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SMAlux- Your Authentic Manufacturer of Hotel Exterior Lighting

SMAlux Hotel exterior lighting is made 100% from polymeric substances. This lighting is a way of revealing the hotel`s distinctive recognitions and proper way to welcome special guests in your hotel. Gives fascinating exterior lighting, surely improved the hotel`s outdoor appearances. These kinds of lightings are very appealing and provide safer-feeling. Might give opportunity to raise your company`s profile identity.

Hotel exterior lighting is attentively on illuminated building designs. Primarily gives creativity and uniqueness. These lighting designs probably shown at hotel towers or demonstrates as shining curtain wall complexity. SMAlux Hotel exterior lighting is truthfully offered at low-costs. Provide anti-electrocution safety and assembled with maintenance-free. Advanced and contemporary design are of high accessibility. Available with high LED design technology. And because of the LED designs, high probability to fulfilled minimum electrical depletion. Providing low risks from dangerous electrocution.

LED Hotel exterior lightings are important tool useful for any kind of hotels. From corrosion to immune lighting formation, SMAlux can provide thoroughly. Complete 100% insulation products. With these, there`s no possibility to get electrocuted when touching the main lightings. Hotel exterior lighting is manufactured and invented firmly solidified. These are lightings, perfectly solution from overheating and any dangerous occurrences. Can lasts up longer when use. Have 100% proven durability.

With the help of expert installer of Hotel exterior lighting, proper locating of these surely gives attractions for costumers and guests. These let them thought about staying longer at hotel you definitely owned. When installing, you don`t need to worry about bad accidents, activation damages, aesthetic discolorations or some defects brought by being vulnerable of the unit. Further, with having high graded Hotel exterior lighting production in commerce trading is quite equitable.

With the Bluetooth device controller, the Hotel exterior lighting totally managed strictly. These enhanced Bluetooth design can freely utilized through any mobile or smart phone devices. Also able to controlled with tablet, or any devices having Bluetooth interconnections. This advanced high-tech runs with easy applications, that doesn`t demand hard servers.  It can be managed faster. As result, these Hotel exterior lighting produces hassle-free and creativity design.

Because of Hotel exterior lighting Bluetooth controllers, these allowing and controlling any street lights operations. Can be switched on/off any moment. Also, can be regulated as stated by consumer`s good satisfaction. These Bluetooth devices on Hotel exterior lightings are having potentials to supply accurate sections that been engineered to reply on isolated requirements. All because of these, most safe way to switching on/off the Hotel exterior lighting can be implemented. Definitely have super durable style of lightings offered in low yet competitive prices.

These manufactured Hotel exterior lighting is certified the most preferred lighting designs in any located hotels. Completely manufactured from high recyclable substances. When these are finally added for such special business, expect high profitable rates coming. For any hotels, Hotel exterior lighting from SMAlux is most convenience lighting material. Most attractive product and the same time, very productive you could ever encounter.

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Hotel Exterior Lighting: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Whether you want to learn about hotel exterior lighting certification, benefits, advantages, certification or CFL, everything you’re looking for is in this guide.

Take a look:

What is the Hotel Exterior Lighting?

Hotel exterior lighting

Hotel exterior lighting

Hotel exterior lighting is the lighting system designed to provide lights and security to the outside part of the hotel.

These places are pathways, pools, parking lot, landscape areas, exits, entrances, and signage.

What are the Benefits of Hotel Exterior Lighting?

Hotel exterior lighting has many benefits both to the staff and visitors of the hotel:

i. Give Essential Lighting

The hotel exterior lighting provides essential lights in driveways, pathways, and parking areas.

Besides, lights at hotel entrances make customers feel secure and welcomed.

ii. Attract Guests

Hotel investors and managers use decorative outdoor lightings and displays to attract potential customers, thus increasing business.

Good exterior lighting of the hotel will make the hotel visible and stand out from far, thus attracting potential customers.

iii. Improve Security and Safety

And importantly, hotel exterior lighting enhances the security and safety of customers and staff within and around the hotel compound.

iv. Hotel Decoration

Apart from visibility, hoteliers make use of hotel exterior lighting for beautification, landscape, and decoration of the hotel compound.

A well-designed hotel exterior lighting for Branding and signage helps to advertise the hotel, especially at night.

v. Highlight Important Architectural and Design Features

In addition to the above benefits, hotel exterior lighting help to highlight artifacts, paintings, and sculptures.

Another advantage of hotel outdoor lighting is to show directions—intelligent designs and installations of lighting fixtures direct visitors to various places.

How does Hotel Exterior Lighting compare to Hotel Interior Lighting?

 Hotel exterior lighting

 Hotel exterior lighting

 Hotel interior lighting

 Hotel interior lighting

The exterior lighting of a hotel is just as important as the interior lighting of the hotel.

They both complement each for the overall comfort, safety, enjoyment, and experience of customers in the hotel.

Whereas the interior lighting provides warmth and coziness, the exterior offers the first impression, welcomes, and provides security for the customer.

Both of them combine to portray the image of the hotel while creating a lasting impression upon the customer.

Why is Hotel Exterior Lighting IP Rated?

The hotel exterior lighting Ingress Protection rating helps to ensure that they meet strict safety regulations and standards for outdoor use.

Besides, IP ratings help to select the best lighting fixtures for usage and functionality outside the hotel.

An accessory with an appropriate rating will enjoy reliable protection against moisture, humidity, extreme temperatures, salinity, rain, and dirt.

Which are the Common Types of Hotel Outdoor Lighting Fixtures?

The hotel outdoor lighting fixtures are classified depending on its physical design:

· Canopy Lighting

Canopy fixtures have high ratings for installations in places with high humidity and rainfall.

These fixtures designed and manufactured specifically for installations underneath outdoor canopies.

In addition, these fixtures are highly resistant to vibration, thus ideal for installation in open places with a lot of motor traffic.

The canopy fixtures are suitable for use in a variety of outdoor areas such as gas stations, overhangs, walkways, and parking lots.

These places require optimal beam shaped fixtures and high mounting.

In short, canopy lighting is the best lighting solution for hotel exterior lighting.

These lights are suitable for security and visibility outside the hotel.

· Floodlight

Floodlights have compelling light output.

They have full beam floodlights, which lights up a large area.

Floodlights beams have an adjustable base for projecting an intense beam of light on to specific focus points or objects.

They are the best for security and visibility.

The floodlights have specialized use in stadiums – during football matches and other outdoor sports at night.

Also, floodlights are very common in industrial areas frequently with heavy machinery and containers such as ports.

Floodlights with focused beam have a specific usage in concerts, shows, and other night events.

· Linear Lighting

Linear lighting fixtures are easily identifiable by their elongated and narrow designs.

They have good IP ratings with reinforced protection against dust, moisture, and insects finding exclusive usage in multistory parking areas and gas stations.

Linear and canopy lighting fixtures have similar usage.

Additionally, linear lighting fixtures are also available in two varieties that include:

i. Tubular lamps similar to fluorescent lighting fitting and

ii. LED type using tube-shaped lamps, which replaces fluorescent tubes.

In comparison, some linear LED fixtures are complete without tubes.

Instead, they have a light engine with an array of optimally spaced minus the tube.

· Pole-Mounted Lights

These hotel outdoor lighting fixtures are designed ideally for streetlights and lighting parking lots.

They are specifically designed with a wide beam to cover a wide area beneath them.

The pole-mounted lighting does not have a lateral light projection on the roads.

Lateral light projection at night on the streets is a safety hazard.

It causes dangerous glare to drivers at night with the possibility of temporary night blindness and accidents.

Pole-mounted lighting fixture comes with a BUG rating.

The BUG is an abbreviation for the backlight (B), up light (U), and the glare (G) produced by the pole-mounted fixture.

In a standard BUG rating (B0 U0 G0), nearly all the light is projected in the intended direction, whereas B5 U5 G5 signifies abysmal BUG rating.

· Wall Pack Lighting

Wall packs, as the name suggests, are self-contained lighting fixtures designed for mounting on walls but not on poles.

The wall pack lighting is categorized into two types based on their beam shape:

  • Semi-cutoff wall packs projects lateral light, and
  • Full-cutoff wall packs project a concentrate narrow beam of light downwards.

Wall packs are used as security lights around the hotel.

In some cases, wall pack lighting is mounted on poles in open spaces

What are the Considerations when Choosing Hotel Outdoor Lighting?

It is essential to have a lighting system in tune with the architectural designs of the hotel.

Choose high-quality lighting, ensuring adequate lighting in all areas for ease of movements.

Lastly consider the latest trends, innovations, smart lighting technologies, and energy savings lighting system.

Which are Some of the Smart Lighting Technologies in Hotel Exterior Lighting?

Technological advancement has revolutionized lighting systems in the hotel industry.

Smart lighting technologies are available for sufficient outdoor lighting of hotels and cutting electricity costs.

· LED Bulbs

 LED Fillament bulb

LED Filament bulb

The LED bulbs top the list of smart lighting technologies.

These bulbs are replacing the traditional bulbs so fast.

They have a high-quality light, long term warranties, and low maintenance, with the ability to produce attractive colors and displays.

This Smart lighting technology provides consistent Quality lighting at the desired brightness level.

Although the initial purchase cost is high, the overall performance is cost saving

With the evolution of LED bulbs, it is now possible to have different sizes and shapes of bulbs.

Thus lighting designers can include many attractive decorations to the hotel exterior lighting.

More lights can be installed in previously tricky places such as swimming pools, ponds, and footsteps.

· Control

 Controlling lightig system

Controlling the lighting system

The other smart technology is Controls, which always you to save on electricity costs effectively.

The smart system automatically controls power by switching off power when not needed.

For instance, automatically switch off power when nobody is around or during day time.

Besides, computer and smartphone apps have been developed for effective management of hotel exterior lighting systems, thus saving more Energy.

· Sensors

 Controlling light fro smartphone

Controlling light from smartphone

The usage of sensors to control and manage light is another smart technology, which helps to reduce electricity bills and power wastage.

In addition, there is wireless connectivity such as Wi-Fi, infrared, and Bluetooth.

This smart technology has helped to reduce wiring and installation costs in hotel outdoor lighting.

Are there New Trends in Hotel Exterior Lighting?


New trends have emerged in hotel exterior lighting that has dramatically influenced lighting design in hotels globally.

These trends include the integration of lighting systems in architectural designs of hotels.

In a bid to cut costs and improve efficiency in hotel exterior lighting, new mechanisms for light control have emerged.

The revolutionizing energy-efficient LED bulbs is another exciting fresh trend in hotel exterior lighting.

Also, LED bulbs have quality lights, low maintenance, and cost-effective.

In addition, it is possible to have colored lights and displays with the advancement of LED bulb technology.

The need for efficiency and cut costs has seen the adoption of new technologies in hotel exterior lighting.

Besides, the inefficient and power-hungry bulbs are being replaced with LED bulbs.

Meanwhile, hotel managers are also using smart technologies to cut costs while enhancing customer experience and security.

To stand out and distinguish themselves from competitions, hotel managers are using light Branding and displays in hotel exterior lighting.

This trend attracts potential customers from a far distance.

What are the Advantages of Using Energy-efficient Hotel Exterior Lighting?

Energy-efficient hotel exterior lighting has the advantage of cutting costs in terms of low electricity bills and deficient maintenance, coupled with a quality lighting system.

Using Energy-efficient hotel outdoor lighting minimizes wastage of power that can be used elsewhere.

Most importantly, it enhances customer satisfaction and experience while creating an excellent lasting impression.

Another benefit is the reduction of maintenance costs in hotel exterior lighting.

Moreover, the environmental credentials of the hotel will improve significantly with the usage of Energy efficient exterior lighting.

How do you Cut Cost on Hotel Exterior Lighting?

Hotel Exterior Lighting

Hotel Exterior Lighting

Some of the techniques of saving cost in hotel exterior lighting are:

  • Use of Energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • Installing efficient lighting management and controls systems
  • Taking advantage of natural light in designs.
  • Energy from solar panel systems helps to cut the cost of exterior lighting tremendously.

What are the Benefits of Smart Lighting Technology in Hotel Exterior Lighting?

Smart lighting technology in hotel exterior lighting has numerous benefits.

First, there is a reduction in energy costs with the use of LED bulbs and efficient power control.

Secondly, there will be enhanced customer and staff experience and security in the hotel.

Also, smart lighting technology helps to conserve and protect our environment.

With smart lighting technology, you will achieve energy sustainability by saving on Energy and operational costs.

In addition, you will attract potential customers by implementing beautiful and attractive lighting designs.

Which Precautions should you Consider when Installing Hotel Exterior Lighting?

It is essential to take precautions when installing hotel exterior lighting.

First of all, it is crucial to protect the Exterior lighting systems from water infiltration and moisture.

You should also take measures against extreme temperature differences that might affect efficiencies of exterior lightings, such as snow and sunlight.

Furthermore, carefully protect against corrosion and rust.

To prevent electrical faults associated with water, always provide excellent water resistance protection.

Above all, you should consider the safety and comfort of hotel workers and customers when installing hotel exterior lighting.

Poor wiring and installation pose the risk of electrical shock, high maintenance costs, and frequent power outage.

Are there Quality Standards for Hotel Exterior Lighting?

Yes, local regional and international quality standards are in existence to ensure quality products and safety while using the hotel outdoor lighting.

These standards provide expert guidance and recommendations for efficient lightings in hotel exterior lighting.

Some of the globally recognized quality standards include:

  • European Norms Electrical Certification
  • ASTM standards
  • IEC standards
  • American National standards
  • CEE standards

Which are the different Lighting Styles for Hotel Exterior Lighting?

There are several styles of lighting the exterior of a hotel.

The common types are:

· LED Lights

These are the most popular and widely used lighting styles currently in hotel exterior lighting systems.

The LEDs are favored because they are highly efficient in energy consumptions with deficient maintenance.

Importantly LED lasts for several years before replacement as compared to the ordinary bulbs.

This lighting style, while being energy-saving, provide a good quality light, which is also available in a variety of colors.

In recent years LED lighting system has undergone rapid growth.

They are ideal for use in different places ranging from the gardens, on stairs, pathways to underwater lighting in swimming pools.

· CFL Lights

Compact fluorescent lamps are energy-saving bulbs designed to substitute the ordinary bulbs.

They are made from modification and twisting of the fluorescent tubes.

There are made with clear glass or frosted glass.

Frosted glass is excellent because it amplifies light while reducing glare to produce ambient illumination.

In comparison, clear glass needs regular cleaning as they quickly get dirty quite more often than the frosted glasses.

However, CFL lights are inferior compared to LED lights.

This is because they have a shorter life span, cost more, and uses more power.

· Solar Lights

When it comes to saving energy and low maintenance, solar energy lights are the best in the market.

However, they are more suitable for ambient illuminations than task lighting.

Solar lights are ideal for floodlights, pathways and gardens.

It is recommended to use quality panels, batteries, and bulbs for maximum benefits from this renewable source of energy.

With the advancement of technology, solar lights can be automated to operate on their own, including motion sensors making it super for security purposes.

Hotel outdoor solar lighting systems have photocells sensors to detect light and automatically switch off when dusk approaches and switch on at dawn.

Are there Different Mechanisms of Turning ON or OFF of Hotel Exterior Lighting?

Yes, different mechanisms are available for turning ON or OFF hotel exterior lighting.

These mechanisms range from simple ON/OFF switches to advanced light control systems.

· Manual Systems

This is the elementary form of controlling lights in hotel exterior lighting, consisting of a simple manual ON/OFF switch.

The manual system of controlling hotel exterior lighting is cost-effective in small scale usage.

However, large or complex lighting systems require advanced light controlling mechanisms.

A significant setback to this form of lighting is that a person must be assigned to manually switch on the lights at dawn and switch off at dusk.

The person responsible may forget or delay to switch off lights at dawn, resulting in energy wasting.

On the other hotel guests might be inconvenienced if the person forgets or delays to switch on lights in the evening.

A central switch can be used to control all the lights, or several switches can be installed to manage different sections.

· Dimmers

Dimers are a slightly advanced manual system of controlling lights.

These switches allow a person to select the desired or appropriate brightness for hotel exterior lighting.

Thus dimmers might help to save on Energy better than the ON/OFF manual switch.

· Motion Sensors

To Save Energy in hotel exterior lighting, motion sensors are the best.

These sensors are ideal for outdoor and security lighting in hotel exteriors.

Outdoor and security lighting fitted with motion sensors lights brightly in reaction to motion detected and then dims or turns off in the absence of action.

These lighting systems are designed to light only at night when any motion is detected.

· Timers

Timer switches are generally designed to replace the ordinary manual switches.

Typically, you unscrew the manual switch and then fix the timer switch on the same position.

The timers come in two types: digital and analog.

Digital timers are programmed to switch lights on and off as needed.

This type of timer is more effective and convenient than the analog type.

The analog consists of a mechanical spring that is set to switch power on or off.

Timers are handy for automatic scheduled control of Christmas lights and displays in outdoor and exterior places of a hotel.

It also helps to save electricity by automatically switching off unused lights at specific times.

Furthermore, timers can be set to power on lights in the evening and power off in the morning.

The analog timer has a severe limitation whereby you can only set one scheduled in 24 hours.

However, in sharp contrast, the digital timer is programmable for several schedules in a day and also have different schedules for different days.

Timers have limited usage in hotel exterior lighting in comparison to the other mechanisms of controlling lights.

· Dawn/Dusk Sensor

The dawn/dusk sensors are also known as photocell light switch.

It switches the light on at dusk and off again at dawn.

These sensors are very useful in the hotel’s outdoor and exterior lighting.

Nobody has to keep remembering switching hotel exterior lights on in the evening and off in the morning.

Photocell switch help to reduce unnecessary usage of power thus helps to cut electricity costs.

Nowadays, most quality outdoor and exterior lighting fixtures have pre-installed photocells (dawn/dusk sensor).

· Automatic Systems

This system consists of sensors connected to a control circuit which switches lights ON and Off.

With automatic systems, lights will switch on and off as you pass through a place using mobility detection technology.

This innovative technology saves a lot of power when it switches off electricity in the absence of a person.

· Network Lighting Control System

This is the most advanced form of controlling lights in the hotel exterior.

A software app installed on a smartphone or computer is used to switch on and off hotel exterior lightings.

Hotel attendant uses the app to control the lights or set timers physically.

In large hotels, the app is used to control lighting in different sections of the hotel exterior and to control brightness levels.

Which is better between CFL and LED Bulb in Hotel Outdoor Lighting?

The two types of lighting can be used for outdoor lighting, but there is a big difference between them.

First, the LED bulbs use less power than the CFL.

Secondly, the LED bulbs last more time than the CFL bulbs, and most importantly LEDs are cost-effective, brighter, and available in many colors.

What is Task Lighting, Accent Lighting, and Ambient Light in Hotel Exterior Lighting?

 Hotel exterior lighting system

Hotel exterior lighting

Hotel exterior lighting has different lighting systems to meet clients’ needs and comfort.

  • Ambient lighting – these are lights emanating from different directions to provide general lighting in a place.
  • Task lighting – these are lights designed to provide more and focused lights to accomplish a specific task like reading or cooking. Task lights include bedside lamps, kitchen lighting, and desk lamps.
  • Accent lighting – Accent lighting projects all lights onto a specific area or object of interest. It is generally used to highlight artifacts. The wet-rated accent lighting fixtures can be submerged underwater.

How do you Test Hotel Exterior Lighting?

To determine the effectiveess of hotel exterior lighting, horizontal and vertical brightness tests are conducted.

Backlight, uplight, and glare (BUG) tests are done to measure glare.

Glare can be a considerable problem for pedestrians and motorists, more so on the elderly.

The light distribution test is also carried out explicitly in the parking lots, pathways, exits, and entrances.

These particular tests help to eliminate shadows and dark spots while improving the distribution of light in the exterior of hotels.

Why Import Hotel Exterior Lighting Systems from China?

Nowadays, contractors and hoteliers are importing hotel exterior lighting system from china because:

i. China has many lighting products manufactures of high quality.

ii. Products made in China are relatively affordable compared to other countries

iii. It is straightforward to assemble and install hotel exterior lighting from china.

iv. The Chinese manufacturers have produced elegant and beautiful lighting fixtures suitable for decorative liv. hting of hotel exteriors.

vi. China lighting fittings are manufactured using advanced process and state of the art technology.

Now it’s your turn.

What are you looking for in hotel exterior lighting?

Or what is your experience with the hotel exterior lights?

SMAlux team is here to help you get the best lighting systems for your hotel.