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Hotel Decoration Lights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

This guide will answer all questions you have about hotel decoration lights.

Whether you want to learn about the design, quality testing, certification, type, function or color options, everything you’re looking for is in this guide.

Let’s dive right in:

What is Hotel Decoration Lights?

Hotel decorative lighting is a light fitting that offers aesthetic benefit beside the technical and functional value.

Hotel decoration light

Hotel decoration light

The ultimate goal of installing hotel decorative lights is to improve the interior design of a hotel room, whilst making sure the place is nicely lit.

This type of hotel lights encompasses the traditional lighting spanning from floor light down to chandelier.

Despite improving the artistic value of a hotel room, decorative lighting creates ambiance.

What are the Benefits of Hotel Decoration Lights?

Here are the key benefits of incorporating hotel decoration lightings in your lighting design:

· Great Branding

Even today, worldwide hotel chains still manage to be universal.

They have branded outdoor and indoor design.

This design comprises of hotel decorative light fixtures, standardized furniture, and reception desks that are used in each branch all over the world.

· Good Financial Projections

By investing in appropriate hotel decoration lights, you can drastically improve your financial margins.

Apart from making your hotel be exceptional among the crowd, it as well assists in leaving a lasting impression on your visitors.

This might encourage them to book once more on their next visit.

· Aesthetic and Functional Aspects

An ideal design of hotel decoration lighting ensures the visitors are always comfortable.

This is mainly attributed to the surrounding aesthetics and function.

When you concentrate on one aspect at the expense of the other, you will definitely end up discouraging the guests.

Nobody wishes to be in a beautiful lobby that has broken interior lighting.

This will be an indication of poor marketing and will create a bad impression to customers.

Therefore, you will need to blend the best of either world in order to gain from your hospitality decoration lighting.

Which are the Different Types of Hotel Decoration Lights?

Here are the types of hotel decoration lightings you can choose:

· Decorative Floor Lamp

 Decorative floor lamp

Decorative floor lamp

This is typically a portable hotel lighting fixture that you can use for decoration as well as for providing accent lighting.

A floor lamp can either be a single lamp or a beautiful set of many lights that are available in various sizes.

You can find floor lamps of different forms of materials such as woods, rattan, metalwork, wicker basket and many others.

The presently trending types of floor lamps are attractive elliptic wicker baskets.

They have a natural finish, a bamboo cage set or a splendid sphere of a lamp providing soft lighting.

For hotel decoration lighting, you may use a distinctive and artistic model from fusion planter or rattan craftwork.

You can as well choose a lamp that lights delightfully at the bottom.

For a big and spacious hotel room, you can utilize a floor lamp since the dramatic and lighting effect does not work well for a small and congested room.

· Decorative Hanging Lamp

 Decorative hanging lamp

Decorative hanging lamp

Many ambient lights tend to utilize hanging lamps as the primary light source in a hotel room.

This is because it will illuminate the whole space from above.

However, most lighting layouts blend a soft hanging light with various task lamp to offer a number of functions.

A soft and striking hotel decorative hanging light can act as a centerpiece of a hotel room while creating a homely feeling.

There is a vast array of decoration hanging lamps, like pendants, chandeliers, track lights, rail lighting, and ceiling-mounted fixtures.

Therefore, if you want a fantastic cottage house ambiance, then a pendant lamp mounted in a sphere rattan frame or seashell is the best option.

If you need a more modern appearance, an ornate rail lamp or a ceiling-mounted lamp having metal frame can serve you very well.

· Decorative Outdoor Lamp

 Decorative outdoor lamp

 Decorative outdoor lamp

An outdoor hotel decoration lamp is basically the same as floor lamps because there exists no place to mount or hang a lamp outside.

To use the outdoor lamp as decorative lighting in the hotel interior design may be a new and creative idea.

More so when you wish to incorporate a mini garden or house plants inside the building.

A set of beautiful mushrooms or a sphere lamp having wood bark lamination being an exceptional feature of the hotel room decoration.

On the other hand, a complex lamp column having a flower pattern airbrush may offer an artistic current look in the room.

· Decorative Wall Lamp

 Decorative wall lamp

Decorative wall lamp

This type of hotel decoration lamp can function either as a task lighting or accent lighting.

Based on the role, you can use it as a beautiful decorative lighting ornament.

If you use it as a task light, install a wall-mounted lamp having fabric shade near the working table or vanity desk.

In case used as an accent light, mount them at the stairs and on a long hallway.

Choose hotel decorative wall lamps with ornamental design.

They can have some traditional motif in case you want equally to apply them as wall decoration.

If you opt for practical value, a basic sphere or cylinder glass shade will work best.

· Decorative Table Lamp

Decorative table lamp

Decorative table lamp

Apart from using the table lamp as a task lamp when working in the office, you can also use it as a hotel decoration light.

An innovative and aesthetic table lamp may be a perfect hotel room decoration and vital interior accent.

Add some natural feel to the table lamp using wooden craft or tree bark to develop a warm and customary mood.

Incorporating a sphere hotel decoration table lamp can as well be a nice option in the interior design of the hotel.

What are the Functions of Decorative Hotel Lights?

Hotel decoration lights are used for highlighting a particular design element or architectural feature.

Compared to task lighting, hotel decorative lighting has the main purpose of enhancing the aesthetic value of a hotel.

In addition, you can use them as mood lighting and can assume a number of different layouts.

This depends on the style, function, and space among other parameters

Which Criteria Influence the Quality of Hotel Decoration Lights?

Quality is a crucial factor to consider when choosing hotel decoration lights.

Below is a criterion that defines the quality of a modern lighting plan:

  • Lighting
  • Quality
  • Economy
  • Reliability
  • Design

Which are the Primary Light Quantities of Hotel Decoration Lights?

Some of the main qualities include:

· Luminous Flux

The rate of light emission by a light source, and is measured in lumens.

· Luminous Intensity

The amount of luminous flux that radiates in a specific direction, measured in candelas

· Luminance

The perceived brightness that comes from a given surface; expressed in candelas per square meter

· Illuminance

The amount of luminous flux that falls on a given surface is measured in lux.

Why should you Install Decorative Lights in the Hotel Lobby?

Hotel lobby lighting

 Hotel lobby lighting

Installing a hotel decoration light at the hotel lobby is very essential since the first impression your visitors will have about the hotel.

Therefore, do not forget that you should create the right atmosphere, and a striking chandelier could be the right solution.

You could as well use modern lighting design, which can help you develop the feeling of luxury and charm to the lobby.

Despite being a hotel, you need also to express the feeling of homeliness.

How does the Color of Hotel Decoration Lights Affect its Color Rendering?

Just as natural light, decorative light sources emit light with a spectral composition.

The spectral structure will determine the color of the emitted light.

Illuminated surfaces of hotel rooms reflect the light incident on them according to color.

For a light source to correctly reflect the colors of a lighted surface, it must emit light close to the spectral area.

The light should correspond to colors of the illuminated surfaces, meaning that the spectral composition determines the color rendering ability of light.

What Factors Influence the Type of Lamps used in Hotel Decoration Lighting?

Before choosing a suitable lamp for hotel decoration lights, you should consider several factors such as cost, energy consumption, the lighting performance as well as energy consumption.

Some factors associated with the aesthetic effect are equally essential to consider.

They include light intensity, distribution, and the color of the emitted light.

Also, you should consider the degree of precise color rendering of objects and surfaces present in the hotel room.

How do you Prevent Glare due to Hotel Decoration Lights?

Glare is a result of either high brightness values or a considerable variation in brightness within your range of view.

There are two kinds of glare, direct and indirect.

The causes of direct glare include luminaires or surfaces of a lighting room.

On the other hand, indirect glare is caused by light sources hitting on glossy surfaces, which usually points to the direction of the human eye.

To control high levels of direct glare in hotel decoration lights, you can use louvers, baffles in luminaires, or choose more suitable methods.

To control high levels of indirect glare, you can use appropriate luminaires or properly arrange the luminaires in a hotel room.

What should you consider when choosing the Best Hotel Decoration Lights?

Here are some important tips on how to choose the right hotel decoration lights:

· Seek Assistance from a Lighting Designer

Consider working with someone or a team experienced in lighting design.

Engage the services of an expert in the lighting industry.

They will advise you accordingly on the appropriate option and structural requirements to achieve the desired look of the hotel.

· Choose Lightings that Match to the Hotel Layout

The interior design could influence the type of lightings you install at the hotel entrance.

Therefore, it is important to choose a hotel decorative lighting that is neutral and appropriate for all the area within the building.

· Conform to the General Concept

Blend décor and feasibility by choosing a type of decoration light than is able to best enrich and portray the image of the hotel.

The lighting should as well be functional for every area within the hotel.

· Select Versatile Decorative Lights

The chosen hotel decoration lamps should provide different types of lighting.

They should establish an atmosphere suitable, for instance, illuminating the room, resting, and for other activities like reading.

· Consider Resistance and Quality

Decorative lights subjected to continual use and extended exposure to various environmental conditions inevitably degenerate more rapidly.

Due to this fact, you should select hotel decoration lights fabricated using resistant and quality materials.

· Go for Convenience

You should select smart and effective hotel decorative lamps.

It is advisable to go for LEDs if you searching for savings-oriented and low-energy decorative lighting.

There are many advantages of LED hotel decoration lights. They are durable.

Because of this reason, you do not have to change them regularly.

Moreover, LED decorative lamps to reduce energy waste, as a result, aid in minimizing costs.

Which are the Main Aspects of Hotel Decoration Lighting?

To produce a splendid balance between architecture and lighting, it is essential to remember the main aspects of hotel decoration lighting:

1. Aesthetic

The aesthetic comes into play when architects and lighting designers concentrate on the emotional effect the balance of architecture and lighting will have on the guests.

It is a scenario where you determine how you want your guests to feel as they walk around the hotel.

The outdoor hotel decoration lightings need to draw the visitors in.

Conversely, the indoor decorative lightings should dazzle them as they move through the door together with showing off the hotel.

2. Function

You cannot overlook function when implementing your hotel lighting project.

You need hotel decorative lamps to appear in a certain manner.

However, you equally need to ensure it performs its most important role – aid in seeing.

3. Efficiency

This aspect is very crucial particularly in this era of sustainability movements and green buildings.

You should install hotel decoration lights that create a splendid lighting layout and also ensure energy efficiency.

A better means of realizing this is by using LEDs rather than decorative fluorescent lighting.

Which are the Main Areas that Need Hotel Decoration Lights?

Let’s look at the indoor and outdoor areas that require hotel decorative lights:

Decoration Lighting for Indoor

 Indoor lighting

Indoor decoration lighting

· Hall

With regard to decoration lighting for hotels and restaurants, hospitality is key.

Therefore, the hotel lighting at the entrance should create the first impression to guests.

Chandeliers are the most preferred for the hotel lobby, since they offer directional illumination to the reception.

It makes the reception glow with personality and produces a warm sensation, which is very essential.

· Reception

Here you require decoration lights that can provide both ambient lighting and task lighting.

You have various alternatives, and style choice will differ based on the functional needs of the space to be irradiated.

· Rooms

Select a type of hotel decoration light that can offer a homely and familiar appearance to the hotel bedrooms.

Guests desire to feel at home even when far from their homes.

Thus, the objective is to recreate an environment of comfort in the bedrooms.

· Bathroom

Select a brightness level appropriate for every location and turn the bathroom into a tiny corner of relaxation.

For instance, a decorative wall lamp installed above the mirrors could accessorize the hotel bathroom.

This is dedicated not only to personal care but also relaxation.

Utilize indirect light sources and soft tones to prevent blinding the visitors and to ensure intimacy of space.

· Corridors

Hallway lighting is commonly overlooked in hotel lighting design projects.

The corridors require optimal lighting to enable the orientation of the visitors since they lead to the guest rooms and outdoor spaces of the hotel.

You could mount hotel decorative wall lamps along the hallway to ornament the walls and provide uniform and directional brightness.

This will as a result facilitate easy movement of guests within the hotel.

· Bar and Restaurant

Visitors stepping into the refreshment areas need to instantly feel an atmosphere of friendliness and relaxation.

Vary the bar and restaurant lighting based on the service hours.

Then select hotel decoration lighting lamps that are able to optimally light workstations and tables.

· Wellness Center and Spa

This area of the hotel must offer a sense of comfort and relaxation.

The guest needs to have a peace of mind and be totally at ease.

When installing hotel decorative lights in this areas, try to picture an environment having accentuated shadows and minute cool and indirect sources of light.

The lights need to be distributed allover to offer points of reference to the eye.

· Conference Room

You need energetic hotel decoration lights capable of stimulating the simple design.

Hotel ceiling lights installed at varying positions on the ceiling will provide the space a practical, modest decorative look.

Outdoor Hotel Decorative Lighting

Hoteloutdoor lighting

 Hotel outdoor lighting

The type of hotel decorative lights used to accessorize the external spaces of the hotel need to mimic the mood of the lightings used inside.

First impressions matters a lot so you should not underestimate the benefits of outdoor decorative lighting for hotels.

· External Courtyard

Even when outdoors, visitors desire to feel as if they are in a hospitable and warm environment.

Therefore, select a hotel decoration lamp having a crispy and light luminosity, which produces warm and relaxing mood.

· Garden

Using the correct types of hotel decoration lighting to enhance the green spaces external of the hotel will make your guest’s stay more memorable.

You could establish paths by installing decorative lights that will lead and accompany visitors during their walks.

Are there New Trends in Hotel Decoration Lights?

Absolutely, here are some of the emerging trends in decorative lighting for hotels:

· Branding using Light

Due to stiff competition and rapid advancement in the hospitality industry, most hotels use branded interior to make them unique among the crowd.

They are learning to utilize hotel decoration lights as a tool to make themselves unique and noticeable.

· Digital Lighting

Modern hotel lighting is based on electronic integrated circuitry, making them able to perform clever stuff.

Communication via visible light is a means of transferring data within the light from hotel decorative lamps.

You can do it by controlling light in a manner the human eye cannot recognize, but a special application can.

· Light Integration into Design

Light designers are advocating for light to be factored in at the initial phase and incorporated into interior design and architecture.

New technology in hotel decorative lightings facilitates easier implementation of this, giving more striking effects.

· Controls

Controls are the newest trends in hotel decoration lamps after LEDs.

The ability to produce smart, linked lighting is just getting started.

Smart controls not only help in cutting electricity costs, they also set warm atmosphere in your facility by allowing changing of colors depending on event.

Which are the Main Lighting Measurements for Hotel Decoration Lights?

Here are the main aspects you should consider:

Wattage: The quantity of electricity used by a hotel light source, and is measured in watts or kilowatts.

Lumens: The total quantity of visible light radiated by a hotel decoration light. It determines the luminous flux of the light source.

Efficacy: determination of lumens per watt.

Luminous intensity: The power radiated by a hotel decorative light source in a specific direction. It is expressed in Candela.

Foot candles: The quantity of light landing on an object or surface.

While most people are familiar with watts measurements since they have been included in hotel decoration lights for many years.

Watt measures the amount of energy used by a decorative lamp and not brightness.

Therefore, depending on watt measurements only makes it difficult to compare conventional incandescent lamps to more efficient ones, like CFLs.

For that matter, lumens would sometimes be a better alternative for comparison.

Which are the Different Types of Light Sources used in Hotel Decorative Lighting?

There are various kinds of light sources applied in hotel decoration lighting, and the common ones include:

  1. Incandescent bulb which are the common types of hotel lights used in daily activities, though they are speedily being phased out due to their energy inefficiency.
  2. Parabolic Reflector bulb which are popularly used in recessed and track lighting. This type of hotel decoration bulb can also be used in flood fittings and outdoor spot.
  3. Tungsten-halogen bulb which are more durable and offer more light for every watt in comparison to ordinary incandescent bulbs. This qualifies them as a more efficient option.
  4. Xenon bulb are types of hotel decorative lighting bulbs that are common under-cabinet, cove and strip lighting applications.
  5. Fluorescent bulbs consume about a fifth to a third as much energy as incandescent and are 20 times more durable.

Compact designs are utilized in tinier, trimmer hotel decorative light fittings such as wall sconces, track lights, recessed down-lights and close-to-ceiling light fixtures.

  1. Compact Fluorescent Lamps are tiny fluorescent bulbs that you can use in the majority of hotel decoration lighting fittings.
  2. High-Intensity Discharge, commonly abbreviated as HID, this types of hotel bulbs do emit appealing light colors.

They are commonly employed for the exterior area and security lighting. High-Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and Low-Pressure Sodium are the various types of HID.

How do you Test the Quality of Hotel Decorative Lighting?

Hotel decoration lightings undergo various testing to make it acceptable in the majority of major global markets.

Let’s look at the important test that the hotel lighting fixtures must go through:

  • Photobiological testing
  • Electrical safety testing
  • Product Performance and Endurance Testing
  • Energy Efficiency Testing
  • Radio Frequency Testing
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

What are the Certifications for Hotel Decorative Lights?

Here are the internationally recognized certification that you should look for when buying a hotel decoration lighting:

  • UL certification
  • CSA safety certification
  • CE certification
  • NSF certification
  • CCC certification
  • PSE certification
  • C-TICK certification
  • CEE certification
  • DLC certification

We hope you found the information you are looking for hotel decoration lighting systems.

In case you have other questions about hotel decoration lights, feel free to contact SMAlux team.