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Recent Flood Light Housing Projects

Recent Flood Light Housing Projects
Recent Flood Light Housing Projects
Recent Flood Light Housing Projects
Recent Flood Light Housing Projects
Recent Flood Light Housing Projects

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There are different types of Flood Light Housing, mainly are Aluminum Flood Light Housing, Outdoor Flood Light Housing, Integrated Flood Light Housing, Waterproof Flood Light Housing, Quartz Flood Light Housing and more. We also providing SMAlux Flood Light Housing in different watts like 50w Flood Light Housing, 60w Flood Light Housing, 100w Flood Light Housing, 150w Flood Light Housing, 200w Flood Light Housing. SMAlux is skilled in the greatest Flood Light Housing manufacturing.  

SMAlux Flood Light Housing is long-lasting and weatherproof that has the most excellent of adaptability in the streets. It is exposed in outside applications also recessed in-pole or wall. SMAlux Flood Light Housing is widely used in different industries. You can use our Flood Light Housing for the main road, house, tennis court, etc. Also, use conveniently our Flood Light Housing into different uses.

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Flood Light Housing: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Flood light housing is an important component of light fixture.

Therefore, as you plan to import flood light housing fixture for your business, it is crucial to know the design, cost, quality evaluation, features and mounting options, among other critical aspects.

The best part – this guide has everything you need to know.

Take a look.

Is Flood Light Housing the same as Flood Light Fixture?

Floodlight fixture and floodlight housing are the same.

They are an electrical device containing an electric lamp.

They provide light, have lamps, have a fixture body and are installed in the ceiling.

Flood light housing

Flood light housing

What is a Flood Light Housing?

Floodlight housing refers to a metal or plastic container which hinders lights from spreading out in undesired directions.

It also acts as the body of floodlight.

Floodlight housing consists of the whole exterior apart from the lens or opening.

The housing is designed with elements that facilitate heat reduction and increase light efficiency.

Flood light

Flood light

How much do Flood Light Housings Cost?

When buying a floodlight housing you should take into account the cost.

The cost of flood light housing is not standard.

It varies with material used in making the housing.

When a floodlight housing is made of thick tempered glass and die-cast aluminum, its cost is high.

This is because these materials make them weather resistant.

What Material is Flood Light Housing made of?

To fit its purpose, floodlight housing is made using materials that have specific characteristics. They include:

· Aluminum die-cast

Aluminum die-cast material is used in making flood light housing because it has a high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Also, it has great finishing features, great hardness, and strength, resistant to corrosion and lightweight.

The outlined features allow flood light housing to withstand high temperatures, extreme weather, water, and impact.

· Aluminum

Aluminum is used in making flood light housing because it is resistant to corrosion and it is strong.

Further, it reflects infrared and ultraviolet radiation as well as have a high thermal and electrical conductivity.

The stated properties make flood light housing long-lasting and efficient since it makes it weather and impact resistant.

· Copper

Copper has high conductivity, is strong, and is resistant to corrosion.

It is also malleable, ductile, and tough.

The characteristics of copper make it suitable for wiring and protecting light.

However, compared to aluminum it is heavy.

· Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a type of glass created through chemical or thermal treatment that enhances its strength.

Also, it makes them versatile and makes them highly resistant to impact.

Tampering makes its exterior surface compressed and interior surface tense.

These stresses enable it to break into lumpy pieces as opposed to sharp edges hence minimizing the likelihood of injury.

The strength and safety of tempered glass make it suitable for floodlight housing.

· ABS Plastics

ABS plastics material makes the housing of your floodlight abrasion, chemical, heat, and impact resistant.

Also, it offers your floodlight housing dimensional accuracy, rigidity, electrical conductivity, surface hardness, and tensile strength.

Is Flood Lighting Housing IP Rated?

IP Rating

IP Rating

Floodlight housing protects electric parts such as solar panels, diodes, ballasts, and wires from rain and dust.

Thus, good floodlight housing has to be dustproof and protect light fixtures from damages associated with outdoor floodlight.

To provide the necessary protection from dust and liquid flood light housing has to have an Ingress Protection rating.

Ingress Protection rating indicates whether a device is secure and durable as an electronic device.

It shows that an electronic device can withstand water, dust, dirt, and humans.

The first digit of IP rating shows dust resistance and the second digit shows water resistance.

A suitable IP rating for floodlighting housing is IP 65 which indicates that a light fixture is dustproof and protected from water.

What should you Consider in Flood Light Housing Design?

When designing a floodlight housing, there is a wide array of factors to consider.

They are:

· Durability

When designing a floodlight housing, you should consider durability.

Floodlight housing should be made using material that is resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and weather such as water.

You can use durable metal, glass, or plastic to make the housing of your floodlight.

· Finishing

There are different finishing that you can use for your flood light housing based on the look you want to achieve.

You can use a stainless, copper, or aluminum finishing for your light housing.

· Cost

Cost is important when designing a floodlight housing because it determines its features and quality.

Based on your budget you should incorporate features and use a material that falls within your budget.

· Purpose

Floodlights are used for different purposes namely work, landscape, security, and regular purpose.

Thus when designing a floodlight housing you should consider the purpose for which it is used.

For instance, work light requires heavy-duty mounts and casing to endure a challenging working environment.

Landscape floodlight housing on the other hand needs a mounting.

· Sizes

Floodlight housing come in different dimensions and pipe diameter based on the purpose for which they are used.

You should choose a housing whose dimensions and pie diameter align with your need.

· Color

The housing of floodlights comes in several colors. You can choose grey, cool white, or black floodlight housing.

What are the Features of Flood Light Housing?

Floodlight housing has several features that make them suitable for floodlighting.

They are:

  • Floodlight housing is strong and has a long service life.

This is because they are made using contemporary machinery and high-quality material such as aluminum.

  • The housing is heatproof and corrosion-resistant.

They are made using materials that have high heat dissipation and rust-resistant.

  • They have an IP rating of 65. This makes them perfect for all weather and environmental conditions.
  • Floodlight housing has great engineering design and heat sink that allows for the use of maximum light and high wattage.
  • The surface of floodlight housing is anodized or powder coated. Powder coating gives the floodlight housing a durable and decorative finish.
  • Also, floodlight housing requires a low level of maintenance.

What is the Function of Heat Sink in Flood Light Housing?

Heat sink in flood light housing

Heat sink in flood light housing

The function of a heat sink is to discharge heat via the convection and conductive heat transfer process.

Since they do not have moving parts and do not need power, the heat sink is used with fans to discharge heat.

Heat sink fan effectiveness is measured in cubic feet/minute.

When the flow rate is high, more airflow over the heat sink and hence excellent cooling.

Further, the reliability and heat dissipation ability of the heat sink extends the lifespan of a light.

As such it remarkably minimizes lighting operation and maintenance expenses.

What are the Components of Flood Light Housing?

Floodlight has several components you should look at before making a purchase.

They include:

· LED Driver Box

An LED driver box rectifies high voltage alternating current to a low voltage direct current.

Also, it protects lights from current or voltage fluctuations.

· Heat Sink

A heat sink is a component that facilitates thermal management.

It has fins that enhance the velocity of airflow hence providing excellent heat management.

· Electrostatic Plastic Spraying

This offers resistance to fading, chipping, and corrosion.

· Diffuser

The diffuser ensures that a lit environment has minimum shadows.

It is made using tempered glass that scatters or diffuse light to emit the soft light.

· Mounting

Mounting is the component used to mount floodlights.

· Power Supply

From floodlight housing, you can tell whether the power supply is alternate current or direct current.

· Color Temperature

Color temperature measured in kelvins measures the absolute temperature of your light.

If it is above 5000k it is characterized as a cool color.

If it is between 2700 and 3000k it is characterized as a warm color.

· Body Material

This is the material used in making the body of the lamp.

The body of the lamp can be made using aluminum alloy, copper, die-cast aluminum, or glass among other materials.

· Power

It shows the amount of energy consumed by light.

· Ingress Protection Rating

It shows the resistance of the light to light and solid objects.

How do you Choose Flood Light Housing?

When choosing flood light housing, you should consider their quality.

High-quality housing protects your light from external factors such as dust, impact, water, and extreme weather conditions.

What is the Function of Reflector in Flood Light Housing?

Parts of flood light housing

Parts of flood light housing

A floodlight housing has a reflector that determines the quality and directionality of light.

The housing is located behind or around the source of light to channel light towards the lens or opening.

A reflector is used with a lens to produce the wanted effect.

Floodlight housing uses ellipsoidal and parabolic reflectors.

Parabolic reflector reflects light from the reflector found in corresponding beams.

The ellipsoidal reflector is used in tight, focusable spots.

What are the uses of Flood Light Housing?

There are several ways in which you can use floodlight housing.

They are:

Floodlight housing is used in residential areas, schools, factories, streets, roads, gardens, car parks, and pedestrian streets.

They are also used in garden roads, parks, main roads, and highways to protect the light from corrosion, dust, and water.

What is the MOQ for Flood Light Housing?

The minimum order quantity for floodlight housing depends on the type of floodlight housing you order and the manufacturer.

For instance, the minimum order quantity for 72w flood light housing can be 10 pieces and the minimum order quantity for 100w.

On the other hand, an MOQ of 50w floodlight housing can be 10 pieces or 100 pieces or 1000 pieces.

What is the Common Surface Finish for Flood Light Housing?

There are several surface finishes that are common for floodlight housing.

They are:

· Powder-coated Finish

Powder-coated finish is created by using the electrostatic process to apply dry powder and curing it with heat.

Powder-coated finish is composed of finely ground resin particles and pigment together with additives.

Powder-coated finishes are resistant to chemicals, abrasion, corrosion, and scratches.

Polished finish

Polished surface finish is created by using abrasive and leather strop or work wheel to smooth the surface of a floodlight housing.

Due to its smooth surface, it has more strength than a rough surface.

· Black Anodizing Finish

The black anodizing finish is created by boiling anodized particles in a nickel acetate solution which secures component.

This process dies anodized metal surface black.

It generates a non-conductive coating that provides enhanced corrosion resistance.

Also, the anodized surface is very hard therefore it has exceptional wear characteristics.

· Anodize+Painting Finish

Anodize+painiting finish is created by painting an anodized surface.

Once the surface is anodized black, powder coating is applied electro statistically on it.

The powder coating gives a uniform, durable surface fishing from semi-gloss to matte with several standard colors in a variety of textures.

Anodize+painting finish has excellent protection from corrosion, resistance to abrasion, and protection from ultraviolet radiation.

The finishing also offers color protection over time.

· Plating Finish

Plating finish is created by passing electric current via electrolytes where metal housing is inserted.

These electrolytes break up depositing a few of its atoms on metal housing making it electroplated.

The electrolytes are based on the type of metal used in making the floodlight housing.

Plating provides resistance to wear, corrosion, abrasion, and friction.

Also, it provides hardness and electrical conductivity.

Further, plating finishing is used on housing made of non-metallic and plastic materials.

· Die-Cast Aluminium Alloy Finish

Die-Cast Aluminium Alloy finish is created by using high pressure to force molten metal into the mould cavity.

Two hardened steel dies machined into shapes are used in creating the mould cavity.

Die-Cast Aluminium Alloy finish equip your floodlight housing with great mechanical properties.

Additionally, it gives them a high electrical and thermal conductivity and strength when temperatures are high.

What are the Best Color Options for Flood Light Housing?

Currently, the best color options for floodlight housing are white, black, and grey.

These colors are preferred because they fit well into different designs.

What are the Advantages of Flood Light Housing?

When you use floodlight housing, you will realize a lot of advantages.

  • Firstly, floodlight housing acts as the body for the whole light. They give the light aesthetic value in areas where it is installed.
  • Secondly, the housing is made of corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, and tough material.

This material protects the light component from the impact and external environment as well as increase light durability.

  • Thirdly, floodlight housing prevents the spread of light in an unwanted direction. It helps in keeping the light focused.
  • Fourthly, it is created with particular elements that facilitate heat reduction while enhancing light efficiency.

How do you Evaluate Quality of Flood Light Housing?

Floodlight housing quality depends on the heat sink amount, thickness, and weight of floodlight.

High-quality flood light housing is lightweight, strong, and has a high thermal conductivity as well as radiation.

Different designs of flood light housing

Flood light housing

· Dust and Waterproof Test

To ensure that you receive the best floodlight housing for your needs, manufacturers test the housing.

They test whether it is 100% water and dust-tight then provides the right IP rating for your floodlight housing.

· Salt Mist Spray Test

To examine the corrosion resistance of floodlight housing, a salt mist spray test is done.

In this test, a corrosive attack is produced to a coated housing to determine the suitability of the coating as a protective finish.

Salt mist spray test determines whether the housing can withstand cold or wet weather.

Unacceptable housing after a short while when subjected to saline air.

· Impact-resistant Test

The impact-resistant test is done to determine the toughness of floodlight housing.

It determines the housing’s ability to take in energy during impact.

The impact-resistant test is done using a pendulum of known length and mass.

The pendulum is thrown from an established height to hit the housing at a particular temperature.

Brittle materials possess low toughness since they can endure a low amount of impact.

Materials’ impact also value varies with temperature.

The impact energy of the material is lowered at low temperatures.

What are the Major Die Casting Methods used on Flood Light Housing?

To ensure that your flood light housing is of the desired quality, different die casting methods are used.

These methods include:

· Pressure Die Casting

Pressure die casting refers to the process of injecting molten metal alloy into steel mold under high pressure.

It rapidly solidifies to produce a mesh shaped component that is extracted automatically.

Pressure die casting is light in weight since it has thin walls, have a great surface finish and close control of dimensions.

Also, it is low cost and economical.

This type of die casting can be low pressure or high pressure with high pressure die casting being either hot chamber or cold chamber.

High pressure die casting is mandatory for casting that needs precise geometry and strong tolerance.

Low-pressure die-cast is used for non-critical and large parts.

A hot chamber is only used for zinc and low melting point alloys which do not erode or affect metal pots.

· Gravity Die Casting

In gravity die casting the molten metal is discharged from a ladle or vessel into a mould.

Gravity is the only force used in filling the mould cavity and you can control filling by slanting the die.

Due to fast solidification associated with gravity die casting, it has better mechanical features and finishes than sand casting.

However, it is not cost-effective even though it produces products that are of high quality.

During gravity die casting, die is heated and sprinkled with refractory coating before molten metal is poured manually in the die.

The die is unlocked and cast removed before being processed to get rid of excess materials and sharp edges.

· Vacuum Die Casting

Vacuum die casting offers low porosity and improved strength.

It is the same as low pressure die casting except that molten metal bath and die-cast metal are reversed.

Its cylinder chamber is a vacuum that forces molten metal towards the mold cavity.

The design minimizes turbulence and restricts the volume of gas inclusions.

· Squeeze Die Casting

Under squeeze die casting open die is filled with molten metal.

The open die squeezes closed pressing the metal into the molding’s recessed part.

This process produces very dense products and is regularly used on molten aluminum.

Also, it is employed in applications that need fiber reinforcement.

· Semi-solid Die Casting

Semi-solid die casting also provides enhanced density and low porosity.

In this process, workpieces are cut into small slugs and heated.

When the metal reaches the transition phase between solid and liquid it is forced into a mold cavity by a short sleeve.

The semisolid material hardens in the mold cavity.

What are the Mounting Options for Flood Light Housing?

There are several mounting options you can choose from for proper lighting.

These mounting options are:

Flood light mounting bracket

Flood light mounting bracket

· U-bracket Mounting Option

U-bracket mounts flood light reliably and quickly to poles, walls, and under overhangs, balconies, and ceilings.

The u-bracket mount aims light towards an area and locks its position.

They are installed on flat surfaces such as walls, rooftops, and ground.

It is suitable when floodlight is not directly installed on a junction box.

Also, it can adjust the angle of floodlight to shine downward or upwards.

Thus you can use it for sight, accent, and spotlighting.

U-bracket colors and designs exist in several load capacity, size, and weather ratings.

Its installation location is versatile.

It can be installed on any flat surface be it a wall or the ground

· Slip Fitter Mounting Option

The slip fitter mounting option is used for round poles that have a diameter of 2.5 inches.

Its adaptor can be used to easily replace older units.

It can be used for wood pole, steel, and concrete mounting.

Also, it has adaptors that are heavy duty and stand up with time.

Slip fitters and poles are available in different sizes and shapes.

Therefore, you should verify the diameter and shape of the pole for compatibility.

This mounting option can adjust the angle of the floodlight.

Besides, this enables it to give optimal lighting in areas such as the sports field or parking lot.

They are appropriate for area lighting.


· Mounting Option

Knuckle is a threaded and adjustable accessory created for use in junction boxes and conduit.

It is suitable for lighter and smaller floodlights since the conduit cannot support heavier and lighter fixtures properly.

It is easy to install, allows for adjustment of angle, and does not need a junction box.

· Wall/ Pole Mount Option

It is appropriate where adjusting the angle of the fixture is not necessary since it is robust and thick.

Also, it has an additional plate that allows for it to be mounted on round poles.

Wall/Pole mounting is easy to install since it does not need adjustment.

Also, its construction is robust and it is aesthetically attractive.

Are there Quality Standard Certifications for Flood Light Housing?


They are:

· CE Certification

This certification indicates that the floodlight housing meets the necessary safety and health requirements.

Floodlight housing with CE marking adhere to consumer protection, environmental impact, and product safety standards.

· UL Certification

This certification shows that floodlight housing will not malfunction and cause hazards such as a fire.

· IP Rating Certification

The certification shows a flood light housing degree of resistance to water and solid objects.

In short, with the information in this guide, you can easily choose a reliable flood light housing that suits your market needs.

For inquiries or custom flood light housing designs, SMAlux offers competitive prices.

Contact us today for all your flood light housing needs.