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We are trusted in this manufacturing industry for so many years and counting. We have a lot of well-trained customer service employees to guide your whole process.

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Yes, our high-tech lighting productions are functional, lesser maintenance and consumptions.

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SMAlux fabricates plenty of designs of lights for hotel ceiling lightings. From indoor to outdoor areas of the hotel, SMAlux can be able to supply for them all. Our waterproof lights for outside ceilings are durable with long-lasting usage. It is safe from wet. If you need dimmable lights, we have a lot of features available. Our dimmable lights are available from any designs. You can choose your ideal lights for your satisfaction. Most of our ceiling lights are waterproof. So we can ensure your safety and for the safety of your customers. Lightings are additional to customer ratings. SMAlux can be able to supply your desired lightings to add your business ratings.

We have created successful and functional lighting through our high-tech machines. SMAlux manufactured safety, easy to install lightings and most especially lower maintenance. Our engineers did a lot of research to ensure lighting security. Our lesser consumption lightings can help you save your electricity. But most important is to save your cash.

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SMAlux hotel ceiling lights are popular worldwide. We have plenty of clients and customers from different places. Ceiling lights are the most common in all hotels from different places. Ceiling lights are the center of attraction for every customer who checked in on the hotel. From lobbies, hallways, waiting areas, kitchen, offices and even bedrooms, ceiling lights are everywhere.

SMAlux lighting productions based on modern technologies. We have high-tech remote control ceiling lights for hassle-free. Modes are controlled by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You don’t have to worry about it. All our fabricated ceiling lightings are easy to operate or to control. We also have dimmable and tunable ceiling lights. You can easily change the light colors by sitting down or lying down on bed. SMAlux created thousand of colors for lightings. Unique bright colors suited for your taste.

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Hotel Ceiling Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you are will find every information about hotel ceiling light.

So, before you import hotel ceiling light from China, ensure you read answers to the 18 questions.

Take a look:

What is Hotel Ceiling Lights?

The hotel ceiling light is a light fixture that is mounted on the ceiling, which is found in various sizes and styles.

The there rapid adoption of LED ceiling lights since they have a high output.

Hence designed for lighting large spaces such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, and hotel lobbies.

 LED Ceiling light

LED Ceiling Light

Which are the Various Types of Hotel Ceiling Lights?

Some of the most common light include:

1. Chandelier

A chandelier is also referred to as girandole, candelabra lights or suspended lights.

It is a branching ornamental light fixture that is designed to be mounted on ceilings.

Chandeliers mostly use incandescent light bulbs through modern designs use LEDs.

Chandeliers are light fixtures suitable for use in taller ceilings.

You can choose which height best fulfills your lighting needs.

Chandeliers work best over dining tables, over bathroom tubs, and in foyers.

They are different from pendants because they comprise of multiple branched lamps.

Hotel chandelier light

Figure 2 Hotel chandelier light

2. Pendant Lighting

Pendants are great because they can be used in many areas within the hotel.

They hang directly above workspaces.

Depending on the placement and style, pendants can be used for accent lighting, task lighting, or ambient lighting.

For ambient lighting, you can use a series of pendants having bright or light-colored shades.

You can use two or more pendants for ambient hotel ceiling lighting.

However, for task lighting, use either dark-colored shades or two pendants over a side table.

Hotel pendant light

Hotel pendant light

· Flush Mounted Lighting

Flush mount light is a type of hotel ceiling lighting fixture that fits around a ceiling light bulb flush to the ceiling without any gaps or holes.

This feature makes it blend well with the ceiling; and if strategically mounted, they can be used for decoration.

This type of Lighting is used in hotel rooms that have low hanging ceilings such as kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Flush mounted lights

Flush mounted lights

· Semi Flush Mounted lighting

A semi-flush-mount hotel ceiling light provides better illumination than the flush mount fixture.

The difference is that it is suspended on a stem leaving a small gap.

Also, the gap is usually 4 to 8 inches and is located on to the top of the fixture.

Besides, the gap is between the fixture and the ceiling, whereas the flush mount is attached to the limit.

Semi-flush-mount lights are much more decorative, and the base of the lights extend just below the ceiling.

In terms of style, a semi-flush-mount ceiling light appears to be the same as the pendant light except that it does not hang low.

A semi-flush light fixture adds a nice touch to the kitchen look or a small low-ceiling hotel dining area.

· Multi-light Pendant

Multi-light pendants can be used in place of chandeliers.

They are arranged in a row to achieve an elegant look.

They have very many uses such as in a foyer where they are used as an entry light and in stairways where they are suspended at various heights to fill the space vertically.

 Multi pendant light

 Multi pendant light

· Ceiling Lantern

Ceiling lanterns are hotel ceiling lights designed to imitate the traditional oil and gas lanterns of yesteryears.

There are available various models of hotel ceiling lanterns that resemble lanterns used back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

These type of ceiling lights incorporate a sense of history to the hotel rooms and spaces they light

 Ceiling lantern light

 Ceiling lantern light

How do you Choose the Hotel Ceiling Lights?

Light fixtures are an essential component of any space.

Selecting the right ceiling lights not only provides the required light but as well set the atmosphere and supplement the furnishings and decorations in the hotel.

You should consider the following factors when choosing hotel ceiling lights:

· Size

The height of your ceiling plays an instrumental role in the type of ceiling light you install.

You will require lengthy drop ceiling lights in case of a high ceiling.

On the other hand, you will require lights that attach solidly on the ceiling if it is a low ceiling.

Therefore, the first step when choosing your lights is measuring the height of the ceiling to determine the type of hotel ceiling light you will require.

The rule of thumb is, hotel ceiling lights in the dining area, hallways, and hotel bedrooms need to hang about 7 feet above the level of the floor.

However, this is just a fundamental guideline, your lighting technicians should decide the best height for the ceiling light fixtures.

· Style and Color

Hotel ceiling lighting are commonly the point of attraction in a room and you need to choose lights that augment your style and color design.

Try to choose ceiling lights that help in maintaining the age and style of your premise.

Lighting trends come and fade.

A cautiously selected hotel ceiling light fixtures that blend perfectly with your space will serve for many years without being outdated.

· Price

You should determine your budget before settling for a specific type of hotel ceiling light.

They can cost as low as USD 20 for an elementary recessed downlight to thousands of US dollars for a top-quality crystal chandelier.

However, let quality come before price since high-quality ceiling light fittings are very durable and will serve you for many years.

Which are the different Styles of Hotel Ceiling Lights?

You can find hotel ceiling lights in a myriad of styles consisting of:

 Hotel ceiling light

 Hotel ceiling light

  • Antique – These ceiling lights of this type feature vintage design scheme and details, having polished finishes perfect for a vintage-style hotel.
  • Contemporary – Comprise of clean designs, chic finishes, neutral colors to supplement state-of-the-art hotel interior designs.
  • Hotel decorative light – Provide unique schemes, smooth lines, and unique designs and eye-catching color blends for an exquisite hotel ceiling lighting design.
  • Rustic – entails complex design schemes, lavishly colored finishes and contrasting color pallets to complement earthly, nature motivated hotel designs.

Which are the Different Finishes for Hotel Ceiling Lights?

Some of the most common finishes include:

· Bronze

This entails finishes such as copper bronze, antique bronze Venetian bronze, and oil rubbed bronze that augment most hotel interior decorations.

· Chrome

Hotel ceiling light of this kind has a glossy, polished finish that is perfect for modern and transitional hotels.

· Satin Nickel

This type of ceiling light has a metal finish having a matte sheen that eliminates the shine off from the always shiny metal.

· White

Entail finishes like semi-gloss white and polished white which will incorporate a crispy, neutral atmosphere to any hotel room.

When should you use a Semi-flush Mount Hotel Ceiling of Lighting?

Semi-flush hotel ceiling lights are used in different situations.

The use of semi-flush mount hotel ceiling lights depends on your needs and specifications.

Below are some situations that you may consider to use semi-flush hotel ceiling lights.

Semi flush hotel ceiling light

 Semi-flush hotel ceiling light

  • Semi-flush hotel ceiling lights are the best option if the ceiling is moderately higher (between 8-10 feet).

These type of ceiling lights generally dangle lower than a foot from the ceiling.

They will provide adequate clearance for people who are taller.

  • If you need detail in your hotel ceiling lighting, then semi-flush mount lights are best because they tend to add balance, style and practicality without overwhelming the room.

How does Flush Mount compare to Semi Flush Mount Lights?

Flush mount lights are closely mounted to the ceiling hence provide a better ceiling clearance.

They are not prone to catching dust and bugs.

Apart from being decorative, they blend well with the ceiling.

Flush mount can also be used to hide marks on the ceiling close to the light source.

Flush mount lights are suitable for use in the low-ceiling hotel kitchen or dining areas because they require direct task lighting.

On the other hand, semi-flush mount lights provide more illumination compared to the flush mount types.

The gap existing between the ceiling, and the top of the light reflects light off the ceiling and downwards hence providing a downward light.

Therefore they are used for living spaces.

Manufacturers tend to offer many decorative options for semi-flush mounts than flush mounts.

How do you Install Hotel Ceiling Light?

When installing hotel ceiling lights, you should follow the steps below:

Step 1: Turn the Power Off

The first thing to do is turn the power off, and when doing this, you should know the location of the electrical panel so that you flip the correct switch.

Step 2:  Connect Fixture Wires

Connect the three wires from the fixture to the wires in the ceiling.

All light fixtures have a pre-wired box in the ceiling.

The wires protruding from the ceiling appear to have bare ends, but the wires from the fixtures appear frayed.

Twist the frayed end of the black wire from the fixture to the bare end of the wire from the ceiling and repeat the same process for the white wire and the green wire.

Step 3:  Adjust the Length

Sometimes the fixture does not flush against the ceiling, so you have to adjust the length of the fixture to fit on the ceiling properly.

After adjusting the length of the fixture, you need to mount the fixture hardware.

Step 4:  Restore Power and Test the Fixture

After the light has been restored, the hotel ceiling light fixture should light.

If the fitting does not light, then there is a problem with the connection of the wires.

The whole process should be repeated until the fixture lights.

When should you Replace the Hotel Ceiling Light?

Hotel ceiling lights should be replaced;

  • when less energy consumption is required
  • If there is a need for long-lasting hotel ceiling lights
  • If the previous hotel ceiling light is not environmentally friendly
  • If a better light output is required.

What are Close-to-ceiling Light Fixtures?

 Ceiling hotel light fixture

Ceiling hotel light fixture

Close-to-ceiling light fixtures are also known as flush-mount fixtures.

Close-to-ceiling light fixtures are usually dome-shaped light fixture that hangs close to or against the ceiling. They can either be flush- mount or semi-flush mount.

The size of the close-to-ceiling light that you need depends on the size of your room.

A big room will require a large close-to-ceiling light fixture, while a smaller one will require a small close to ceiling light fixture.

The average size of a flush mount light can range from twelve inches to twenty-four inches.

While the average size of a semi-flush –mount light can range from six inches to twenty-three inches.

The best part of working with flush and semi-flush light fixtures is versatility.

They fit well in both casual and formal interiors.

Close to close ceiling lights are utilized in the hotel bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, foyer, dining area, hallway and the office

Close to ceiling lights come in different styles.

Both flush and semi-flush mount lights have glass and fabric shades.

A dome-shaped glass light is commonly used in hallways, foyer or a closet.

The commonly used shades are linen, ribbed glass, frosted glass, alabaster glass, Tiffany-style glass and the etched glass.

How does Outdoor Ceiling Light compare to Indoor Ceiling Light?

Outdoor hotel ceiling lights are designed to withstand outdoor changes in temperature while indoor ceiling lights are intended only to withstand indoor temperature conditions.

Moreover, outdoor ceiling lights are interchangeable.

This means that you can interchange them for both outdoor and indoor use, but indoor ceiling lights have indoor use only.

Therefore, before replacing any hotel ceiling lights, it is essential to determine whether the bulbs are purposed for indoor or outdoor use.

Can you Find Dimmable Hotel Ceiling Lights?

Yes, you can find quality dimmable Led lights.

Most hotel ceiling lights function with standard dimmer switches.

The dimmer regulates the brilliance of the ceiling lights, and are compatible with most common hotel lighting fixtures.

You can utilize them to swiftly boost the ambiance of a space, with dimmed bulbs helping in conserving energy.

However, you should consider a number of factors before installing a dimmer switch.

Though dimmers can minimize the intensity of a variety of light fittings, they need compatible light fittings to work.

Which is the Best Bulb to use in Hotel Ceiling Lights?

The best bulb for hotel ceiling lighting should have lower watts, which is the quantity of energy used by a light bulb.

Lower watts means a lower electricity bill.

Therefore, LEDs and CFLs are the best types of ceiling lights to use in hotels.

This is because they have a lower wattage in comparison to incandescent bulbs, yet they radiate similar light output.

Hotel ceiling light

LED Hotel ceiling light

Why should you Buy Hotel Ceiling Lights from China?

China manufactures lightings of different materials and style that are of high quality and excellent performance.

Also, you can find more reliable suppliers in China.

China has an outstanding research and development team that keeps up with new technology, so the country manufactures up to date products.

Most manufacturing firms in China have a well- trained production team.

The manufacturing companies guarantee effective communication between the company and its customers.

They provide technical support and any other necessary training to their customers.

The manufactures offer exclusive price support to their agents, favorable terms of payment.

Moreover, the manufacturers share the marketing budget with their customers.

What are the features of waterproof outdoor ceiling lights?

Waterproof outdoor ceiling lights are distinctly designed having outdoor aspects in mind.

Termed as wet rated lighting, they are made to sustain aspects such as salty air, ice, snow and wind.

A UL wet rating on outdoor hotel ceiling lights does not only imply safety against water.

It equally guarantees durability of the lighting fixture to withstand rusting and damage.

You can install this kind of ceiling lights in essentially any outdoor location.

Moreover, you can also use them as indoor hotel ceiling lights when you like their appearance.

Why choose LED Ceiling Lights for the Hotel?

Currently, most of the hotels have switched to using LEDs over the incandescent lamps because of the following advantages of LED hotel ceiling lights:

· Adjustability

LEDs are colour adjustable. Also, they can change a space from warm to cool and classy in a short period.

· Versatility

LEDs are versatile; hence they can be integrated into a lighting design such that they cannot be distinguished from a traditional bulb.

The best part when using LEDs is that a modern touch can be added to old models hence giving it a beautiful look.

· Cost-saving

LEDs are cost-saving since they tend to last for a long time.

Although the initial costs are high, the hotel can quickly recover the investment when compared to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Besides, LEDs reduce energy bills since they only use two-thirds of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs.

LEDs also reduce the frequency involved in changing bulbs by the maintenance staff.

· Eco-friendly

LEDs reduce the amount of energy used by the hotel.

This feature and other “green” practices that promote a sustainable environment may attract more customers to the hotel.

· Brightening Exteriors

Since LEDs emit bright light, hotels use them to improve on their safety outside the hotel such that guests can easily walk without tripping.

How do Motion Sensor Outdoor Hotel Ceiling Lights Work?

Motion sensors ceiling lights emit infrared energy, microwaves, or sound waves to determine if there is any movement in the environment.

In terms of infrared energy, the human body emits light with wavelengths of nine to ten micrometers.

The motion sensors record values within a radius of 8 to 12 micrometers.

If the sensor records motion, it amplifies and transforms the particular motion into a signal.

Therefore, the motion sensor lights turn on when it detects motion.

What is the Recommended Colour Temperature for a Hotel Ceiling Light?

Warmer color temperatures of 2700K are used in hotel ceiling lights to provide a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Hotels aim to make guests feel at home, so they tend to use a similar color temperature for their hotel ceiling lights.

2700k is the best choice for the hospitality industry.

Therefore, it is vital to install an additional warm white light coupled cool white lighting in hotel rooms.

Why is Power Factor Important when Choosing Ceiling Lights?

Power factor is the ratio of real power (amount of watts consumed by the ceiling light) to apparent power (current drawn by the circuitry multiplied by voltage).

It expresses the energy efficiency of the hotel ceiling lights and is normally denoted as a percentage.

Therefore, a low PF denotes an inefficient ceiling light fitting since it conducts more current into the circuitry than is used by the lighting fixture.

How much do Hotel Ceiling Lights Cost?

As already discussed, a hotel ceiling light can cost as low as USD 20 to thousands of dollars.

It will depend on the features and quality of the lighting fixture.

Furthermore, the cost may also differ depending on the seller.

After looking at the price of the hotel ceiling lights, you should consider several other factors such as durability, quality, and eco-friendliness, and power usage.

Cheap hotel ceiling lightings usually lack the above features.

Therefore, there is more to look for in a lighting fitting other than the cost of hotel ceiling lights.

How can you Test Hotel Ceiling Lights?

Here are some of the main tests conducted when testing the quality of hotel ceiling lights:

1) Lumen

Also referred to as light output or brightness, the lumen is a test that determines the total amount of visible light radiated by a ceiling light per unit time.

It is determined based on the sensitivity of the human eye to light wavelengths.

This test can at times also be referred to as luminous efficiency function.

2) Watts

This test establishes the quantity of energy a hotel ceiling light consumes to reach its purported brightness.

Every type of light source, including incandescent, halogen, CFLs, and LEDs have a differing lumen-per-watt ratio.

3) Efficacy

When testing the efficiency of hotel ceiling lights, you measure the number of lumens the light source emits for each watt it uses.

A higher value implies that the bulb is more efficient, and it is denoted in lumens per watt.

4) Short Cycle Testing

In some cases, hotel ceiling lights are subjected to short cycle test.

This test entails switching the light sources on and off swiftly.

They remain on for 270 seconds then you switch them off for 30 seconds, repeated over several hundred hours.

This test is particularly done on CFLs ceiling lighting bulbs as they are prone to failure as a result of regularly switching.

LEDs are less likely to fail due to frequent switching.

5) Failure Test

Failure test is important in determining the lifespan of a hotel ceiling light.

LED ceiling lighting systems need to be highly durable – they normally last for a minimum of 15,000 hours.

This is over 8 years, presuming 5 hours on time every day, and they should not fade a lot during their lifespan.

6) Color Rendering

Color rendering is indicated as rating on the Color Rendering Index ranging from 0 to 100.

It determines how a hotel ceiling light makes an object’s color appear to the eyes of human.

It also describes how minute color shades variations are revealed.

A higher CRI signifies that the light source has a better color rendering capability.

Hotel ceiling lights having 85 to 90 CRI are assumed to be perfect at color rendering.

Which Quality Standards should Hotel Ceiling Lights conform to?

An ideal hotel ceiling lighting system should conform to the following quality standards:

  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards
  • American National standards institute (ANSI) standards
  • CE standards
  • Energy Services Network Association (ESNA0 standards
  • ASTM standards
  • Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) standards
  • International Commission on Illumination (CIE) standards

With this information, certainly, you can choose the best hotel ceiling lights.

However, if you find the process challenging and tiresome, the SMAlux team is here to help.