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Do you provide quality lower cost products

Yes, we supply high quality hotel lighting at very low cost. Many SMAlux  clients get benefits.

Do you offer safe process when supporting projects

We gives strict safety processing for the client’s satisfaction and let them understand the given guidance.

Do you provide solution for any hotel project difficulties

Yes, SMAlux has plenty professional staffs that able to guide and support your hotel lighting projects.

SMAlux- Your Number 1 Trusted Hotel Lighting Supplier in China

SMAlux Hotel Lighting is originated from high-level material sources. These considerate main assortment occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Hotel Lighting gives sufficient lights prior to evenings and mornings. The most favorable decoration to be added at hotels, also. It directs the finest controlling of important occasions, fortunately, happens and celebrated mostly at hotels. These hotel lightings are directing decorations in hallways, function hall, dinner restaurants, guest areas, etc.

Enable to manage hotel businesses or welcoming special guests, lighting makes beautiful output decorations and designs. Generally crucial on hotel business requirements. Hotel Lighting basically featured adding and transforming the hotel`s ambiance into a magnificent conclusion. It provides colorful lights, makes the spacious looks really attractive. Hotel lights automatically become bright and even warmer, highly depends on what guests want. Your guests surely have a relaxing stay in the meantime. At any lower cost, Hotel Lighting in any colors is precisely available.

Lighting at hotels is giving enough relaxation for any visitors and guests. These should be installed at the lobby, reception area, hotel entrance, etc. These literally add beautiful dazzling lights, make hotels a more elegant place to visit, stay, and celebrate occasional events. Hotel lighting gives fantastic qualifications to the guests. Lighting positioned on the exact area at hotels probably gives uniqueness. These lightings give chances to show the integrity of the hotel you definitely owned.

These can be on distinctive designs. Hotel lighting needs to integrate flexibility and well-managed lighting, bets for the nicest atmosphere and environment. All because of advantageous lighting effects brought by these lighting, more profits on hotels surely collected and sustain. And even though, highest quality hotel lighting was proven, maintenance guaranteed on economical costs.

Further, some fixtures of Hotel lighting designs are costly economic. Obtainable whether lowlights or traditional designs. Popular types of Hotel lighting also offered the same rates as the original model. Standard hotel lighting has many purposes such as transforming the color of an area into better quality. If you desired, these lighting might perfectly be made by LED tech. Because of LED type lighting, these make all possible in adding any shades of lighting. Familiarized as global temperature. Have different option designs yet having total qualities.

Guests at hotels should feel comfortable and restful within their short-time stay. So with our design team, modern designs have already given freedom to choose light shades. Brilliant color, natural white color, and cool blue color are practical colors possibly choose about. Cooler blue light brings an adequate calming solution.

Moreover, as the ideal addition for hotel business necessities, you won`t regret having these worth qualities. Trend designs usually call attention to the main important hotel areas. These have artistic and aesthetic designs that surely eye-catching. Many functional purposes of hotel lighting were already proven eventually.

SMAlux is expertise in manufacturing hotel lighting with outstanding quality level. Gives a preeminent solution for low-cost hotel lighting yet have satisfying performances. Powerful to skyrocket your business truthfully. The developing process for hotel business you managed, gain instant profits while boasting quality lighting system from SMAlux.

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Hotel Lighting Suppliers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re probably looking for hotel lighting suppliers in China.

That’s why I have put all information you need to make your shopping experience easier.

By the end of this guide, you see how easy it is to get LED light suppliers in China.

Take a look:

What is Hotel Lighting?

Just as the name implies, hotel lighting refers to light that is specifically designed to suit hotel premises.

1 Hotel bedroom lighting

Hotel bedroom lighting

Why do you need Hotel Lighting System?

Every hotel whether big or small needs to have a proper hotel lighting scheme.

By this, I mean introducing different types of lights depending on the functionality of the space.

At the same time ensuring that the lighting provides adequate illumination as desired.

Some of the benefits of having a hotel lighting system are not limited to;

  • Security– Whether indoors or outdoors, lights in hotel premises enhance the security of the entire place.

In recent times most hotels are adapting to the use of LED sensor lights.

It not only minimizes costs bust also efforts to switch on and switch off lights when need be.

  • Ambiance – Hoteliers use lights to bring out the type of ambiance they wish to create for their guests including change of light color and temperature.

The different types of light available such as ambient lighting make this possible.

  • Convenience – With effective lighting systems in place, hotel guests can perform other secondary functions such as reading, relaxing, grooming, and entertaining.

This not only makes their stay comfortable but also convenient.

  • Décor –Some lights are specifically designed to offer lighting as well as décor in the different areas of the hotel such as guest areas, hallways, hotel lobby, dinner restaurants, and function halls just to mention a few.

Such decorative lighting will not only raise your property value but also make your hotel stand out among the rest.

  • Highlighting focal points – Focal points in a hotel might include; a fountain, sculpture, and a Pool among others.

Proper lighting of such unique spots transforms the appearance of the entire property and in turn, attracts more guests into your hotel premises.

  • Proper visibility – A hotel needs to be well lit not only to avoid accidents but also for other reasons such as proper visibility and security.

A well-lit space provides proper illumination which in turn mitigates accidents.

Where can you find Hotel Lighting Suppliers in China?

China is the epicenter of most manufacturing firms you expect to find thousands of hotel lighting suppliers.

However, not all interested buyers travel to China to locate the suppliers.

The following are some of the sites to find your hotel lighting suppliers.

  • Amazon
  • Made in China
  • DH gate
  • Global sources
  • Ali express

Apart from these B2B sites, you could as well search on Google for additional suppliers.

Nevertheless, if you prefer visiting China in search of your suitable supplier, cities such as Shenzhen and Zhongshan are the places to go.

How do Hotel Lighting Manufacturers in China Test Quality of Lights?

Hotel outdoor lighting

Hotel outdoor light

Most if not all manufacturers want to maintain their customers.

To do that they make sure that their lighting fixtures are of good quality.

To test for quality, hotel lighting manufacturers first ensure that they use quality products during the manufacturing process.

Also, they test the pulsing of the light.

Lighting with a high pulse indicates poor quality.

In addition to that, manufacturers test the CRI of the light and make sure that it doesn’t distort the actual colors of an object.

Which Certifications do Hotel Lighting Suppliers in China offer?

Certifications are one of the ways that guarantee you the quality of your lighting fixtures.

The following are some of the common certifications offered by most hotel lighting suppliers in China;

  • CE
  • UL
  • SA 8000
  • SGS

Are Hotel Lighting Suppliers the same as Hotel Lighting Manufacturers in China?

Hotel lighting suppliers are slightly different from lighting manufacturers in China.

The manufacturers take part in the actual production of the lighting fixtures whereas suppliers get the lighting from manufacturers for reselling to consumers.

However, the reason why I’m stressing on the phrase “slightly different” is because some hotel lighting manufacturers also supply of lighting fixtures directly to the consumers.

Therefore, can be grouped as suppliers.

In simpler terms, suppliers bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers.

Or, rather users and at times the manufacturers act as the suppliers.

Which Type of Hotel Lighting are there?

Hotels normally feature a blend of different types and designs of lighting fixtures from:

  • Recessed lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Ambient
  • Accent
  • Task lighting among others

This is to suit different functionalities and areas of the hotel.

Here are some types of hotel lighting you might consider introducing to your property;

· Hotel Chandeliers

 Hotel chandelier light

Hotel chandelier light

You will find hotel chandelier lights widely used in most if not all hotels.

Chandeliers are decorative lighting fixtures that are mounted onto the ceiling or walls with several branches of bulbs.

Hotel chandeliers are mostly suited for receptions, lobby areas, conference and banquet centers.

Advantages of Chandeliers

  • Chandeliers are a piece of art and therefore they offer additional décor to your hotel space.
  • As compared to other lighting fixtures chandeliers don’t consume as much space as they are always mounted onto the ceilings.
  • Chandeliers come in a variety of designs, color, shape, and material and therefore you will have a wide range to choose from.

Disadvantages of Chandeliers

  • Good chandeliers are often expensive
  • Chandeliers are very fragile and therefore can break easily when not handled carefully.

· Hotel LED lighting

 Hotel LED light

 Hotel LED Light

In recent times, most hotels are seen embracing the use of LED lighting.

This is due to the various benefits they come with the main one being energy saving.

LED lights otherwise known as light-emitting diodes to produce light by passing currents via a microchip which light the LEDs.

You can install LEDs anywhere in your hotel premises. This includes;

  • Hotel rooms
  • Hallways
  • Lobby area
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Bathrooms
  • Dinner restaurants
  • Walls

Advantages of LED lighting

  • LED lights are cost-effective meaning you will spend less money on maintenance.
  • The use of LED lights will save on your energy consumption
  • LED lights don’t heat up as compared to other types of lighting.
  • LED lights are dimmable leaving you with several functionalities.
  • Finally LED lights to offer flexibility and convenience in the sense that some have sensors that make it easier when switching on or switching off lights.

Disadvantages of LED lights

  • The initial cost of purchasing is higher
  • LED lights are not the best for use in large open fields.

· Hotel Motion Sensor Lighting

 Motion sensor light

 Motion sensor light

Hotel sensor lights work by responding to any type of movement by switching on and off once movement is detected.

Sensor lights can be mounted on various areas of your hotel both indoors as well as outdoor spaces.

They are a great solution for heightening up your security.

Advantages of Hotel Motion Sensor Lights

  • Reduce wastage as they automatically switch on only when the need arises.
  • Hotel motion sensor lights enhance security
  • Motion sensor lights add value to your property

Disadvantages of Hotel Motion Sensor Lights

  • You lack control of your lights
  • You will need to make frequent movements to switch the light on or off especially in cases where the light is positioned indoors and you want to perform certain functions such as watching a TV or reading a book.

Hotel Reading Lights

 Hotel reading light

Hotel reading light

Just as the name implies hotel reading lights are designed to facilitate reading.

They are mostly used in hotel rooms, receptions, and conference rooms.

Hotel reading lights not only reduce eye strain but also increase the property value of your hotel premises.

However, some reading lights might be of a low quality which might result in inefficiencies as well as eye defects while using them.

· Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting serves as the primary source of light in a room or any other space including reception areas, hotel conference halls and hotel rooms just to mention a few.

Advantages of Ambient Lighting

  • Ambient lighting illuminates the entire space
  • Ambient lighting can as well be used solely without being dependent on other types of lighting.

Disadvantages of Ambient Lighting

  • Ambient lighting is often difficult to install as compared to other types of lighting such as decorative lighting.
  • Once installed, it’s quite hard to reposition ambient lighting.

· Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is designed for highlighting objects such as painting, sculpture, and wall art just to mention a few.

Therefore, accent lighting can be fixed both indoors as well as in outdoor areas in places such as; gardens, hotel rooms, hallways, and reception area and conference halls among others.

Advantages of Accent Lighting

  • Accent lighting creates an outstanding focal point
  • Enhances the feel and general atmosphere of your space
  • Accent lighting can be used as décor all year round
  • There are several designs as well as styles to choose from enabling you to weigh different options when deciding on the type of look you want to achieve.

 Disadvantages of Accent Lighting

  • Accent lighting only suits directional illumination and therefore would be difficult when lighting larger spaces.

· Task Lighting

Task lighting focuses on a specific area of interest to facilitate illumination for the execution of tasks such as reading, sewing, grooming, and cooking among others.

Therefore, you might consider introducing task lighting in your hotel kitchen, guest rooms, resting areas, and conference halls just to mention a few.

Advantages of Task Lighting

  • Facilitates effective accomplishment of tasks
  • Enhances productivity not only for your hotel guests but also hotel staff
  • Task lighting allows users to have control over their work environment

Disadvantages of Task Lighting

  • Task lighting cannot be used for lighting larger spaces
  • Task lighting fixtures are smaller as compared to other types of lighting

 How can you get Best Prices from Hotel Lighting Suppliers?

The goal for any buyer is to purchase products at competitive prices. Some of the ways you could effectively achieve this are through;

  • Making bulk purchases –Most suppliers are willing to sell their hotel lighting fixtures at discounted prices upon making bulk purchases.
  • Purchasing directly from the manufacturer – Purchasing directly from the factory puts you in a better position to effectively negotiate on prices and establish lasting bonds with your manufacturer for any future purchases. By so doing you as well get to save on costs.
  • Bargaining – You can never go wrong with bargaining. In most cases, the seller sets a higher price just to land on equilibrium in case a buyer decides to bargain.

Therefore, once you don’t bargain you lose the chance of purchasing the lighting at discounted rates.

Should you Buy from Hotel Lighting Suppliers on Alibaba or Direct from Factory?

Purchasing your hotel lighting directly from the factory is way more beneficial as compared to purchasing from suppliers.

Not only will you buy the fixtures at greatly discounted prices but also get to establish bonds for any future purchases.

However, be sure to weigh in your options regarding the amount you’re intending to buy together with your budget.

If you are making smaller purchases, then buying from Alibaba supplier might as well suit you.

How can you Choose Hotel Lights?

Choosing hotel lights can be overwhelming especially with the availability of several elegant and attractive designs available.

Nevertheless, here are some tips you could consider using when choosing your hotel lights;

  • Enquire from a lighting expert. This is the simplest and fastest way to get things done. Due to their experience, lighting experts are ready to provide you with all information you need to know regarding the type of lights you should purchase for your hotel.
  • Choose versatile lighting fixtures. Hotels are not just meant for spending the night but also relaxing, reading, and entertainment just to mention a few.

Therefore, having lights that blend in well with several functionalities would be a brilliant idea.

  • Based on your hotel theme, choose lighting that best matches the general concept of your hotel.
  • While settling for modern and sleek designs make sure that your lighting fixtures will not only be easy to locate but also be user friendly.
  • Settle for quality fixtures. Most areas in a hotel need lights throughout the day and therefore expect deterioration with time.

Having quality hotel lights guarantees you longer service.

  • Natural light is very essential for any space and therefore choose lighting that will not overshadow natural light in your hotel premises.

Are Hotel Lights IP Rated?

Yes. Hotel lights are IP rated to make sure safety standards are upheld as well as protecting the lighting from penetration of any solid or liquid substances.

Why should you buy Hotel Lighting from Manufacturers in China?

There are several reasons as to why most hotel lightings are bought from China and this doesn’t exclude;

  • Cost-effective – You are bound to purchase your hotel lighting at very competitive prices from Chinese manufacturers which equates to low budget.
  • Quality –Quality lights are essential for any hotel set up as this is a place where your guests want to come and enjoy their stay while feeling luxurious at the same time.

With thousands of lighting manufacturers and suppliers available in China, you expect the competition to be high and so will be the quality of the fixtures.

To maintain their clients, China manufacturers produce high-quality lighting fixtures.

  • Unique – If unique fixtures are what you are looking for then China is the best place to get your fittings.

Here you will find hotel lighting of different styles, designs, colors, and functionality. Everything you might think of regarding hotel lighting.

Why do Hotel Fitting Manufacturers in China offer Affordable Prices?

Hotel fitting manufacturers in China offer affordable prices on various fixtures.

These include hotel fittings owing to cheaper wages as well as easy accessibility and availability of raw materials.

All these coupled with China’s proficiency in mass production result in the affordability of hotel fittings.

What is the Best Hotel Lighting Design?

If you want to make a statement in your hotel lighting fittings, then consider incorporating elegant and magnificent hotel lighting designs.

Some of the best hotel lighting designs are achieved by making use of splendid chandeliers.

Chandeliers easily go noticed and therefore investing in high quality and spectacular chandeliers transform the overall appearance of your hotel.

Have a look at these;

Hotel Chandlier lighting

Hotel Chandelier lighting

Also, make sure that the bulbs you choose are dimmable as this provides you with several lighting options to suit your guests.

If uniformity is your preference, you can choose to have other lighting fixtures around your hotel space that resemble the design of your chandelier.

This can easily be achieved by purchasing all the lighting fixtures from the same brand or manufacturer.

Hotel lightings come in different shapes and sizes.

Therefore, you need to choose those that would blend well with your preferred theme be it modern, vintage, or geometric lighting just to mention a few.

Here are some of the best hotel lighting designs you might consider;

 Hotel lighting design1

 Hotel lighting design 1

                Hotel lighting design 2

 Hotel lighting design 2

  Hotel light design 3

 Hotel light design 3

Can Hotel Lighting Suppliers in China Support OEM?

Yes, they do.

Not only do they assist in designing, branding, and manufacturing but they also offer competitive prices.

Is Hotel Lighting from China Safe?

Yes, they are.

Hotel lights from China not only have quality certifications but also are IP rated.

This guarantees safety even when used in different locations.

How does Lumen Affect Choice of Hotel Lighting System?

The number of lumens determines how well your hotel is illuminated.

The wrong choice of the number of lumens will result in certain areas not having adequate lights as they should.

Consequently, it will mess up with your general lighting scheme as some areas might end up appearing darker than others.

Do Hotel Lighting Manufacturers in China offer Warranty?

Yes, they do offer a warranty.

All lighting manufacturers provide warranty for their lighting fixtures to protect their clients.

Do Hotel Lighting Suppliers from China have a Product Return Policy?

Yes, they have.

However, most return policies follow strict rules and guidelines as most suppliers avoid incurring any losses.

Therefore, some buyers might end up yielding less than what they expected.

Can Hotel Lighting Suppliers offer Free Samples?

Yes, they can.

Hotel lighting suppliers are willing to offer free samples to their potential clients upon request.

What is the MOQ for Hotel Lighting Suppliers in China?

The minimum order quantity for hotel lighting among most Chinese suppliers ranges from as low as 1 piece to as many as 100 pieces.

All you have to do is enquire from your supplier and negotiate on your MOQ terms.

How can you Verify the Authenticity of Hotel Lighting Suppliers on Alibaba?

Alibaba has made it easy for any buyer to verify the authenticity of lighting suppliers by displaying their ratings and experience on their profile.

In addition to that, you can see the number of transactions they have conducted as well as the supplier’s response rate.

This helps you to gauge the authenticity of the hotel lighting supplier.

Basically, these are the key factors you should consider when looking for hotel light suppliers in China.

The good news – SMAlux is here to provide you with high quality and reliable hotel lights.

We can also customize hotel light fixtures according to your specifications – contact us now