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Are you struggling with finding reliable and certified reading lights for hotels? For hotels or for any business needs, SMAlux lighting provider is now 22 years in the manufacturing experience. Certified products of hotel reading lights are accessible.

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SMAlux- Your Exceptional Hotel Reading Lights Manufacturer in China

SMAlux Hotel Reading Lights bring stylish designs and pliability. These lights are actually seen in hotel rooms and residential houses. Useful when love to read books throughout the darkness. By reading books or magazines, that`s one way to relax, feel the moment, and feel comfortable. These are convenient with any brighter or cooler colors.

Hotel Reading Lights come from lustrous chrome rear plate together with the fabric color. Its actual shade is burned up glass lighting, a fixture on the same high and lower vent. Kind of combined snake-necked LED reading lights. Available at the white color and gives LED in 45 lumens performance. Basically have rotating switches that use both functional lights.  Hotel Reading Lights is individually operating with no difficulty occurrences. With the 60W maximum range, these Hotel Reading Lights are suggested. It stately has an exact 225 x height size and 110mm dimensions.

Generally, Hotel Reading Lights placed commonly at bedside tables. Contemporary designs of these lights are suitable for those modernist users. Lights with different uniqueness add ornamental designs on private space. These can be ornamented with appropriate personalized designs. Certainly sets the mood. High range Hotel Reading Lights products have been distributed globally then, as a result, SMAlux received good feedbacks from each client. These lights amazingly give inspirations throughout the stressful day.

Furthermore, having Hotel Reading Lights, a pleasant and clean environment surely encountered. Within a short period of time staying at your hotels, guests won`t ever forget the good services you let them experienced. The lights that call their attention, made them stay much longer as possible. As a good result, big profits will be expected to suddenly bump into your business.

Hotel Reading Lights engaged and magnifies simplicity, configurations, and functional motivation. That is the reason, several business owners operating preferred Hotel Reading Lights originated by most professional manufacturers and designers in SMAlux. Reading Lights with shining colors surely given unhesitatingly. Your specified requirements will follow strictly. Even wanting to have specific Hotel Reading Lights designs, you can send lay-outs. We will do our duties to provide your needs sufficiently.

The fact having extreme quality Hotel Reading Lights will make your business lucrative as ever. Simple installing of Hotel Reading Lights on walls or bedside tables in the right location. There`s no more hassle than distracts about. Because when already installed, cleaner areas will able to perceive. It has the ability to lessen dirt in the specified room. The clean-environmental place surely created. There are many advantages when having Hotel Reading Lights from SMAlux and when having linked partnerships.

Hotel Reading Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide is going to answer all the questions you have about hotel reading lights.

Whether you want to learn about reading light’s color temperature, design, power consumption, or durability, they are all here.

Let’s get started:

Which Lights are Best for Reading?

Hotel reading light

 Hotel reading light

Soft white light with a maximum of 60 watts is good for your eyes when reading. Also, you can use warm colors for reading.

In most cases, going for soft white light with the color temperature of 2700-3000K can be a perfect choice too.

In fact, even theLED desk lamps can be a perfect alternative.

Why import Hotel Reading Lights from China?

China has seen a rapid growth in the importation of products including reading lights over the years.

We can attribute this to the developed infrastructure and proper telecommunication which boosts all importation and exportation processes globally.

The reasons as to why most sellers import hotel reading lights from China are;

Designs of hotel reading light

 Designs of hotel reading light

· Cost Effectiveness

China has several manufacturers and therefore the existing high competition lowers the prices of reading lights.

You can purchase reading lights from China half the price you would in your local supplier.

Not forgetting that you can as well bargain and end up purchasing the same product at much lower prices.

However, you should always be on the look for scammers.

· Uniqueness

The fact that China has several manufactures you definitely expect the production of unique reading lights to beat the existing competition.

The uniqueness may vary depending on the technology used, the design and color among others.

· Quality

China being the epicenter of manufacturing globally, the manufacturers make sure quality products are produced and this includes reading lights.

As with any hotel owner, quality reading lights not only raises the property value but also brings out an executive and classy look in the hotel premises.

However, not all sellers deal with quality products.

There are counterfeits in the market and therefore be keen enough when making your purchases.

· Easy to Assemble

In spite of having installation guides, hotel reading lights from China are user friendly and easy to assemble.

· High Profit Margin

Purchasing your hotel reading lights at lower prices will result in you reselling at close to double the price.

This, in turn, equates to high-profit margins for your business.

· Many Varieties

Due to the many manufacturers in the industry, you are likely to get many varieties to choose from.

Of course, with the many options available, at times you can be overwhelmed.

To avoid this, make sure you have in mind the type of reading lights you want.

This will save your time when making your purchases.

Fixed vs. Portable Hotel Reading Lights; Which on should you choose?

Fixed reading light

Fixed reading light

Portable reading light

Portable reading light

Just as the name implies, portable hotel reading lights can be moved from one place to the other while fixed hotel reading lights are installed onto the wall or desk.

Most hotels make use of their lights fixed either onto the wall or reading desk.

By so doing they minimize any cases of breakage or accident resulting from the portability of lights.

However, both fixed and portable lights work well.

You only have to choose which one suits your preferences.

Why are LED Lights good for Reading?

You might have noticed that most if not all executive hotels make use of LED lights in lighting.

This is in most areas including reading spaces.

Reason being?

First, despite LED lights being cost effective they provide soft white or warm white illumination.

This is appropriate for your eyes when reading.

In addition to that, LED lights provide better distribution of light as compared to the existing alternatives.

Which Lights Color Temperature is good for Reading?

Light color temperature

Light color temperature

Warm white color which normally consists of 3000K would be ideal for reading.

Generally, reading lights should consist of warm colors.

Not just cool colors and warm white color serves the purpose best.

In addition to that, warm lights bring a calming, cozy, intimate and inviting feel.

Failure to use the appropriate color temperature might cause issues such as exhaustion, headaches, and strains among others.

These might go to the extent of influencing your hotel reviews by your guests.

How much do Hotel Reading Lights Cost?

The cost of hotel reading lights will depend on a couple of factors such as;

  • Quantity – Purchasing hotel reading lights in large quantities will be cost efficient. It is because you get discounts.
  • Place of purchase –Purchasing directly from the factory will be cheaper compared to a wholesaler. They will even cost less after importing hotel reading lights from China.
  • Quality of hotel reading lights –It goes without saying that the higher the quality the higher the cost and vice versa.
  • Size of reading lights –Bigger reading lights will cost more as compared to smaller ones.
  • Design of the hotel reading light –Different designs will be priced differently depending on how fancy they appear.

The cost of hotel reading lights generally ranges from as low as $8 to as much as $140 and more.

As I said, the cost will vary depending on the factors I have outlined above.

Hotel reading lights prices

 Hotel reading lights prices

Which Types of Hotel Reading Lights are there?

There are several types of reading lights that you can choose to introduce to your hotel premises.

Some of these lights are not limited to;

  • Hotel reading floor lights- Reading floor lights normally have a long arm and that’s the reason why they are placed on floors.
  • Hotel reading Long arm lights – these types of lights are tall owing to the long arm.
  • Hotel Reading Foldable Lights –Just as the name implies, this type of light can easily be folded. It is also portable.
  • Hotel Reading Flexible Lights
  • Hotel LED Spot Reading Lights
  • Hotel Reading Bedside Lights –Hotel reading bedside lights are normally fixed onto the walls next to the bed purposefully meant for reading.
  • Hotel Reading Dimmable Clip On lights
  • Hotel Dimmable Touch Sensor Reading Lights
  • Hotel Hoses Reading Lights

Can you Recommend Hotel Reading Lights Design Ideas?

Hotel reading lights are found in a variety of sizes, design, and colors.

Therefore, you can easily achieve the best look or rather theme just by rightfully installing reading lights in your hotel room.

If you are wondering how to fix hotel reading lights, here are some lighting tricks:

Wall mounted hotel reading light

Wall mounted hotel reading lights

  • Make use of flash pull out LED bedside lights to bring out a classy and minimalist theme.
  • Make use of hotel reading lamps having a matching shade with your hotel theme to bring out uniformity.
  • Using swing arm lights will bring out a stylish and functional look.
  • Install reading lights onto the headboard of a bed to accommodate guests who fancy reading while on bed.
  • Varying designs come with different shapes. Therefore, using the right shapes which equally blend in with your hotel room theme or features would bring a spark.

How do you choose Hotel Reading Lights?

Hotel reading light

Hotel reading light

With the availability of several appealing hotel reading lights, it might become quite challenging to select on the best.

The quickest way of getting things done is by hiring a light designer.

A light planner designer will provide you with the necessary information regarding the placement of the different types of lights to achieve what you want.

They will be in a good position to suggest some good lighting for your premises.

Therefore, it will save you the agony of coming up with the best.

If hiring an expert is not your plan, then take note of the following as you choose your hotel reading lights;

  • Height – Some lights have a longer arm while some are shorter. Depending on where you want to locate your light, make sure you choose the appropriate height.
  • Angle –The angle at which you position your light is quite important in determining the comfort of your guest reading experience.
  • Color shade –When choosing your hotel reading lights, ensure you don’t go overboard with the color shades.

Warm color tends to result in fatigue or feeling of discomfort when used for a while.

This drugs us to the reason why white light is recommended for studying purposes as compared to warm light.

You can as well choose to use a warm white color temperature for reading.

Generally, make sure that you keep in mind the comfort of your guests while choosing hotel reading lights.

How many Lumens are required for reading?

Having the correct amount of lumen in your hotel reading lights will ensure your guests are not only prevented from eye strains but also long term loss of vision.

For one to read without straining the eye, your book surface needs to have 25 to 50 lumens per square meter.

Remember different ages would demand different lumens for reading.

For instance, people under 55 years old would require 450 lumens while above this age would require around 800 lumens.

Meaning the more you age the more light you require to read.

Is White or Warm Light good for reading?

White light is preferred for reading as compared to warm light.


First, you need to understand that human sight is influenced by psychology.

What I mean is that when using a warm light, the human brain interprets it as heat from the sun.

Therefore, it brings about laxity and feeling of exhaustion after reading for a while.

This makes white lights ideal for any of your reading purposes.

Which Safety Standards should Hotel Reading Lights conform to?

Safety standards are mandatory for every kind of lighting.

These standards are meant to ensure that the users are well protected from the electrical gadgets.

Some of the safety standards hotels reading lights should conform to are;

  • Hotel reading lights should have an IP rating. This indicates the degree of protection to the lighting systems.
  • Hotel reading lights should have the appropriate amount of lumen to avoid causing any form of damage to the eye.
  • Components in the hotel reading lights should not be hazardous. Some elements such as mercury and lead are normally dangerous to human health.

Therefore, they are restricted in the manufacture of lights. A reason why ROHS classification is important.

  • Hotel reading lights should have safety certificates to prove that the lights in question have been approved for use. Some of these safety certificates include the UL certification.

How does Hotel Reading Desk Lights compare to Hotel Wall Mounted Reading Lights?

Wall mount hotel reading light

Wall mount hotel reading lights

Desk reading lights

 Desk reading lights

Hotel reading desk lights and hotel wall mounted reading lights are two different lighting types that offer the same service.

However, as compared to hotel reading desk lights which are normally placed on desks, hotel wall mounted reading lights are fixed onto walls.

Additionally, hotel reading desk lights are mostly portable as compared to wall mounted lights which are fixed and difficult to move.

As compared to hotel reading desk lights which are mostly available in bigger sizes, hotel wall mounted reading lights have several smaller designs.

In fact, some can easily go unnoticed due to their small size together with how they have been fixed onto walls.

Are Hotel Reading Lights IP Rated?


IP rating is important for any lighting fixture as it protects it from the ingestion of solid and liquid substances from entering the lighting.

Having an IP rating in the reading lights will ensure the safety of the users.

How is Hotel Reading Light Different from other Lighting System?

In as much as both provide light, they differ in a number of ways depending on factors such as;

  • Functionality – As seen with other lighting systems, the main function of the light is to illuminates spaces for proper vision.

However, hotel reading lights are designed to provide an extra and unique light which is considered favorable for the eye when reading.

  • Amount of Lumen – Hotel reading lights will require less amount of lumen as compared to other lighting systems.

This is due to the fact that reading lights mainly focus on a single specific function.

Additionally, they can be used together with the main light source of a hotel room. However, different age groups would require different amount of lumen.

For instance, the 55 year olds and above will require more as compared to people under the same age group.

  • Positioning –Mostly, hotel reading lights are poisoned on desks or headboards.

This is quite different as compared to other lighting systems that are either positioned on ceilings or onto walls.

What is Flexible Hotel Reading Light?

Flexible hotel reading lights

 Flexible hotel reading light

Flexible hotel reading lights refers to lighting with proper reading efficacy.

It provides users with convenient reading experience.

A flexible hotel reading lights should have the appropriate color temperature, brightness and should be easily adjustable to match the user needs.

Flexible reading lights allow you to adjust the angle and intensity of light with the aim of providing a convenient reading environment.

Depending on the placement of the lighting, it can either have a long arm or a short arm to be effective in the designed function.

How do you Test Quality of Hotel Reading Lights?

Before making any purchases, it’s important to conduct quality testing on your product.

Not only will this help in assuring you of the quality but also prevent you from suffering losses later on.

In order to test if your hotel reading lights are up to standards you will have to check on the following;

  • Certifications – Quality certifications such as UL, CUL, CE, RoHS among others are necessary for ensuring that the hotel reading lights you are planning to purchase are of good quality.
  • Quotation file –Make sure you request your manufacturer or supplier for an RFQ (Request For Quotation) file. It not only outlines confirmation of your order but also the following;

I. Unit cost

II. Payment terms

III. Production time

IV. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

V. Suppliers Feedback

  • You could also hire a third party to conduct the test on your behalf before the reading lights leave the factory.

This is very crucial especially if you are making bulk purchases as it will save you future frustrations.

With the presence of several scammers in the market, you need to ensure that the third party company or freight forwarder is certified ISO9001 as well as AQSIQ.

  • On the other hand, if you want to conduct the test by yourself, all you have to do is observe the CRI of the hotel reading lights. Cheap lights will distort actual colors as compared to quality lights.

To add on that, ensure that the pulsing of the light is not high as this indicates poor quality light

Is there New Technology in Hotel Reading Lighting System?


You can well agree with me that there has been such a huge growth in the lighting industry as far as technology used in concerned.

Currently, we have reading lights that allow users to charge phones.

Reading lights with phone charging port

 Reading light with phone charging port

And that’s not all, availability of energy saving lights as well as sensor lights have revolutionized the lighting systems and industry in general.

New technology in hotel reading lights has enabled users to easily adjust the specifications of their reading lights remotely.

This includes color, brightness, and angle of light among others.

Such features were absent in the traditional lighting systems.

What are the Benefits of Hotel Reading Lights?

There are several benefits brought about by lighting not only in hotels but also in other spaces.

Hotel guests always want to feel relaxed once they step into the hotel room.

Therefore, providing small luxuries can determine whether or not the guest will return after he leaves the hotel.

One way to make this happen is by installing hotel reading lights.

As small as this might seem, here are some of the advantages of introducing reading lights to your hotel premises;

  • Interior design – Reading lights add an extra spark to the overall interior design of your hotel room.

They make the room look and feel stylish and accommodating which might be a game changer in ensuring your hotel stands out among the rest.

  • Comfort – After a long day some guests fancy having a read or going through business paper works before sleeping.

Having hotel reading lights will ensure that all your guests’ needs are met in turn making their stay much more comfortable.

  • Functionality – The main purpose of reading lights is to help your guests easily read while staying with you.

Reading lights are designed differently from other lights in terms of amount of lumens and color among others.

They are designed to suit the human eye and therefore eliminate any form of eye strains or any other problems caused by poor lighting.

  • Value addition to Property –Having reading lights in your hotel premises will definitely increase the value of your property. This compared to a hotel lacking reading lights.

Also, it easily attracts prospective buyers in getting interested with your property.

How do you Import Hotel Reading Lights from China?

Importation from China has been made much easier.

Thanks to the established transport and communication systems together with the ever growing technology.

Currently, you can import hotel reading lights from China and receive it in a few days regardless of distance.

First, you have to identify your hotel reading lights manufacturer or supplier.

Online platforms such as Alibaba, Aliexpress, Made in China and DH gate among others make it easier to find hotel reading lights manufacturers and suppliers.

Apart from using online platforms you can as well visit China and conduct everything first hand.

After settling on your preferred manufacturer, you will outline everything you want and thereafter negotiate on prices.

The hotel reading light manufacturer in China will advise and provide you with the necessary requirements.

This will include the terms and methods of payments as well as shipping requirements.

There are 4 main types of shipping methods you can use when importing hotel reading lights from China;

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Rail freight
  • Road freight

The type of shipping method you chose to use mainly depends on the size of items to be shipped and urgency.

Can you replace Lamps in Hotel Reading Lights?

Yes. Lamps can easily be replaced in hotel reading lights once they get old or damaged.

What is the Lifespan of LED Hotel Reading Lights?

Generally, LED hotel reading lights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours with the minimum lifespan being 30,000 hours under normal use.

Do Reading Lights Require Transformer?


In order to work efficiently, all LED reading lights will require a transformer.

The transformer might either be located externally or fixed in the bulb casing.

Which Hotel Reading Lights are Energy Efficient?

Generally, LED hotel reading lights are energy efficient as they use 75% less energy as compared to the alternatives.

To add on that they emit less heat and last 25 times longer as compared to incandescent lights.

LED reading lights

LED reading lights

How much Power do Hotel Reading Lights use?

100 Watts is the maximum amount of power most reading lights including hotel reading lights consume.

However, some might find this too bright and that’s why most hotel lights are dimmable.

By so doing, the reading lights are able to accommodate people of all ages and needs.

For instance, a 10-year-old will only need 40 Watts or less to read. As you grow older the higher the amount of power you will need.

Are Fluorescent good for Hotel Reading Lights?

Fluorescent lights are as well considered good for illuminating reading surfaces as compared to incandescent bulbs.

However, if you are planning to introduce reading lights in your hotel premises, LED lights would serve best.


With LED lights there are several functionalities that you can introduce.

These may include dimming and changing colors.

This plays a role in ensuring that your hotel guests have the best experience apart from just spending the night.

Not forgetting that your energy consumption is reduced to a great extent.

What is Full Spectrum Lighting?

Full spectrum lighting refers to lighting that mimics the natural sunlight.

You might have heard the term “full spectrum” being mentioned as a marketing term to refer to lighting that is believed to emulate the natural midday sunlight.

However, the only full spectrum light is sunlight.

The reason being it has the ability to sustain any form of life on earth.

The two main lighting types which provide full spectrum light include fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

Now, by understanding everything highlighted in this guide, you stand a chance of choosing a suitable reading light.

But still, if you have more questions that may not have been covered here, feel free to contact hotel reading lights experts at SMAlux.