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Do you have business and necessarily want high quality of brilliant lighting materials as premier addition? SMAlux can be your outstanding provider and manufacturer of different lighting suitable for your business operations.

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Do you provide lower-cost products?

Yes, our Corridor Wall Light provides lower cost and that is proven with many customers.

Do you provide a free sample to test?

Absolutely yes!  We provide a sample of every product to test the quality of our products.

Do you supply all-time solution for a complete lights project?

Yes, we do. For a prosperous installation of SMAlux lighting, we do support all your projects.

SMAlux- Your Reliable Corridor Wall Light Manufacturer in China

The corridor wall light is a vital part of the whole building lighting, such as home, hotel, and apartment, if you are looking for a supplier of corridor wall light, Smalux will be one of your choices.

Smalux was established in 1996 with its own factory and has more than 25 years of experience in the LED field. Besides, SMAlux has 9 subsidiaries (including 4 overseas companies), owns 3 international design awards (Reddot, IDEA, IF), and has more than 500 patents about led lighting.

SMAlux has its own factory and R&D team, focusing on design and lighting solutions as well. Not only provide you with good quality products but also offer you a perfect lighting solution. SMAlux has built cooperation with over 87 countries’ customers and promises to provide our customers with a wide variety of the best quality and most innovative products in the industry.

Corridors and hallways are areas we usually pass through going from one area to another. Lighting in these spaces should meet the lighting needs as well as be attractive and welcoming. So selecting lights for corridors can be challenging because these spaces often have very little natural daylight yet they are frequently used.

Different choices will bring your various visual effect. Using LED lights creatively in these spaces can break up narrow corridors and create greater interest. Available in a range of styles Smalux has included a variety of decorative and simple wall lights to light the corridors. Further, the more by using LED technology better lighting can be obtained while reducing running and maintenance costs.

Hotel corridor lights are chosen with safety in mind to allow guests to move around easily and the same considerations apply equally to home lighting. Home corridor lights will not only consider the bright light but also the warm atmosphere. Of course, outdoor corridor lights will add the perfect lighting solution of detail to the exterior area of your building. So no matter the lighting for corridors, passageways, hallways, or interior walkways, Smalux will help and offer you a wonderful lighting solution.

What you are looking at is a white wall sconce that will look great anywhere in your home or business and especially looks nice in corridors and hallways. This wall light doesn’t only send the light from the whole to highlight your home or spaces, but also adds a soft warm glow and visual appeal to your living space, creating a cozy ambiance.

Except for the wall light for the corridor, Smalux also offers other similar led light for the corridor area. If your corridor has a high ceiling you could add a hanging ceiling light, or if space permits a large chandelier would be an impressive addition. For longer narrow corridors it would be better to choose 2 or 3 smaller ceiling lights and possibly some wall lights to avoid leaving dark unlit areas. Adding an interesting light or a mirror at the end of a long corridor will draw the eye making the space feel bigger. If your corridor is wide enough, a small console table and a well-chosen table lamp will add an extra dimension and additional warmth.

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