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For the trim size of our Smalux led can light, we have 2-inch recessed trims, 3-inch recessed trims, 4-inch recessed trims, 5-inch recessed trims, and 6-inch recessed trims. For the trim style, you can choose whether adjustable trims, baffle trims, reflector trims, pinhole trims, multiple trims, and many more.

Remodel housings, new construction housings, and IC-rated housings are the housing type options for our Smalux led can lights. There are many types and options for led can lights you can choose here at Smalux!

Smalux is an expert in most led lighting manufacturers in China. Mainly are Smalux led can lights, led light bars, led shop lights, led rope lights, and many more. Just send us your detailed requirement and we will send you an instant quote.

Smalux led can light is widely used in different applications. You can use our Smalux led can lights for wall lighting, downlighting, or uplighting. And yes, you can even recess light into the ground. Also, you can use it for commercial and residential spaces, artwork, as well as accent lighting to highlight the furniture. It is all because Smalux led can lights provide great ambient light.

Whether you are a led can light distributor, retailer, or custom led can light factory, Smalux is always your best choice. We can provide you a free sample of led can light to check the quality before a large order. You will get detailed pictures and production videos for each order.

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In SMAlux, our goal is your satisfaction. As an ISO9001 and ISO 4001 certified manufacturer, you can ensure guaranteed-quality lighting solutions. We carefully checked each led can light to international standards including UL, CE, RoHS, ERP, GS, SAA, etc.

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LED Can Light: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

Before you buy or import LED can light, read this guide.

It has all information you are looking for about LED can light systems.

Keep reading.

What is LED Can Light?

LED Can Light is a lighting fixture featuring a circular hole that houses LED source of light, which is commonly installed in ceilings.

It is an elegant and easy to hide luminaire, which always gives illumination without a noticeable fixture.

This LED light is used for accent, task and ambient lighting, and is perfect selection for areas with restricted space for installing luminaires.

LED Can Light

LED can light

What is the Difference Between LED Can Light and LED Recessed Light?

No, LED Can light is also referred to as LED Recessed Light or LED Downlight.

Therefore, you can use the terms interchangeably to refer to the same product.

Which are the Components of LED Can Light?

There are three main components of LED Recessed Light consisting of:

Parts of LED can light

Parts of LED

1) Frame

This is the mounting frame positioned between joists instrumental in securing the light in the wall, ground or ceiling.

2) Housing

Consists of a cylindrical metal can that carries the LED bulb and other components of the fixture, concealing them within the mounting spot.

The luminaire derives its “can light” name from here.

Housings come in several varying sizes to accommodate various types of light.

3) Trim

This is the most noticeable part of LED Can light fixture.

It is inserted inside the housing and affects the general light quality and appearance of the luminaire.

Trim comes in a variety of colors and materials.

What are the Advantages of LED Can Lights?

Here are the main benefits of installing LED Recessed Lights:

· Energy Savings

LEDs are able to save up to 30 percent of energy utilized by fluorescent lights and up to 50 percent used by CFLs.

Moreover, LED Can Lights use 85 percent less energy than incandescent types.

For example, a 12W LED gives a light output similar to a 60W incandescent bulb.

However, it consumes 50 percent less energy than a CFL and 85 percent less than incandescent can lights.

· Less Heat and Better Color

Since LED Recessed light fixtures are more efficient, they emit minimal heat, minimizing the load on cooling and air conditioning systems.

Furthermore, in consumer and retail environments, the LEDs do not release harmful infrared or ultraviolet light.

Besides, high quality LED can Lights give superior light that displays colors more efficiently than other types of lighting fixtures.

· Longer Lasting

LED Downlights are engineered to last approximately 50 times longer, which implies reduced maintenance and time taken to replace burned-out bulbs.

An LED lifespan cannot be matched by any other lighting type.

The lifespan of a typical fixture will be about 11 years if used for 12 hours every day.

· Eco-friendly

LED recessed lights do not incorporate harmful substances, such as mercury.

Because there is traces of mercury in CFLs, you must appropriately dispose them of.

Different from LED, safe disposal of such luminaire is important to prevent contamination of environment by the harmful elements.

Which are the Available Types of LED Can Lights Housing?

There are three main types of LED Recessed Light housings that you can choose:

1. New Construction Housing

New construction LED Can light housings are particularly designed for spaces having noticeable ceiling joists and lacking drywall.

They are normally used in new construction, though you can as well use them for remodels in case you are renovating the space.

2. Remodel Housing

This is a suitable choice in case of unexposed joist or when you need to upgrade your existing lighting system to LED.

The housings are mounted via a small aperture in the ceiling and fastened in place using clips.

3. Retrofit Housing

LED Can Light retrofit is arguably the most cost-saving choice.

During installation, you remove an existing trim out of its housing, then attach the retrofit to the housing using clips.

Can you Dim LED Can Lights?

Yes, LED Recessed Light applies solid-state technology, which enables efficient dimming in various lighting applications and stops flickering.

You can employ dimmers to produce zones of variable lighting across a space.

Nevertheless, not all LEDs are dimmable.

If LED Can light dimming is a preference, ensure the LED bulb you select is dimmable.

Moreover, when upgrading from incandescent Can Light to LED type, you should fix an LED-compatible dimmer.

How Do You Install LED Can Light?

Here are the steps involved in mounting LED Recessed lights:

Step 1: Layout Position of Lights

Utilizing your layout design and a tape measure, sketch the position of each LED Can light on the mounting surface.

Label the center of every location of light using a tiny pencil mark.

Step 2: Cut the Mounting Hole

Outline the correctly sized hole (square or round, based on the fixture) on the mounting surface with a pencil.

Next, utilizing a jab saw or drill having a hole saw for circular cutouts, create holes having correct shape and size of the fixture.

Step 3: Run Wires to Location of Fixture

In compliance with your electrical code, run the wires from dimmer/switch location to the spot where you will mount LED driver.

Remember to confirm your local electrical code for the wire type to run.

Step 4: Connect the Driver to the Light

Confirm that the LED driver input voltage matches that of the power source.

Also, confirm that the output current and voltage of the driver equals the input current and voltage of the LED Can Light.

Link the cable plug on the driver to the plug on the LED light fixture, then screw the two connectors together.

It is crucial to note that each model of LED Can Light needs its distinct driver, which are not replaceable between varying models.

Step 5: Insert LED Driver via Hole

Carefully insert the driver up via the hole. Utilize screws or other detachable fasteners to secure it to a structure.

Make sure that the driver stays reachable when you remove the LED recessed light.

Furthermore, you should mount it in a dry place except if otherwise necessary.

Step 6: Install the Fixture

Switch off the power source, and then link the wiring to the LED Can light fixture based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Double-check to ensure that all connections are secure and correctly sealed prior to moving on.

Feed extra wire cautiously back up inside the space over the installation and follow it with the fitting.

Finalize the mounting by making the LED downlight flush with the mounting surface.

Are LED Bulbs compatible with Ordinary Recessed Lights?

LED light bulbs and ordinary can lights are not usually compatible.

Certain LED bulbs utilized in incandescent and halogen recessed lights may cause tripping of circuit breaker due to a heat sensor within the housing.

This is due to the fact that LED bulbs typically project heat up the ceiling and the luminaire’s heat sensor.

On the other hand, incandescent bulbs direct heat down and from the recessed light fixture.

What is are the Advantages of LED Retrofit Can Lights?

An LED retrofit is a fitting that fixes to your present ordinary housing, substituting both the old trim and bulb.

To mount, you only need to fix the fitting’s base adapter to the available socket, and fasten LED Can Light using built-in clips.

Here are the main Benefits of LED Retrofit Recessed Lights:

· Convenient Package

The retrofit module comprise of recessed trim, LED drive and LED light source all in a single fixture.

Therefore, you do not have to bother about buying several parts of LED Can Light.

· Easy To Install

Retrofitting yourCan lights using these fittings is a quick DIY project.

There is no need of tampering with the housing or performing any significant modifications in the mounting surface.

· Easy to Replace

Since the process of installing LED retrofit is very straightforward and comes as a single unit, it is likewise easy to uninstall it.

For example, you will have easy time replacing your fixtures when more advanced technology comes into the market.

· Better Heat Management

LED Retrofit Can lights are engineered and manufactured to last longer.

Since manufacturers understand that heat dissipation can be a challenge, they retrofits have better heat management mechanism.

For that matter, higher temperatures will not have an impact on their rated lifespan.

· Least Expensive

For many installations, LED Retrofit Can Light will offer the most cost saving option.

You can buy a quality retrofit for as low as USD 30.

· Reliable

Most manufacturers of give exceptional warranties for their products, with majority lasting for about 7 years.

What is the Difference Between LED Can Light and LED Ceiling Light?

Also known as LED Canister Light, LED can light is a lighting fixture installed in the wall, ground and ceiling.

They are usually concealed within the mounting surface and have diameter ranging from 3” to 6.”

These types of LED lighting fixtures are ideal for home movie theaters, kitchens, basements, shower stalls, hallways, and any space with low ceilings.

However, they are not great for large spaces that require many fixtures or where you need light to attain an aesthetic effect.

On the other hand, LED Ceiling Light consists of different types of lighting fixtures including:

  • Chandeliers
  • Pendant lights Track light Ceiling fans with a light fixture
  • Flush-mount lighting fixtures
  • Semi-flush mount lighting fixtures

Nonetheless, irrespective of the type of LED ceiling light you select, all will protrude out of the ceiling by several feet or inches.

They are not ideal for narrow hallways, moist environments, basements, and spaces having low ceilings.

What are the Factors to Consider when Installing the Driver of LED Can Lights?

Here are the factors to consider when choosing where to install the LED driver:

· Ventilated Space and Access Route

You need to mount the driver within a ventilated space and there should be access route for general maintenance purposes.

· IP Rating

Moreover, the Ingress Protection (IP) rating of the LED driver is a vital consideration before settling on the ultimate mounting location.

You should only install LED drivers distinctly engineered for outdoor conditions in outdoor lighting applications.

· Distance from Light Source

It is equally essential to factor in the distance between the LED driver and the light source to avoid voltage drop.

The drop in voltage usually results in minimized output efficiency of the LED can light fixture.

Which is the Best Place to Install LED Driver for LED Can Light?

Due to the complexity of LED lighting fixtures, you must consider several factors before choosing the mounting location of LED driver.

Apply these two primary principles when deciding where to install the driver:

  1. Make sure that the mounting location of the LED driver is as far as practical from the heat source. Typically, in all types of lighting fixtures, the heat generation source will be the place the LEDs are.
  2. Ensure that you do not install the driver above the LEDs. This is because the rising heat will warm it up, dramatically reducing the driver’s lifespan.

Which are the Common Types of LED Recessed Light Trims?

Based on your application and where you intend to mount the LED can lights, there are different types of trims to select from:

LED recessed light

LED recessed light

· Baffle Trims

A design of trim having large grooves helpful in absorbing excess light and minimizing glare.

Baffle trims are commonly available in white (which minimizes holes appearance in the mounting surface) and black (that minimizes the most glare).

· Reflector Trims

This is a type of LED Can Light trim having a mirrored surface, which reflects the light to maximize its illumination.

They can be white, black or metallic having a glossy interior.

· Gimbal Trims

A trim style that enables control of light direction using a pivot within the housing.

In certain varieties, the housing can block the light, creating unique light displays.

· Eyeball Trims

This is a type of trim that facilitates full control of the light direction through an adjustable pivot within the housing.

In eyelid or eyeball trim, the illumination goes past the housing to enable complete pivoting.

· Shower Trims

A wet-rated LED can light trim purposely designed for use in moisture-intensive environments, such as bathrooms.

How Do You Select the Best LED Can Light?

Here are some of the factors to consider to ensure that you choose the best LED Recessed light:

· Light Housing

There are new construction and remodel housing, and the choice will vary depending on how you will install the LED Can light.

You can as well find IC rated housings (for insulated ceilings) and Non-IC rated housings (non-insulated ceilings).

For safety purposes, ensure to select the suitable housing for your space.

You must fully understand the construction of your ceiling and availability of insulation before making the purchase.

· Light Trims

Similarly, there are many types of LED Can light trims in the market, that vary from colors, features, finishes and sizes.

To determine the right size of trim, properly measure the area where you intend to mount new trims.

As a rule, section the mounting space in three to know the size and amount of fixtures required to sufficiently light the room.

In case you want an understated appearance, opt for trims that mount parallel to the bottom of the ceiling.

On the other hand, for a fixture intended to sparkle on the ceiling, opt for a trims that fairly protrude from the bottom of the ceiling.

· The Right Bulbs

The type of LED bulb used in the Recessed light fixture is another crucial consideration.

Based on the lighting requirements and intensity of light output preferred for a specific space, your selection will vary.

Ensure to pair your preferred bulb with suitable house as well.

Are there Damp-rated LED Recessed Lights?

LED can light

LED can light

Yes, you can find damp- and wet-rated types of LED Can lights.

Damp-rated LED lighting fixtures can be installed in spaces that have a little contact with water.

However, they cannot be mounted in spaces with direct or regular exposure to moisture.

However, these types of LED Recessed lights lack the full seals as wet-rated LED Can lights.

You can install them in mixed-used storage closets or bathroom, covered porches and patios, in which partial enclosures shield them from snow and rain.

Most of outdoor LED Can lights are damp-rated.

How Do You Determine the Right Size of LED Recessed Light?

Different sizes of LED Can lights are available in the market.

Therefore, to establish the appropriate size for your application, measure the cut-out opening diameter in inches., with the trim not included.

Select a fixture that is able to accommodate your wall size or ceiling height.

Where is the Best Place to Install LED Can Lights?

LED Recessed Lights are the right option for spaces with limited ceiling space, both indoors and outdoors.

The ideal places to install LED Down lights include:

· Kitchens

LED Can lights give direct downlight necessary for tasks and are normally brilliant enough to produce essential ambient light.

· Hallways

The thin dimensions of an LED can light fixture makes it perfect for hallway lighting.

They can pair perfectly with mounted step lights or sconces.

· Dining Room

You dining room gain from this type of LED lighting fixture that acts as mood-boosting layer of general light.

It complements the other luminaires in the dining room.

· Bathroom

You will require damp and wet rated LED can lights for your shower lighting.

They are instrumental in the general lighting in bathroom, where suitable illumination is of great significance.

· Patio or Porch

Similarly, you can use damp and wet rated outdoor LED recessed lights to provide your patio or porch some extra light and elegance.

· Artwork

It is also possible to use a pair of eyeball LED Can light to highlight photos and artwork within a space.

How Many LED Can Lights can you Install in one Circuit?

LED Recessed lighting fixtures give captivating ambient lighting.

However, since they are concealed behind the mounting surface, you require more than one to sufficiently light a space.

The optimum number of fitting for a specific space relies on several factors, including can width, bulb wattage, and room dimensions and shape.

The number of LED canister lights you can connect on a circuit is determined by the breaker rating.

However, in most situations, that is not a problem.

What is the Difference Between Non-IC-rated and IC Rated LED Recessed Lighting Fixture?

The difference between the two fixtures is that Non-IC rated type need 3 inches space between the ceiling insulation and the metal.

IC rated can lights have better heat distribution abilities, permitting insulation to contact touch the metal without posing a fire hazard.

Remodels commonly use Non-IC rated LED can lights, where you need to ensure that the insulation is spaced appropriately.

On the other hand, IC rated luminaires are mainly utilized in new construction.

Nevertheless, you can install IC rated types in both uninsulated and insulated ceilings.

How Do you Space LED Can Lights?

The right spacing of LED Downlight fixtures should ensure that each section of the space has approximately equal lighting.

Every fixture offers a cone of light, where the cones need to overlap.

The spacing of Can lights needed to create this effect relies on a number of factors.

The factors include ceiling height, fixture diameter and LED bulb intensity.

As a rule, you can always divide the ceiling height by 2 and then space the lights by this value.

The maximum spacing between conventional fixtures within a space having an 8-foot ceiling height is 4 feet.

How does the Rating of Circuit Breaker Affect the performance of LED Can Lights?

The circuit breaker rating is the primary drawback to the number of LED can lights you can operate at the same time.

Each LED bulb usually provide equal light output as a 60W incandescent bulb whilst consuming 10W or less.

This is the same as a 1/12 amp current draw.

Therefore, a 15-amp circuitry is capable of safely managing 180 0r more LED recessed lights.

Which are the Safety and Quality Certifications for LED Can Lights?

Here are the safety and quality certifications that the best LED recessed lighting fixture should have:

  • DLC Certification
  • UL Certification
  • RoHS certification
  • CE Certification
  • IEC Certification
  • CCC Certification

Are LED Can Lights IP Rated?

Yes, the Ingress Protection rating of the fixture defines the degree of sealing protection offered by its housing.

IP rating is instrumental is determining where the LED recessed light can be safely installed.

Utilizing inappropriately rated luminaire in places such as bathroom or outdoor may be risky.

This may subject the electrical components to destruction and also risk electrocution.

Different lighting applications need different IP ratings.

It is crucial to consider the conditions the LED can lights will endure, since this will impact on the needed IP rating.

Typically, low IP ratings are perfect for indoor lighting applications.

Conversely, outdoor applications need LED lighting fixtures with higher IP ratings.

How much Power do LED Can Lights use?

Among the most remarkable properties of LED lighting is its energy efficiency.

They are more energy-efficient and consume up to 50 percent less power than ordinary bulbs.

Moreover, LEDs dissipate less heat than traditional bulbs.

Modern LED Can lights use approximately 7W, which implies that you can illuminate your whole space using only 42W.

Should you Consider Lumen or Watts when Choosing LED Can Lights?

When choosing an LED recessed light, lumens is more important than watts, since lumens show how much illumination you can attain from the fixture.

Therefore, always check for the Lm label on the luminaire to find out its actual brightness.

Note that, the higher the lumens rating, the more brilliant the LED downlight would be.

Depending on your specific needs, you will can get a suitable LED can light.

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