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This type of lighting should operate inside bathroom hotels and conducts total relaxation. It prior shines the bathroom areas and also brought differ shining profitable costs. Because lighting is major for renovation and redecorating bathroom projects, good looks surely perceivable. These bring good-looking lights to a bathroom area. Because lighting is crucial in the bathroom compared to other areas. Therefore, you can successfully apply stuff on faces and also creates hairstyles or even shaving.

Bathroom bulbs, which the original source of brightening lights required on 60- or 75-watts. These lightings are certified vapor resistant also. Endure up to longer terms of using. It is important putting awareness when placing Hotel Bathroom Lighting. When focused on positioning these lighting materials, the required bulb within 30- to 40- should be used.

On the other hand, designing a bathroom will become easier when having Hotel Bathroom Lighting with the best classification and quality. These probably bring positive vibes throughout the day. Most importantly, bathroom sizes should considered first before installing perfect lightings. The amount, dimensions, sizes, should be included when having plans for remodeling bathrooms. By including these all completely, excellent quality surrounding proudly achieved.

Hotel Bathroom Lighting can be placed in bathroom ceilings, walls, etc. These classified having only one elevated light operating. It`s important to have nice layered lightings in bathrooms. However, when daylight, bathroom quality lighting should prioritized. Hotel Bathroom Lighting have to be the accent, illuminated, and decorated. That accent type of lighting fulfilled vigorous bouncing off the lights. Functional on showing shadows beautifully. Successfully gives deepness to a bathroom. These also permits illumination of featured Hotel Bathroom Lighting production.

Mentioned type of hotel bathroom lighting, which known Decorative lighting, highly invented from attractive-look yet durable lighting fixtures. Hotel Bathroom Lighting has the ability to make illuminative scenes at prior areas. Finest lighting surely brought by quality degreed Hotel Bathroom Lighting. Bring out standard lightings design, variable for any type of implementation.

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Hotel Bathroom Lighting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to skyrocket your hotel bathroom lighting then you should read this guide.

It covers everything you need to know about various lights used in bathroom lights.

By the end of this guide, you will definitely be an expert in this industry.

What is Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

Just as the name implies, hotel bathroom lighting refers to lighting that has been designed specifically to suit hotel bathrooms.

Hotel bathroom light

Hotel bathroom light

What Types of Lighting is Best for Hotel Bathroom?

There are several types of lighting that you could introduce in your bathroom.

However, we have these four types of lights that will exclusively transform your bathroom atmosphere.

  • Ambient lighting –Ambient lighting serves as the primary source of light.
  • Accent lighting-Accent lighting is used to highlight objects. This type of lighting only focuses on a specific feature or area.
  • Decorative lighting –Decorative lighting is meant to add spark in your lighting. You can as well use them when you need to highlight a specific object in the hotel bathroom.
  • Task lighting –Task lighting is used to illuminate your space to suit your preferences or rather what the space is meant for.

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) and LEDs are the ideal type of lights to use for hotel bathrooms.



LED bathroom light

LED Bathroom light

Not only are they energy efficient but they also have a cool light output illuminating full light spectrums.

The best type of light for your bathroom would be one with a cool white color.

Why do you need Hotel Bathroom Lights?

There are a couple of reasons as to why you should have hotel bathroom lights fixed.

  • Great atmosphere –Bathroom lights can easily transform the look and feel of your bathroom. They create a unique mood depending on the type of lighting you choose to introduce.
  • For proper visibility – Hotel bathrooms feature mirrors, steps, slippery floors or any other additional amenity which would require proper lighting to be well seen.

In addition to that, lighting helps when doing your preparation in front of a mirror.

Therefore it’s very essential when designing your hotel bathroom.

  • Highlighting specific features – Bathroom lighting is also used to illuminate specific features around the bathroom such as wall painting, plants, among others.
  • For a color change – Bathroom lights can be colored to create a different feel and theme to suit different functions.

Are LED Lights good for Hotel Bathroom?


LED lights are appropriate for hotel bathrooms.

In fact, most if not all hotel bathrooms feature LED types of lights as they bring out a crispy and defined illumination for any type of space.

In addition to that, they provide a cool white color which is best when grooming in front of a bathroom mirror

Where should you Install Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

Bathroom lighting system

Bathroom lighting system

To start with, hotel bathroom lighting should be installed at least 75 to 80 above the floor.

Other ultimate places to position your bathroom lighting would be;

  • At the side of mirrors
  • Overhead the mirrors
  • At the bathroom ceiling
  • At the floor
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • In showerheads
  • Sidewalls(in cases where the bathroom is narrow)

Remember, you are free to customize your bathroom lighting to suit your preferences.

Therefore, you should not limit yourself.

Are there Regulations on Hotel Bathroom Lighting Installation?


Where water and electricity are involved, there has to be proper regulations.

These regulations should start from wiring up to the final process of light installation.

The reason behind the regulations is to ensure that safety measures are withheld and users get to have a good experience.

The different bathroom zones should make use of appropriate light ratings to ensure the safety of the users.

How do you Choose Hotel Bathroom Lighting for different Zones?

You have to consider several factors when choosing your hotel bathroom lighting.

Some of them include:

  • The hotel theme
  • Light Rating – Different lights are rated differently depending on the zones they will be installed.

For instance, zone 0 which covers inside the bath or shower has to be rated at least IP67.

While zone 1 which represents the area above the bath or shower needs to have a minimum rating of IP44.

Zone 2 areas which cover 0.6m from the perimeter of the bathroom to a height of 2.25 m from the floor need an IP rating of IP44.

  • The mood –Depending on the type of guests you will be welcoming. It’s advisable to set the mood or rather feel of the bathroom space to accommodate them well.
  • Space available – Different lighting would suit different spaces available. Some lighting occupies much space.

It is important for you to work with reputable lighting companies.

They will be in a position to advise you on how to make maximum use of your space.

  • Lighting positions –Besides positioning your light on the ceiling you can as well play around with the walls and other features available in your bathrooms.

Different spaces demand different light positioning to achieve your desired look.

  • This explains why you might have come across lighting on top of seating areas ion bars and lighting at the side of mirrors in bathrooms.

Different zones in bathrooms

 Different zones in bathroom

How Bright Should Hotel Bathroom Lighting be?

The brightness of a lighting system for hotel bathroom will depend on the type of lights you are planning to install.

For instance, 20- to 25- LED lights or 24- to 26- fluorescent lights will be an ideal substitute for 75-100 watts as seen in most lighting.

Are there Special Hotel Bathroom Lighting System?


Special bathroom lighting systems are meant to create special accents in the bathroom.

At the same time embracing safety measures to avoid any form of accidents.

Owing to the fact that bathrooms are wet areas, having electricity there would require the installation of special lighting systems.

Can you Recommend Hotel Bathroom Lighting Ideas?

When it comes to lighting a hotel bathroom, you might be spoilt for choices.

This is due to the many designs that exist which might interest you.

To make your work easier, here are some of the hotel bathroom lighting ideas that you might consider introducing to your space.

Hotel bathroom lighting

 Hotel bathroom lighting

  • Position your lights at the side of the mirrors. By so doing you will be able to eliminate shadows created when your guests use the mirror for their grooming.
  • Install your lighting over the mirror in order to ensure full light distribution.
  • A downlight over your shower area would as well be a brilliant idea.
  • You can as well choose to have shower wall lights installed.
  • Installing colored lights in your showerhead would add spark in your bathroom.
  • Also, you can make use of downlights to provide ambient lighting in your hotel bathrooms giving it a sleek look.

How do you Choose Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

First, make sure you purchase your lighting from a reputable manufacturer.

They have experience in the bathroom lighting business.

Meaning, they will be in a better position to help you come up with the ideal lighting for your hotel bathroom.

Secondly, do your own research.

Online platforms such as Pinterest and Houzz will help you brainstorm some cool ideas for your hotel bathroom lighting.

Can you install any Light in Hotel Bathroom?


However, if you want to achieve a more executive and elegant look you need to pay close attention to the type of lights you install in your hotel bathroom.

The different bathroom lighting available might drastically take your hotel bathroom looks to another level which your guests will find it cool.

LED lights with a cool/ white color are the best when it comes to bathroom lighting.

Hotel bathroom light

 Hotel bathroom light

How are Hotel Bathroom Lighting Rated?

Hotel bathroom lightings are rated according to the different bathroom zones.

Zone 0 which covers inside the shower or bath are normally rated IP67 providing protection when immersed in water.

Zone 1 covers above the shower or bath to height of 2.25m and are rated I44.

Zone 2 are areas found 0.6m outside the bathroom’s parameter to a height of 2.25m and are rated IP44.

 Bathroom zones

Bathroom zones

Can you use Pendant Light in Hotel Bathroom?


Not only can they function as accent lighting but also ambient lighting. Pendant light would be an ideal choice for lighting your vanity.

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Are Chandelier Lights Good for Hotel Bathroom?


Chandeliers can act as ambient lighting in your hotel bathroom.

However, make sure not to go overboard with the size especially when working with small bathroom space.

Bathroom with chanelier light

Bathroom chandelier light

Can you Install Hotel Bathroom Lighting above a Shower?


It’s even much easier to have a hotel bathroom lighting above a shower since that position is less affected by splashing water.

However, certain regulations should be adhered to in order to provide proper safety to your guests.

How do you Import Hotel Bathroom Lights from China?

Importing from China has been made much easier in recent times.

This includes importing hotel bathroom lights from China.

First, you have to do extensive research in order to get a full understanding of various aspects involved in the importation of your goods.

You can do this using Google, attending trade expos and visiting China just to mention a few.

After gathering enough information, the next step would be to identify your preferred manufacturer.

If you are planning to purchase in large quantities then buying directly from the factory would save your pocket.

Most manufactures and suppliers can easily be found in platforms such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Made in China and DH gate among others.

They are often rated on those platforms.

This makes your work even much easier as you can easily identify the best-rated manufacturer.

After you have selected your preferred manufacturer, explain to them what you want and thereafter you can negotiate prices.

Different manufacturers use various payment methods.

Therefore, your manufacturer will outline them for you.

Your supplier or manufacturer should be in a position to advise you on the shipping methods to use.

The main shipping methods include water, air, rail, and road.

Depending on the urgency of your hotel bathroom lights, you could either choose to use air freight for faster shipping.

Alternatively, you may choose sea freight which would take quite some time.

In as much as air freight is fast, it is the most expensive shipping method among all.

Sea freight is the slowest but you would spend less when shipping your hotel bathroom lights.

On the other hand, rail and road transport are applicable if you are living in a country that borders China.

It requires established road and rail transport networks.

You can as well choose to make use of freight forwarders.

These are experts who help in managing all your shipping processes until you receive your goods.

The brighter side of using freight forwarders is that you won’t have to worry about your shipment.

This gives you an opportunity to continue with your daily routines as they take care of your shipment processes.

A good manufacturer should be able to advise you on some of the best freight forwarders to use for your hotel bathroom lighting.

Otherwise, you will have to do your homework and research on the best freight forwarders in China.

How do you Test Quality of Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

Quality of lighting has to be top-notch especially in places such as hotels.

To know the quality of your hotel bathroom lighting, you need to have the following tests performed.

Hotel bathroom lighting ideas

 Hotel bathroom lighting ideas

  • Rub test on the rating label–Just as the name implies, this type of test involves rubbing against the label preferably using a wet white cloth. If the information stays intact it’s with no doubt that the lighting is up to standard.
  • Fatigue test- Fatigue test is done on LED lighting to check the durability of different functional parts such as switches and buttons.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility test – This test is meant to ensure that there is moderation in the emission of electromagnetic interference which might damage other electronics.
  • Function testing – This type of test ensures that all functionalities work as indicated in the manual. If that’s the case, then your hotel bathroom lighting is of good quality.
  • Endurance test – Endurance test analyzes the capability of the lighting to withstand prolonged use without damage or causing safety issues.

The lighting is used continuously while being assessed for any malfunctions.

Quality lighting should be able to pass the endurance test.

Aside from these, it’s advisable to work with well-known manufacturers as doing this will also guarantee you quality.

Is Warm White or Cool White best for Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

Cool white is recommended for hotel bathroom lighting.

A white light will appear brighter and therefore ensure that your hotel bathroom is well lit.

In addition to that, cool white light brings up a “natural” appearance.

By this I mean it doesn’t change the actual color of objects within the bathroom.

You can easily compare it to natural light.

Are Hotel Bathroom Lights IP Rated?


Hotel bathroom lights must be IP rated for the purposes of ensuring different zones are allocated the ideal type of lighting.

The IP ratings basically indicated the degree of protection it offers to a lighting fitting.

This can range from protection from dust, water, and other solid items with 0 indicating no protection and 6 as the total protection.

IP Rating

 IP Rating

Should Bathroom Light Fixture Point Up or Down?

The positioning of your bathroom light fixture might either be placed facing up or down.

However, when you want upward-facing lighting it’s important to ensure that the bathroom and ceiling have a bright color.

It is in order to reflect the light effectively.

Additionally, upward lighting creates fewer shadows and glare making them good for vanity areas.

Downward lighting is ideal for task lighting due to the fact that it focuses directly on the area or object needed.

This makes it ideal for the vanity area.

However, you need to have additional lights in your bathroom for proper lighting.

How many Lumen Should Hotel Bathroom Lighting be?

Lumen refers to the SI unit for measuring light.

For you to have the right amount of light you want in a room, you have to choose lighting with the appropriate lumen.

Hotel bathroom lighting should be bright enough to provide adequate visibility.

It should serve you well when using the bathroom either for shaving, brushing your teeth or doing makeup.

You will require 20 to 50 lumens per square foot in the hotel bathroom.

In such a case, 2000 to 4000 lumens should be enough for your hotel bathroom.

What are the Benefits of LED Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

As compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting, LED lighting is gaining more popularity.

This is not only in homes but also in hotels and other commercial places.

LED bathroom lighting

 LED Bathroom lighting

The reason behind this is owing to the following pros;

  • Durability- LED lights last much longer as compared to other types of lighting.
  • Energy-saving –While incandescent lights and CFLs produce 90% and 80% of their heat energy, LED lights only emit 12% of heat energy. This drags as to the reason why LED lights are energy saving
  • Cost-effective –LED lighting will save you money on maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly – LED lights emit less CO2 and don’t have harmful components such as mercury and lead.
  • Versatility – LED lights can be designed into different colors to serve different moods.
  • No warming up – As compared to the CFL bulbs, LED lighting neither warms up nor flickers.
  • Dimmable –Whether your hotel guests want to read or just have a relaxed night, LED lighting provides them the opportunity to adjust the brightness of the room by dimming the lights.
  • Stylish- LED lighting adds a spark to your hotel bathroom making it attractive and appealing with a luxurious taste in it. With such type of lighting your hotel would as well have a higher standard or rather class as compared to others who use fluorescent and CFL lighting.
  • LED lights consume less space which would come in handy when dealing with small bathroom space.

What are Vanity Mirror Lights for Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

Vanity mirror lights refer to lighting fittings that are installed above or alongside a mirror.

The main purpose off these mirror lights is to provide adequate light.

This is mainly for grooming purposes in front of the mirror.

This explains why you need to have quality lighting for your hotel vanity.

Hotel vanity mirror light

 Hotel vanity mirror light

Why use Remote Controlled Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

Lighting for remote control is a fast-growing trend in the current technology industry.

Have you imagined controlling all your lights just by a press of a button?

Definitely, it must be incredible!

And for sure it’s an outstanding technique in the lighting industry. Here is why;

  • Flexibility and convenience –A remote-controlled hotel bathroom allows you to control your lights from anywhere within the bathroom. Meaning you don’t have to physically walk towards your switch but instead have everything done remotely.
  • Stylish –The fact that you can make lights go off and on from any position makes your bathroom appear not only stylish but also classy.
  • Durability – All remote-controlled lighting are LED lights and LED lights are well known for their ability to last longer.
  • Energy saving-Remote controlled lighting has low energy consumption and therefore saves you on your hotel expenditures.
  • Does not heat up – As compared to fluorescent and CFL lighting, remote-controlled lighting which is LED lighting does not emit heat. Therefore would make your space even more comfortable.
  • User friendly-Remote controlled lighting can easily be used and this makes them quite user-friendly.

What are the Benefits of Motion Sensor Bathroom Lighting?

Just as the name implies, motion sensor lighting is controlled by any type of movement they are designed to respond to.

For instance, some are designed to switch on once you move your arms, others once you walk into the bathroom and so on.

Sounds amazing, right?

You can tell this type of lighting approach could really separate your hotel bathroom standards from other hotels.

Some of the advantages of using motion sensor bathroom lighting include;

  • No need for a switch –instead of a switch, you will just require a button which you can operate remotely.
  • Reduces energy consumption –not only are they energy saving but also eliminates the possibility of light being left on by guests which otherwise hikes the energy consumption.
  • Cost-saving –Owing to the fact that motion sensor lighting uses less energy you expect to save quite much on your hotel bathroom energy consumption.
  • Boosts safety –motion sensor bathroom lights will decrease the possible chances of tripping when visiting the bathroom to switch on lights. As soon as you enter the bathroom, lights turn on and enhance your vision, in turn, saving you from possible accidents.

How does Bathroom Spot Lights compare to Bathroom Mounted Lights?

Bathroom spot light vs bathroom mounted lights

Bathroom spot light vs. bathroom mounted lights

Bathroom spot lights and bathroom mounted lights differ in a number of ways not excluding;

  • Bathroom spotlights are smaller in size as compared to mounted lights
  • As compare to mounted lights, bathroom spotlights are easily adjustable.
  • Bathroom spot lights can be used to shift focus to a specific object or feature. This is due to the fact that they can be easily adjusted and are smaller in size. It’s difficult to achieve the same with mounted lights.
  • Spot light cast a narrow beam of light as compared to a mounted light that spread light broadly.

Should you Choose Ceiling Lights for Bathroom or Wall Mounted Lights for Bathroom?

Bathroo ceiling light

Bathroom ceiling light

Bathroom wall mounted light

Bathroom wall mounted light

To start with, ceiling lights are designed to be fixed on the ceiling while wall mounted lights are meant to be installed on walls.

Both of these lighting fixtures are equally important and are used for different applications.

Ceiling lights tend to spread light widely in the entire room.

That’s the reason they are generally used as the primary source of light.

You can mount them over the shower or toilet but remember the light won’t be enough to be used for grooming in front of a mirror.

This is due to the fact that it will focus on the top of your head and create shadows on other parts of your body such as the face.

That is why you will require wall mounted lights.

Wall-mounted lights would work best on bathroom mirrors as they directly provide light to your face.

By so doing, you are left with zero shadows and are able to fully utilize the mirror as you wish.

However, other parts of the bathroom will have shadows due to inadequate lighting.

To solve this, it’s advisable to blend both wall mounted lights and ceiling lights to achieve the best lighting for your bathroom.

The ceiling light should be placed over the showerhead while the wall-mounted lights can be positioned on the side of mirrors.

It is basically to achieve maximum lighting in all corners of your bathroom.

What are Strip Lights for Hotel Bathroom Lights?

Strips lights can be applied in lighting hotel bathrooms for decoration purposes providing fantastic accent lighting.

For instance, you can fix strip lights around your bathroom mirror, vanity or under the sinks which in turn adds a sense of class and good ambiance.

Also, strip lights fixed around mirrors tend to make the bathroom appear more spacious due to reflection.

Hotel bathroom strip light

 Hotel bathroom strip light

What are the Quality Certification for Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

Quality certifications are a necessity when purchasing products from any country across the globe.

The purpose of these certifications is to ensure that the products are up to standard and meet the set regulations among different trading groups.

Some of the certification for hotel bathroom lighting includes;

  • RoHS –These certifications ensure that substances used in the manufacture of electronic products are not hazardous. It restricts the use of harmful elements.
  • CE –Certifies that the electronic products have been tested and meet the set standards surrounding safety, health and environmental protection.
  • UL/CUL – The UL certification ensures that the lighting is safe for use and meet the set standards.
  • ETL –Just as the UL, ETL is a safety certification that proves compliance with the set safety standards.

Are Hotel Bathroom Lights Dimmable?


Since most hotel bathroom lights are LED lights, you can dim them when need be.

This improves the experience of your hotel guests as they are able to adjust the lighting to suit their preferences.

Is Distribution Angle Important in Hotel Bathroom Lighting System?


The distribution angle is important if you want to make sure all the bathroom areas are well lit.

This entails layering your lighting to achieve different themes and preferences.

Since bathrooms are used for various functions such as showering, shaving, makeup application and grooming.

It’s recommended to fix layers of lighting to suit the different needs.

Are there Design Requirements for Hotel Bathroom Lighting?


Depending on what you want to achieve, you must follow the specific requirements.

This can range from the type of lights to use, the positioning, the color and so on.

Make sure you have adequate information on lighting approaches to apply.

This will help you get the most out of your hotel bathroom lighting.

What is Lux?

LUX refers to the unit used to measure luminance per square meter. In other words, it’s the SI unit for luminance.

How much does Hotel Bathroom Lighting Cost?

On average, you will spend any amount ranging from $400 to $500 on a multi-light fixture and $30 to $40 for a sconce.

If you prefer using high-end fixtures that are customized and made of expensive substances such as gold, then these prices might shoot up to as much as $1000 and more.

Above all, the cost of hotel bathroom lighting will depend on several factors not excluding;

  • Quality- You are bound to spend more on quality lighting as compared to sub-standard ones.
  • Size –It goes without saying that the bigger the size of your lighting fixture the costlier it will be.
  • Place of purchase –Purchasing directly from the factory puts you in a better position to get huge trade discounts as compared to purchasing from a supplier. When making huge purchases it’s always best to deal with the manufacturer directly and negotiate prices. This also sets the ground for any future purchases.
  • Lighting color –Colorful lighting fixtures tend to coat more than non-colored lights.

How does Power Factor Affect Choice of Bathroom Lighting System?

Lighting with a high power factor will maximize your overall energy savings.

On the other hand, a low power factor will result in the following;

  • More power transmission losses
  • Increase in carbon emissions
  • Increased voltage dips
  • And increased distribution costs

Generally LED lightings should have a power factor from 0.9.

A proper lighting system should be able to save energy and therefore settling for one with high power factor would serve the purpose.

Should you Consider Color Temperature for Hotel Bathroom Lighting System?


The color temperature of your lighting should be able to accommodate several functionalities including shaving, makeup application, grooming among others.

That’s why a cool white/bright lighting is ideal for any hotel bathroom.

What is Color Rendering Index in Hotel Bathroom Lighting?

Color rendering Index mostly abbreviated as CRI refers to how accurately a light source is good at revealing the actual colors of the object it illuminates.

How do you Ship Bathroom Lights from China?

Shipping lights from China is not as difficult as it was before.

With the developed infrastructure you are able to ship your light fixtures efficiently and in the shortest time possible.

You can choose to use air, water, rail, and road transport depending on the urgency of your goods and the amounts being shipped.

If you need them urgently then air freight is the ideal transport method to settle for.

However, be ready to dig deeper into your pockets for this transport means.

Alternatively, you can choose sea freight which is the slowest but cheapest of them all.

Road and rail transport will be applicable if your country borders China and there is an established transport network.

Remember, you don’t have to go through all the shipping struggles alone.

You can hire freight forwarders who help in shipping products leaving you to continue with your daily routines.

As you can see, choosing a suitable hotel bathroom light can be a complex process.

However, this guide has made it simple for you.

For any questions, or inquiries on hotel bathroom lighting, talk SMAlux now.