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Smalux offers a lot of options for the flush-mounted led light. Here at Smalux, you can find the best ones available to help you find one that works for you. We have the widest range flush mounted led light options for your business.

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Flush Mounted Led Light Component Welding
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Photoelectricity Test Room

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Quality Services

We are commissioned in this production industry for so many years and counting.

Do you implement on-time shipment

Yes, our well-trained workers are capable of handling each of their responsibilities to support on-time delivery.

Do you provide saving energy Flush Mounted Led Light

Yes, we manufacture Flush Mounted Led Light using advanced machines to implement lower maintenance and lower consumption lights.

Smalux – Your Reliable Flush Mount Led Light Manufacturer in China

Smalux flush mount led light is manufactured for different industrial use. We are a professional flush mount led light manufacturer in China for over 20 years.

Smalux can manufacture popular fixture finish for your flush mounted led light. It can be nickel flush mounted led light, chrome flush mounted led light, black flush mounted led light, white flush mounted led light, bronze flush mounted led light, brass flush mounted led light, and more. Just send us your detailed requirement and we will send you an instant quote.

We can provide you different types of the flush-mounted led light. Smalux is expert in most lighting manufacturing. Mainly are 360 round flush mount, cirque flush mount, flush mount led ceiling light, outdoor ceiling light, and more.

We can produce and distribute flush mount led light in different styles. Whether you choose contemporary flush mount led light, transitional flush mount led light, classic and traditional flush mount led light, luxury flush mount led light, etc.

Smalux flush mounted led light is an ideal solution for a room with a lower ceiling as they boast a low profile. As flush mounted led light works in any space, you can use this for hallway, bathroom, kitchen, and dining room.

No matter what style elements you been incorporated into your space, Smalux has certainly a flush-mounted led light that will compliment your décor. We have a modern flush mount we could offer you more than just functional and with so many stunning styles to choose from.

Whether you need to illuminate a stairwell, hallway, vestibule, or other small space, Smalux flush mounted led lights are the perfect solution. You can choose from smaller, minimalist fixtures or go for striking semi-flush mount chandelier for entryways and high traffic areas.

Whether you are a flush-mounted led light distributor, retailer, or a custom factory, Smalux is always your best choice.

We have the largest lighting manufacturing capacity in China. We can also provide you free flush mounted led light sample to check the quality before a large order. You will get detailed pictures and production videos for each order.

As one of the best lighting manufacturers in China, Smalux has passed a lot of certifications such as ISO 9001, SGS, CE and more. In fact, Smalux has sets of different flush mounted led light manufacturing line and in-house fabrication factory. If you need flush mounted led light or need to custom any product, Smalux can always satisfy your needs.

Aside from flush mounted led light, we can also manufacture other led lighting products such as led garage lights, led rope light, led light bar, and so on.

Send us your inquiry for Smalux flush mounted led light now!

Flush Mounted LED Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide answers every question you have been asking about flush-mounted LED lights.

It will help you understand all the vital aspects of flush-mounted LED lights.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Flush Mounted LED Light?

This is an LED lighting fixture that is fitted level to the mounting surface.

There is no clearance between the light and the mounting surface.

The lighting fixtures are suitable for spaces having shorter ceilings.

They are commonly used for task lighting within large spaces, general lighting in smaller spaces or for filling in spaces that lack uplights.

Flush mount LED light

Flush mount LED light

What is the Difference Between Flush Mount and Semi-Flush Mount LED Light?

Flush mount LED fixtures are installed very near to the mounting surface, which allow them to offer better clearance.

They are excellent sources of general lighting, be it in utilitarian or decorative lighting applications.

Moreover, LED flush mount lights are unobtrusive sources of light that fuse comfortably with mounting surfaces.

Always dome-shaped, the lights are exceedingly flexible to incorporate in casual or formal settings, specifically in spaces having low ceilings.

Semi-flush mount LED lights are luminaires that suspend some inches under the ceiling, usually hanged using a rod or supplementary suspension mechanism.

Space allows the reflection of light off the ceiling, normally producing a ‘halo’ effect whilst equally giving a downward illumination.

The mixed lighting result is at times referred to as “hourglass”.

This is because the up and downlight effect produces opposite light pools on the floor and ceiling.

Because semi-flush mount LED lights are supposed to be seen, there exist more space for details, aside from options and finishes.

Which are the Types of Materials used to Make Flush Mount LED Light?

There are a number of materials used to make the shade, base, and other components of LED flush mount light.

They can be incorporated in the lighting fixture or the finishes or colors can as well integrate the tones of the materials.

· Copper

Copper, together with copper alloys comprising of bronze and brass, is commonly used in most flush mount LED lights.

It is always applied as a finish for transitional and traditional flush mount LED lighting fixtures.

· Chrome

Chrome is equally a common material used in flush mount LED lights, which is good in creating a contemporary appearance.

It produces a complex finish and appearance that helps form an innovative and stylish design with a modern feel.

Most modern LED flush mount lights to incorporate chrome finishes and colors prominently.

· Stainless Steel

This material is employed in most transitional and modern flush mount LED lights.

It produces an elegant design that is minimalistic and simple.

They commonly integrate steelworks and glass domes as a sturdy and elegant border to the light fitting.

· Plastic

Plastic can as well produce a simple but modern design of LED flush mount light.

They are usually white in color, though other alternatives are also available to enable them fit in perfectly in various setups.

Plastic can have an elegant appearance just as other materials with the added advantage of being inexpensive.

It is also strong and can be a good option when you need a material that is relatively durable.

· Crystal

Crystal is an ideal choice for creating refined and outstanding designs informal spaces.

It resembles glass though it commonly has more refined and sharp designs compared to glass. Crystal is perfect for the foyer, dining area, and other formal spaces.

· Wood

Wood tones and a number of wood aspects are commonly employed in the manufacture of flush mount LED light.

It aids in forming a rustic appearance that fits well in many applications of flush mount lights.

Wood can produce a unique and comfortable aesthetic and is particularly ideal for rustic premises like rural themed homes or cabins.

How Long Do Flush Mount LED Light Last?

Flush mounted LED light system

 Flush mounted LED light

LED generally has an extended life, with the majority of present choices having a minimum of 20,000 hours lifespan.

Certain brands are exceeding this limit, and most provide a standard of 30,000 to 50,000 hours. Still, there as some going as far as 90,000 hours.

This implies that you are able to choose a life that will meet your requirements.

While a flush mount LED light utilized for just a few hours per day can function beyond 20 years, those left on throughout day and night will die faster.

Which are the Color Temperatures of Flush Mount LED Light?

Here are the common color temperatures of LED flush mount light you can choose from:

Warm White

This color temperature goes up to 2900K and it resembles ordinary incandescent lamps with respect to warmth and tone of color.

The color temperature is relaxing and flush mount LED lights having color temperatures are ideal for bedrooms, dining areas and family rooms.

Cool White (3000K to 4900K)

Cool White ranges from 3000K to 4900K and provides a brilliant and crisp light tone.

Lighting fixtures having this color temperature are perfect for basements, work areas, garages, and home offices.


These are Flush mount LED lights with color temperatures above 5000K and offer brisk, strong light with a modestly bluish-white tone.

It is usually used in outdoor lighting applications, security lighting, and retail or commercial spaces.

You can apply the above color temperature ranges as an overall guide when buying LED flush mount lights.

Remember that majority of LEDs are equally capable of toggling between color temperatures based on the task you require them for.

Which are the Different Types of Shades for Flush Mount LED Light?

Flush mount LED light often feature a soft or hard shade that might aid in diffusing light.

Many LED flush mount lights to consist of a variety of glass shade and can produce different effects in the space and light.

Different types of materials can be used to make the shades including:

· Clear Glass

Clear glass provides a more brilliant and direct light amount that will assist in illuminating a space.

It is among the basic glass types available and conforms perfectly to most settings.

Though it may be too basic, clear glass shade allows more direct light within the space.

· Etched Glass

Etched glass helps in diffusing the light from the flush mount LED light and will emit a soft glow.

Luminaires with etched glass shade often have a stylish look as it incorporates elegance to a basic LED flush mount light.

· Frosted Glass

Similar to etched glass, fixtures with frosted glass shades also help in light diffusion thus emitting softer glow.

The diffusion aids in combating the direct light effect.

This makes it a perfect choice for a space to produce a more relaxing atmosphere.

· Tinted/Stained Glass

Stained or tinted glass will equally aid in light diffusion while also producing light in a specific color.

This blend will produce an intimate and cool feel within a space.

They can be the best choice rather than clear glass shades.

· Plastic

Some flush mount LED lights to have a plastic shade, which often resembles glass shades.

They may be transparent and can as well assist in diffusing light.

Plastic shades can also be tined or etched.

Being an inexpensive material, plastic shade or more advantageous than glass types.

Moreover, plastic is stronger and is a perfect alternative when you want a more long-lasting shade.

· Linen

Linen is equally a common option and can aid in diffusing light and produce a softer ambiance within a space.

Linen shades are often less costly compared to glass versions, but they lack the strength of plastic or glass shades.

Which are Designs of Flush Mounted LED Light?

There are various designs of flush mount LED light, with some having neat, minimalist appearance whilst others are exceptionally lavish.

Here are the primary designs of LED flush mount light:

 LED flush mount light

LED flush mount light

· Traditional

Traditional flush mount lighting fixture features an ancient and heritage style that induce a rustic feel.

They typically come in iron, bronze and brass tones.

· Transitional

Transitional LED flush mount lights are a mix of modern and traditional designs.

They come in a variety of styles, usually manufactured using a bowl-shaped plastic or glass.

Certain designs incorporate traditional components such as antique bronze or iron whilst others include a more contemporary finish like stainless steel or nickel.

· Modern

Also known as contemporary design, these types of LED flush mount lighting fixtures exhibit neat, plain lines that invoke subtle beauty.

The lights normally feature minimalist and underrated designs, though there are types that include ultramodern and eccentric styles.

· Styled

These are LED flush mount lights that fascinate to a specific style preference, like rustic, children, animal and nautical themes.

Floral themed and branch patterned lights make part of styled flush mount LED lights.

What is LED Integrated Flush Mount Light?

Integrated LED flush mount light has the light-emitting diodes built into the lighting fixture.

Whether on a disc, strip or panel, the LEDs are fixed into the luminaire, therefore, it will not have a typical bulb socket.

The biggest disadvantage of integrated LED flush mount light is that if the LEDs fail, you will have to replace the whole fixture.

To make up for this, these types of flush mount lighting have an exceptionally long life.

The average lifetime of an integrated LED flush mount light is about 25,000 to 30,000 hours.

However, this may differ depending on the quality of LED chips.

Typically, the power supply is normally external and detached from the integrated LEDs.

This is beneficial for the wellness of the power supply components.

You can easily replace the power supply if it breaks down without the need to change the LEDs.

Which are the Safety and Quality Standards for LED Flush Mount Lights?

These are key safety and quality standards that flush mount LED lights need to comply with:

  • IEC Standards
  • ASTM Standards
  • ANSI Standards
  • EN Standards
  • CSA Group standards
  • CEE standards

How Do you Install Flush Mount LED Light?

Here are the steps of installing flush mount LED light:

Step 1

Switch off and detach the old lighting fixture by finding the twist-knob or screw that fastens the fitting in position.

However, you should note that each LED flush mount light vary in the manner it is installed.

Pull the fitting down and remove the 3 wires below by twisting the wire nuts holding them counter-clockwise.

When a ground wire is present, loosen the screw fastening it in position using a screwdriver to detach it.

Afterwards, detach the metal mounting strap used to hold the old lighting fitting to the mounting position.

Step Two

Using the new mounting strap, mount the nipple, which is the part with screw threads on the exterior having a hex nut.

Turn the hex nut counter-clockwise making sure the fixture mounts entirely flush to the mounting surface.

Screw the whole nipple into the mounting strap.

Consequently, fix the mounting strap in place using the supplied screws.

Step Three

This stage of mounting flush mount LED lights involves performing the wire connections.

Start by connecting the ground wire to the screw found on the metal mounting strap.

Then, follow by connecting the white and black wires. Perform some clockwise turns using your fingers to each of the wires.

This helps in grouping the strands of wire together.

Finally, place a wire nut on every connection, twisting them clockwise.

Cautiously push the wires into the holding box.

Step Four

Feed the nipple via the body of the LED flush mount light and fix it in position.

The mount the base casing and finial screw to the threads of the nipple.

Make sure that the LED lighting fixture and the mounting surface are completely flush.

In case they are not, solve the issue by adjusting the hex nut found on the nipple.

Turn on the power and test whether the fixture is working.

In case the circuitry trips or fuse blows when you switch on the light, there could be a short circuit in your connection.

Therefore, you need to recheck the wire connections.

What is the Best Color Rendering Index for Flush Mount LED Light?

Color Rendering Index measures how effectively a source of light display color.

Reds will look red and greens will be green under a flush mount LED light with high CRI.

CRI ratings of light span from 0-100, with the higher the LED quality, the greater the CRI.

Therefore, for best outcomes, choose LED flush mount lights having CRI ratings starting from 90 to 100.

For contrasting purposes, the afternoon sunlight has a color rendering index of 100.

Are Outdoor LED Flush Mount Lights Wet Rated?

Yes, most outdoor flush mount LED lights are wet rated.

The fixtures are designed to endure environmental elements like ice, salty air, snow, and wind.

Wet rating exhibits safety against moisture and also guarantees prolonged life of the light.

Wet rated LED flush mount lights can be used in any outdoor lighting application.

LED flush mount light

LED flush mount light

Which are the Quality Certifications for Flush Mount LED Lights?

Here are some of the quality certifications that you should look for in flush mount LED lights:

  • ETL Certification
  • UL Certification
  • RoHS Certification
  • CE Certification
  • DLC Certification

Where Can you Install LED Flush Mount Lights?

Here are some of the places you can install flush mount LED lights:

  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallways
  • Foyers
  • Kitchens
  • Garages
  • Closets
  • Patios
  • Other indoor spaces

What is the Cost of Flush Mounted LED Light?

The price of flush mount LED light vary based on the materials used to make the fixture.

Those manufactured using glass, crystal and metal can be relatively more costly.

On the other hand, linen and plastic types can be a bit cheaper compared to other versions.

Therefore, there is a broad price range with LED flush mount lighting fixtures.

The cost can begin from as little as USD 10 for more basic alternatives and run into thousands of dollars for high-end types.

Nevertheless, the common types of flush mount LED lights normally vary between USD 250 to USD 500.

SMAlux offers high quality and reliable flush-mounted LED lights.

With years of experience in this industry, we adhere to strict quality standards and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Contact us now for free consultations and inquiries about flush-mounted LED lights.