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Photoelectricity Test Room
Photoelectricity Test Room
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Electrostatic UVC Air Sanitizer Aging
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Electrostatic UVC Air Sanitizer Neat Manufacturing
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Do you provide lower-cost products?

Yes, our Air Purifier-Germicidal UV-C Device Electrostatic UVC Air Sanitizer provide lower-cost and that proven with many customers.

Do you provide a free sample to test

Absolutely yes!  We provide a sample of every products to test the quality of our products.

Do you supply all-time solution for a complete lights project

Yes, we do. For a prosperous installation of SMAlux lighting, we do support all your projects.

SMAlux –  Your Reliable Home Electrostatic UVC Air Sanitizer — The Virus Killer

LandCare Development Background

Airborne transmission has been a defining characteristic of many epidemic outbreaks, and Covid-19 is no different. Those infected with Covid-19, even in early asymptomatic stages, exhale large quantities of aerosols containing novel coronavirus.

Crowded indoor spaces concentrate these aerosols, resulting in a higher risk of exposure and infection. While smaller rooms correlate to higher risk of infection, the key factors for assessing a room’s viral infectiousness are the number of people and time spent in a room. Other than wearing a mask, social distancing, and developing vaccines over time, society has found itself at a loss in terms of how to further reduce the risk of bacterial and viral infection indoors.


A lot of work goes into keeping our homes clean. Yet, despite constant spraying and scrubbing, most chemical disinfectants are only partially effective. Worse still, they release dangerous fumes into the air and have limited effect on the airborne viruses and bacteria.

International authoritative research indicates that High-energy UV photons can photochemically act on RNA and DNA molecules in viruses or bacteria, depriving these microbes of their ability to infect. In other words, viruses and bacteria can be killed or inactivated by direct exposure to UVC light at an effective doses.

The following figure shows the relation between UV germicidal efficiency and wavelength. The radiation intensity peak of the low-pressure UV lamp in the figure is at a wavelength of 254nm, and its germicidal efficiency is about 85% of the UV germicidal efficiency peak.

In response to this challenge, SMAlux has developed its LandCare UVC family air sanitizing products, and has applied for 33 patents worldwide, with a focus on the safe and constant mitigation of airborne bacterial and viral risks posed by indoor environments. LandCare’s UVC products combine electrostatic filtration and UV-C light sterilization in order to significantly reduce the possibility of bacterial and viral infection by constantly eliminating infectious aerosols indoors; thus reducing the risk of infection.

Electrostatic filtration, a technology used in high-end air filters as well as medical masks, allows the charged filter to capture small particles like bacteria and viruses between 0.1 and 0.4 microns that would otherwise be impossible to filter without severely restricting airflow. A mask’s electrostatic charge, and thus its effectiveness will be greatly reduced after 4 hours. The filters of LandCare Family, with their electrostatic generators, maintains -3,200V to -3,400V charge compared to a new mask’s -1,800 V charge, providing for superior trapping ability.

Breath clean air is important for our health, especially when it comes to children, the elderly, and the immunocompromised. UV-C light sterilization can help reduce the risk of viral and bacterial contamination. Tests have shown UV-C light to be effective in neutralising SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

UV-C light sterilization is also widely available in the market today in the form of UV-C germicidal lamps; however, they are not safe for use around people because UV-C light is damaging to the human skin and eyes. LandCare UVC products employ a scientifically tested UVC Leakproof design that internally contains UV-C light in order to offer constant protection, even with people present. Within the UVC Leakproof LandCare device, bacteria and viruses trapped by the filter are irradiated continuously by a 254nm UV-C bulb, achieving a 99.94% sterilization rate and ensuring that only clean, sterile air is recirculated from the device.


1. Safety: Our UVC Leakproof design is able to protect skin and eyes from damaging as UV-C light is internally contained while it safely deactivates viruses and bacteria.

2. Constant Protection: Unlike other UVC devices that need to be turned off around people and pets, HomeUVC can continuously sterilize safely with people present.

3. Highly Effective: Our specially designed filters utilize static electricity (-3,300V) to trap bacteria and viruses, while a UV-C bulb sterilizes them at a close range of 15mm, deactivating over 99.94% of bacteria and viruses.

4. Eco-Friendly: Our medical-grade stainless steel filter is designed to be washed and reused, reducing pollution and eliminating the need for expensive filter replacements.

5. Mood Lighting: Illuminate our commitment to harmless air! Mood lighting allows for stylish placement in any room.