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If you are looking for a professional Kitchen Cabinet Light manufacturer in China, then SMAlux could be your better choice. We can manufacture and supply you with the right lighting solutions according to your detailed requirements.
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Questions You May Ask About Your Kitchen Cabinet Light

Do you provide lower-cost products?

Yes, our Kitchen Cabinet Light provides lower-cost and that is proven with many customers.

Do you provide a free sample to test

Absolutely yes!  We provide a sample of every products to test the quality of our products.

Do you supply all-time solution for a complete lights project

Yes, we do. For a prosperous installation of SMAlux lighting, we do support all your projects.

SMAlux –  Your Reliable Kitchen Cabinet Light Supplier in China

Kitchen cabinet light has become popular for both practical and aesthetic purposes, it is essential to brighten your cooking area, the slim, focused light fixtures provide task lighting over counters, sinks, and prep areas. At the same time, it is aesthetically pleasing and can improve your kitchen’s brightness and ambiance, the soft glow from kitchen cabinet lighting is a great way to illuminate the space without the harsh glow of a powerful overhead light.

Kitchen cabinet lights are mainly used for local lighting and decoration of cabinets. There are five types: cabinet lighting, countertop, and sink lighting, floor cabinet lighting, shelf lighting, drawer lighting, and floor cabinet lighting. In the past, kitchen cabinet lighting often used fluorescent light fixtures but advancements in LED technology have propelled these lights into popularity. LED light bulbs are slow to burn out, don’t generate excess heat, and are energy-efficient.

Choosing the best kitchen cabinet lights from the many options available on the market can be daunting. To help you select the perfect kitchen cabinet light, we have some advice and hope you could find the most suitable kitchen cabinet lights for the different areas in your kitchen.

The storage area is a place to store food and tableware, including wall cabinets, drawers, pull baskets, tall cabinets, etc. If there is no lighting in the cabinets, it is easy to cause inconvenience in daily use. Therefore, we can install SMAlux inductive kitchen cabinet lights in the cabinets. Just open the cabinet door and there will be a warm light welcoming you. When the cabinet door is closed, the light will quietly go out. Not only does it save worry and effort, but it is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

The meal preparation area is an important operating space in the kitchen. The cutting and ingredients needed before cooking are all finished in the meal area. Therefore, you can choose the cabinet floor light. It is installed on the bottom of the wall cabinet, it has a large light-emitting area, which can provide sufficient light for the functional area. Also, choose color rendering> 80 or more, it will make the food color more realistic and more three-dimensional. Illuminating your countertops not only makes them look great but also allows you to see better as you prep fruits and vegetables while cooking. You’ll feel more at ease cutting and chopping knowing you can clearly see each move you make.

The cooking area is the main area for cooking food. Generally, the range hood has been equipped with lighting, but the brightness of this lighting is not enough to clearly see the cooking situation of the food, so we can install a pendant cabinet light on the wall. Light up the stove and store some commonly used kitchen utensils or seasoning jars. It should be noted that the cabinet lights installed in the cooking area need to be simpler in design, easy to clean, and have a certain anti-oxidation and anti-oil fume function.

The washing area is mainly used for washing vegetables, dishes, and tableware. The water vapor is heavy, so you need to choose a kitchen cabinet light with high waterproof level. It is suitable for installing shelf pendant lights, which can be used with storage boards to organize washed tableware, kitchen utensils, cups and other kitchen utensils. It can also illuminate every small detail on tableware, kitchen utensils, and food materials, adding a sense of kitchen space design.

All of SMAlux kitchen cabinet lights use LED lighting for lower power consumption and a longer lifespan. This will save you money on energy as well as contribute to a better environment and brighter future.

Many of SMAlux kitchen cabinet lights have another great advantage. And that is that they are dimmable. Several of them can be connected to the wireless dimmer. This lets you easily turn on, turn off and dim your lighting as needed. Something which can be very useful when you sit down for dinner and want to change the lighting from work mode to relaxing mode.

As a professional kitchen cabinet light manufacturer, SMAlux is the winner of international design awards: Reddot and iF, our R&D team has more than 30 years of kitchen cabinet light products experience.

SMAlux has 13,000m² of manufacturing space and more than 700 professional workers, we not only provide standard products but also provide you photoelectricity test reports, technology support, ODM services etc.

SMAlux has stable customers all over the world, our products has been sold to more than 83 countries, so we reserve stock for most models of products, which makes it easier to fulfill the small orders and shorten the lead time.

We pay great attention to product quality and environmental issues. We have ISO90001, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001 certification, and we guarantee to provide you with high quality products in the shortest possible time.

Deal with us. SMAlux is the leading kitchen cabinet light provider so you can ensure the safety of your business projects.