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Do you provide quality lower cost products

Yes, we provide quality hotel wall lights at a lower cost proven with many clients.

Do you offer safe process when supporting projects

We do ensure all the processes are detailed for the client’s satisfaction and understood the given process.

Do you provide solution for any hotel project difficulties

Yes, SMAlux has plenty of service staff to guide and support your hotel wall light projects.

SMAlux- Your Reliable Hotel Wall Lights Provider in China

SMAlux hotel wall lights are intended making satisfied guarded lights in hotel areas. Wall lights steadily one of the important essential and requirements for a perfect hotel places. Quality lightings for hotel walls gives a peaceful mindset which results in relaxation. These are the type of lights necessarily on hotels. Hotel wall lights produce colorful filters. Importantly to be placed in any areas of the hotel for a nice ambiance.

This kind of hotel collection probably gains profitable costs, which might give a big contribution to your business. Versatile and adaptable Hotel wall lights products intended for plenty of purposes. One important purpose is that your own operated hotel is more attractive. Not just for hotels, these light materials are also good-looking on house necessities. It can be installed easily on bedrooms, dining, or bathroom wall spaces.

Hotel wall lights have actual 69.14k pins. These can be originated as an LED type. LED produces low consumption usage that produced beautiful lightings filters/colors, economically predictable. SMAlux hotel wall lights can surely give satisfaction to all customers who stayed.

However, SMAlux hotel wall lights are manufactured with a length size of 18 cm and a basic height of 30 cm. Perfect measurements of each graded Hotel wall lights surely attract everyone`s eyes. Surely that way, your hotel business could gain higher profits from what originally expected. Hotel wall lights can produce brighten colors of light, depending on what design you desired.

These kinds of high-class lights been composed of table version, floor lamp, and bedroom lamp. Bedroom lamp lights have a reading arm substance. All these categorized Hotel wall lights certified having high ranked quality compared to common lights used in most residential areas. Hotel wall lights have the usual black shadow. Different option styles and designs can be manufacture ASAP if you want unique styles.

It automatically produces very low degree lighting when daytime. When already sleeping or relaxing, lighting status required to be darker enough. Essential for ultimate relaxation. You`ll easily manage to produce of lights because these have switches or even remote control switching on & off.

Desk lamps also one of Hotel wall lights types, ideal for computer, serious studying and for bedrooms lights. Conducted lights surely generated for hotel businesses. Dazzling yet straightway to produce lights surely provoked. These lights assembled with flexibility and long-lasting. Different quality options are on markets.

SMAlux allocates the topmost quality level of Hotel wall lights. This manufacturing institution is verified as a CE light variation. SMAlux has 22 years in manufacturing industry experiences. All lighting productions have been fabricated through upgraded manufacturing machines. Enough employees continue operating and equipped assisting you at any moment. Brings potentiality to achieve higher development for your businesses, fortunately, have a connection with lighting products.

Together with 11 sales staff, SMAlux has finally encouraged and has the smartest innovation standard of IT lighting products. Have exact quality certifications like SA8000, ISO9001, ISO14001, and more IT standard approvals.

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Hotel Wall Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is a complete guide with everything you need to know about hotel wall lights.

You’ll learn why you need hotel lights, types of lights to buy, amount of lumen for wall lighting, wall lighting ideas and many more.

So, if you want to be a hotel wall lights expert, this is an opportunity for you:

What are Hotel Wall Lights?

Just as the name implies, hotel wall lights refer to types of lights that are best designed to suit hotel premises.

Hotel wall lights

Hotel wall lights

Why do you need Hotel Wall Lights?

Hotels lights are very crucial for any hotel premises.

In order to make your appear inviting and feel like home away from home then you should consider installing hotel wall lights.


  • Security –Most if not all types of light provide security and this doesn’t exclude wall lights.

Hotel wall lights can be important in enhancing security as they will be able to provide some illumination in the surrounding areas.

  • Illumination – Hotel wall lights provide illumination along the wall and surrounding pathway.

This minimizes the probability of accidents occurring due to lack of proper wall lighting.

  • Highlighting features/art – Does your hotel walls have some art or any statement features?

If yes, then you should consider introducing hotel wall lights.

By so doing, you will be able to highlight the beautiful features on your hotel wall leaving it with an admirable spark.

  • Enhancing the general appearance – With the several types of hotel lights available, it’s easy to add some light décor on your hotel walls.

Your choice of light might depend on the design, color, and shape.

With some people opting for non-colored lights some might be interested in those depending on where the wall lights will be fixed.

What Height Should Hotel Wall Lights be?

Hotel wall lights

Hotel wall lights

The height at which you will position your hotel wall lights mostly depends on the place of fixing.

Generally, hotel wall lights should be positioned 5 to 6 feet above the ground or 152cm which is equivalent to 60” from the floor.

To add on that, they need to be fixed 8 and 10 feet away from each other.

How do you Determine the Number of Hotel Wall Lights you need?

With so many different types of lighting, there’s a high chance of being overwhelmed by which ones to choose and which ones to leave.

Owing to this, you might end up buying way too many lights.

The number of hotel wall lights you will need depends on;

  • The size of space –The larger the space to be lit the more lights you will need to purchase.

Examine the measurements of your hotel premises to come up with an estimate number of lights needed.

  • Design/Theme –With some hotel owners preferring to use different types of light to achieve a specific theme, a higher number of lights will be needed for this purpose.
  • Budget –You budget is one of the key factors that will determine the number of lights to introduce in your hotel premises.

When working with a lower budget, you need to make sure that you purchase minimum quality lights at the same time making sure that you achieve your desired style.

Hiring a light expert will ease you the burden of determining the number of hotel wall lights you need.

Since they are experienced in this field, your lighting expert will be in a good position to effectively come up with a quote for your hotel wall lights.

In addition to that, a light designer will advise you on the appropriate colors, designs, and type of lights for specific wall spaces.

By so doing, you will avoid under purchasing or over purchasing of your hotel wall lights.

Why import Hotel Wall Lights from China?

You might have noticed that most importers of electronics, cosmetics, and clothes always import from China.

First, what most people don’t know is that you can import your hotel lights from China and sell it more than twice the amount you bought!

In fact most importers prefer to purchase directly from the manufacturer just so as to get these super-duper deals.

Therefore, if you are dealing a huge hotel space, it would be way cheaper importing your fixtures directly from China.

Secondly, very quality hotel outdoor lighting fixtures can easily be found in China.

However, you need to be extra keen when purchasing your hotel wall lights as there also exist scammers in the market.

The uniqueness of items sold in China as well attracts thousands of importers each year to China.

For a hotel premises, having unique wall lights will not only transform the look of your space but also ensure your hotel stands out from the rest.

Not forgetting that having unique and quality hotel wall lights will as well raise the value of your property.

Can you mount Hotel Reading Lights on the Wall?


There are several types of wall mount reading lights and therefore you can easily mount your hotel reading lights on the wall.

How many Lumen do you need for Hotel Wall Lighting?

You will need 50 to 185 lumens for your hotel wall lighting.

Why is LED popular for Hotel Wall Lights?

LED Wall lights

LED Wall lights

LED lights are not only popularly used on hotel spaces but also in most of the other commercial as well as residential places.

Most hotel owners prefer using LED lights for hotel walls due to the following reasons;

  • Energy efficient –LED lights are known to consume less energy as compared to the alternative type of lighting.
  • More variety – LED lights have a wide variety of features to choose from depending on the design, color, and automated features just to mention a few.
  • Easy installation – Wall lights are easy to fix and to add on that most come with an installation guide.
  • Long lasting – LED lights are designed to last for as long as 50,000 hours ranking them one of the best durable lights.
  • More functionality –LED lights feature more functionality such as dimming and color change.

These might play a crucial role in lighting walls around the entertainment areas of the hotel premises.

How can you choose Bathroom Sconce?

With the many types of bathroom sconce available in the market, making a choice might be a bit challenging.

However, here are some factors you need to consider when choosing your bathroom sconce;

  • Theme – Different bathrooms have different theme and therefore adhering to the theme of your space
  • Size –The size of your bathroom sconce will depend on the actual size of your bathroom. For instance, if you have an average sized bathroom, the ideal size of your sconce should have a length of not more than 18 inches.

While for a smaller bathroom 12 inches or less.

If your space is larger, then you might consider purchasing scones with a length of 19 inches and more.

  • Finish – It’s better to ensure that your bathroom sconce finish blends well with the existing bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom fixtures with a shiny appearance would blend well with chrome or polished nickel finishes.

Bathrooms with brushed fixtures will require brushed nickel finishes.

However, you can as well consider using other finishes such as bronze, antique brass and black.

  • Bulbs and glass – It’s ideal not to have the bathroom bulb exposed.

In as much as some of the current trends might feature exposed bulbs or clear bulbs, it’s important to pair this up with dipped, coated or frosted bulbs.

  • Design – Depending on your own personal tastes and preferences, you can choose to have traditional, modern or even transitional type of fixture style.

How much does Hotel Wall Lights Cost?

Hotel wall lights can cost from as low as $11 to as much as $1000 and more.

The price of your hotel wall lights will depend on factors such as;

  • Size –the larger the size of light the more expensive it costs.
  • Quality – High quality hotel wall lighting will cost more than low quality ones.
  • Design –Some hotel wall lights come with classy, sophisticated and elegant designs that raise the cost of the wall light.

What are the benefits of Hotel Wall Lighting with Solar?

Solar wall lights

Solar wall lights

Solar lighting has recently become a very popular trend among many commercial as well as residential areas.


  • Cost effective – In as much as the initial installation cost might be high, you will realize how cheaper it is to use solar wall lighting with time. With solar lighting your energy bills will be eliminated and therefore you will end up save much on energy costs.
  • Convenient- Wall lighting with solar can be used anywhere.

By this I mean places with no electricity can’t be a hindrance to you when starting your hotel business.

Solar lights make use of energy from the sun making them convenient for use everywhere.

  • Low maintenance –As compared to electricity, solar energyrequires lower maintenance.

The only work to do is replace batteries mostly designed to last for as long as seven years.

  • Easy to install – Solar lighting doesn’t need much work during installation as compared to electricity.

Where you will need to do a lot of trenching, wiring and a lot more other tasks needed.

Which Types of Hotel Wall Lights are there?

There are several types of hotel wall lights that you can choose to introduce to your hotel space.

Some these are not excluded to:

  • Hotel motion sensor lights –Hotel motion sensor lights are designed to respond to any type of movement.

Once they sense movement they turn on and later turn off.

  • Hotel LED ambient wall lights – Hotel LED ambient wall lights can be used as the main source of light in a room.
  • Hotel Vanity wall lights – Vanity wall lights are specifically designed to be positioned on top of vanities for proper illumination needed for grooming.
  • Hotel Outdoor wall lights –You might have come across type of lights in various hotels. Outdoor wall lights can not only be used to highlight wall art or any other feature but also provide along the pathways adjacent to the wall.
  • Hotel Solar LED wall lights –Hotel solar LED lights make use of sunlight energy to produce light.
  • Hotel modular touch wall lights -b
  • Hotel bedside wall lights –Most if not all hotels have bedside wall lights which might be useful to hotel guests when reading while on bed.
  • Hotel wall lamps
  • Hotel picture lights and spots-
  • Hotel reading lights –Reading lights are one of the essential facilities to include in your hotel as some hotel guest fancy having a read at the bedside or on the bed. In such a case, reading wall lights come in handy.
  • Wall –mount swing arm light –This type of light is ideal for highlighting artwork features.

Where can you install Hotel Wall Lights?

Indoor wall lamp

Indoor wall lamp

i. Hotel Bedside Wall Lighting – To make utilization easier, it’s ideal to place your hotel bedside wall lighting a position that can be reached from a sitting position on the bed.

ii. Hotel Room Lighting – Hotel room lighting is the main source of light providing illumination for the entire room.

iii. Hotel Hallway Lighting – Incorporating lights on dark hallways will tremendously transform the appearance and ambience of such like a space.

iv. Hotel Corridor Lighting –Corridor lights can be placed in many angles to achieve different themes as well as providing illumination along the hotel corridors.

v. Hotel Exterior Lighting – Hotel exterior lighting includes all lighting placed on walls, landscapes and outdoor pathways just to mention a few.

vi. Hotel gate lights –Gate lights are important for enhancing security of your property.

vii. Hotel pool lights –Having a well-lit pool by night will transform the overall look of your hotel outdoor appearance into a classy one.

viii. Hotel stairs light – This type of lighting are important to avoid any accidental trips while walking up and down the hotel staircases.

ix. Hotel balcony lights –At the end of the day, several hotel guests prefer relaxing at the balcony and having god lighting will make their stay more comfortable.

x. Hotel parking lot lighting – Parking lot lighting not only provide extras security but also minimize the probability of minor accidents in the parking lot.

How do you choose Hotel Wall Lights?

Hotel wall lights come in a wide array of style and designs and therefore you might find it a bit challenging to choose one that fits your preferences.

To make your work easier, hiring a lighting expert would be the ideal option.

They will advise you on the best type of light to suite different areas of your property.

Also, they are in the best position to provide you with additional information surrounding where to get your lights and pricing among others.

Remember, you can as well request your wall lights manufacture to assist you making a decision.

Since they are experienced in the field and have done adequate installations, they will be in a better position to assist you in choosing your hotel wall lights.

Is there difference between Wall Lamp and Sconce?

There is no difference between a wall lamp and sconce.

A sconce is designed to hold a candle lamp or any other type of light source.

Are Hotel Wall Lights IP Rated?

Yes, hotel wall lights are IP rated to protect them from dust, rain or splashing.

How can you install Hotel Wall Lights?

Installing hotel wall lights it’s not as complicated as it might seem.

Before beginning any form of installation it’s important to make sure that you have all your lights switched from the main source.

Ensure that the breaker is off and check that there’s no voltage at the source of the wire.

With all your fixtures ready;

  1. Start by connecting the ground wire to green ground lug
  2. Fix the plate onto the wall.
  3. Connect your ground by attaching wires with corresponding wire nuts
  4. Test if the wiring is correct by turning on the power.
  5. Attach the entire light fixture to the wall

Is there difference between Hotel Wall Lights and other Lighting Systems?


Hotel wall lights differ from other types of lighting depending on;

  • Functionality- Lighting fixtures installed in hotels will be utilized differently as those in residential places.

For instance, a wall light in your living room might be used to provide task lighting while a wall light in a hotel will be ideal for accent lighting.

  • Durability – Hotel wall lights are designed to be more durable as compared to other lighting systems such home lighting.

They are made of better fixtures that contribute to their longer lifespan.

  • Cost –Hotel wall lights will cost more as a result of the quality materials used to manufacture them.
  • Light design- The light design will vary to suit different functionalities.

For instance, lighting in hotel rooms should bring a relaxing while lighting in office spaces should increase productivity among staffs.

Different lights have different color temperatures to make sure that all these requirements are well met.

Can you recommend any Wall Lighting Ideas?

Use your wall lights to serve as wall arts.

Flexible strip lights can be used to achieve unique wall lighting designs in terms of shapes and light.

Wall lighting ideas

Wall lighting idea

  • Make use of lighting that complement each other in terms of color, design and material to create a cohesive look.

You can achieve this by purchasing your lights from the same manufacturer or collection.

Wall lighting idea 2

Wall lighting idea 2

  • Consider introducing decorative wall lights which assume shapes of natural elements like leaves, trees, and flowers.

This adds some character to your space.

Wall lighting with flowers

Wall lighting with flowers

  • For the areas that are difficult to lit, make use of wall lights that provide down lighting.

Downward light

Down lighting

  • Geometrically designed type of lighting featuring both uplights and down lights. This will be best if you want to achieve a modern look with a decorative touch of it.

Up and down lighting

Up and down lighting

Make use of matching materials.

You can choose to have your wall lights match the fabric of a couch in the room.

What are the Benefits of Hotel Motion Sensor Wall Light?

Hotel motion sensor lights are designed to turn on whenever any type of movement is sensed.

This technology has been embraced by many due to;

  • Reduced energy consumption –Think of it, you switch on lights then afterward you forget to switch of when you don’t need it.

This not only accrues energy consumption but also results in higher energy bills.

  • Enhanced security-Hotel motion sensor lights are effective when it comes to capturing intruders in action.

It is owing to the fact that they switch on immediately they detect any movement.

  • Convenience – Motion sensor lights switch on and off when need be.

This not only eliminates the need for having switches but also having to switch lights on and off each time the need arises.

  • Long lasting – Owing to the fact that motion sensor lights switch off at the allocated time, heating up is minimized and they end up lasting longer.

Is there difference between Exterior Wall Lights and Interior Wall Lights?


Exterior and interior wall lights differ in terms of:

  • Design
  • Type of materials
  • Surface to be mounted
  • IP rating
  • Amount of brightness, just to mention a few.

How much Power does Hotel Wall Lighting System use?

The amount of power used by hotel wall lights largely depends on the functionality of the area to be lit.

For instance, indoor wall spaces such as corridors and lobbies would require 24hrs lighting.

For such spaces, energy consumption could rise to as much as 1000 kWh per day while hotel rooms would consume as much as 350 kWh each day.

On the other hand, lobby area could consume around 370 kWh per day.

Remember this figures can be lower or higher depending on the type of lighting used.

When energy saving lighting is incorporated in the system, expect to use less energy as compared to traditional lighting.

Are Hotel Wall Lights same as Architectural Lights?

Architectural wall lights can be placed on walls and therefore they are considered to be part of wall lighting.

While wall lighting involves illuminating any types of walls, architectural lighting is a blend of art as well as technology inspired type of lighting.

How do you Test Quality of Hotel Wall Lights?

An important factor to consider when purchasing your hotel wall lights it’s the quality.

Not only will this add value to your property but also raise the standards of your hotel premises.

The question is, how do you test if your desired choice of wall lights is up to standard?

  • Check certifications –Do the hotel wall lights have certifications?

If yes, then this assures you that your wall lights have been legally tested and approved.

Some of the certifications to look out for include; CE, ISO9001, SA8000 and ISO14001.

  • Hire a lighting expert to run the tests on your behalf.

This not only saves you time but also assures you of the quality of wall lights you are purchasing.

  • Purchase your wall lights from an accredited brand or manufacturer guarantees you quality.

This is because such a brand is not only experienced and well- known but also have several clients and therefore you can trust in them.

What is Integrated LED Hotel Wall Light?

As compared to other lighting systems, integrated LED hotel wall lights include a built in LED or rather the light source into the actual fixture.

How do Hotel Wall Lights Manufacturer in China support OEM Businesses?

Hotel wall lights manufacturers offer OEM partnerships.

By so doing they allow other firms to purchase their products utilize as their own thereby promoting OEM business in China.

Let me guess – you had the opportunity of knowing everything about hotel wall lights.

Still, if you have any question, or you would like to order for hotel wall lights, contact us now.

We have high quality hotel wall lights at competitive prices.