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Landscape Flood Light Clean Manufacturing Workshop
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Questions You May Ask About Your Landscape Flood Lights Orders

What wattage should use for landscape lighting?

Well, it depends upon the covered area. Our experts can help you determine the best flood lights ideal for your space.

How system works?

Under ISO 9001 and ISO 4001 standards, we perform strict quality control in our system. Make sure each and every item quality in superior form.

Do accept customize orders?

Of course! We want to personally meet each of our valued customer needs. For special project, please get in touch with us with your specifications. We will glad to work on it.

SMAlux- Your Reliable Industrial LED Flood Light Manufacturer in China

SMAlux offers high-quality landscape flood light that comes in many shapes, sizes, and wattages.

SMAlux landscape flood light has various great architectural features. It can be mounted, install in the different landscape areas.

We have landscape flood lights for lighting and washing area. There is also ideal tree up-lighting, plant-accent lighting and so on. In SMAlux, you can find the best selection of lighting based on your ideas.

SMAlux landscape flood lights are one of the best-selling lighting solutions we designed. Our stylish and modern style lighting solutions work great to illuminating pathways, plantings, and garden areas.

Highlight unique features of your landscape with SMAlux landscape flood lights. Perfectly add visual attraction, create fascinating shadows in garden tress.

With SMalux landscape flood lights, your landscape will win the spotlight of your visitors.

For instance, this flood light can be adjusted. You can place it in an area where you want to highlight.

Our landscape flood lights are perfect for outdoor uses, especially for landscape lighting and security.

Maybe you are thinking that our landscape flood lights are expensive and your budget can’t fit in. Big no! Here in SMalux, we offer our landscape flood lights and other lighting solutions at affordable prices. Whether your need for business or projects, you can enjoy superior lightings for less.

SMAlux is giving the best services, high-quality landscape flood lights to fit every project’s challenges.

If you are searching for a reliable landscape flood light manufacturer, you’ve to the right place already! SMAlux offers exceptional products to meets all lighting needs.

We had worked with a lot of clients like retailers, contractors, and homeowners. For commercial and offices spaces, apartment landscape lighting, and security, ours will your better choice.

SMAlux landscape floodlight can be built with LED arrays, security fixtures, and light bulbs. If you are not sure with fixtures best add in the flood light, we can help you with it.

Our in-house expert staff will assist you and answer your questions. In SMAlux, we have the best solutions for you.

If you have any hesitation about wattages, the light fixture, and other features, you can help you completely.

With broad experience in designing, we know it’s hard to know the best suits your space. Let our specialist walk you throughout the options.

At SMAlux, we are passionate about designing lighting solutions. We want to help you get the mood of your outdoor space.

Our impressive line of landscape flood light surely completed your project. No matter what your lighting application, SMAlux Retrofits has the solution for you.

Aside from landscape flood light, we also offer a variety of lighting solutions like an indoor flood light, industrial LED flood light, and more.

In SMAlux, we have a wide selection of landscape flood lights for all outdoor lighting applications. As one of professional manufacturer in China, SMAlux specializes in designing smart lighting solutions for you.

If you need further assistance with landscape flood light, please contact us. Our customer service team will help and guide you through the process and upgrade your project to the next level.

Landscape Flood Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Today’s guide covers every critical aspect of landscape flood lights.

So, before importing landscape flood lights, ensure you read this guide.

Let’s get started.

How do you Choose Landscape Flood Lights?

You can choose the best Landscape Flood Light by focusing on the following aspects:

Landscape flood light

Landscape flood light

· Activation

Landscape Flood Lights are sophisticated in how they are activated.

Apart from the conventional on and off switch, you can use motion sensors.

A motion sensor functions in such a way that if the device detects any form of motion/movement it lights.

You can, therefore, choose a Landscape Flood Light that can be activated by a manual switch or motion sensor.

· Certification

There has to be certifications on the packaging.

These certifications should include FCC, DL, UL Energy Star, and others.

They assure the client of the quality of the Landscape Flood Lights.

These certifications are based on the quality tests done on the Landscape Flood Lights.

· Wattage

A good Landscape Flood Light consumes less wattage so the user does not have to pay large electricity bills.

A Landscape Flood Light can consume a wattage of around 10 watts or more depending on the specific requirements.

· Location

Landscape Flood Light can be placed in different places to light an area well.

The angle as well as the height at which the light is to be installed can make a huge difference in how the landscape could be well lit.

Once you know the specific spot at which to install the device, you have an idea of the type and size of light to buy.

You may buy a high-powered Landscape Flood Light, only to realize that it is too big to fit in the position you intended to place it in.

· Color Temperature

Landscape Flood Light must have the right color temperature to effectively illuminate a room.

This feature creates a mood or ambiance for the space you are lighting, and as such, it influences the work performance and buying behavior of users.

· Brightness

Typically, Landscape Flood Lights come in a range of brightness outputs.

You can access one with a lumen output of 700 – 1500 lm.

The Landscape Flood Light you use mainly depends on how big a space you need to illuminate.

Area Lumens

Small Patio 500lm

Driveway 1500lm

Small Garden (50m²) 1600lm

Medium Garden (150m²) 2400lm

Car Park 9000-20000lm

· Durability

When buying a Landscape Flood Light, you may want to choose something that is durable and robust enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The Landscape Flood Light should withstand extreme heat, rain, and freezing among others.

You may also look for Landscape Flood Lights with a warranty.

How do Landscape Flood Lights compare to Ordinary Lights?

Landscape flood light

Landscape flood light

· Color Temperature

Landscape Flood Lights have a wide range of color temperature over ordinary lights.

Landscape Flood Lights with warmer colors give an inviting glow.

The warmer colors are 2,700K – 3,000K.

· Wattage

Ordinary lights have higher wattage over Landscape Flood Lights.

However, Landscape Flood Lights still consume less wattage over ordinary lights.

A 10 watts Landscape Flood Lights can equal 100 watts ordinary light.

Landscape Flood Lights are 10 times more energy efficient than ordinary lights.

· Lumens

Landscape Flood Light is energy efficient, and this is due to the lumens.

Lumens measure the amount of light that is produced by a device.

Instead of wattage only, Landscape Flood Lights have lumens, and users buy this device based on the light it produces, contrary to ordinary lights.

Lower light levels in your landscape equate to less pollution of the skies.

Besides, a Landscape Flood Light that outputs less lumen provides adequate illumination for the landscape.

· Life Span

Landscape Flood Light has a longer longevity in comparison to ordinary lights.

Landscape Flood Light is 25 times longer lasting than ordinary lights.

A quality tested Landscape Flood Light can last as high as 100,000 hours.

If you were to operate a Landscape Flood Light at an average of 12 hours a night, you can use it for 12 to 22 years.

With Landscape Flood Lights, you can save yourself from the hassle of ordinary light bulb changes.

· Beam Angle

Typically, Landscape Flood Light have a wider beam angle extending from 450 up to 120 0.

As such, it has a better overall visibility and safety.

It can cast light over general areas as compared to ordinary lights that do not have a wider beam angle.

Where can you use Landscape Flood Lights?

Landscape Flood Lights are mainly used for illuminating an object, surface or area to create visually interactive spaces in the landscape.

You can use Landscape Flood Lights in:

  • Patios
  • Backyard
  • Lawns
  • Decks
  • Sitting areas
  • Garden
  • Pond

How can you Eliminate Glare in Landscape Flood Lights?

Yes, you can.

Glare in Landscape Flood Lights is the light shining directly into your eyes.

You can eliminate glare in Landscape Flood Lights by positioning the devices in an excellent way so that they do not shine on the eyes of guest or residents.

As such, the first thing to do is evaluate the viewing angle of the area you want to accent.

Similarly, you can achieve this by using glare guards on the Landscape Flood Lights.

You can use a fixture with a glare guard to offer extra protection.

Flood light beam angle

Flood light beam angle

What is the Beam Angle for Landscape Flood Lights?

Landscape Flood Lights have a wider beam angle of 450to around 1200.

It is important to understand that this lighting device can have a narrower beam of 250.

The wider beam angle helps illuminate a large landscape area.

What are the Benefits of LED Landscape Flood Lights?

LED Landscape Flood Lights have gained popularity in recent times.

The popularity is due to the following benefits:

  • Longer life span; Landscape Flood Lights can last around 50,000 hours.
  • Cost-effective; Landscape Flood Lights need less electricity while providing better brightness.

Since they give off less heat, LED Landscape Flood Lights contribute to less air-conditioner bills.

  • No harmful emissions; LED Landscape Flood Lights do not give harmful emissions such as noise, heat, UV or IR emissions.It produces minimal noise and heat.
  • Better Illumination; LED Landscape Flood Lights produce white beam that can help brighten up your space.
  • Can operate in both hot and cold temperatures; even at low temperatures or a drop of 250 – 50 C, the efficacy of Landscape Flood Lights increases by only 5%.
  • Controllability; their brightness can be controlled.
  • Durable; LED Landscape Flood Lights are durable due to their immunity to vibration as well as the absence of filament.
  • Environmentally friendly; solar powered LED Landscape Flood Lights do not pollute the environment in anyway.

How much do Landscape Flood Lights Cost?

Firstly, Landscape Flood Lights are cost-effective.

You do not spend much on electricity bills with Landscape Flood Lights.

Also, Landscape Flood Lights are associated with low maintenance costs; once you pay for the initial cost you do not have to pay the energy costs over a long time.

Besides, the production costs of the lighting solution are affordable.

A single Landscape Flood Light can cost as low as $14 to as high as $150.

Even if the initial cost is high, a Landscape Flood Light takes long before it dies off.

What are the Benefits of Solar Powered Landscape Flood Lights?

Solar powered Landscape Flood Lights are eco-friendly and cost-effective way to improve your landscapes.

They have several benefits such as:

  • Environmentally Friendly; they do not pollute the environment. Solar powered Landscape Flood Lights lower their carbon foot print.
  • Convenience; Solar powered Flood Lights use free energy. As long as there is sunlight, the device will always be on. Besides, it automatically turns on at dusk and vice-versa making them more convenient.
  • Easy installation; the only emphasis when using solar powered Landscape Flood Lights is placing them in an area with adequate amount of sunlight.
  • Longer lifespan; despite using solar energy to power the Landscape Flood Lights they have a longer lifespan of even up to 50,000 hours.
  • Cost-effective; Solar powered Landscape Flood Light cost nothing to operate. It saves you money in the long run because you do no need to pay for electricity. While the initial cost is high, you do not have to pay energy costs over time.
  • Better Visual Presentation; they are bright enough to light landscapes owing to the higher lumens.
  • Health friendly; they do not contain harmful chemicals which may negatively impact the life of a user.
  • Durable; they can withstand drops as they are made using Aluminum material.

What is the Best Design for Landscape Flood Light?

The best design for Landscape Flood Lights is a cohesive lighting design.

Cohesive design is where the landscape area has a visual flow and everything flows in the right direction.

This design approach is also referred to as task-ambient design.

How many Lumen do you need for Landscaping Flood Light?

A Landscape Flood Light needs from 50 to 300 lumens.

However, your device can up to 3,000 lumens depending on how bright you want it for your landscape.

3,000 lumens is a very bright Landscape Flood Light.

It can illuminate objects, surfaces and hidden areas thus assuring the user of safety.

Should you Consider Lumen or Watts when buying Landscape Flood Lights?

You should consider lumens instead of watts when buying Landscape Flood Lights.

Wattage tells us how much energy a lighting device draws to produce light.

LED lights draw far less watt to produce the same light as one of a Halogen Bulb.

However, lumens are the measurement of the brightness of light emitted.

For instance, if you have a Light fixture with a 60-watt bulb that emits 800 lumens, you may need to source an 8-12-wattLED replacement bulb to have the same level of lighting.

That said, when considering a Landscape Flood Light, be sure to look at the lumens and not wattage.

How much Power do Low Voltage Landscape Flood Lights use?

Landscape flood light

Landscape flood light

Low Voltage Landscape Flood Lights use 12 Volts.

In essence, Landscape Flood Lights consume as low as 1-5-watts.

There are Landscape Flood Lights that do not require a lot of energy to light a landscape area.

How does Halogen Bulb compare LED Lights in Landscaping Flood Lights?

Some of the factors why users may opt for either a Halogen Bulb or LED Lights in Landscaping Flood Lights are:

· Expense

Halogen Bulbs have a lower initial cost as compared to the cost of installing the LED Lights.

Even so, LED Lights are still better than Halogen Bulbs in Landscaping Flood Lights.

· Heat Emission

Halogen Bulbs produce more heat due to burn outs of the filaments, while LED Lights in Landscaping Flood Lights do not emit heat.

The latter is touchable when on because it does not warm.

Instead of the heat being emitted out of the bulb, it is instead dissipated in the LED Light Bulb’s heat sink.

· Life Span

LED Lights in Landscaping Flood Light have a longer lifespan of even up to 100,000 hours while Halogen Bulbs have a shorter lifespan of around 3,000 hours.

LED Lights, therefore, take longer before they are replaced probably 10 to 22 years.

Halogen Bulbs may take 1 or 2 years before they burn out.

The two lighting solutions indicate the end of their lifespan through different means.

While Halogen Bulbs fail or burn out, LED Lights experience light depreciation over time

· Energy Efficiency

As compared to Halogen Bulbs, LED lights in Landscaping Flood Lights are energy efficient.

If you switch from a Halogen Bulb to an LED Light you can save up to 88% of energy thus saving on extra energy consumption.

Halogen Bulbs often lose most of the energy that they draw specifically to heat.

This explains why Halogen Bulbs have a shorter lifespan and can get very hot.

LED Bulbs, on the other hand, produce heat however it is drawn away from the bulb and then dissipated by the heat sink.

· Warranty

Landscape Flood Lights come with a warranty which is often included on the surface of the packaging.

The warranty goes for over 5 years. Halogen bulbs may have a less appealing warranty or no warranty.


LED Lights have a better CRI than Halogen Bulbs.

They have a CRI of 80 allowing objects and surfaces to look real and authentic.

This is not the same case with Halogen Bulbs which may show artificial surfaces or shadows rather than real images.

· Instant On

While Halogen Bulbs may take a while to warm up, LED Lights in Landscaping Flood Lights shine up instantly.

They do not require warming or cooling time.

As such, they are more preferred option to the Halogen Bulbs that take long to warm up.

Halogen Bulbs are, therefore, less convenient than Landscape Flood Lights.

· Dimmable

LED Lights in Landscaping Flood Lights have a dimmable option. In comparison, Halogen bulbs do not have this option.

Due to the dimming technology, LED Lights for Landscape Flood Lights may extend their life span, save energy, control effect to the eye and increase flexibility.

· Color Output

The majority of Landscape Lighting applications require warmer colors with a bit of hue, and this you will find in Halogen Bulbs.

Landscape Flood Lights have been modernized that they produce a level of consistency and more hues.

LED Lights have a color temperature of 2700 – 3,000K (warm to white color) which look identical to warmer Halogen Bulbs.

As such, homeowners can achieve the expected look with LED Lights, which are a better investment as they are energy efficient and over time.

· Lumens vs. Watt

LED lights measure their brightness in lumens while Halogen measures their brightness using watt.

The latter requires less watt to light up but more lumens for this same purpose.

As such, LED Lights are measured in lumens instead of watts contrary to Halogen Bulbs that require watts.

· Maintenance

The maintenance costs of both LED lights and Halogen Bulbs is low.

However, you do not need to replace LED Bulbs as fast as you do with Halogen Bulbs.

Depending on usage, you may have to replace your Halogen Bulbs every 1 or 2 years.

With LED lights, you replace them after 10 or 20 years depending on usage.

How does Indoor Flood Lights compare to Landscaping Flood Lights?

Indoor Flood Light is a lighting solution from a lamp resulting in the complexity of layout and light selection.

On the other hand, Landscaping Flood Lights are luminaires that casts light beyond the typical boundaries of other lights.


Brightness; Landscape Flood Lights have more lumens as compared to Indoor Flood Lights.

Requirements; Landscape Flood Lights are exposed to harsh weather conditions as compared to Indoor Flood Lights that face minimal dampness.

As such, they have more requirements than Indoor Flood Lights.

Beam angle; both Indoor Flood Lights and Landscaping Flood Lights have wider beam angles ranging from around 450 to 120 0.

Do Landscape Flood Lights use AC or DC?

Typically, LED Flood Lights are driven by a DC power supply as they consume this current to produce light.

For AC, the LED Light will only light if the current flows in the right direction.

Landscape Flood Lights work on low voltage ACtransformers, 12 VAC.

Usually, 12 VAC transformers are highly available in homes and businesses.

It is imperative to understand that an AC high voltage system can be better applied to a larger landscape site.

You can similarly use a low voltage DC for a smaller landscape site.

DC low voltage system is safer than the AC voltage system.

What is the Best IP Rating for Landscape Flood Lights?

The best IP Rating for Landscape Flood Lights is IP65.

IP65 means that Landscape Flood Lights are protected from total dust ingress, and low-pressure water jets from any direction.

6 equals solid protection while 5 equals water protection.

This rating is the best considering that Landscape Flood Lights are often used outside of the buildings where there is exposure to materials and water.

For Landscape Flood Lights with a motion sensor and solar panel, their solid protection is 4 and water protection 5 hence an IP45.

Regular Flood Lights, on the other hand, have a dust and water resistance of 6 and 5 respectively.

Do Landscape Flood Lights have Warranty?

Yes, they do.

They have a warranty of around 5 years depending on the manufacturing company.

You can return the product within this set period in the event that you notice a defect to the Landscape Flood Light.

However, if there are self-afflicted damages to the product, you cannot return them to the supplier or manufacturer for exchange or refund.

What Material are Landscape Flood Lights made of?

Landscape Flood Lights are made of Die-Cast metal; Aluminum.

Aluminum is not only rigid, but also strong and high tensile as well as impact strength.

Aluminum material is used to make the casing of the Landscape Flood Lights as well as parts of the heat sink.

The surface/finish of Landscape Flood Lights can be made using bronze material.

You can as well use UV PC material.

The gaskets are made using silicone material.

How do you Test Quality of Landscape Flood Light?

High quality testing is an assurance that your Landscape Flood Light is in for the long-term, without any dangers, hiccups or bumps along the way.

Some of the quality tests for Landscape Flood Lights are:

Landscape flood light

Landscape flood light

· Drop Test

Your Landscape Flood Light must be able to survive the journey from a warehouse to your home.

Drop test ensures that your Landscape Flood Light cannot suffer damages when it drops.

Once you get the product, it is ready for installation.

· Thermal Shock Test

To determine the successful performance of an LED, you have to expose the product to athermal shock test.

Landscape Flood Lights operate in a wide range of temperatures, which explains why you have to test to make sure the product can withstand every heat level.

The Landscape Flood Light is rotated into freezing and scorching temperatures over and over.

The final product is a robust and durable Landscape Flood Light that can withstand harsh weather.

It can perform just as well under normal operating conditions.

· Vibration Test

Typically, vibration test is done for outside fixtures.

The Landscape Flood Light has to stay on its pole without a single problem after it has been exposed to movement or vibration.

· Rain Test

This test involves exposing the Landscape Flood Light to a constant flash of water.

For this, you ensure that you tightly seal the product that no water can seep inside.

Rain test ensures that the Landscape Flood Light can withstand rain when used outdoors.

How does Landscape Flood Lights Work?

Landscape Flood Lights work by flooding the landscape with light as they produce wider beams of over 1200.

If using solar energy, you attach solar panels to a Landscape Flood Light.

The panels absorb energy that is then stored in the battery which is a part of the fixture.

Also, the lights then use the energy stored in the battery to light up the bulbs and provide the needed illumination.

For electric fixture, the bulb of the Landscape Flood Light heats up and the heat is taken away by a heat sink where it is dissipated.

The bulb then lights bright depending on the amount of number of lumens.

Landscape Flood Lights have a semi-conductor sandwiched in between two electrodes; a positive and negative electrode.

The electrons of the Landscape Flood Lights are activated when the negatively charged semiconductor is attached to the negative electrodes.

The positive semiconductor is attached to the positive electrodes producing the light.

Which Switching Mechanism do Landscape Flood Lights use?

You can switch on your Landscape Flood Lights using a motion sensor or manually activating it.

Manually activating Landscape Flood Lights involve clicking a switch to light the landscape area.

Landscape Flood Light activated using a motion sensor work on the basis of movement or vibrations.

Once the device detects any movement or heat, it lights up the area well.

Are Landscape Flood Lights Waterproof?

Absolutely, yes.

Usually, the IP Rating indicates the waterproof degree of a Landscape Flood Light.

Waterproof to mean that the Landscape Flood Lights can be used in harsh weather conditions such as in rain, storms or any bad weather.

Which Features should you look for when Choosing Landscape Flood Light?

Some of the features that you can look for when buying a Landscape Flood Light are:

  • IP Rating; Landscape Flood Light should be waterproof.
  • High performance
  • Efficiency
  • Motion sensors
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance

What are the Quality Certifications for Landscape Flood Lights?

Some of the quality certifications you should always look out for are:

  • FCC
  • DLC
  • UL
  • ETL
  • CE
  • DOE
  • cUL
  • ISO Certification
  • RoHS

Are there Limitations of Landscape Flood Lights?

The initial cost of Landscape Flood Lights is high.

Those who cannot afford the cost opt for Halogen Bulbs or Incandescent Bulbs.

Solar powered Landscape Flood Lights are not as bright as electric fixtures.

Its use for lighting is limited because it provides ambient lighting which leans towards a blueish hue.

While there are brighter solar Landscape Flood Lights available, its brightness depends on the amount solar power.

How do you power Landscape Flood lights?

Landscape Flood Lights are:

  • Battery powered
  • Solar powered
  • Low-Voltage Wired (12V)
  • Standard Voltage- Wired (120V)

As a market leader in the landscape flood light industry, SMAlux offer the perfect solution in the lighting industry.

Contact us now for all your lighting needs.