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If you are needing for elegant industrial pendant lights for business and personal application, Smalux is your ultimate solution. We have a wide range of industrial pendant lights to choose from.

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Do you provide quality services

Yes. We have a lot of well-trained customer service employees to guide your whole process.

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Yes! We have many positioned staff to guide the whole process to make it fast and deliver on time.

Do you provide saving energy industrial pendant lights

Yes, our high-tech lighting productions are functional, lesser maintenance and consumptions.

SMAlux- Your Premier Industrial Pendant Lights Provider in China

Smalux industrial lights are used to be able to give a better image for a display or setting in a store. This is great as the displays in stores are usually central, cornered, walled or in the window, though never really changes position over time. This is perfect pendant lighting. Our industrial pendant light gives more beauty of light on the display to catch the eye of passersby and possible buyers.

Most of the people feel more comfortable with pendant lighting because it is soft, like a decorative spotlight, but not as harsh. Our industrial pendant lights help to divide up the space in a large room by creating multiple task areas and pendant lighting often comes in sets to coordinate nicely.This is an ideal in industrial working environment that requires most suitable lighting for the employees which are working there in order to receive most output from them.

Smalux is the only manufacturer that offered a lot of choices of industrial pendant lights. We have a capacity to help you with customizing your manufacture industrial pendant lights and other lighting orders.  Smalux keep every buyer up to date with our latest product trends in this fast-moving manufacturing   industry.

Smalux industrial pendant light is made up of good material to make sure the good quality. Whether you are looking for industrial pendant light for your business, home, and other residential purposes, we have the best choice and solution for you.  We can produce it as soon as possible as long as you need it.

All our industrial pendant doors are very durable, offers long term of services and maintain the attractive appearance. Due to their material, these lighting types offer the highest level of brightness.

If you are in need of a lighting products, feel free to contact us, we are always ready to give you an assistance.

Industrial Pendant Lights: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

If you’re looking for high-quality industrial pendant lights, then you should read this guide.

It covers all the critical concepts of pendant lighting fixtures – from basic definition, types, benefits, features, uses, installation areas, IP rating to quality standards, amongst others.

Keep reading to be an expert in industrial pendant lights.

What is Industrial Pendant Light?

Industrial pendant lights are types of pendant lighting fixtures that integrate the vintage industrial design of factory lights used in 19th and early 20th century.

The luminaires can be installed on a wire, stem, cable, or chain, adding lasting glamor to modern spaces.

They are available in various styles spanning from sleek to eccentric and complement different décor designs.

Industrial pendant light

Industrial pendant light

Which are the Types of Industrial Pendant Light Fixtures?

Some of the most common light fixtures include:

· Bowl Pendants

This is a type of industrial pendant lighting fixture having a dome bowl-shaped light diffuser.

· Bell Pendants

The sleek bell-shaped pendant is an industrial lighting model that looks elegant on its own or in a cluster.

· Drum Pendants

These industrial pendant light types use a hardback or fabric cylindrical shade diffuser.

· Mini Pendants

Industrial pendant lighting fixtures of this nature are small, slim suspended lights that are commonly used in multiples.

Installing industrial mini pendant lights adds a balance of style between rustic and modern, and gain from their brilliant glow.

· Linear Pendants

Linear industrial pendant lighting fixtures feature several sources of light on one canopy.

What are the Benefits of Installing Industrial Pendant Lights?

The main advantages of installing industrial pendant lighting fixtures in your space include:

· Provide more Light

It is ideal for installing industrial pendant lights in areas or spaces that require a little bit of extra light.

Because of their height and angle, these luminaires light up spaces where light is necessary the most and would otherwise be too dark.

· Versatility

In addition to providing light, industrial pendant lights are popular due to their flexibility and variety of shades, finishes, and installation alternatives.

Whether your décor display classic or retro design, you will be able to get a luminaire to complete and complement your room.

· Decorative Luminaire

You can use large, single pendant fixture to make a bold statement in larger spaces or common areas.

Alternatively, multi-light industrial pendant lights can beautifully light your space and function as a welcoming option to conventional chandeliers.

Moreover, you can arrange this type of pendant lights in varying sizes and heights for a more outstanding contemporary modern look.

· Create Ambience

In addition, reputable manufacturers of lighting fixtures also make coordinating industrial wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps to tie the appearance together.

For offices and homes, modern industrial pendant lights offer a utilitarian ambiance while giving warmth and useful lighting.

They are a great means of adding a functional design to a contemporary space and function as an impressive focal point.

· Adaptable

While certain lighting fittings are fixed, you can install industrial pendant light fixtures to suit your desire.

It is possible to adjust the fixtures to whatever hanging height you like.

· Save Space

You do not have bother about your space being compromised in case you are considering installing an industrial pendant lighting fixture.

They are perfect at saving space and maintaining your area uncluttered.

· Affordable

The cost of industrial lighting pendants is relatively affordable, courtesy of the availability and popularity of the lighting fixtures.

It is not only easy finding a design that meets your taste, but also your pocket.

Which are the Main Features of Industrial Pendant Lighting Fixtures?

The key features of industrial pendant lights comprise of the following:

  • Have adjustable Hanging Cord
  • Have rugged, exposed construction design
  • Are made using robust and reliable materials
  • They have vintage finishes, such as brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or aged brass

Where can you Use Industrial Pendant Lights?

Most people believe that main applications of industrial pendant lights is an installation in commercial spaces such as:

  • Large restaurant kitchens
  • Warehouses
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Reception areas

However, you can as well use these lighting fixtures in residential spaces like:

  • Dining room; where you can install large industrial pendant
  • Kitchen; where you can string together a group of mini commercial pendant lights above your kitchen island to function as task lighting.
  • Living room to introduce a complex yet unfinished charm into your home décor, regardless of the general theme
  • The entryway to add a signature statement that displays your personality

How do you choose the Best Industrial Pendant light?

 Black industrial pendant light

 Industrial pendant light

By blending the architecture and décor of the space with personal style, choosing an industrial pendant light is easier than ever.

Selecting the lighting fixtures from the same supplier permits flexibility and ensures a cohesive appearance within the space.

Therefore, here are the key factors to consider when choosing industrial pendant light:

· Role of Pendant Light

When selecting an industrial pendant lighting fitting, first you need to decide on its main purpose.

Pendant intended for general lighting should have semi-opaque bulbs or a light diffuser, to avoid casting of circles of bright light onto space.

Conversely, task lighting industrial pendant lights should have an open-top to make sure the light below is not too glaring.

Further, it is best when the luminaire has acrylic or glass shade, which optimizes light output and releases concentrated light.

For accent lighting, integrate a dimmer switch to the light fixture to create flexible light output.

· Select the Right Size

Like selecting any ceiling light, it is important to be keen on the size of the industrial pendant lighting fitting.

Pendants vary broadly in shapes and sizes, therefore, it is vital to first establish a measurement of where you intend to install them.

This helps in sizing the fixtures to prevent compromising the design of your space.

Choose an average size to achieve a harmonious balance, instead of selecting one that is too big or too small.

The luminaire should not appear overpowering or oddly small.

· Clearance

The best industrial pendant light should permit at least a clearance of 2.1 meters in an open space to facilitate easy movement.

Also, the clearance needed largely relies on the hanging height, fixture placement, and desire light coverage, which are as important as the size.

· Colors and Finishes

You can further fine-tune your choices by the colors and finishes that will blend well with your lighting design.

There are unlimited colorful designs that you can apply to produce a vibrant statement within your space.

· Ceiling Height

It is essential to consider the slope and height of the ceiling when buying industrial pendant lights.

For spaces having vaulted ceilings, choose pendant lighting fixture particularly designed for this function.

This gives a means to innovatively light difficult to illuminate interiors.

In the case of small spaces, opt for a luminaire that matches the size of the space.

· Size of Space

Space size is equally an important consideration when selecting industrial pendant lights, including the width and height of the space.

Undersized fittings will appear insignificant, while oversized ones can clutter a space and limit lines of vision.

As a general rule of thumb, the bigger space, the bigger the industrial pendant light fixture should be.

· Easy to Clean Lights

Pendant lighting fixtures can be simple or can have complex designs.

Make sure to select a fitting having easy to get to surfaces, since pendants lights require routine cleaning to sustain its appearance.

Clean using a soft cloth rather than a vacuum cleaner to prevent destroying the metal or globe.

Are there Outdoor Industrial Pendant Lights?

Industrial pendant lights are not only for indoor applications.

You can find industrial style pendant lights for outdoor use that usually range from IP44s-IP67s based on where you intend to mount them.

Create a more welcoming and more teeming exterior space using outdoor industrial pendant lights.

However, you need to take extra precautions when you plan to install a pendant in a humid environment.

Always select an industrial lighting fixture that is particularly meant for outdoor applications.

The best industrial style outdoor pendant lights are always wet rated and are ideal for installation both outdoors and in bathrooms.

You can suspend them in any exterior space with an overhang or ceiling, including a gazebo, back deck, pergola or front porch.

What is the Difference Between Wet Rated Industrial Pendant Light and Damp Rated Industrial Pendant Light?

Damp-rated industrial pendant lights are lighting fixtures that are authorized for spaces that are frequently exposed to condensation and moisture.

They can manage limited quantities of moisture, around, on and in their electrical components.

The rating also entails spaces that are partly protected from water though, it does not encompass direct water contact.

These types of industrial pendant lights are commonly used indoors for utility areas, over bathtubs and showers, laundry rooms, and unfinished basements.

You can use the lighting fixtures in protected areas, such as covered porches and patios.

This is because these locations are normally not at danger of direct exposure to snow or rain.

Conversely, wet rated industrial pendant light are luminaires that you can install anywhere they could be subjected to heavy storms, rain, and water.

It could be a strong flow, slow drip, or anything in-between.

The fixtures are constructed to prevent water from getting to any live electrical component, which needs not to be in contact with water.

They are perfect for outdoor spaces, such as outdoor dining areas, gazebos, walkways, uncovered porches, among other areas.

Which are the Different Ways of Installing Industrial Pendant Lights?

· Standing Alone

The charm of industrial pendant lights is the flexibility of the luminaires.

A single pendant can perform as a functional light above a desk.

· Cluster Together

Industrial pendant lights are equally perfect in the group.

A set of pendants create an elegant bathroom vanity illumination.

An entire row of industrial pendant lights above a long counter produces an amazing statement in a kitchen.

· Mix and Match

Because this style commonly leads to a comprehensive blend of décor, mixing and matching industrial style pendant lights creates a fascinating and unique appearance.

There are a variety of industrial pendants that can create a striking effect within any space.

Which are the Finish Styles of Industrial Pendant Lights?

Industrial style decor results in a warm, relaxed, welcoming ambiance.

Industrial pendant lights fit this style superbly, and each fixture boasts eccentric finish:

  • Brushed metal finishes create an antique feel
  • Polished fixtures have a modern look
  • Wood finishes incorporate rustic flair
  • Artistic shapes and styles make industrial pendant light fittings remarkable

Which are the Quality Certifications for Industrial Pendant Lights?

 Industrial pendant light

Industrial pendant light

Just as any lighting fixture, industrial pendant lights require a number of quality certifications on the performance and safety of the luminaire.

These are the important quality certifications that you should look for when purchasing the fixtures:

  • CCC certification
  • UL certification
  • PSE certification
  • RoHS certification
  • CSA safety certification
  • C-TICK certification
  • ENEC
  • GS certification

Why is IP Rating Important in Industrial Pendant Lights?

The Ingress Protection rating is a crucial consideration when choosing industrial pendant light fixtures for any lighting project.

The IP rating represents the appropriateness of the luminaire to particular environmental situations in outdoor and indoor installations.

IP Rating

IP Rating

IP Rating in Outdoor Industrial Pendant Lights

Exterior industrial pendant lights are manufactured to endure severe conditions since it is commonly subjected to rain and the like.

IP rating is the main element to show the capability of the light fixture to withstand moisture and dust.

Here are some popular IP rating for outdoor industrial light fixtures:

  • IP54 Lights come with protection against splash and dust, meaning they are fit for general outdoor applications or damp indoor set-ups.
  • IP64 lights are fixtures completely shielded against dust ingress. They are as well guarded from splashing water from any direction.
  • IP65 lighting fittings are protected from low-pressure jets of water from any direction together with being totally dust-tight.
  • IP66 rating implies that the luminaire is protected against high-pressure jets of water from any direction coupled with being completely dust-tight.
  • IP67 rated industrial lighting pendants implies that the fixture is totally guarded against solid particles. Also, it means you can dip it in water to a depth of 1m for a duration up to 30 minutes.
  • IP68 rating signifies that the lighting fitting is hermetically sealed and appropriate for constant immersion in water. Simply put, the luminaires are watertight and dust-tight.

IP Rating in Indoor Industrial Pendant Lights

Most indoor industrial pendant lights are not fabricated for water exposure since the risk of damage by water is low compared to outdoor types.

Chances of insects or dust destroying the lighting fixtures are low, but dust will compromise the brightness of light from the product.

Let’s look at some the common IP ratings of interior industrial pendant lighting fixtures:

  • IP20 rating implies that the lights are appropriate for all interior dry applications, like retail shops offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.
  • IP40 signifies that there are no chances of insects getting in the luminaire, though they have no protection against moisture.
  • IP42 rated industrial lighting pendants are protect against small particles greater than 1 mm and they are also drip proof.
  • IP44 rating means that the lighting fixture is Splash Proof, making it appropriate for bathrooms and other uses where water splash is a risk.

Are there LED Industrial Pendant Lights?

Industrial LED pendant lights are the ultimate pendant light fixtures for the 21st century.

These types of pendant lights are energy-efficient, versatile, and need minimal maintenance.

They are mainly suitable for task lighting.

The light fixtures give modest-sized lights for working at a table, eating or playing billiards.

Furthermore, you can use these types of industrial pendant lights to raise your ceilings high.

Since the luminaires are normally hung using wires, you can suspend them in a broad 20-foot-tall hallway.

This not only makes it easier for light to enter, it as well projects the light to where it is needed.

Pendant light fixtures are commonly hung 32 to 40-inches above a work area.

Industrial LED pendant light is a perfect option since it is as soft as an ornamental light, but less luminescence.

With frosted glass shadows, the pendant fixture can project brightness on both people and objects within a space.

They come in a variety of sizes allowing you to implement any lighting design your desire.

Which are the Safety Precautions during Installation of Industrial Pendant Light Fixtures?

Here are some of the safety tips that you should follow when installing industrial pendant lights:

  • Always contract a licensed electrician in case you are inexperienced in the installation of a light fixture or electrical wiring.
  • ALWAYS switch off power to the circuitry before starting to remove an existing fixture or install new fixture.

NEVER try to change a luminaire when the wire is “hot”.

  • Note that even after switching off the circuit, there is a possibility of live wires within the ceiling box. Utilize a circuit voltage tester to confirm that all the cables are disconnected.
  • Never surpass the maximal wattage of the industrial pendant light. Doing so could result in fire and damages.
  • Ensure that the junction box you are utilizing can hold the weight of the lighting fixture. When installing a heavy industrial pendant light, you should mount it to the ceiling joists.
  • Make sure you have a partner to help with the installation of the pendant light luminaire. Normally, one person should hold the fitting up while others connects it, particularly if the luminaire is heavy.
  • Always read the package guidelines before beginning the installation process.
  • Ensure that the “safety” cable is in place.
  • Always adhere to your local codes relating to placement and installation of light fixtures.

Are there Quality Standards for Industrial Pendant Lights?

Here are the main international quality standards for industrial pendant light fixtures:

  • IEC/EN standards
  • ASTM standard
  • IESNA standards
  • AS/NZS standards
  • ANSI standard
  • BS standards

With this information, you can definitely choose suitable industrial pendant lights.

For standard or personalized designs, the SMAlux team is here to provide a perfect solution for all your lighting needs.