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Questions You May Ask About Your Industrial LED Flood Lights Orders

What are certifications of industrial LED flood lights?

All our industrial LED flood lights complied with UL, CE, RoHS, ERP, GS, SAA, etc., standards.

Do you provide sample product?

Yes, we do. Please choose from our selection and send to us.

How fast our delivery time?

We can provide industrial LED flood lights in just 2 weeks or less.

SMAlux- Your Ideal Industrial LED Flood Light Manufacturer in China

As one of the top leading sources of high-quality lighting, SMAlux introduces the superb LED flood light for all industrial applications.

SMAlux industrial LED flood light has brighter lighting and it is more energy-efficient.

The life of the unit will last for years and years of use. In SMAlux, we make sure each and every light performs to the fullest. In harsh weather and environmental conditions, SMAlux industrial LED flood light sure to withstand.

Having a well-built structure, it is the perfect use for outdoor lighting needs. Areas such as industrial yards, buildings, and rooftops, SMAlux industrial LED flood lights are your better option.

Without compromising quality, we tend to present products at affordable rates. You can ensure your budget and investment will never go out of place.

Whether you want to wholesale or buy in bulk industrial LED flood light, SMAlux completes your plan.

Each industrial LED flood light is meticulously manufactured by our experts. SMAlux industrial LED flood light is built according to high-quality international standards.

Save time and cost as SMAlux make sure flawless manufacturing. Feel trouble-free purchasing experience with SMAlux. Our industrial LED flood light surely represents our commitment.

Without question, SMAlux is your better choice. We have been one of the top-leading industrial LED flood light suppliers in China. We are offering a wide selection of industrial LED flood light. It is available in different styles, lifespan, colors, and wattages.

SMAlux industrial LED flood light could be fit in parks, parking lots, large sports venues and recreational areas. In a variety of outdoor public places lighting problems, check out our industrial LED flood light selection.

We carry a range of power watts such as 50 watts, 150 watts, 200W, 400W, and so on, depend on the model. As of today, we keep designing new styles that can be mounted, hang and installed in a variety of ways. It can be quickly and simply installed to the desired application.

SMAlux industrial LED flood light comes with great features you can expect from high-quality flood light.

Through designing lights into our cutting-edge technology, we’re able to provide premium quality industrial LED flood light. In SMAlux, we truly deliver real-promising products to operation require.

Moreover, we can precisely engineer products to your own custom requirements. Here in SMAlux, we present the visually-admiring industrial LED flood light for better pleasing quality and comfort.

Every component is carefully tested to ensure light performance. We make sure the unit ship out without deficiency in most extreme operating temperatures.

SMAlux specializes in a smart lighting solution for over 22 years. We have sufficient experience to produce innovative industrial LED flood light products with appropriate performance.

SMAlux has a team of professionals that can give a perfect solution for you. Now, for your project, let us talk about it. Show us your design and details so we could figure out how we could help you. Hurry, contact us right away!

Industrial LED Flood Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you buy industrial LED floodlights, there are many features to consider such as IP rating, power factor, brightness, quality compliance, CRI and best material, amongst others.

With this information, you can choose reliable and durable industrial LED lights.

Keep reading.

How do you Choose the Most Powerful Industrial LED Flood Light?

To ensure that you select the most powerful industrial LED floodlight you should consider:

LED flood light

 LED Flood light

· Lumens

Lumen measures the brightness of the light.

The higher the lumen the brighter light.

Thus when selecting a floodlight more lumen is needed for a larger space.

· Passive Infrared Receiver

A passive infrared receiver indicates that your floodlight is turned on when motion is sensed.

Hence you should ensure that your industrial floodlight has a passive infrared receiver.

· Beam Angle

Beam angle refers to the angle by which light is dispersed.

When the beam angle is wide a large area is illuminated.

Therefore, you should choose an industrial LED floodlight with a wide beam angle.

· Color Temperature

Color temperature measured in Kelvin refers to the coolness of light.

Color temperature determines the mood of a place hence it influences work performance.

The higher the light Kelvin the cooler your light.

Cool white with a high Kelvin rating is appropriate for practical use such as industrial use.

As such when purchasing industrial floodlight you should choose one with a high Kelvin rating.

· Ingress Protection

Ingress protection indicates that your floodlight is safe from water sprays from every angle.

· Wattage

Wattage refers to the amount of energy consumed by a bulb. You should choose a bulb that saves energy.

How do you Choose Indoor and Outdoor Industrial LED Flood Light?

When choosing outdoor and indoor industrial LED flood light you should consider:

· Lifespan

Lifespan refers to the number of hours that light can last.

A long lifespan allows you to use your light for long without the need to replace it.

Great heat dissipation and high-quality material increase the lifespan of an industrial LED floodlight.

· Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly lights are lights that are environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly lights consume less energy, reduce the amount of waste that ends in the landfill, and do not emit infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Also, eco-friendly lights do not have toxic materials such as mercury.

· Low Heat Emission

A high-quality industrial LED floodlight does not emit a lot of heat.

Low operating temperature is associated with low heat emission hence you should choose a light with low operating temperature.

· High Safety Standards

Industrial LED flood light should ensure that visual work is performed comfortably, safely, and accurately.

Also, it should enhance the wellbeing and health of workers as well as security.

· Cost-effective

You should select an industrial LED floodlight that is cost-effective.

It should match your financial ability.

Why is IP Rating Important for Industrial Outdoor LED Flood Lights?

Your industrial outdoor LED flood light should have an IP rating.

This is because the IP rating indicates that your light s protected from liquids and solids that are found in an industrial area.

An IP rating shows that the electrical components of your light are protected from the impact of liquids or solids.

 IP Rating

IP Rating

What is the Recommended Lumen for industrial LED Flood Lights?

The recommended lumen for industrial LED floodlights varies with the nature of the task being performed.

Simple tasks require 200-300 lumen, moderate tasks require 500-750 lumen and difficult tasks require 1000-1500 lumen.

Tasks that are very difficult require 2000-3000 lumen and extraction requires 5000-7500 lumen.

What are the Benefits of Industrial LED Flood Lights?

Several benefits accrue from using industrial LED floodlight.

They include:

 Industrial LED flood light

Industrial LED flood light

· Long-lasting

These lights last for as long as 200,000 hours.

This means that they do not need more maintenance and regular replacement.

· Energy Saving

In using industrial LED floodlight you will be able to save up to 80% of your energy consumption.

It emits more light per power wattage.

· Negligible Heat Emission

A significant portion of industrial LED floodlight is transformed into heat and it does not generate a lot of heat.

· Work in all Types of Weather

The light performs efficiently in both extreme weather and temperature conditions.

· High Lumen Output

Industrial LED floodlight has a light lumen output that allows them to produce bright light for industrial use.

· Great Thermal Management

It has exceptional thermal management that minimizes heat generation making them suitable for industrial purposes.

· Environmentally Friendly

They do not contain toxic substances such as glass, lead, and mercury.

As such they are not difficult to dispose of.

Should you consider Watt or Lumen in Industrial LED Flood Lights?

Watt refers to the amount of energy consumed by a light source.

Lumen on the other refers to the amount of light emitted by a luminaire.

Lumen output determines the brightness of the light.

When purchasing an industrial LED flood light, you should consider both lumen and watt.

Lumen enables you to choose the right brightness for your industrial work.

Watt enables you to determine the amount of energy consumed by your industrial lighting.

How do you Switch Industrial LED Flood Lights ON/OFF?

The Industrial LED floodlight is switched ON/OFF through motion and infrared sensors.

The motion sensor only operates when there is movement.

This makes them automatic floodlights.

When there is motion within the field of view of the sensor, industrial LED flood light goes.

The light goes on for a particular time period and go off when the set time has elapsed.

The motion sensors have a sensitivity set for several movements so that the light does not go on due to small animal movements.

The sensors save power and have different fields of view.

Also, it enables you to alter the duration in which a floodlight remains on as well as its sensitivity.

How much do Industrial LED Flood Lights Cost?

The cost of industrial LED flood light varies with the volume of light required.

Big industrial spaces require more light than small industrial spaces hence cost of light in big spaces is high.

Further, the cost of industrial LED flood light varies with the material used in making the light and watt.

High watt lights and lights made using high-quality materials cost more than a low watt and low-quality material.

Similarly, industrial LED flood light costs vary with the amount of lumen.

The higher the lumen the higher the cost.

Also, the cost of industrial LED flood light differs based on the lifespan of the light.

An Industrial LED flood light with a lifespan of 100,000 hours costs more than one with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

LED industrial Light

 LED industrial light

What is the Lifespan of the Commercial Flood Light LED?

The majority of commercial LED floodlights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours which is 50 times that of a standard incandescent light.

Also, the lifespan is 25-20 longer than a normal halogen light and 10-8 times longer than normal compact fluorescent lights.

When you use commercial LED floodlight for 12 hours daily, a bulb with a lifespan of 50,000 hours will last 11 years.

If used for 8 hours daily it lasts 17 years.

What are the Different Types of Industrial LED Flood Lights?

There are various types of industrial LED floodlights you can choose from.

They include:

  • 50-watt industrial LED flood light

This type of light operates at 138 lumens per watt and has a lumen of 6900.

Also, it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and has a voltage of between 100V and 480V.

  • 80-watt industrial LED flood light

This light operates at 127 lumens per watt and has a lumen of 10140.

Further, it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours and a voltage of between 100V and 480V.

  • 120-watt industrial LED flood light

A 120-watt industrial LED flood light operates at 126 per watt and has a lumen of 15808.

Additionally, its lifespan is 50,000 and it has a voltage of between 100V and 480V.

  • 200-watt industrial LED flood light

A 200-watt industrial LED flood light operates at 140 lumens per watt and has a lumen of 28000.

Also, it has a lifespan of 100,000 hours and a voltage of between 100V and 480V.

  • 400-watt industrial LED flood light

A 400-watt industrial LED flood light operates at 140 lumens per watt and has a lumen of 56000.

It has a lifespan of 100,000 hours and a voltage of between 100V and 480V.

  • 600-watt industrial LED flood light

A 600-watt industrial LED flood light operates at 140 lumens per watt and has a lumen of 84,000.

t has a lifespan of 100,000 hours and a voltage of between 100V and 480V.

Is there a difference between Industrial LED Flood Light and Spot Light?

Some of the main difference include:

· LED spotlight

 LED spot light

 LED spot light

LED spotlight refers to directional floodlight employed in accent lighting and focused landscape application.

It has a spot or narrow beam angle to supply directional light.

The Outdoor LED spotlight has a knuckle mount that is used for easy installation on the ground to provide an uplight effect.

They are the majorly used lights for a flag pole.

It is mainly employed in commercial lighting, architectural lighting, and lighting decorations.

It comes in different shapes namely square, round among others.

LED spotlight achieves several lighting effects such as transition, gradual changing, chasing, alternating gradient, color, and random flashing.

This type of light can be used independently.

Alternatively, it can be used alongside other lights like an LED wall washer, LED underground light, and LED underwater light.

They are used mainly for outdoor and indoor lighting of billboards, landscapes, historic buildings, entertainment places, discos, and bars.

· Industrial LED flood light

LED flood light

 LED flood light

Industrial LED floodlight on the other refers to light with a point source lighting that can light is every direction. You can adjust its lighting range on request.

It is majorly used in drawing design lighting effects.

They are employed in the illumination of a whole scene.

To attain an appropriate lighting effect you can use several industrial floodlights.

It is suitable for lighting construction sites, factory buildings, outdoor and indoor applications.

Industrial LED floodlights are installed anywhere on the scene.

Since the illumination area of floodlight is very large, you can easily predict the lighting effect.

How much Power do Industrial LED Flood Lights use?

When purchasing industrial LED flood light, you should determine the amount of power it uses.

Outdoor industrial LED floodlights use 0.12 kW of power when operated for up to 10 hours daily.

The same implies that the light uses 1.2 kWh of energy daily or 36kWh monthly.

Is Power Factor Important when Choosing Industrial LED Flood Light?

When choosing industrial LED flood light, the power factor is important as it measures the efficiency of power use in the alternate current.

The power factor measures the efficiency of power use in an alternate current circuit.

It determines how effectively an industrial LED light uses electrical power.

The power factor ranges from 0 to 1 with a higher number being better.

Therefore, in choosing lighting that is energy efficient and has a high power factor, you are able to maximize energy saving.

As such you will not get hit by a surcharge.

Circuits that only have heating elements have a power factor of 1.0.

Those with capacitive or inductive elements do not have a power factor of 1.0 since current and voltage are out of phase.

However, you can install power factor correction to bring current and voltage close to phase.

Nevertheless, power factor correction is only effective if there is consistency in your motor loading.

If you have a poor power factor, the current you draw from mains is more than the amount you use.

As such poor power factors put more burden on the equipment of the energy supplier and large substation.

Is there Recommended Beam Angle for Industrial LED Flood Light?

Flood beam angle

 Flood light beam angle

The beam angle of industrial LED flood light depends on the purpose of your industrial LED floodlight.

The beam angle you need for a focused industrial LED light is different from a light that covers an entire area.

Wider spaces require a wide beam angle.

For industrial lighting, you can use 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 120 degrees, and 150 degrees beam angles.

However, a 120-degree beam angle is suitable for the majority of needs.

What is the Color Rendering Index of Industrial LED Flood Light?

The color rendering index varies for different types of lighting and an industrial LED floodlight is no exception.

When the Color Rendering Index is 90 or more it is perceived as high.

When the Color Rendering Index is lower than 80 it is characterized as low to mid-range.

In the industrial LED flood, the light Color Rendering index is important as it gives elements the natural colors.

Also, it ensures that the light used in the industrial environment does not harm the eyes of workers.

Is Industrial LED Flood Light Environmentally Sustainable?

Industrial LED flood light can contribute to the sustainability objective of your company since it is environmentally sustainable.

  • Industrial LED floodlight is made using materials that are environmentally friendly.

The light is made using aluminum which is recyclable.

When aluminum is recycled up to 95% of the energy used in making it from raw material is saved.

  • Industrial LED floodlight does not contain harmful substances such as mercury which is found in other types of lights.

Therefore, when disposed of it does not pollute the environment.

  • This type of light has a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. A long lifespan means that the number of lights that end up in the landfill is low.

A long lifespan also means that fewer resources are used in producing them.

  • The light is energy efficient. It uses less amount of energy and generates a negligible amount of heat.

Also, the light automatically switches on and off.

Therefore, no energy is lost when the light is not in use.

  • These lights have a low carbon emission in the environment. This is because compared to other types of lights they have low power consumption, lamp replacement, and maintenance.

Are there Limitations of Industrial LED Flood Lights?

Notwithstanding the benefits of using industrial LED flood light, there are advantages of using it.

They are:

· High initial cost

Its preliminary cost is more than that of conventional lamps.

The cost is 3 to 5 times higher than that of traditional lamps.

Nevertheless, it comes with lower energy bills, lamp replacement fees, and maintenance labor.

· Power

The light is not sufficiently powerful for key applications that require significantly high lumen.

It has a heat sink that prevents it from exceeding 200 Watts.

Therefore, with LED flood light, it is challenging for you to reach 10,000 lumens.

The case is different for metal halide or HPS industrial flood lights since they do not have heat dissipation.

· Color limitation

The color of the light emitted by industrial LED flood light can sometimes be blueish.

This can be problematic when white light is needed.

Further, if the light is not well designed, the quality of light it produces can degrade.

This can result in unbalanced light, loss of brightness, and flickering.


If you use industrial LED flood light in an area with increased surrounding temperature it is likely to fail and overdrive.

This is because Industrial LED flood light needs a heat sink to work properly and remain cool.

How do you Test the Quality of Industrial LED Flood Light?

To ensure that your industrial LED floodlight is of high-quality several tests are done. They include:

  • Luminous flux test that determines the volume of energy radiated by a light source in every direction.
  • Color rendering index test that evaluates the lights ability to produce the natural color of objects.
  • Color temperature test that examines the color of a light source subject to a black body at a particular temperature. If it is more than 5000K it is a cool color and if it is between 2700K and 3000K it is a warm color.
  • Waterproof and dust test determines whether your light is dust and watertight. This test establishes if your light is resistant to solid and liquid objects.
  • The salt mist spray test evaluates your lights degree of corrosion resistance. It determines if your light can withstand wet or cold weather.

The salt mist spray test is done by subjecting the light to a corrosive attack.

  • The impact-resistant test establishes the toughness of your industrial LED flood light housing. It indicates a light’s ability to withstand energy when there is an impact.

The impact-resistant test is carried out using a pendulum.

What should you Consider when Choosing Industrial LED Flood Light?

When buying industrial LED floodlights there are a number of things you should consider.

They are:

  • Replacement and cost of light

Look for industrial LED floodlights that are within your budget.

  • Variety

You should look at a wide array of lights to decide on the one that is appropriate for you.

  • Availability

You should select lights whose replacements can easily be found in the market.

Its shape and wattage should be easily replaceable.

Why do you need Heat Sink in Industrial LED Flood Light?

In an industrial LED floodlight a heat sink is important because it regulates the temperature of the light.

It achieves this by dissipating heat away from the industrial LED floodlight.

Heat sink in LED flood light

Heat sink in LED flood light

What are the Components of Industrial LED Flood Light?

Industrial LED flood light has three components namely electrical, mechanical, and optical components.

  • Optical components are light sources, light-blocking grid, and reflectors.
  • The mechanical components are the housing, bracket, base, and air filter.
  • Electrical components are triggers, capacitors, and ballasts.

What are the Designs of Industrial LED Flood Light?

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What are the Quality Standards for Industrial LED Flood Light?

The major quality standards for industrial LED floodlights are IP rating, Dark Sky Certification, and Consortium for Energy Efficiency.

IP rating shows that your light is dust and waterproof.

Dark Sky Certification shows that your light reduces light glare and trespass.

Consortium for Energy efficiency indicates that your light is energy efficient.

Is Industrial LED Flood Light Explosion Proof?

Yes. They are made using materials that protect them from an explosion in an industry.

They are made from aluminum alloy material that is explosion-proof.

How do you Mount Industrial LED Flood Light?

Industrial LED floodlight has a mounting bracket that allows you to wall or pole mount it.

You can also u-bracket, Slip fitter, and knuckle mounting options for your industrial LED floodlight.

Does Industrial LED Flood Light have a Warranty?

Yes. Industrial LED floodlights have a warranty.

The warranty can range from 2 years to 5 years to 10 years.

What is the Best Material for Industrial LED Flood Light?

The best material for industrial LED floodlight is aluminum.

This is because it is explosion, impact, water, and elements resistant.

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture a range of industrial LED floodlights depending on your unique specifications.

Contact us today for competitive prices on industrial LED floodlights.