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We manage Exterior Lighting delivery easy. We have international courier partners who help us deliver orders to your place at the scheduled time.

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Definitely! Unlimited samples are rendered. We provide quality lighting stocks with original designs.

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Yes, we do. For a prosperous installation of SMAlux lighting, we do support all your projects.

SMAlux – Your Reliable Exterior Lighting Manufacturer in China

SMAlux Exterior Lighting is built for different garden or backyard use. We are a professional Exterior Lighting manufacturer in China for over 22 years. SMAlux Exterior Lighting has excellent performance and durability. These are in die-casting and extrusion. It combines the advantage of the construction of die-casting and the accelerated heat distribution of extrusion excellently.

There are different types of Exterior Lighting, mainly are Integrated High Bronze Outdoor Wall Exterior Light, High Texturized Black Post Exterior Lighting, High Wood-Iron Hanging Chandelier Exterior Lighting, High Copper Bronze Low Voltage Path Exterior Lighting, High Black LED Outdoor Wall Exterior Lighting and more. We also providing SMAlux Exterior Lighting in different kinds such as Wall Exterior Lighting, Post Exterior Lighting, Hanging Exterior Lighting, Landscape Exterior Lighting, LED Exterior Lighting, Motion Sensor Exterior Lighting, Flush Mount Exterior Lighting, String Exterior Lighting. SMAlux is experienced in the greatest Exterior Lighting manufacturing.  

SMAlux Exterior Lighting is trustworthy and weatherproof that has the most leading of adaptability in the outside. It is exposed in outside applications also recessed in-pole, wall or etc. SMAlux Exterior Lighting is widely used in different industries. You can use our Exterior Lighting for the garden, apartment, school, etc. Also, use conveniently our Exterior Lighting into different uses.

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We are committed to excellence and our innovations in Exterior Lighting are an example of our commitment. Our unparalleled Exterior Lighting is specialized for different tasks and our facility is ISO9001, SA8000, ISO140001 certified. Our superior units come with full customer assist. For value-added experiences, you can rely on us to give you a fair price. We are excited to hear from you. 

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Exterior Lighting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before importing exterior lighting, read this guide.

It answers all questions you have been asking about exterior lighting such as IP rating, power rating, insulation and classification, among other critical aspects.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Exterior Lighting?

These are outdoor space illumination using particular types of lights.

Their purpose is to enhance visibility, secure your space, and for aesthetic purposes.

Exterior outdoor lighting

Exterior outdoor lighting

How does Exterior Lighting compare to Interior Lighting?

The function of interior lighting is to illuminate the inner space of your building.

Exterior lighting illuminates your outdoor space.

You can use exterior lighting to improve the aesthetic appeal of your space.

This lighting can also serve security purposes, depending on your design.

Exterior lighting has a rugged appearance.

This is due to their material, which can withstand environmental factors such as corrosion.

Interior lighting has an appealing appearance.

This is because you can use them to beautify your space.

The mounting platform for exterior lighting is different from that of interior lighting.

Both lighting, however, uses the same bulb and have the same installation procedure.

Their power source is also the same.

What are the Exterior Lighting Fixture Ideas?

You can use the following exterior lighting ideas for your use:

· Furniture

Adding glowing furniture to your exterior lighting brightens your outdoor space while offering a relaxing space.

Such furniture may include tables, seats, or flower pots.

· Uplighting

Uplighting involves the installation of lights around plants, against walls, and under trees.

This improves your space appearance making it cozy.

· Hidden Strip Lights

This involves placing strip lights along the base of the stair or under your outdoor furniture.

This increases the brightness of your outdoor space while improving its appearance.

· Use of Lanterns

Lanterns are flexible, and placing them on your exterior space sets a relaxing and invitational mood.

They come in different designs and shapes, which allows you to select the one that fits your exterior lighting.

· String Lighting

String lighting involves the arrangement of your exterior lighting on a string.

They are cost-effective and an easy way of improving the design of your lighting.

Types of Exterior Lighting do you have?

The main types of exterior lighting available are:

· Outdoor Spotlights

Outdoor spotlights are ideal for providing concentrated and direct light on specific places.

You can use them for landscaping or accent lighting.

The main difference between spotlight and floodlight is spotlight focus light to a specific area while floodlights scatter its lights over a wide range.

· Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lighting comes in different designs and types.

For instance, you may find downward-facing lights, semi-circular lights, or multi-shade lights.

Their low brightness level allows for use in decorating your exterior walls.

· Outdoor Canopy Light

Outdoor canopy lights are standard in a drive-through installation such as banks, gas stations, and restaurants.

When selecting these lights, you have to consider the installation height and the illuminating area.

· Linear Outdoor Lighting

The main feature of this light is its elongated and narrow design.

The best place to install these lights is in a multistory parking lot.

They consist of a hermetic which prevents moisture, insects, and dust from penetrating it.

· Outdoor Floodlights

This type of outdoor lighting illuminates a more expansive space covering every space.

Such a light offers visibility and protection to your space.

In certain circumstances, such lights facilitate other activities like games.

The power consumption of these lights is relatively high compared to different types of outdoor lights.

· Outdoor Ceiling Lights

You can mount these lights on the exterior ceiling of your building.

Alternatively, you can install them under a canopy.

Are there Limitations of Installing Exterior Lighting?

Yes, exterior lighting has its limitations.

First, you have to properly install these lights for them to serve the intended purpose.

Such a procedure includes having the right design and understanding the landscape of our outdoor space.

This can be expensive since it involves hiring a professional.

Weather affects these lights due to their installation position.

This means you have to use high-quality material for the durability of your lights.

Certain types of exterior lighting, such as floodlights, have a higher power consumption rate.

This increases the overall cost of operating these lights.

LED flood lights

LED flood lights

What are the Benefits of Exterior Lighting?

Using exterior lighting offers the following benefits:

· Security

The illumination aspect of these lights makes it secure for your outdoor space.

This allows for better visibility as well as easy maneuvering during darkness.

· Enhances Visual Appeal

You can use these lights to enhance the visual appeal of your space.

This is possible through proper design, like using different light colors and attractive arrangements of your lights.

· Increases Property Value

Proper exterior lighting increases the property value of your property.

This is because such light makes your outdoor space appear luxurious and attractive.

· Functionality

Exterior lighting improves the functionality of your outdoor space.

This is by allowing you to continue with your activities past the daytime.

For instance, you can continue with your manufacturing process or sports activities such as football.

Which Exterior Lighting Features should you Look for?

The following features are critical when selecting exterior lighting:

· Brightness Level

The brightness level dictates the purpose of the lighting.

Wall ceiling lighting requires less brightness compared to a spotlight and floodlights.

You, therefore, have to check on the brightness level that given exterior lighting can offer and the purpose you want to use it.

· Color and Design

Color and design are essential when you are considering enhancing the visual appeal of your lighting.

Different colors bring different perspectives to your exterior space.

For instance, their colors when you use them to bring out a relaxing and natural space.

· Durability

The lifespan of given exterior lighting indicates how much you will spend on maintenance and replacement.

An ideal lifespan should be long enough to reduce the maintenance and replacement cost.

· Cost

An ideal cost for these lightings should be pocket friendly.

However, you need to ensure they meet all the quality certifications before purchasing one.

· Convenience

You need to consider exterior lighting that you can quickly repair or maintain.

This lighting should be easy to install and access.

You also have to factor the switching on and off of such a light due to its position.

How much does Exterior Lighting Cost?

The price of exterior lighting differs due to factors like:

· Type

Different exterior lighting has different functionality, which affects its design and installation procedure.

This has an effect of varying the final price depending of the type of lighting you choose

· Voltage Rating

The voltage rating of particular lighting indicates the power consumption and the brightness level it can produce.

The lighting you select should offer the brightness level you desire using the best voltage rating available.

· Design

The design of these lighting differs in terms of their shape and housing.

Lightings that have complex housing have a higher price compared to one with basic housing.

This is important when considering the appearance of your lighting space.

· Manufacturers

Different manufacturers have different manufacturing processes, which affect the final costing of these lights.

You have to check the various brands in the market before settling for a particular one.

It is essential to consider all the quality aspects when checking the different brands.

This ensures you select a brand that meets all the quality specifications.

· Installation Cost

The installation cost differs depending on the type and design of these lighting.

This cost includes purchasing other lighting accessories such as wires and the cost of setting them up.

In some instances, the installation cost may be higher compared to the cost of purchasing the lighting.

You have to check on the total price you will incur to avoid not setting up your lighting correctly.

Which Types of Lights can you use on Exterior Lighting?

The available lights that you can use for your exterior lighting are:

· LED Lights

These lights are energy-saving and are brighter compared to the other light types.

They offer several benefits to your exterior lighting, such as long-lasting and less power consumption than using the different types of lights.

These lights are, however, expensive to purchase and maintain.

LED lights are available in three color temperatures for use on your exterior lighting: light, blue, and yellow.

Industrial LED lights

Industrial LED lights

· Incandescent Light

These traditional types of lights are relatively cheaper compared to the other types.

The advantages of these lights are they have a high light output, and you can easily control them as per your specifications.

They, however, consume a lot of power compared to LED lights and have a high heat output.

They consist of light material, which limits their usage in outdoor lighting.

Incandescent lights offer a yellow color temperature for your exterior lighting.

This limits its usage if you want to design your space with several light colors.

Incandescent light

Incandescent light

· Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are a perfect choice for small and direct light.

Their brightness level allows for concentration at one point.

They are a perfect fit for designing your wall and ceiling lights.

Their yellow color is similar to that of incandescent, only that they are brighter.

The dimmable capability of these lights allows you greater control of the intensity of your lights.

However, they emit a lot of heat, which can burn the other exterior lighting accessories.

They are also not ideal for use under high-pressure applications since they can explode quickly.

Halogen lamp

Halogen lamp

What is the New Technologies in Exterior Lighting?

The new technologies available for exterior lighting include:

· Smart Exterior Lighting

This type of lighting allows for automatic switching on and off.

The bulbs have an inbuilt design, which enables them to operate themselves.

For instance, they can detect when it is darkness to switch themselves on and off during the daytime.

This saves on the manual operation part of these lights

Through the switching process, you can minimize power usage since they only switch on when it is necessary.

Other technologies that smart exterior lighting uses is the camera and internet integration.

This allows for recording the activities around your space, which you can view even when you are miles away.

Such lighting, however, is expensive and has a complicated installation procedure.

· Use of LED Bulbs

The use of LED bulbs is gaining momentum due to the numerous advantages they offer.

For instance, they are ecofriendly and use less power.

Their brightness level is also high and has varying designs for you to choose for your exterior lighting.

· Solar Paneling

Solar paneling is an excellent power source for your exterior lighting.

These panels use solar energy to power your lighting, thereby saving you on energy bills.

They have an easy connection procedure and less maintenance, making them ideal for exterior lighting.

· Healthy Lighting

Healthy lighting is the use of lights that stimulate the well-being of individuals.

This is in terms of the color temperature.

It is a common practice in outdoor lighting, especially in the medical industry, for calming the patient down during therapy sessions.

· Power Technology

This technology allows exterior lighting to store energy during operation, for use when the power goes off.

This helps in ensuring there is continuous lighting in the event of a power shortage, which helps in deterring potential intruders.

You can also use ethernet, which offers electricity through the use of data cables.

Which Material are Exterior Lights made of?

There are different materials available for your exterior lighting.

You can have the bulb section comprising of a transparent or translucent cover.

It is in this section that you place your bulbs.

The wiring is mostly copper, and it allows for circuit connection to the power source.

The pole where you attach your light can be of different materials such as wood, plastic, or metal.

However, the material you select should not degrade quickly due to environmental interaction.

What is the Brightness Level of Exterior Lighting?

The brightness level for exterior lighting differs depending on the type of light and where you place them.

Floodlights, in general, have a higher brightness level compared to other types of exterior lighting.

Wall lights, spotlights, and ceiling lights have a lower brightness level.

This level is directly proportional to that of the brightness level of these lights.

Exterior ceiling light

Exterior ceiling light

What is the Power Rating for Exterior Lighting?

The power rating for exterior lighting differs depending on their purpose.

For instance, floodlights have a higher power rating compared to wall and ceiling lights.

The different power ratings of these lights are; high range, mid-range, and low range.

A high range lies from 80watts and above.

The mid-range is between 40 and 80 watts, while a low range is below 40 watts.

Is Exterior Lighting Durable?

Yes. Exterior lightings are durable.

However, the durability of these lightings differs depending on the type of materials they consist of.

Wood and plastic stand for your lighting tend to wear off quickly due to environmental factors.

This reduces their durability while increasing the maintenance cost.

If you are to use wooden poles, you have to treat them to reduces the chances of rodents, such as termites, destroying them.

The use of an LED bulb is durable compared to the other types of bulbs.

This reduces the overall replacement cost of your bulbs.

Do Exterior Lights have a Warranty?

Exterior lights do have a warranty.

However, such a warranty is only possible if you purchase your lights from a reputable manufacturer.

The duration of the warranty also differs depending on your manufacturer.

How do you Customize Exterior Lights?

There are different designs that you can use to customize your exterior lights as per your specifications and the area of installation.

For instance, floodlights require maximum brightness due to their function.

You can position these lights in a way that it covers every part of your space.

Wall and ceiling lights act more of beautifying your space.

You can customize such lights by using different color temperatures for the bulbs depending on the location.

Another idea of customizing these lights is by determining the spacing requirements for sufficient lighting.

Spacing gives adequate lighting while minimizing the cost of operating these lights.

You may also schedule the lighting frequency

This reduces human interference, thereby ensuring these lights are available when you need them.

How do you Power Exterior Lights?

There are various ways of powering exterior lights, depending on their design.

Such sources include direct currents like electricity and indirect current such as solar power and battery.

However, the power source should consider the brightness level and how long you are to use the lights.

What Determines the Power Consumption of Exterior Lights?

The factors affecting the power consumption of exterior lights are:

· Type of Bulb

LED bulbs consume less power compared to incandescent or halogen lights.

Using them implies fewer power bills while ensuring there is maximum lighting.

· Frequency of Use

How long and how many times you use your exterior lights affect the power of their power consumption.

Frequent usage of these lights increases your power bills as opposed to using them on schedule.

· Number of Lights

Having many lights for your exterior lighting increases the power consumption.

When designing your exterior lighting, you need a check on an ideal number of lights to use for optimum lighting.

Should you Consider Lumen or Watt when Buying Exterior Lights?

You have to consider both the lumen and watts when purchasing your exterior lights.

Lumen indicates the amount of light given lighting can offer.

This helps in understanding the number of lights you need to purchase for them to cover your space effectively.

The watts indicate the energy consumption rate of a given light.

This helps in understanding the efficient lights to purchase.

Adequate lighting should have a high lumen and low watts.

Should you Insulate Exterior Lighting System?

Insulation is an integral part of an exterior lighting system.

This is due to the various environmental factors that these lights interact with.

Such as rain and wind.

Insulation reduces the chances of short-circuiting, which ensures you’re your lighting functions appropriately.

What Causes Exterior Lights to Fail?

The leading causes of failure of exterior lights are:

· Improper Fixture Installation

There is a need to install certain light fixtures properly to avoid the failure.

For instance, installing cables on pathways causes damage to these cables due to frequent passing over the lights.

You need to place these fixtures away from pathways and secure them properly to avoid interference.

Poor installation can also be due to not insulating your cables and covering your lights.

This exposes your lighting to environmental factors that damage them, resulting in their failure.

· Low-quality Material

Low-quality material causes your lighting to fail quickly.

Quality materials have features that can withstand several variables, such as power fluctuations, which helps ensure the proper functioning of your lights.

What is the IP Rating for Exterior Lighting?

The IP rating for exterior lighting is a two-digit part that indicates a level of protection for these lights against ingressions.

The first part shows the protection level of your lights against solid objects.

The second part indicates the level of protection of your lights against fluids.

The higher these digits are, the higher the level of protection of your lights is, which makes them ideal for use on your exterior space.

The IP rating for these lights differs depending on where you are installing them.

For instance, standard garden lightings have an IP rating of IP144 and above.

Deck and patio lights have a minimum IP rating of IP65.

An ideal water light should have an IP rating of at least IP68.

How do you Test the Quality of Exterior Lighting?

The following tests are critical in determining the quality of exterior lighting:

· Torque Test

This test is essential in determining the rotational force necessary for your lighting parts like the fasteners, screws, and bolts.

The rotational force is vital for opening, turning, and closing of these parts.

The test helps in understanding the force to use when installing bulbs and other accessories.

A torque tester is necessary when carrying out this test whose unit of measurement is newton meter.

· Fatigue Test

This is a test that you carry on your switches and buttons to determine their durability.

This is a practical test that involves trying the parts several times and checking if there is any malfunctioning.

It helps in assessing the lifespan of these parts.

· Hi-pot Test

A Hi-pot test determines the safety of your exterior lighting.

It measures the amount of electrical current flowing through the insulation component of your lighting.

Through this test, you can detect any current leakage and dielectric or electric breakdown.

· Function Test

This test determines if all the parts of your exterior lighting are functioning as per the manufacturer’s guideline.

It involves checking if the lights can switch on if the lights illuminate properly and dim appropriately.

· Endurance Test

The endurance test analyzes the functionality and safety performance of a particular exterior lighting over a specific time.

This is by letting the light on for a specific time while observing its performance.

· Drop Test

The importance of this test is to ascertain that your exterior lighting does not disintegrate when it falls.

That is, even if it falls as a result of external factors such as wind, it can still function without anomaly.

Clearly, there are many factors to consider before choosing exterior lighting systems.

Depending on your specific needs, we can design exterior lighting systems, according to your requirements.

Contact SMAlux team now for best prices on exterior lighting systems.