SMAlux Control Track Light

SMAlux Remote control track light can be controlled easily, by the battery powered infrared handheld remote control, which replaces the traditional switch, and it eliminates complex electrical wiring and is more efficient in energy consumption.

SMAlux Remote control track light can change its brightness and white light appearance (from 2700K to 6500K).

Control Track Light

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With convenient user customization, SMAlux Remote control track light provides more lighting possibilities to choose from, based on the best-fit spotlight scenario and ambient lighting on various occasions.

Using SMAlux Remote control track light, the user can dim brightness and fine-tune light appearance from warm white to daylight, choose from multiple colors and set the mood, which satisfies different theme of display atmosphere

SMAlux Remote control track light can adjust the projection direction on horizontally (left and right) from 0 to 350 degree, and vertical direction(up and down) from 0 to 180 degree

SMAlux Remote control track light also has different beam angles to choose from, 15°, 20°, and 40°.

With different beam angles available, SMAlux Remote control track light gives the users the freedom to select the best one, without having to change track light itself.

Why is SMAlux Control Track Light

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SMAlux Remote control track light is encased in high-quality aluminum materials and is free of mercury and other hazardous materials.

Not only is SMAlux Remote control track light designed with simplicity in mind, but the LED track light also has integrated multiple functions, enhance the term “functional minimalism.”

All of SMALUX Remote Control Lights are compliant with global certification standards. SMAlux focuses on Smart products for over 5 years now, and we have 22 years of experience in the overseas market.

1. “QUALITY IS OUR CULTURE” more than 50 person QC on a production line to control the quality of the products.

2. “Put where the money is”. With us, you’ll get a great quality product at competitive pricing. In SMAlux we believe we are your right choice.

3. “Time is gold” for you and for us. SMAlux has professional teamwork which can produce good quality in a short time.

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