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SMAlux- Your Trusted Hotel Room Lighting Manufacturer in China

SMAlux Hotel Room Lighting is better inclusion for hotel businesses. To welcome guests, these can add natural yet beautiful ambience to a surrounding. With combination of function and aesthetic designs, Hotel Room Lighting worth the best. Hotel Room Lighting is made from your own desired design of lighting materials. It produces brightest lightings throughout your guest`s stay. Basically, it has own systematic management for lights to come out naturally.

Hotel Room Lighting was created through SMAlux improved machinery systemizations. For hotel business to have sufficient dazzling lights, Hotel Room Lightings must added. Guests from your hotel must have feel relax and tempered. There`s no worry, Hotel Room Lightings has own controller of lights. These doesn`t need switches. Though, modern-made Hotel Room Light known as economically saver.

Because these are substantial to all hotels projects out there, adding these quality lightings produces big profits. Besides, Hotel Room Lighting is available on different sizes and fixture designs. This lighting is essential to have good mood. From personal mood or atmosphere, these effectively sets the mood. Also, these are saving more space on hotel areas. Hotter colored lights are best recommended to be use at nighttime. That way, both guest and hotel owners surely become productive. In continuance of having hotter colored lights, these helps to avoid from brighter aspects of lukewarm colored lights. For hotel`s applications, better to use cold white lightings in daytime. That`s most suggested types of Hotel Room Lighting should probably useful.

Hotel Room Lighting sets the moods, have efficient functional, and also had simple maintenance fees. If you already have installed lightings for your hotels project, these gain much power usage about 30%. But when preferred having Hotel Room Lighting in LED, you can reduce energy usage for 90%. Hotel Room Lighting is totally the best when talking about efficiency level. Best source of powerful lightings. Lot of benefits and advantages on businesses can get.

As well, these Hotel Room Lighting designs proven very tough and lasts up longer of operation. These reduced electrical bill, also. Any Hotel Room Lighting characteristics are good replacement from ordinary lightings. Plus, improves quality decoration for hotel`s room. All fabrics where inside hotel rooms appeared more bright and deluxe when have all these.

SMAlux Hotel Room Lighting is energy-economic. As most significant manufacturer in China, SMAlux furnish different hotel room lightings with dominant qualities. Quality engineered designs are offered inexpensively. Best standard lightings for hotel business. With SMAlux, upgraded and most recent designs of Hotel Room Lighting are offered every now and then. Ultimate graded Hotel Room Lightings are available at precise merchandises with comprehensive rates.

SMAlux is international manufacturer of most valuable Hotel Room Lighting products. Also, provides technical innovation of first class Hotel Room Lighting. Easy to install LED lightings. With over 30 years in hotel room lighting participations, SMAlux been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, SA8000, etc. However, to all businesses that required lightings whether LED or none, best quality serves.

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Hotel Room Lighting: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you have any questions about hotel room lighting, your answer is right here.

This guide covers everything, from benefits, lighting requirements, quality standards, power factor, and an IP rating, just to mention a few.

So, if you want to learn more about hotel room lighting, read this guide.

Which Types of Lights are used in Hotel Rooms?

 Hotel room lighting

Hotel room lighting

Hotels demand lighting fixtures that are not only exquisite but also exhibit a unique and classy appearance.

Hotel rooms are no exemption to this.

Various parts of the hotel room will require different types of lighting.

As with hotel rooms, you need to keep in mind that your guests might want lights to perform various functionalities such as:

  • Reading
  • Relaxing
  • Eating
  • Grooming just to mention a few

Therefore, having flexible lights is critical when deciding on the type of lights to introduce to your space.

There are three types of lighting that you can blend to achieve your desired appearance, taste, and feel of your hotel rooms.

· Task Lighting

Just as the name “tak” implies, this type of lighting is designed to help users when performing specific tasks.

Some of these tasks reading, eating, sewing, and grooming among others.

Task lighting is a smaller and more concentrated type of light that is designed to improve alertness.

It enables users to perform their tasks effectively.

This makes ng use of pendants, swing arm lamps, vanities, as well as under-cabinet lighting fixtures, will help you realize the idea of task lighting.

Hotel pendant light

 Hotel pendant light

· Ambient Lighting

It provides illumination for the entire room.

Otherwise used as the main source of light.

Some of the lighting you can incorporate to achieve this include chandelier, ceiling, pendants as well as track lighting.

Ambient hotel lighting

Ambient hotel lighting

· Accent Lighting

The key function of accent lighting is highlighting features in your hotel room.

This might include wall arts, plants, carvings, and furniture pieces among others.

Recessed, wall lights, track lights, and landscape lightings would serve best for this purpose.

Hotel accent lighting

Hotel accent lighting

 What are the Benefits of a Good Hotel Room Lighting Plan?

Lighting plays a major role in the overall transformation or rather the appearance of your hotel room into a masterpiece.

To achieve this, you need to make sure that your hotel room lighting plan is up to standard.

By so doing, you will realize the following advantages that come with a good hotel room lighting plan.

  • Makes your hotel stand out among the rest.
  • Enhances comfort of your guests during their stay – For instance, having warm lights will facilitate a good sleep for your guests. At the same time, it will bring about a relaxing feel.
  • Create an atmosphere based on your character, taste, and preferences.

Good hotel room lighting plan will ensure that the type of lighting used corresponds with your tastes as well as preferences to suit your intended guests.

  • Good hotel room lighting flatters with the size of the room making it appear more spacious than it is.

Which Areas should you Install Hotel Lighting System?

Most if not all areas of a hotel should have a proper lighting system in place.

Some of these areas are not limited to;

  • Reception
  • Lobby area
  • Staircases
  • Pathways
  • Hotel rooms
  • Entertainment areas such as bar area
  • Pool
  • Landscape
  • Walls
  • Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms

How do you Choose Hotel Room Lighting Fixture?

Choosing the appropriate hotel lighting fixture can be quite a hassle owing to the many elegant designs that exist in the market.

Nevertheless, here are some tips you could consider when choosing your hotel room lighting fixture.

  • Hire a lighting expert –This is the simplest and shortest way to get everything done as per your preferences.

Owing to their experience in the field, a lighting planner is in a good position to easily suggest lighting that is suitable for hotel rooms.

  • Find an estimate of your room measurements and come up with the number of lights needed.
  • Pay close attention to your hotel theme and make sure that the type of lighting fixture you choose blends in perfectly with your hotel interiors.
  • Power factor –Ensure that you choose a lighting fixture with a higher power factor. A low power factor suggests that the fixture is not up to standard.
  • Make sure the lighting system you are choosing is compatible with the size of your room.

If this sounds more of a hassle, enquire from your lighting expert the size of lighting that you should purchase.

Having the appropriate size of the fixture in place will play a key role in the overall appearance and feel of your hotel room.

  • You could as well choose your hotel room lighting fixture based on your character and tastes.

By so doing it’s possible to choose from the many design and colors of lighting fixtures available. This will save you a lot of time.

  • You should purchase a hotel room lighting fixture from a reputable manufacturer. With this, you can check the type and quality of light.

What is the Lighting Requirement for Hotel Rooms?

Lighting requirements for hotel rooms differ depending on the placement of lights.

For instance, bathroom lights will have a different requirement as compared to kitchen lights.

Here are some of the lighting requirements for different areas in your hotel.

Hotel Wall Lighting Requirement

Hotel wall light

Hotel wall light

  1. Hotel wall lights should be fixed 5 feet above the ground.
  2.  Your hotel wall lights should maintain a length of 8 to 10 feet away from each other.
  3.  Your hotel wall lighting will require 50 to 185 lumens
  4.  Hotel wall lighting need to be IP rated

Hotel Bathroom Lighting Requirement

Hotel bathroom lighting

Hotel bathroom lighting

  1. Hotel bathroom lighting should have an IP rating
  2. The brightness of your bathroom lighting depends on the type of lights you purchase. For instance, the 20- to 25- LED lights will require 75 to 100 watts.
  3.  Quality certifications are a key requirement for any lighting fixture as they guarantee you safety and good quality of your lighting fixture.
  4.  A good hotel room should have well-designed distribution angles to make sure all areas are well illuminated.
  5.    Flexible color temperature for hotel bathroom allows for the performance of various functionalities such as grooming and shaving among others.

Requirement for Hotel Bedroom Lighting

Hotel bedroom lighting

 Hotel bedroom lighting

  1. Hotel bedroom lighting should have lighting which brings about relaxation
  2. Flexible lighting shades for use in various functionalities such as grooming. Watching TV, reading, and relaxing among others.
  3. Task lighting to facilitate the various functionalities in the bedroom
  4.  10 to 20 lumens of light per every square foot
  5.   Warm lights should be present as they relax the mind and body.

Hotel Reading Light Requirement

Hotel reading lights

 Hotel reading lights

  1. Reading lights should command alertness and this brings us to the reason why white and blue lights are recommended for reading.
  2.  25 to 50 lumens per square meter on your reading surface are ideal for reading.
  3.  Quality certifications – This will guarantee you that the reading lights have passed the test and therefore no need to worry about eye damage.

 Requirement for Hotel Ceiling Lights

 Hotel ceiling light

 Hotel ceiling light

  1.  Quality – Hotel ceiling lights should be of high quality as this also raises the property value.
  2.  Uniqueness –Hotels should feel home far away from home but with extra luxurious features and uniqueness of your hotel ceiling lights could make a huge statement.
  3.  Certifications to guarantee the safety and quality of your ceiling lights

Hotel Decoration Lights Requirement

 Hotel decoration lights

 Hotel decoration light

  1. Quality certifications
  2. Hotel decoration room lights should be well distributed to ensure all areas are well lit
  3. The angle of lighting should be properly fixed to achieve effective lighting.

Hotel Corridors and Stairs Light Requirement

Hotel corridor light

Hotel corridor light

  1.  Outdoor stairs lights should be weatherproof meaning they can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  2.  Hotel corridor and stairs lights should be aesthetic. They should blend in well with the surrounding features or hotel design and theme.
  3.  It’s important to position stair and corridor lights in areas which are not often stepped on or easily accessed.

Requirements for Hotel Kitchen Lights

Hotel kitchen lighting requirement

 Hotel kitchen lighting requirement

  1.  A kitchen is a place where several activities are carried out and therefore you need to make sure that you incorporate task lighting in your hotel kitchen.
  2. Plating areas should have warm light
  3.  Make use of easy to clean lighting to save time when carrying out cleaning.
  4.  We all know that a kitchen is a hot area and therefore by choosing low heat emitting lights you will be able to control the temperatures.

Hotel Lobby Light Requirement

Hotel lobby

Hotel lobby lighting

  1. The color temperature of the indoor entrance should resemble the one in the reception area.
  2. Make use of soft lights that are not too bright to distress your guests’ eyes.
  3. Most people use warm colors in their homes to create a welcoming feel and therefore implement the same in your lobby area so that your guests feel warmly welcomed once they step into your premises.

How does Hotel Outdoor Lighting compare to Hotel Indoor Lighting

Owing to the changing weather conditions outside, hotel outdoor lightings has different IP ratings as compared to indoor lighting.

In addition to that, hotel outdoor lights are designed to withstand any environment both outdoors as well as indoors.

This is not the case with hotel indoor lighting which only works best in an indoor setup.

Is there a difference between Hotel Room Lighting and General Lighting System?


Hotel room lighting needs to portray a unique and stylish appearance not forgetting the use of quality fixtures.

This is because your guests would want to feel luxurious and comfortable at the same time.

However, the general lighting system is geared to providing illumination without much focus on luxury feel or use of expensive lighting fixtures.

Why is LED Best for Hotel Lighting System?

Here is why you can consider LED light for your hotel lighting system:

  • Cost-effectiveness – All hotel owners strive towards making as much profit as possible. Therefore, reducing the number of bills is one of the solutions to this.

As compared to other types of lighting, LED lights consume less energy, in turn, saving on costs.

  • Over Heating – LED lights don’t heat up
  • Flexibility – Hotels serve a variety of functions from hosting guests to entertaining and you will require different lighting for all the different occasions.

LED lights have a wide range of functionalities and these make them quite flexible for different areas and occasions.

  • Durability – if you’re looking for durable lights, then LED lights should be your consideration as they are designed to last for as much as 25,000 hours and more.

This makes them popularly used in various commercial properties hotels being one of them.

  • Energy-saving– LED lights consume less power as compared to other traditional lighting.
  • Dimmable – With LED lights you can easily adjust your lighting specifics such as color and brightness among others.
  • Color range – LED lights have a wide range of color options that you can choose for your premises depending on the function of the area.

Why Import Hotel Room Lighting System from China?

Most if not all commercial property owners choose to directly import lighting systems from China owing to the following several benefits that come with it.

Hotel lighting system

Hotel lighting system

  • Cost-effective – One of the biggest benefits that come with importing lighting systems from China is how cost-effective you could purchase your products.

I’m talking about making purchases less than half the price you could in your local wholesaler or supplier.

  • Unique –China is well known for manufacturing very unique products and this doesn’t exclude lighting systems.

You can find all types of lighting in China in terms of design, color, function, and size just to mention a few.

  • Quality – China being the largest manufacturing hubs globally, you expect to find thousands of manufacturers of the same product.

This equates to high competition forcing manufactures to produce quality products to lure and maintain their prospective buyers.

  • Higher profits – Owing to the competitive prices of lighting systems, you are likely to resell the same products twice the amount you bought.

As a result, you might end up getting huge profit margins in your business.

  • Fast business growth – As a result of increased profits, your business will grow at a faster rate as you also introduce more products of different kinds.

How much do Hotel Room Lighting Cost?

The cost of hotel room lighting depends on a few factors not excluding;

  • Quality –The higher the quality the more you will pay for your hotel room lighting.
  • Size – Big sized hotel room lighting cost more as compared to smaller ones.
  • Place of purchase –Purchasing directly from the manufacturer puts you in a better position to easily negotiate on prices.

Therefore, buy your lighting fixtures at a very lower price compared to purchasing from a supplier.

  • Brand –You will have to dig deeper into your pockets when purchasing branded lighting fixtures.

Averagely, you will spend from as low as $20 or even less to as much as $1,000 and more.

What is the Recommended Lumen for Hotel Room Lighting?

You will need 1000 to 2000 lumens for your hotel room lighting.

To calculate the number of lumens you need for your facility, all you have to do is get your room’s square footage and multiply it by your room’s foot-candle requirement.

Which Quality Standards should Hotel Room Lights conform to?

Quality standards are meant to ensure that the products are safe for use and that the user is well protected from any harmful substances.

One of the main quality standards that you should observe in any hotel room light includes;

· Certifications for Hotel Room Lights

Quality certifications are key when determining the quality of your lighting fixture.

Certifications guarantee you that the product has been carefully tested and has conformed to the set standards and therefore fit for human use.

We have a couple of quality certifications for hotel room lights not excluding;

i. CE

ii. CU

iii. RoHS

iv. UL

What should you Consider when Choosing Hotel Room Lighting Systems?

Choosing a hotel room lighting system can turn out to be quite a hassle especially when you have a wide variety of cool designs to choose from.

This is where most buyers go wrong with their choices.

They are normally tempted to make a quick decision based on how the light system appears without getting to understand the in-depth features to look out for.

Here are critical aspects you should consider:

  • Quality– Reputed brands are well known to manufacture quality products.

Therefore, purchasing from one would relieve you of any worries you might have concerning your lighting systems.

  • The number of lumens – Getting the right number of lumens ensures proper illumination inside your hotel room.

Failure to observe this, some parts of your room will end up being poorly lit than others.

  • Flexibility –A hotel room serves several functionalities such as reading, grooming, and relaxing among others.

Having a flexible lighting system will ensure that all these functionalities are met without having to include several lighting systems at a go.

  • User-friendliness –Come to think of it, you check into your hotel room feeling tired then spend the first minutes trying to locate a switch.

It’s very irritating.

When purchasing a hotel room lighting system make sure that the fixtures are user friendly.

This is to avoid frustrating your hotel guests which can otherwise tamper with your hotel ratings.

  • IP rating – Your hotel room needs to be lit in different areas. Therefore, you need to consider the IP rating for each area you intend to light.

For instance, wall lights will have different IP rating as compared to bathroom lights or reading lights.

  • Quality certifications – Lighting systems with proper certifications not only guarantee you quality but also the safety of the product.

How can you Control Hotel Room Lighting?

Hotel room light

Hotel room light

Keep in mind that each guest that you receive in your hotel room wants to have full control of the room lighting.

This makes LED lights a perfect option.

LED lights to have several functionalities not excluding dimming, color varieties, and most importantly they save on energy consumption.

With LED lights you will be able to execute several functionalities in your hotel room such as reading and relaxing among others.

For instance, if you want to relax, you require warm colors and therefore the dimming feature in LED lights will help in achieving this.

The same applies to the grooming area where extra light is needed.

Therefore, LED would play a major role in making sure that your hotel guests have control of the room lighting.

Are Modern Hotel Room Lighting Energy-Efficient?

Most if not all modern hotel room lightings are energy efficient.

Hundreds of thousands of hotels globally are embracing LED lighting as the go-to option owing to the several pros that come with using them.

Not only are they energy efficient but also flexible in a manner that they can be used to perform a variety of functionalities.

Are there Regulations in Hotel Room Lighting Installation?

Yes. Some regulations need to be followed when installing hotel room lights. Some of these regulations are in terms of;

  • Positioning–The positioning of your hotel lights should be efficiently accessed by the users.
  • Emergency lighting – Emergency lighting is key in hotel rooms to ensure that the guests are kept comfortable even in times of power shortages.
  • IP rating –Different parts of the hotel room will need different IP rating to function as desired. Failure to this might result in power accidents or damage.
  • Lumens –Hotels rooms need to be adequately lit and therefore having lighting with the appropriate number of lumens is a key factor.

Is Hotel Room Light IP Rated?

Yes. Hotel room lights are IP rated to enhance safety measures in and around the hotel premises.

How does Power Factor Affect Choice of Hotel Room Lighting?

The power factor should be one of the major considerations when choosing your lighting fixture.

Remember a lower power factor implies that your fixtures are not up to standard and vice versa.

Therefore, when choosing hotel room light makes sure you have the appropriate power factor just to avoid any future frustrations.

In short, before buying hotel room lighting, consider everything you have learned in this guide.

With this information, you will certainly get the best hotel lighting system.

Still, if you have any questions about hotel room lighting, contact us now.