in a commercial wall sconce that fits very well to your lighting preferences while meeting your lighting needs.

When is Uplight Commercial Wall Sconce Preferable to a Downlight Commercial Wall Sconce?

Uplight sconce is the perfect wall lighting fitting in case you have an exceptional or vaulted ceiling design.

They are efficient in ambient lighting provided you have a white or bright-colored ceiling.

However, installing a commercial wall light that offers both down and up light helps in breaking up a dull blank wall.

It does this while causing an attractive wall-washing effect.

Blending down- and uplighting is ideal for spaces or areas having no furniture.

This is because the entire wall is clear, making it easy to see the full lighting effect.

How Far Apart and High should the Commercial Wall Sconces be on the Wall?

The recommended height for mounting commercial wall lights is between 66″ – 72″ on your wall.

At this height, the light fixtures are visible while being out of easy reach.

However, the height of the commercial space wall and people moving within the space also affects the height of mounting sconces.

A tall ceilings or household will force you to fix the wall sconces a little bit higher.

Make sure they are within easy reach without exposing the interior components of the luminaire.

There is another way to determine installation height.

Measure 6 inches below the top of the window to get a suitable height.

You can mount all the wall sconces at this height in the room or space.

The up-light sconce should be installed between 12 inches and 36 inches from the ceiling.

In a commercial room or space with a window located at the middle, you can conveniently mount the wall lighting fittings at the middle of either wall.

Additionally, it is possible to break a lengthy wall employing two sconces.

They are fixed one-quarter of the length from each end.

Which are the Different Power Sources of Commercial Wall Sconces?

Wall scones

Wall scones

For convenience and easy usage of the commercial wall sconces three options for powering are available:

· Hardwired

Hardwired commercial wall lights are linked directly to the electrical system of your building.

It provides a clean finish without any hanging or dangling wires.

Connecting the lights to the electrical system permits controlling them by the available wall switches, dimmers and other lighting controls.

· Plug-In:

This type of commercial wall sconces come with a long plug-in cable.

Installation and replacement are quick and straightforward as no hard wiring is needed.

The wall sconce is mounted on the wall, and then the power cable is easily plugged into a power outlet socket.

You can easily do it yourself without the services of an electrician.

· Battery-Operated

This type of wall sconce is the simplest to mount and replace.

Also, they are powered by a battery to provide lights but not efficiently as the other types.

They are suitable for commercial spaces without electricity.

How much does a Commercial Wall Sconce Cost?

Commercial wall sconces are available in an array of shapes, styles, size and quality.

Generally, the price of a wall sconce ranges from a low of $50 to a high of $ 300 per piece.

This makes it easy to get the right type of wall light at the right price to meet your needs.

Ensure that your chosen luminaire complies with relevant quality standards for commercial wall lights.

You do this by confirming if the sconces have the necessary certification labels.

What are the required Quality Certifications for Commercial Wall Sconces?

  • CSA safety certification
  • UL certification
  • ENEC
  • ETL Safety Certification
  • RoHS certification
  • GS certification
  • C-TICK certification
  • CCC certification
  • PSE certification

How do you Test Quality of Commercial Wall Sconces?

Lighting fixture quality tests and certifications show that y

our commercial wall sconces conform to international standards, are safe and of high quality.

Testing of light fixtures usually fall into the following categories:

1) Performance Testing

Generally, this test examines the energy efficiency of the commercial wall mount light.

Various international standards define the specific quality tests for the light fixture.

2) Safety Testing

Electrical safety testing of commercial lighting fixtures deals with probable fire hazards and electric shock as required by quality standards for luminaires.

It may as well involve photobiological safety test of the light fitting.

3) Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

EMC quality testing of luminaire establishes the amount of electromagnetic interference caused by the commercial light fixture.

It equally measures the degree to which the lamp or lamp system is vulnerable to electromagnetic interference coming from other gadgets.

4) Environmental Simulation Testing

This quality test of light fixtures examines the effect of environment factors on performance.

The luminaire and its accessories may be subjected to extreme mechanical stress and climate change.

The tests helps you in choosing the best wall sconce that is not affected by temperature variations, humidity, strong vibrations, shocks or dust.

This guarantees high performance in both indoor and outdoor applications of commercial wall lights.

Are there Quality Standards for Commercial Wall Sconces?

  • IEC/EN standards
  • IESNA standards
  • ASTM standard
  • ANSI standard
  • AS/NZS standards
  • BS standards

With all the information in this guide, you can now go ahead to import commercial wall scones from China.

For inquiries and questions, feel free to contact SMAlux team.