SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb

SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb is made of aluminum and durable thermal plastic, completely free of mercury and other hazardous materials.

Using high quality LEDs and heat dissipating materials, SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb can have a better life-span.

The SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb comes in many shapes (A60/A19, A70/A21, C35, G120, BR30, etc.) available to meet specific market needs..

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SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb’s socket is no different than that of the traditional halogen and incandescent bulb, making SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb very easy to install and connect.

Simply replace the old one with the SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb, directly screw in tight to complete the installation.

As for the connecting SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb to the Wi-Fi network, download and install SMAlux app, register an account, add devices to the app (making sure the bulb is flashing) and type correct Wi-Fi password.

SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb include A19 Smart Bulb, A21 Smart Bulb, A60 Smart Bulb, A70 Smart Bulb, BR30 Smart bulb, G120 smart bulb, C35 Smart bulb and GU10 Smart Bulb. All of the above are available as SMAlux smart Wi-Fi LED light bulbs.

Specifically design to work with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb allows the users to discover more than 16 million color combination to create suitable ambient light scenes or decorative lighting atmosphere.

With the ability to adjust between soft white and daylight options, SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb helps the users to either focus on productivity or help relax.

By downloading and installing the SMAlux’s app onto users’ smart devices, SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb allows the users to take control of the lighting experience from anywhere.

From users’ smart devices, SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb lets the users to create specific schedules and automations that would match the daily routines. Turn the lights one when arriving home late, enhance security by keeping the house well-lit when away on business trip or vacation.

SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb of scene setting available for different occasion use. There are 8 fixed scenes for choices, and they are night scene, sleep scene, dining scene, reading scene, leisure scene, rainbow scene, shine scene and gorgeous scene.

Why is SMAlux Wi-FiLight Bulb

Easy to Control
Once connected, SMAlux smart bulb can be operated from smart devices or voice command through Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Assistant from Google Home.
Voice Control
SMAlux Smart Bulbs uses voice command on Amazon’s Echo or Google Assistant to execute specific customizable functions.
Certified Products
Our understanding of safety standards all over the world allows to produce products that would meet your country’s safety requirements.

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Smalux: Your Premier Wi-Fi Light Bulb Factory

With voice command integration using Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb lets the users enjoying a hands-free lighting customization by simply asking those devices to change the color, dim or turn the lights on and off.

SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb’s group control function allow the users can to control several LED Wi-Fi light bulbs at once, thus greatly reduced the time of having to control each bulb one by one.

SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb does not need a hub to connect when compaing to Bluetooth bulb and Zigbee bulb. Simply connect the SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb directly to the Wi-Fi networks available.

SMAlux Wi-Fi Light Bulb has global patents. With over 500,000 pcs smart bulbs have been sold now, CE lighting, is capable of providing high quality LED lighting solutions to satisfy you and factory OEM and ODM both available with competitive price. Send us an inquiry to get a prompt reply and let our business booming.


Wifi Light Bulb

SMAlux is a premier manufacturer dedicated to smart lighting. CE lighting have more than 22 years of experience in lighting manufacturing and with 5 years’ smart lighting manufacturing experience. We can provide different types of smart light bulbs according to your needs.

SMAlux have sold over 800,000pcs of smart LED bulbs in EU and US market in recent years. Our 11 sales teams covering business activities in 87 countries. We familiar with global lighting market trends and technical requirements in different regions all over the world.

SMAlux Wifi Light Bulb has variety of types: A19 Smart Bulb, A21 Smart Bulb, A60 Smart Bulb, A70 Smart Bulb, BR30 Smart Bulb, G120 Smart Bulb, C35 Smart Bulb, and GU10 Smart Bulb. With a variety of shapes, sizes and models, it can meet the needs of different market.

SMAlux has a central laboratory of 600 square meters withTUV Rheinland certification, provide a full set of reliability test. Our Wifi light bulb are quality guaranteed, with CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, UL certification.

With 6 professional R&D teams and 5 specialized labs, we can better provide you OEM customized services with your own brand and trademark.

With 13000 meter square manufacturing space and more than 700 workers, we are able to provide customers with fast production times. We can complete more than 1000 orders within 35 days after payment.

For WiFi light bulbs such as A19/A21/A60/A70, we have sample stocks that can provide you with fast delivery. International delivery time is only 4-8 days.

Wifi Light Bulb can be easy control directly from anywhere using the SMAlux app. You can manage your lights with your mobile phone, including adjusting color and brightness, setting schedules and scenes. Wifi smart Light Bulb can also compatible with Amazon Alexa and The Google Assistant.

Ask for a free quote for Wifi Light Bulb immediately and you will receive an instant quotation within 8 hours.

Wi-Fi Light Bulb: The Ultimate Guide

Wi-Fi, is a technological term that most should know by now, but with Wi-Fi light bulb you may not be so familiar.

Wi-Fi light bulb can be considered as one of the major key components in shaping the future of lighting industry and by shifting your business toward this trend, you’ll be way ahead of your peers!

You will learn about the know-how, pros, and cons of Wi-Fi light bulb in this article.

Let’s jump in to explore the possibilities.

A19 Wi-Fi light bulb

A19 Wi-Fi light bulb

Chapter 1: Background

Wi-Fi light bulb is already experiencing a head start in the category of smart lighting, by having great compatibility with the market’s AI voice controlled devices, such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomeKit.

As technology advances, so must the system for lighting controls.

The outdated electrical wiring control system will be replaced by a more accessible and efficient wireless system.

With Wi-Fi available in nearly every household, Wi-Fi light bulb is primed to take over the market as the most popular lighting control system.

Furthermore, International Energy-Saving Research Institute’s mission stated “Raising lighting efficiency without influence its regular lighting effects” also magnifies the sustainable development of Wi-Fi smart light bulb

Also, according to Reportsn forecast to 2023, the smart lighting market is estimated to grow 21.5% from USD 20.98 billion in 2018 to USD 79.3 billion by 2023.

This article will focus on the most common aspect among smart lighting: SMAlux Wi-Fi light bulb.

SMAlux Wi-Fi light bulb


Chapter 2: What is Wi-Fi Light Bulb?

Wi-Fi Light bulb can be operated by having app installed on smart devices, such as smart phone or tablet, or by voice activation when connected with a third party voice control devices.

Wi-Fi Light bulb uses the household’s wireless network to control the lights’ functions, such as changing brightness, hues, color temperature, etc.

Besides, Wi-Fi Light bulb is capable of setting up a timer to automatically turn on or turn off the light at the moment of your choosing.

Wi-Fi Light bulb is no longer just the traditional turn on and off lighting, with more functions added to the lights, users can adjust multiple settings to fit their preferences.

By having Wi-Fi Light bulb installed in the household creates a more convenient, more comfortable, more energy saving, and safer smart home lighting for users.

Chapter 3: How does Wi-Fi lighting work?

Wi-Fi Light bulb is mainly composed of three parts: control terminal, receiver and LED light.

By using communication module to achieve its smart control, users can easily download an app on their phone, pad, tablet, etc.

The wireless network can control lights by sending ON/OFF, brightness changing, color changing commands to its self-built sever.

Then the connected smart device can control all Wi-Fi lights at home through its LAN (Local Area Network).

Wi-Fi Light bulb Control is achieved by its ESP8266 chip (main control chip in Wi-Fi module). That is to say, the ESP8266 will receive and interpret specific commands from smart phone through serial port, then send PWM signals to LED lights to adjust its brightness, color, color temperature and so on.

The working principle of Wi-Fi light bulb

The working principle of Wi-Fi light bulb

Chapter 4: Pros and Cons of Wi-Fi Lighting


  1. More Coverage: Wi-Fi is a wireless extension of Ethernet, with low network cost and a coverage range within a radius of 100 meters. It is the largest one comparing to ZigBee and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi can even cover a whole building. This gives Wi-Fi lighting a favorable advantage, especially for a group control in the same network environment.
  2. Fast Transmit Speed: fastest transmission speed with, up to 50 more times faster than that of Bluetooth, this allows Wi-Fi lighting to effectively limit delay in command execution.
  3. No Hub Required: in the IOT (The Internet of Things) field, both ZigBee and Bluetooth need an extra hub or bridge to connect to the cloud server, not only does this adds costs, but also does not conform to end-users’ habits. Wi-Fi smart lighting requires no hub and can function more efficiently by connecting to the wireless routers.
  4. Longer Distance Transmission: Wi-Fi transmission distance is up to 100 meters, while Bluetooth can only reach 30 meters.
  5. Lower radiation: Wi-Fi B standard of IEE802.11 transmit power no more than 100mW, and its actual power is around 60-70mW, while even smart phone is of 200mW-1W, handheld walkie-talkie reached 5W. So the Wi-Fi lighting is of less radiation when compared to the latter two.
  6. Recognition and availability: Wi-Fi is the most widely used wireless communication technique now, and it possesses a higher recognition when compared to ZigBee and Bluetooth.


  1. Higher Power Consumption: Wi-Fi power consumption is approximately 10-50mA, while Bluetooth is of 20mA only, and ZigBee is even lower at 5mA.
  2. Susceptible to hack: When comparing to Bluetooth and ZigBee based on user privacy, Wi-Fi is comparably weaker as invaders can decipher the Wi-Fi password through the wireless internet and reset all your lightings.

Chapter 5: How to install SMAlux smart Wifi light bulb?

1. How to connect SMAlux Wi-Fi light bulb to phone?

  • Correctly screw the bulb to the socket and turn on the lights.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your IOS/Android phone. (IOS 8.0 and up, Android 4.1 and up).
  • Download the SMAlux app.

SMAlux app QC code

You can scan the code above or search “SMAlux” in the Google Play or App Store to download.

  • Register a SMAlux account

Choose the country where the SMAlux light bulb locate and input your email or phone number to register.

You will receive a verification code if you registered with your phone number.

SMAlux app register SMAlux app register verification code

  • Connecting SMAlux Wi-Fi light bulb to Wi-Fi

Login in your SMAlux account, press “+” on the upper right corner to add devices and choose “Lighting Devices” in the device type menu.

Power on the SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb, and confirm the light blinks rapidly.

SMAlux app home page Device Type Added in SMAlux App smart light bulb connection in SMAlux app

Type in your Wi-Fi password and “Confirm” to “Successfully Added 1 Device” screen.

smart light bulb connect to Wi-Fi smart light bulb added in SMAlux app

  • Modify the SMAlux Wi-F light bulb name

You can directly change the name in the “Successfully Added” screen by clicking the “Blue Pen” icon or enter into the control screen and tape the “…” to change the name, like Bedroom Light.

smart light bulb listed in SMAlux app smart light bulb on and off page smart light bulb name change smart light bulb name modified successfully

  • Now you can control the SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb on your IOS/Android smart devices without distance restrictions only if the bulb is Wi-Fi accessible and your IOS/Android smart device is internet available, even with 3G/4G internet.

2. How to connect SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb to Google Assistant?

2.1 Prepare an IOS/Android smart device and a Google assistant. Install the SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb to the socket and power on.

2.2 Set up Smart Life app

  • Download Smart Life app

You can scan the following QR code to download the app.

Smart Life App QR code

In addition, you can search “Smart Life” in the App Store/Google Play to download the free app.

Download Smart Life app in App Store Smart Life app on phone home page

Note: Smart Life app requires Android 5.0+ phone or IOS 10.0+ devices.

  • Register and login in Smart Life app

Tap the Smart Life icon to open the app, “Allow” Smart Life to access to your location and data.

Then click “Register” and “Agree” the privacy policy to the register page.

Smart Life app Icon Privacy policy of Smart Life platform

Filling the country and register with your mobile phone number or email address, then you will receive a verification code.

Type the code in the screen and set password to finish the registration.

Smart Life app register Smart Life app register verification Smart Life account set password

  • Add home

Login in your Smart Life account, tap the “Add Home” button, type your home name and allow the app to get your location.

Then select a room you want to install the SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb.

Smart Life registered successfully Add home in Smart Life app

Of course, you can create a room and name it as well.

Create a room in Smart Life app Choose a room in Smart Life app

Tap the “Done” button and will appear a pop-up written as “Home added successfully”.

Confirm home add in Smart Life app Home added successfully in Smart Life app Smart Home Control Page in Smart Life app

  • Add device

Tap the central button to add device, click “All” on the upper right corner and press “Lighting Devices” in the “All” menu.

Add device in smart home page All options of device type Select a device type in Smart Life app

Turn on the SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb and make sure the bulb is blinking quickly. Type in your Wi-Fi password and confirm.

When the bulb stops flashing indicates the connection is processing.

Confirm smart light bulb blinks rapidly Type Wi-Fi password in smart light bulb connection page Connecting process in Smart Life app

When the App screen shows 100% connection, then it means the SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb have been connected to the Wi-Fi successfully.

Connecting process in Smart Life app

2.3 Set up Google Assistant

  • Install Google Home

Search “Google Home” in your App Store or Google Play, download and install the free app.

Search Google Home app in App Store

  • Register and sign in Google Home

Open the Google Home app and tap the bottom button to “GET STARTED”.

Download Google Home app on phone Open the Google Home app

Register a Google account, and filling with your personal information (gender and birthday) and set a user name as email.

Create a Google account in Google Home Filling basic information in Google Home Create a username for Google account

Set a password and go “Next”, you can add your phone number for future password resetting or just skip it.

Create password for Google account Add phone number in case of future password resetting for Google account Sign in with Google account

Agree with the “Privacy and Terms” to complete the Google Home registration.

Privacy and terms for Google account Agree the privacy and terms for Google account

  • Add SMAlux Wi-Fi light bulb in Google Home

In the home page, tap “+” to add new devices, click “Set up device” in the “Add” page and choose the button “Have something already set up”.

Add smart light bulb in Smart Control Set up device Add something already set up

Find “Smart Life” om the “Add devoces” page or directly search for it, and then sign in with your Smart Life account to enable Google Home to get the devices already added in the Smart Life app.

Choose setup app Search Smart Life app Sign in Smart Life app

  • Add Google Assistant in Google Home app

Open the Google Home app and power on your Google Assistant, also click “+” to add new devices. Tap “Set up new devices” button to continue.

Add Google Assistant to Google Home Set up devices Set up new devices

Choose a room, turn on Wi-Fi, turn on Bluetooth, and finally the Google Home will looking for the available smart devices nearby.

Choose a home Turn on Wi-Fi Turn on Bluetooth Looking for devices nearby

Now your Google assistant will be found, click “YES “to complete the connection.

Devices found Google Assistant found

There will be a sound test after the connection, and set a unique name for your Google Assistant, go “Next” to choose a Wi-Fi and input password to finish the connection.

Google Assistant sound test Create a name for Google Assistant Connect Google Assistant to Wi-Fi

2.4 Voice control via Google Assistant

Now you can control your SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb via Google Assistant. Take bedroom light as an example:

  • Ok Google, turn on/off bedroom light.
  • Ok Google, set bedroom light to 80 percent.
  • Ok Google, brighten bedroom light.
  • Ok Google, set bedroom light to green.

3. How to connect SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb to Amazon Alexa

3.1 Set up SMAlux app (refer to above instruction of point 1).

3.2 Set up Amazon Echo

  • Download Amazon Alexa app

Search “Alexa App” in the App Store or Google Home to download the free app.

Search Alexa app in App Store

Web set is available as well, as for Amazon Alexa app is only accessible in USA and Canada:

  • Register and sign in Alexa app

Open the Amazon Alexa app on phone, sign in with a valid Amazon account.

Or register a new account by filling all the basic information on your app screen.

Sign in with Amazon account Sign in verification Create an Amazon account

  • Add devices in Alexa app

Press “…” on the upper left corner, tap “Settings”, and then choose “ Set up a new device”.

Set up a new device

Choose your Echo model, set language, and “Connect to Wi-Fi”.

Connect Echo to Wi-Fi

Long press the dot button on the top of your Echo device until the orange light shows up, then tap “Continue”.

“Allow” the IOS/Android smart phone connect to Echo’s hotspot automatically.

When your phone is connected to Echo, tap “Continue”.

Echo setup

When Echo is successfully connected to Wi-Fi, it will show in your Echo setup page.

Echo connected to Wi-Fi successfully

Choose an available Wi-Fi for connection.

Then there will be a page shows your Echo successfully connected to Wi-Fi, and will play a short introduction video of Echo.

Introduction vido of Echo

  • Connect SMAlux account to Echo

Tap “…” icon, select “Skills” and then search “SMAlux”. Click “SMAlux” and press “Enable” to enable the Smart Life Skill.

Connect SMAlux app to Echo

Sign in with your SMAlux account to complete the connection.

4.3 Control SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb by voice commands

3.3 Control SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb by voice commands

Now you can voice control the SMAlux Wi-Fi smart light bulb with voice.

Here are the some examples of commands. (E.g. bedroom light).

  • Alexa, turn on/off bedroom light.
  • Alexa, set bedroom light to 80percent.
  • Alexa, brighten/increase bedroom light.
  • Alexa, dim/decrease bedroom light.


Chapter 6: What will the Wi-Fi light bulb become in the future?

Li-Fi Internet Bulb

Li-Fi technology smart light bulb

Li-Fi technology smart light bulb

Li-Fi uses VLC (Visible Lighting Communications) for data transfer, and its speed is theoretically 100 times of Wi-Fi, with characteristics of more energy-efficient, safer and no radiation.

The German physicist Harold Haas believes that when adding a mini chip in the LED bulb, then the bulb can transfer data by flickering in an extremely fast speed without influence its normal lighting performance.

By flickering or flashing in millions of times per second, the LED bulb can transfer binary code quickly which enable the bulb to be a wireless router.

This kind of flicker is invisible to naked eyes, but only is catchable from photosensitive receiver.

In this condition, anywhere with lights has the potential to become Li-Fi data transfer routers.

Besides, Li-Fi is more user-friendly at places where wireless microwave is prohibited, such as on an airplane.

Li-Fi stands give a great possibility to make the saying “where there’s lights, there’s internet” true in the future.


5G Wi-Fi Lighting with Faster Speed

2.4GHz VS 5GHz SMAlux Wi-fi Light Bulb

2.4GHz VS 5GHz SMAlux Wi-fi Light Bulb

Lower frequency signal has better wall penetration performance and vice versa.

When refers to Wi-Fi lighting, 2.5 GHz transfer speed is 450mbps-600mbps, while the 5 GHz has a faster data transfer advantage, with transfer speed up to 1300mbps.


WiFO Enables Lighting to be a WIFI Extender

In 2011, researchers from Oregon State University developed WiFO by utilize LED lighting to generate invisible lighting spectrum for data transfer.

The prototype of this at present looks like a normal LED ceiling light, and current Wi-Fi system divides the data transfer speed by the number of devices connected.

Under the f WiFO connection, the LED smart lights can use a bandwidth that is 10 times faster.


Wi-Fi Smart Lighting Saves More Energy

In 2015, the lowest power consumption Wi-Fi chip RKi6000 launched.

This chip can lower the Wi-Fi power consumption to 20mA, and which reduces 85% of average power consumption when compared to current IOT Wi-Fi.

This huge improvement enables the Wi-Fi smart lighting to be more competitive with Bluetooth 4.0 LE in terms of power consumption.


Chapter 7: Frequent asked Question and Answers

Question 1.How far away can I be for me to control the Wi-Fi smart light?

Answer: Wi-Fi smart light technically can be controlled from any distance, the catch is you have to have internet connection. Wi-Fi smart light works under wireless network through the internet, and can be controlled on smart devices similar. You can control the Wi-Fi smart light from anywhere in the world as long as both the light and smart devices have internet connection.


Question 2. Will voice control of Wi-Fi smart lighting be only available to control ON and OFF? What about other fuctions?

Answer: First you need to connect your Wi-Fi smart lights with voice control devices, like Google Assistant (Google Min, Google Home, Google Max) and Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa, etc.

Then, you can control the light by simply talk to those devices. Not only is turning the Wi-Fi smart light ON and OFF available, but changing color, brightness, CCT, and scheduling timers are also available to control. What App can do on the smart devices is also available for voice control to achieve.


Question 3.What if I have several lights to control in a room? I don’t want to control one by one.

Answer: The light has a group functions, you can assign lights in a specific group to control together.

Wi-Fi Light Bulb-Group Control

Question 4.Can the bulb be darken gradually?

Answer: No, but you can set the bulb time to turn on or turn off and its brightness.


Question 5.Can the bulb changes colors automatically?

Answer: Yes, this already set in scene models, you can tap “SCENE” to achieve color changing automatically.


Question 6.Do I need an extra hub or bridge to Wi-Fi bulb connection?

Answer: No. our Wi-Fi bulb do not need a hub, just download SMAlux app to control on phone directly


Question 7.How many bulbs can I add to the app for control?

Answer: What we tested is 20 groups with a max of 16 bulbs per group


Question 8.Does the app have to be connected to the Wi-Fi network to be used? Can I use over 3g / 4g networks to control?

Answer: No, the Wi-Fi light and app can be controlled on different networks, so you can use your devices to control over your Wi-Fi smart light as long as they are connected to a network.


Question 9.If the light is on and loses Wi-Fi connectivity, does it stay on or turn itself off?

Answer: The light will stay on but still be controllable at the switch like a normal bulb.


Question 10.How many colors are available when control by voice?

Answer: With voice control, there more than 120 color options available and with the correct color descriptions, you can change the Wi-Fi smart light into the color that you want. Please refer to the chart below for the names of the colors available for voice control.

 SMAlux Wi-fi Light Bulb-All Colors Commands for Voice Control

SMAlux Wi-fi Light Bulb-All Colors Commands for Voice Control


Under more development and market expansion, the combination of Wi-Fi control system and LED light will be extensively applied not only to residential lightings, but commercial lightings as well, such hotel, exhibition, home, stage, etc.

The Wi-Fi control system will play an essential role in leading lights to a smart, artistic and high-tech future.

Therefore, Wi-Fi lighting control system is a really good opportunity for further development and will be more and more popular in the near future.

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