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If you are looking for the best indoor flood lights for your project, then you are in the right place! SMAlux can provide one-stop solution for your needs. As a professional manufacturer providing smart lighting solutions, we can elevate your business to the next level.

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Indoor Flood Lights Aging Test
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Questions You May Ask About Your Indoor Flood Lights Orders

How long do light lasts?

The LED indoor flood light can last up to 50,000 hours. Much better than traditional light.

Why choose flood lights for indoor lighting system?

Aside from longevity, SMAlux indoor flood lights are more energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

MOQ of?

Lowest order amount starts from 500 pieces each model.

SMAlux- Your Indoor Flood Light Manufacturer in China

SMAlux indoor flood light is strongly built to withstand harsh conditions. We used to design architectural lighting for interior applications.

SMAlux indoor flood light helps electric and natural light and human needs. Having a reliable selection of flood light for indoor applications, you can be sure the structure can last longer.

Our own products great works for recreational areas, basketball court, rooftop buildings and so on. Indoor flood light from SMAlux definitely your better choice.

It is more energy-efficient and cost-effective. Save energy and money without compromising competitiveness. SMAlux selection of indoor flood light can be used domestically and commercially.

SMAlux has been acknowledged as one of the leading indoor flood light manufacturers in China. Rest assured your indoor lighting challenges completely solved.

SMAlux indoor flood light is several times brighter. Without the need to consume much energy, it has dazzling light. Offered indoor floodlight can be avail at affordable prices. Let space lighten up with brighter indoor flood light from SMAlux.

We have a variety of indoor flood light wattages such as 10W, 30W, 50W – 100W, 300W up to 1000W. Find the best one according to your area. Our indoor flood is also perfect for security purposes.

Since most people choose flood light for indoor lighting purposes, we keep producing innovative lighting. SMAlux indoor flood light is your eco-friendly lighting solutions. It has a longer lifespan than traditional lights.

Some products can be built with a motion sensor to detect unwanted people in the place. Our indoor flood lights are tougher and ultra-durable makes them in-demand today.

SMAlux indoor flood light can perform over long distances field surface. We, in SMAlux, can help you meet your specific requirements. If you are having difficulties finding the best solution to your project, let our experts help you. You can specify, discuss your particular project, then we can work on it. We will surely find a wise and efficient way to elevate your business.

Over 22 years, SMAlux offers the latest, highly efficient indoor flood light for all indoor lighting system needs. If you are in need, take into consideration the SMAlux offer.

From smallest to most complex indoor facility lighting needs, here is SMAlux for you. As a leading indoor flood light manufacturer, we will advise, give useful suggestions on our best products.

In SMAlux, our goal is your satisfaction. As an ISO9001 and ISO 4001 certified manufacturer, you can ensure guaranteed-quality lighting solutions. We carefully checked each light to international standards including UL, CE, RoHS, ERP, GS, SAA, etc.

Aside from indoor flood light, we have an extensive range of lighting solutions like a landscape flood light, street LED light, industrial LED flood light, and more.

You can check more offers on our website. All of our indoor flood light is offered at affordable prices. Save too much money, SMAlux will cover you.

If you want more information about SMAlux indoor flood light, just contact us freely. We will provide very detailed product information. Plus, our experts will accommodate you throughout the process. SMAlux won’t disappoint you.

Indoor Flood Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Read this guide before you import indoor flood lights from China.

It covers everything you need to know about flood lights such as IP rating, benefits, heat dissipation, and certifications, among other aspects.

Keep reading.

How does Indoor Flood Lights compare to Outdoor Flood Lights?

Indoor and Outdoor Flood Lights have become a preferred choice among users in the market.

Despite one being suitable for indoors purposes and the other outdoor purposes, they are excellent lighting solutions.

Indoor flood light

Indoor flood light

· IP Rating

Outdoor Flood Lights are better equipped to handle external environmental influences such as rain, dust or extreme temperatures more than Indoor Flood Lights.

· Special Features

Outdoor Flood Lights have motion detection sensors and 3600 light distribution.

Indoor Flood Lights may also have motion sensors as special features.

· Brightness

Outdoor LED Lights are brighter than Indoor Flood Lights, and this is to create the right atmosphere for the intended use.

· Environmentally Safe

As compared to other traditional light sources, Indoor and Outdoor Flood Lights do not have environmental issues.

They do not have mercury or lead as these metals are not involved in their production.

· Long-Lasting

Both Flood Lights have a longer lifespan of around 100,000 hours or less.

You can use them for several years without any replacement.

How much does Indoor Flood Lights Cost?

Indoor Flood Lights are budget-friendly.

You can purchase an Indoor Flood Light for as low as $10 and high as $300.

The price of the device depends on whether you buy from a supplier or the factory.

The maintenance costs of the Indoor Flood Lights are actually low, and this is because you do not need to replace them for a long time.

Should you Consider Watts or Lumen when Choosing Indoor Flood Lights?

When choosing Indoor Flood Lights, you should consider lumens and not watts.

Indoor Flood Lights are far much more efficient producing higher lumens per watt making one think of brightness in a different way.

Watts vs lumen

Watts vs lumen

Its only incandescent bulbs that measure their brightness by their wattage.

While a 150-watt incandescent bulb produces close to 2,600 lumens, a 150-watt Indoor Flood Light produces more than 21000 lumens, and this is 8 times brighter.

Lumens measure the amount of light produced by an Indoor Flood Light, while watts measure the amount of power.

The higher the lumen rating the brighter the Indoor Flood Light.

What is the Recommended Color Temperature for Indoor Flood Lights?

The recommended Color Temperature for Indoor Flood Lights is 2,700 – 3,600 Kelvins.

Warm white lighting is suitable for indoor lighting to complement wood furniture and earthly tones.

Light color temperature

Light color temperature

Which Quality Certifications should Indoor Flood Lights have?

  • ULCertificate
  • Energy Star Certificate
  • FCC
  • RoH
  • DOE

How do you Test Indoor Flood Lights?

You have to test the Indoor Flood Lights during design, production of the semi and finished products.

These tests ensure that the Indoor Flood Lights are high quality and work to their optimum level.

  • Aging Test; this test is done a day before delivery.
  • Temperature Test; it is important to evaluate heat dissipation aspects of the device.
  • Failure Test; is key to quality certification.
  • Waterproof test; done to evaluate its IP rating

How much Power do Indoor Flood Lights use?

Indoor LED flood light

Indoor LED flood light

Indoor Flood Lights use 100 Watts to even 1000 Watts.

This number of works equates the total amount of power needed to light the Indoor Flood Lights so they operate at optimum level.

What Material is Indoor Flood Light Fixture made of?

It is imperative to understand that the material used for making the components of an Indoor Flood Light Fixture affect their performance, appearance and longevity.

Aluminum is the main material used in making Indoor Flood Light Fixture.

It is responsible for the durability, strength and ductility of the Indoor Flood Light Fixture.

What are the Benefits of LED Flood Lights?

Some of the main benefits include:

· Energy Efficiency

Since LED Flood Lights consume less electricity, you can save up to 80% on electricity costs.

Further, LED Flood Lights eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacements hence reducing hazardous wastes.

LED Flood Light is, therefore, a highly friendly alternative.

· Longevity

LED Flood Lights are long lasting; they are known for their long life and durability.

Once you purchase an LED Flood Light, you do not have to worry about its replacement.

When their lifespan nears, the LED Flood Lights do not die abruptly.

The lights dim gradually giving you enough time to replace it.

· Less Heat Emission

LED Flood Lights do not emit heat thus conserving the maximum amount of electricity.

· Low Replacement and Maintenance Costs

LED Flood Lights are durable, tough and long lasting.

As such, users save a lot of costs, effort and time. Bulbs are enclosed in unbreakable and touch coverings making them impervious to damage.

· Safety

Unlike other bulbs that have filaments, LED Flood Lights do not thus they do not burn out to produce heat.

LED Flood Lights is the safest option and this is due to the absence of heat emanation.

As a result, there is reduced risk of fire and electrical accidents.

· Brightness and Intensity

LED Flood Lights are bright such that their measure is lumens and not watts.

They can effectively illuminate rooms and outside spaces.

Free of Lead, Mercury and Carbon Emissions

LED Flood Lights do not give harmful emissions such as lead, carbon or lead.

They are friendly to the health of people and the environment.

These chemicals are not used in their production.

What should you consider when Buying best LED Flood Light Bulb?

Here are some of the main considerations:

· Purpose

When buying an LED Flood Light, you have to consider the purpose for which you are buying the device.

If you want a well illuminated room, you can use the LED Flood Light.

A single LED Flood Light is enough to illuminate a large room.

Whereas you will need several conventional bulbs to light a single and large room.

· Cost

While LED Flood Lights may be expensive, you have to choose an LED Flood Light with a high brightness.

An LED Flood Light may be expensive and has low lumen output, or cheap and has high lumen output.

Even so, the cost of the LED Flood Light is more important.

· Design

You have to consider the interior design of the residential, commercial or industrial building before deciding on which the LED Flood Light Bulb you buy.

The LED Flood Light must be able to light the rooms well to create the best ambiance.

· Lumen Output

The higher the lumen output, the more efficient the LED Flood Light.

A bright LED Flood Lights is more preferable for use among consumers over a dim one.

This explains the reason why consumers go for LED Flood Lights over the conventional bulb lights.

· Location

The place you intend to install your LED Flood Light matters.

You have to ensure that the device is pointing downwards to a particular angle so that the lights can shine brightly on the targets without wasting light.

You need to consider all the right points to install your LED Flood Light.

· Finish

When buying an LED Flood Light, you have to consider the aesthetic features of the device.

Some of the popular choices include Aluminum, copper, or stainless steel.

Even though there are many finishes available, you have to choose a finish that matches the style and color of the residential building.

· Motion Sensors

The majority of consumers prefer brands that prioritize their safety over everything.

With motion sensors, one is assured of improved safety for their LED Flood Lights.

Motion sensors help in preventing the wastage of energy as they control the lights.

LED Flood Lights can detect movement or heat waves thus switching on or off the device.

Customers will, therefore, go for LED Flood Lights with motion sensors.

Depending on which sensor you choose to use, the light will take 1 to 10 minutes before it shuts down.

What are the Drawbacks of using Indoor Flood Lights?

Indoor Flood Lights are expensive; their initial cost is too high even though it is associated with low maintenance costs.

Since Indoor Flood Lights emit highly concentrated and bright light, they are suitable for display or directional lighting.

They may produce excessively bright light which affects the eyes of people in the rooms.

Flickering; Indoor Flood Lights especially dimmable options often have flickering problems.

The brightness of the flood lights is, therefore, affected.

What are the Benefits of Dimmable LED Flood Lights?

Dimmable LED Flood Lights have seamless dimming capabilities of around 10-100% that fit any décor or mood.

  • Controllability; Dimming capabilities give you control over the ambience of your room. You can easily create a suitable atmospheric environment.
  • Improved life span; Dimmable LED Flood Lights have a longer lifespan up to 100,000 hours
  • Design flexibility
  • Environmentally safe
  • Instantaneous on and off
  • Operates in hot and cold temperatures
  • Produce directional emissions
  • Great Color Rendering Index

Do Indoor Flood Lights have Sensors?

Yes, they do.

With the sensors, the Indoor Flood Lights only come on when you are indoors.

Indoor Flood Lights only go on when it detects movement.

Indoor Flood Lights with sensors can be operated hands free.

Indoor Flood Light can have an in-built or external sensor.

How much Heat Does LED Flood Lights Dissipate?

LED Flood light with heat sink

LED flood light with heat sink

LED Flood Lights dissipate very little heat due to the fact that they consume low watts.

Around 60-95% of the power is consumed and lost as heat.

Instead of the heat lost in large quantities, it is pulled away by a heat sink in the LED Flood Light.

What is the Beam Angle for Indoor Flood Lights?

The beam angle for Indoor Flood Lights ranges from 200 – 1200.

With this wide beam angle, you can light a larger area.

A wide beam angle generates a more diffused and softer light making it perfect for indoor uses.

Which Types of LED Flood Light Bulbs are there?

Typically, LED Flood Light Bulbs vary on the basis of design and diameter.

You can measure the diameter using a number code called 1/8”.

If we were to consider this practically, in an R20 bulb, the number 20 mirror 20 eighths of an inch meaning the diameter of the bulb is 2.5”.

In LED Flood Light Bulbs, every letter depicts differences in their design.

Further, each design has different benefits and applications which make it easy to find an option.

· R Bulbs

The R depicts a reflector coating; a feature that extends the emitted light’s direction.

It helps make lights brighter.

R Bulbs are frosted reducing any glare and developing a softer light.

You will find many homes using R Bulbs due to their suitability for home use.

R Bulbs have a rounded lens that develops fewer shadows making it perfect for display lighting.

You can similarly use in any place in the house with traffic such as the living room or kitchen.

· PAR Bulbs

PAR is parabolic aluminized reflector meaning the aluminized reflector comes in the shape of parabola.

PAR is suitable for spot lighting and this new design concentrates as well as intensifies the light beam in a single direction.

PAR Bulbs have a thicker housing which makes suitable for use in damp locations or outdoor locations.

Due to this feature, PAR Bulbs are considered to be the most versatile in their wide applications.

· BR Bulbs

BR means a bulged reflector. BR bulbs have a very wide beam angle as large as 1200.

This bulb type is ideal for track lighting and recessed fixtures due to its wider light distribution.

When you need extra lighting in a space, LED Floodlight Bulb is the to go for lighting solution.

BR bulbs help achieve this goal without a single compromise to energy savings.

Also, they create a softer atmosphere, and this is due to their optic lens which is usually diffused to prevent bright spots.

· MR Bulbs

MR Bulbs is a multifaceted reflector to mean it is made using a pressed glass reflector to develop a close to diamond effect with several small facets.

MR Bulbs are used in wide applications due to their compact size.

They can be used in retail, track, and landscape lighting.

· AR Bulbs

AR stands for aluminum-facetted reflector.

Just like an MR bulb, AR Bulb has multiple facets to produce a beam angle that can be concentrated even to 80.

AR Bulbs are ideal for galleries and showrooms because they have a precise beam angle.

With this beam angle, it is easy to draw attention to all of the right details.

AR Bulbs are lower voltage with a power output of 12 Volts.

How does Halogen Bulb and Indoor Flood Lights compare?

Halogen bulb

Halogen bulb

· Controllability

While LEDs are easy to control in regards to brightness and dimness depending on the needs, Halogen Bulbs are easy to control.

· Energy Efficient

As compared to Halogen and bulbs, LED Lights use 50% less energy.

They are highly effective, especially when using them for extended hours.

· Long-Lasting

Indoor Flood Lights have a longer lifespan than Halogen Bulbs.

LED Flood Lights have a lifespan 20-25 times longer than Halogen Bulbs.

LED Flood Lights dim after a while, they do not fail or burn out.

· Not affected by Rapid Cycling

LED Flood Lights are not affected by rapid cycling; they can be used effectively for daylight sensors and flashing light displays.

Halogen Bulbs are not suitable for this use.

· Intensity and Brightness

LED Flood Lights have very high brightness and intensity.

In comparison, Halogen Bulbs are not as bright.

For this reason, you can only measure brightness using lumen and not watts.

· Color Range

Halogen Bulbs do not have a unique and wide color range as LED Flood Lights.

LED Flood Lights have color ranges from warm to bright colors.

· Cost

LED Flood Lights are a bit expensive to purchase.

The initial purchase of LED Flood Lights is high even though they pay themselves in the long run.

In comparison, Halogen bulbs are not quite expensive to purchase.

Are Indoor Flood Lights Waterproof?

Indoor Flood Lights are waterproof.

They have an IP rating of IP65 for waterproof which means that they can withstand exposure to water sprays or any liquids.

You can use Indoor Flood Lights in damp locations.

Do Indoor Flood Lights have a Warranty?

Of course, yes.

Indoor Flood Lights have a warranty of around 2 years and over.

What are the Mounting Methods for Indoor Flood Lights?

You can mount Indoor Flood Lights on the ceiling, walls, suspended or on the ground.

However, below are some of the mounting methods for this device:

Indoor LED flood light

LED Flood Light

· Slip Fit Mounts

Slip fit mounts make it easy to change the angle of the light, making them a versatile and flexible option.

Since Indoor Flood Lights easily slide, they are tightened using bolts.

· Flood Mount

Flood mount is a U-shaped bracket that functions as a bridge to the specific light fixture on opposite sides so that the flood bracket can easily mount on a surface.

What is the Lifespan of Flood Lights?

LED Flood Lights have a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

This longevity is estimated to be 50 – 100 times the lifespan of a conventional incandescent.

Further, this lifespan is approximately 8-10 times better than a CFL, and 20-25 times better than a halogen.

If you use the LED Flood Light bulb in a span of 12 hours in a single day, the 50,000 bulbs could last over 11 years.

However, if you use it for 8 hours in a single day, its lasts longer even up to 17 years.

For any advice or inquiries about indoor LED flood lights, contact SMAlux now.