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If you need to order industrial led lighting urgently, you can quickly find your ideal products at SMAlux lighting production. From indoor to outdoor industrial lightings, we are capable of providing your desired industrial lights.

If urgent, contact SMAlux directly for a safe and fast process.

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Questions You May Ask About Your Industrial LED Lighting Orders

Delivery Time

We safely follow the delivery on time for your industrial led lighting orders.

Do you provide quality yet acceptable rates

Definitely! We fabricated the best quality lights for industrial led lighting business requirements.

Do you provide plenty of stocks

We are now 22 years in the manufacturing industry. We surely develop our production. Plenty of stocks of creative and functional lightings.

SMAlux- Your Reliable Industrial LED Lighting Provider in China

Industrial led lighting is compatible in many different applications. Easy to install designed for outdoor or indoor lightings. CE Lighting specializes in the brightness level of their lighting productions. Thousand of colors are accessible in the market with lower-rated offers.

For business matters, We SMAlux offered perfect lighting solutions. For engineering constructions, SMAlux industrial led lightings are very useful and functional. We are technically created products using modern machines to meet the client’s needs when running a business.

We, CE Lighting are the leading provider of custom lighting such as industrial led lighting. This was the most common and in demand in many businesses.

We, CE Lighting created safe industrial led lighting that reduces power consumption and helps users lesser their maintenance rates. Without affecting lights, industrial led lighting can be turn on and off frequently. A great advantage of led is can be operated in any temperature settings.

Plenty of features of SMAlux industrial led lighting are powerfully created guided by outstanding research of CE Lighting.

Innovative SMAlux industrial led lighting solutions are trusted for any weather conditions. Every now and then, our production has developed.

By CE Lighting, SMAlux industrial led lighting was approved. CE is a lighting provider and manufacturer in more than 5 years in production. A quality and certified SMAlux industrial led lighting products offered satisfaction to all clients.

Purchasing from CE Lighting, you don’t have to worry about the products you will receive. We ensured the quality first before we move the products accredited by the Chinese National Accreditation Service (CNAS).  We are tested by Intertek ETL SEMKO and TUV Rheinland who are authorized on issuing the secured product test report.

We are now developed and more popular in manufacturing high-graded industrial led lighting. For saving power supplies, SMAlux production is the key.

Are you planning on changing your traditional lights to smart light bulbs? This guide is right for you to trust. We can be your smart provider who can surely meet your needs.

In this guide, you can find a lot of information about SMAlux industrial led lightings. We can help you expand your business by syncing with the markets.

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Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers: The Ultimate FAQ Guide 

This guide will show you how to get the best industrial LED lighting manufacturers in China.

Besides, it will also explore critical aspects you should look for when choosing industrial LED lighting.

It covers everything including IP rating, quality verification, how to get best prices, manufacturing process, power rating and many more.

So, if you want to be an expert in industrial LED lighting, read this guide:

Where can you find Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers in China?

There are many cities where you can find industrial LED lighting manufacturers.

Chinese industrial LED manufacturers are located in cities such as Shenzhen, Guangdong, Yiwu, Jiangsu, Zhongshan, and Guangzhou among others.

You can also find industrial LED manufactures in various lighting trade fairs in China.

For all your industrial LED lights, you can count on SMAlux.

How do you Verify Industrial LED Lighting Suppliers on Alibaba?

You will come across several LED lighting suppliers on Alibaba and choosing the best might seem to be quite a hassle.

However, Alibaba has made your work easier as each supplier has ratings displayed on their profile.

And that’s not enough; you can as well view the supplier’s response rate.

Also, review the number of transactions they have done over the past months or years.

This information makes it much easier for you to decide on your preferred supplier, in turn, saving your time.

Alternatively, you can also search for the company via Google.

Where you can contact the company and have a deal for your favorite industrial LED lights.

On this, you can always trust SMAlux for all you industrial LED lights.

 Industrial LED light

 Industrial LED light

Why do Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers in China offer Competitive Prices?

LED lighting manufacturers offer competitive prices due:

i. Availability of raw materials

ii. Know-how in bulk production

iii. Low wages which allow them to provide LED lighting at competitive prices

iv. They have invested so much in technology and have patents for various industrial LED lighting.

This makes the companies to have a large client base.

Do Affordable Prices of Industrial LED Lights in China mean Low Quality?

No, they don’t.

If you are planning to purchase quality industrial LED lights at pocket-friendly prices you should consider buying them from China.

Not only will you come across lighting fixtures of different designs and colors but also shapes and sizes at very affordable prices.

Nevertheless, you should as well be on the lookout for low-quality lighting fixtures.

To avoid falling into this trap make sure that you are making your purchases from a reputable manufacturer.

How do you Find Best Prices from Industrial LED Suppliers in China?

Every buyer’s goal is to purchase a quality product at the best price possible.

If so you are planning to purchase from China, the following tips will help you land on unbeatable prices;

  • Make bulk purchases – Most if not all industrial LED light suppliers in China are always willing to offer you huge discounts once you purchase in bulk.
  • Buy directly from the factory –As you buy your industrial LED lights directly from the factory, not only will you eliminate the need for suppliers.

But also be in a better position to effectively negotiate prices with your manufacturer.

This eventually lands you at the best price possible.

  • Bargain – Try as much to bargain as most manufacturers are willing to lower their prices to accommodate the client’s budget.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to make use of sourcing agents.

With their experience in the field, they can site the best manufacturer and secure great discounts on your behalf.

They are the best option more so if you don’t plan to visit China.

 How does Outdoor Industrial LED Lights compare to Indoor Industrial LED Lights?

Outdoor industrial LED lighting systems are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions as compared to indoor industrial LED lighting systems that lack such features.

Additionally, outdoor industrial lights prove to be versatile as they can as well be applicable in an indoor set up.

On the other hand, indoor industrial lights are only meant for indoor spaces.

Outdoor industrial lighting

 Outdoor industrial lighting

 Indoor industrial lighting

Indoor industrial lighting

Is Special Wiring needed for Industrial LED Lighting?

Yes, it is.

Industrial LED lighting is meant for use in industries that house most of the critical as well as functional activities.

For instance, one type of industrial lighting fixture is explosion-proof lighting which is meant to withstand any pressure resulting from an explosion.

To achieve this, you will need special wiring which is different from the normal ones used in households.

What is Integrated LED Lights?

An integrated LED light refers to LED lighting fixtures that not only have built-in LED arrays but also have a specific lumen output as well as color.

How Long will Industrial LED Lighting Last?

Industrial LED lights can last as long as 10 years or more depending on how well it’s utilized.

Most if not all industrial lights operate all day through and therefore the probability of wearing out is higher as compared to other types of lighting.

Therefore, make sure that you purchase quality ones just so that they can serve you longer.

How much do Industrial LED Lighting Systems Cost?

Industrial LED lighting systems cost from as little as $15 to as much as $300 and more.

Remember the price will vary depending on several factors such as design, size as well as functionality.

However, negotiating with your manufacturer can land you in great discounts.

Types of Industrial LED Lighting are there?

There are several types of industrial LED lighting not limited to;

  • Floodlight – Floodlights are well suited for providing landscape as well as security lighting.
  • High Bay – High bay lighting is fixed onto ceilings that have a height of more than 20ft above the floor. Owing to this, they are normally brighter as compared to other types of lighting due to their high posture.
  • Area light –Industrial area lights are more of security lights as they provide illumination along paths or walkways of factories as well as warehouses among others.

And that’s not all, you can mount area lights on poles up to 100ft high to light larger spaces.

  • Wallpacks– LED wall packs are well designed for outdoor use and are used to enhance security by providing bright light output.
  • Street Lights – you will come across this type of lighting on pathways, parking lots, and storage areas among others.

Street lights not only have capabilities of withstanding harsh weather conditions but also being functional during times of unstable voltage.

  • Recessed Troffer lights– It’s an indoor type of lighting that is fixed onto a ceiling and not only provide industrial lighting but also commercial and warehouse lighting.
  • Linear lighting – Linear strip lights create a cleaner appearance one installed in both industrial as well as commercial premises.

Linear lighting can illuminate larger spaces over narrow areas creating an aesthetic appeal.

  • Low Bay fixtures – As compared to high bay fixtures, low bay fixtures are fitted on ceilings that have a height of 20ft and below.
  • Task lights and lamps – Task lights and lamps are designed to provide directional and functional lighting making them the ideal option when performing tasks.

This as well enhances the effectiveness of workers.

  • Shop light – Not only are shop lights used for task lighting but also general-purpose lighting.

Shop lights are normally fitted onto the ceilings or just suspended using chains.

What is the Recommended Lumen for Industrial LED Lighting?

 Brightness for LED lights

Brightness for LED Lights

Different types of industrial LED lighting will require different numbers of lumens.

For instance, if you are mounting you lights 10 to 15 feet above the ground you will require 10,000 to 15,000 lumens.

On the other hand, if the height is 15 to 20ft you will need 16,000 to 20,000 lumens.

For higher heights like 25 to 35 feet, then 33,000 lumens would be the suitable number of lumens to use.

Industrial LED lights require 40 lumens of light per square foot.

How Bright should Industrial LED Lighting be?

For proper safety, output as well as security there’s a need to have adequate lighting in industrial spaces.

When choosing your light, remember that the brightness of your industrial LED lighting will determine where it will be positioned.

Some areas are darker and therefore need more illumination.

On the other hand, if the light is to be positioned high above the ground, you have to use brighter LED lighting.

Your industrial LED lighting should be bright enough to effectively illuminate all areas of your space.

Why is Industrial LED Lighting Technology better than other Lighting Systems?

As compared to other lighting systems, industrial LED lighting technology is designed in a more advanced way to withstand harsh conditions.

In addition to that, industrial setups make use of lights all through and therefore the lights are subjected to quicker depreciation.

Owing to this, manufacturers focus on better technology when it comes to industrial LED lighting.

Is the Industrial LED Lighting Safe?

Yes, they are.

Not only does Industrial LED lighting have an IP rating but also quality and safety certifications.

They have warranties to guarantee you quality and safety standards are upheld.

High power industrial LED light

High power industrial LED light

What is SMD LED Lighting?

SMD otherwise referred to as Surface Mount Device refers to a unique type of high powered LED lights that not only lack wires but also offer less fuss.

The tiny metallic contacts in SMDs can as well be directly soldered onto circuit boards.

What are the Benefits of Industrial LED Lights?

Several industries are embracing the use of led LED lighting due to the following unbeatable benefits;

  • Cost-effectiveness -The initial purchasing cost might be high but these lights will serve you longer as compared to other types of lighting fixtures.
  • Less energy consumption – LEDs are known to use less energy as compared to other types of lighting fixtures and so do industrial LED lights.
  • High quality -Industrial LED lights are made of quality materials to ensure that they can withstand any form of harsh conditions they might be prone to during utilization.
  • Industrial LED lights are versatile
  • Less Maintenance Cost -Industrial LED lights are manufactured using advanced technologies, in turn, improving their quality.
  • With the new emerging trends in LED lights, industrial lights are designed to last longer than traditional lights.
  • The thermal protection found in industrial LED lights reduces the amount of heat emitted and power consumed.
  • Industrial LED lights also have a dimming feature thus improving their efficiency.

Are there Disadvantages of Industrial LED Lighting?

Industrial LED lighting also has some disadvantages the main ones being;

  • Higher cost – The initial cost of purchasing industrial lights is higher as compared to traditional types of light.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that industrial LED lights serve as an investment as they are made of high quality and last longer.

  • As compared to other types of lighting, industrial LED lighting consumes more energy. This is because they light huge spaces and therefore have a higher wattage.

However, with the new technologies emerging, some are designed to save on energy consumption.

What is the IP Rating for Industrial LED Lighting?

IP 65,66, 67, and 68 are the most recommended IP ratings for industrial LED lighting

IP Rating

 IP Rating

Do Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers offer Free Samples?

Yes, they do.

Once you negotiate everything, most if not all industrial LED lighting manufacturers are willing to offer you free samples upon request.

How do LED Lighting Company in China Control Quality?

LED lighting companies in China offer quality certifications that guarantee users that the products have been tested and have passed the quality guidelines.

Also, Chinese LED lighting companies have auditors who make sure that the quality of the lighting fixtures meets the required standards.

Lab tests are also conducted to ensure that the materials used in the manufacture of LED lights are not harmful to humans.

These in turn result in the production of high quality LED lighting fixtures.

Can Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturer Support OEM Businesses?

Yes, they can.

Industrial LED lighting manufacturers are willing to work in collaboration with other businesses.

They help in design, manufacturing process, quality testing, and certifications.

All play a fundamental role in producing tailor-made industrial LED lighting fixtures.

Can you Trust Industrial LED Lighting Supplier on Alibaba?

 LED industrial light system

 LED Industrial light system

In as much as Alibaba has several experienced suppliers, you should not put all your trust in them.

Before venturing into any form of purchase it’s always safer to analyze the supplier and establish whether they are what you expect.

Organize an impromptu visit or video call with them if possible as this will give you a clear picture of them.

This might save you from future frustration if so you are planning to do business with suppliers on Alibaba.

Do Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers offer Warranty?

Yes, they do.

All LED lighting manufacturers offer a warranty on their fixtures which mostly lasts for three to five years.

Therefore if you happen to come across one lacking this necessity, it’s safer to back off.

Also, assess the business and make sure that the information on the warranty reflects the business.

I’m talking about factors such as their experience in the business, how reputable the brand is among others.

Do Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers in China offer Product Return Policy?

The product return policy is available but under very strict rules as most manufacturers are very cautious about any losses.

Therefore, make sure everything is intact before making your purchases just to avoid being in such a fix.

Do Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers have MOQ?

Yes, they do.

Different manufacturers will have different MOQs for their LED lighting fixtures.

Therefore you have to negotiate with your manufacturer and reach an agreement favorable for both parties.

Why is Light Distribution Angle Critical in Industrial LED Lighting?

 Industrial led light distribution angle

Industrial LED light distribution angle

The light distribution angle is critical as it will determine the effectiveness of the lighting fixture for the projected purpose.

The angle of light distribution also influences the number of lighting fixtures you will need as well as the spacing in between each fixture.

How does Industrial LED Lighting Work?

Industrial LED lighting works by creating light as a result of the movement of electricity through semiconductors.

Electromagnetic radiation is then created as a result of the movement of the electrons to produce light.

 What are the Design Issues for Industrial LED Lights?

To make sure that your industrial lighting is successfully installed as you desired, you need to make sure that any type of design issue is well addressed.

Some of the design issues you might encounter are not limited to;

  • Cheap silicon will begin to break down after 200 hours of use which also results in the breaking of the LED string.

If you and your team want to troubleshoot the silicon binder quality, just light up the bulb and leave it for about 10 days and later have your team analyze it.

  • Another general design issue is blue light leakage, which changes color temperature and might result in patchy color.
  • Additionally, LED lights are prone to overheating.

However, LED filament bulbs have overcome this problem, since they have many small, low power LEDs that are a lot less vulnerable to heat.

Note that cold conditions do not affect LED performance, unlike CFLs.

What is Lux?

Lux refers to the unit used to measure luminous per unit area.

In other words, it measures the intensity of light output.

What is a Replacement Wattage?

Replacement wattage indicates wattage of an incandescent bulb that is equivalent to an LED filament bulb.

For example, an 8 watt LED filament bulb with replacement wattage of 40 watts is as bright as a traditional bulb of 40 watts.

This provides a point of comparison and helps incandescent bulb users to seamlessly switch to LED filament bulbs.

 Replacement wattage

Replacement wattage

Knowing this will help you and your clients choose the best, safest, and most efficient LED filament replacement.

Can you Use Industrial LED Lights in Enclosed Fixture?

Not all industrial LED lights can be used in enclosed fixtures.

This is due to the heat which might tamper with their electrical components.

Fully enclosed fixtures are not compatible with LED lights including industrial LED lights.

What is the Base Code of Industrial LED Lights?

Some of the base codes you are likely to find in industrial LED lights include T8, T12, and T5.

Do Industrial LED Lights Overheat?

 LED flood light with heat sink

LED Flood light with heat sink


Industrial LED light fixtures are prone to overheating meaning they are also subjected to rapid degradation.

Is Color Temperature Important when Choosing Industrial LED Lighting?

Yes, it is.

Color temperature is important in ensuring that the appropriate type of light is available for performing different types of tasks.

What is the Color Rendering Index in Industrial LED Lighting?

Color rendering refers to the measurement of lights’ ability to reveal the actual colors of an object as it would appear under natural light.

How do you Choose Industrial LED Lights?

The choice of your industrial LED lights will depend on a couple of factors not excluding;

  • The size of your space – A bigger space will not only demand lights with more lumens but also an increased number of lights as compared to smaller spaces.
  • The type of tasks being carried out – When choosing your industrial LED lights, factor in which lights will be suitable for the tasks being conducted in the industrial spaces.

This will facilitate the effective performance of workers.

  • Occupancy – Not all areas in an industrial set up are occupied at all times.

Some areas are rarely occupied and therefore choosing suitable energy-saving lighting is the ideal option.

The fast and easiest way to choose industrial LED lights would be hiring a lighting expert.

Lighting experts have experience in this field and will be in a good position to advise you.

They will help you to choose the best industrial LED lights.

Since industries make use of lights all day and night you need to make sure that the quality of the lighting fixture is up to standard.

This is to avoid the fast degradation of your Industrial lights.

Choose a lighting fixture that has thermal protection.

This not only reduces power consumption but prolongs the durability of your industrial LED lights.

Always ensure that your industrial LED lights have a warranty.

The warranty as well covers the hardware components of the fixture.

Also, the lighting fixture should have certifications.

This not only guarantees you quality but also the safety of your industrial LED lights.

Also, do not overlook the color options of your LED industrial lighting.

In a place where activities such as reading labels, loading, and offloading are taking place you need to ensure that the lighting fixture provides proper clarity and has the appropriate CRI.

 Industrial lighting in warehouse

Industrial lighting in warehouse

Additionally, remember to check the energy-saving options available for the light.

LED lights are energy-saving.

However, to get maximum relief from your energy bills make sure that that the light can be easily controlled.

By this, I mean that it can automatically switch on and off when need be.

Should you Buy Industrial LED Lights from Amazon or Import from LED Lighting From Manufacturers in China?

Importing LED lighting from manufacturers in China is much better as compared to purchasing from Amazon.

You will buy your fixtures at greater discounted prices.

Besides, you will not worry about the authenticity of the lighting suppliers from Amazon.

What is the Future of Industrial LED Lighting?

LED lighting is the main determinant of the future of industrial LED lighting.

Recently, there has been emerging trends about:

  • Color options
  • Light output
  • Energy efficiency
  • Optics, etc

It’s with no doubt that industrial LED lighting will result in better features in the future.

These include; better colors, smarter lighting fixtures, and higher efficiency levels with lower costs.

How much Tax will you Pay when Importing Industrial LED Lights from China?

On average, you will pay a tax ranging from 10% to 12% on all your industrial LED lights from China.

Of course the taxes will vary depending on the geographical local and trade agreements.

Which Certifications should Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers in China offer?

Certifications are very important when purchasing your industrial LED lighting.

Most if not all industrial LED lighting manufacturers in China include certifications in their lighting fixtures some of which include;

  • CE
  • UL
  • SA 8000
  • ISO 9001

How Long does it take to Import Industrial LED Lights from China?

The duration for importing industrial LED lights from China will vary from one country to the other depending on the following factors;

  • Distance – Importing from China to a country located on the other side of the world would take longer as compared to neighboring countries.
  • Means of transport – use of air freight will have your goods delivered on time, therefore, shortening the import duration.
  • Custom clearance – A smooth custom clearance will fasten the import duration.

All factors considered it might take as short as two weeks and as long as a month to import industrial LED lights from China.

Which Features should you consider when Buying Industrial LED Lighting Manufacturers in China?

When purchasing industrial LED lighting be keen not to overlook the following features;

  • Certifications – Certifications are meant to guarantee you the quality as well as the safety of the industrial LED lighting.
  • Number of Lumens –The wrong choice of the number of lumens will have a severe impact on the illumination of your spaces.
  • Color Rendering Index –CRI is an important factor especially in the industrial lighting system.

Areas, where most tasks take place, require proper lighting with appropriate visibility of the actual natural colors of products.

  • Warranty – A warranty assures you of the quality of the lighting fixture.
  • IP rating –Since industrial LED lights are prone to extreme conditions such as pressure, water splashing, and heat, ensure you go for appropriate IP rating.

How do you Manufacture Industrial LED Lighting?

Manufacturing of industrial LED lighting requires advanced technology as compared to the manufacture of normal lights.

With industrial LED lighting, the quality, and sustainability of the lighting fixture under harsh conditions are critical.

Gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide are the main materials used in the general manufacturing of LED lights.

During the manufacturing process, the various LED components such as LED chips, heat-sink, diffusers, LED array, LED drivers, and optic lens among others are assembled to create a functional fixture.

How do you Customize Industrial LED Lighting?

Industrial LED lighting can be customized by making changes to certain features such as color, size, and packaging.

Alternatively, customization also involves designing a new product from scratch.

To have your industrial LED lighting customized, liaise with your manufacturer and explain to them what you have in mind.

How much Power do Industrial LED Lights use?

Generally, LED lights are considered to be energy saving.

Industrial LED lighting uses 4 to 5% electrical energy.

However, this might be higher depending on how the lights are being utilized.

Extensive use of industrial LED lights will result in higher power consumption.

I hope you learned how to choose quality industrial LED lighting systems.

Also, I am sure you know how to evaluate the industrial LED lighting manufacturers in China.

Still, if you have any questions, about LED lighting systems, contact SMAlux today.