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SMAlux Manufacture The Best Floor Light For Your Business

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Standard LED Floor Lights for your choice

SMAlux LED floor lights are designed with fashionable design and concise style, metal body with perfect finish and good heat dissipation. SMAlux LED floor lights provide uniformed soft light which is perfect for hotel and residential use.

smart floor light
ODM new LED Floor Lights you exclusive

Being a LED floor light manufacturer with over 30 years of R&D experience, SMAlux could help you to make your idea become true, especially with 6 specialized R&D teams, we will design the product as exactly as what you want. So, just send us your idea.

SMAlux LED Floor Lights

As a leading manufacturer of LED floor Lights in China, SMAlux has ISO90001, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001 certification, all the LED floor lamps are complied with UL, CE, RoHS, ERP, GS, SAA, etc., standards.

SMAlux has been committing to providing customers with professional technical support, quality products, and competitive prices, based on 6 professional R&D team and a special research lab, we can provide OEM & ODM service to expand your business in LED floor lights field.

SMAlux will update the latest products information to you every year and IES reports for your lighting projects for free.

Send your inquiry for your next LED floor lights order, normally you will get our best quotation within 8 working hours.

Floor light

LED Floor Light

SMAlux LED floor lights are designed with a touch switch for On/Off and dimming with brightness level memory. The lamp body is made with simple and flat design with Landline Tubular LEDonic technology, which provides uniform light to satisfy different office areas. 2-piece light pole design is good for shorter packing, which can reduce transportation and storage costs by 50%. All the Smalux floor lights are made with high-quality metal materials, the metal material is capable with better heat dissipation to ensure high performance of LED chips and prolong extended the lifetime of whole light.

RU-F-S130 LED Floor Light
RU-F-S130 LED Floor Light
RU-F-S60 LED Floor Light
RU-F-S60 LED Floor Light
LM-F-203 LED Floor Light
LM-F-203 LED Floor Light
LM-F-202 LED Floor Light
LM-F-202 LED Floor Light
LM-D-203 LED Floor Light
LM-D-203 LED Floor Light
LM-D-202 LED Floor Light
LM-D-202 LED Floor Light
HFR-031 LED Floor Light
HFR-031 LED Floor Light

Smart Floor Light

SMAlux smart floor light is designed with bi-directional lighting structure, the integrated multi-sensor will take on smart light compensating, meeting individual office lighting need. The light has 2 control modes which are switched by middle touch-switch: one is automatic mode, the light compensates according to ambient light and auto turns on/off/dim when someone is or no present, it can save a lot of energy. The second is manual control mode by 3 touch switches for the control of on, off, dimming and color changing.

RU_F-S130_SMA-PC Smart Floor Light
RU_F-S130_SMA-PC Smart Floor Light
RU_F-S70_SMA-PC Smart Floor Light
RU_F-S70_SMA-PC Smart Floor Light

SMAlux LED Floor Light Manufacturing Capabilities

Owing over 30 years of manufacturing experiences in LED floor light industry, all the SMAlux LED floor lights are certified by UL, DLC, ETL CE, RoHS, etc. You can find the suitable certified floor light no matter which region you are from.

SMAlux has 13,000m² of manufacturing space and more than 700 professional workers. The workers in our production lines are trained regularly, so they are highly skilled that the delivery time is well assured.

Meanwhile, SMAlux has ISO90001, ISO14001 and OHSMS18001 certification to ensure the products quality and environmental protection.

Our customers are all over the world, so we will prepare stock for most products is necessary, which is convenient for us to deal with small orders and shorten the lead time.

LED Floor Light
Photo Model Watt Volt Light Efficiency Color Temperature PF RA Dimmable Warranty
LED Floor Light RU/F-S60 60W 100-240V >90lm/w 2700K-6500K >0.9 >80/90 Yes 2 Years
LED Floor Light RU/F-S130 130W 100-240V >90lm/w 2700K-6500K >0.9 >80/90 Yes 2 Years
LED Floor Light LM/F-202 2*15W 100-240V >90lm/w 2700K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80/90 NO 2 Years
LED Floor Light LM/F-203 3*15W 100-240V >90lm/w 2700K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80/90 NO 2 Years
LED Floor Light LM/D-202 2*15W 100-240V >90lm/w 2700K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80/90 NO 2 Years
LED Floor Light HFR-031 9W 9W >90lm/w 2700K/4000K/6500K >0.9 >80/90 NO 2 Years
Smart Floor Light
Photo Model Watt Volt Light Efficiency Color Temperature PF RA Dimmable Warranty
Smart Floor Light RU/F-S70/SMA-PC 70W 100-240V >90lm/w 2700K-6500K >0.9 >80/90 Yes 2 Years
Smart Floor Light RU/F-S130/SMA-PC 130W 100-240V >90lm/w 2700K-6500K >0.9 >80/90 Yes 2 Years

SMAlux LED Floor Light

SMAlux LED floor lights are designed in a concise style, the lamp body can be reversible to be up or down on its frames, providing different light effects without extra wiring.

SMAlux LED floor lights use high-quality LED chips which is helpful to reduce the attenuation of light. Relying on high-end LED chips, excellent LED drivers and optical lenses, patented shape and structure, and internal anti-counterfeiting mark, SMAlux LED floor lights to provide market protection from competitors.

SMAlux LED floor lights are certified by UL, CE, RoHS, SAA, NOM, etc. The certifications are regularly updated, therefore, the quality of the products are well guaranteed.

Compared to traditional floodlights, SMAlux LED floor lights can help to save the maintenance fee and replacement cost for you.

SMAlux LED floor lights can be customized for different taste and needs, our engineer team will try the best to satisfy your request, so any of your inquiry of floor lights are warmly welcome!

LED Floor Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What are LED Floor Lights?

LED floor lights are tall light lamps that stand on the floor and illuminate light from a higher position in the room.

LED floor light

 LED Floor Light

Are LED Floor Lights Dimmable?

Yes, LED floor lights are dimmable.

They have a special design with a switch that you can use to switch it on and off.

The same switch complete with a brightness level memory acts as the brightness controller of the LED floor lights.

How Does Modern LED Floor Lights Compare to Traditional Floor Lights?

Modern LED floor lights are more durable with a longer lifespan in comparison to traditional floor lights.

On the same note, modern LED floor lights last for more than 50,000 hours approximately 6 years of continuous use.

Traditional floor lights produce a lot of heat in comparison to the modern LED lights which are cooler.

Modern LED floor lights conserve a lot of energy in comparison to the traditional floor light which consume excess power.

It is cheaper to acquire and maintain modern LED floor light in comparison to the traditional floor lights.

What’s more, modern LED floor lights are brighter and dimmable which is not available in traditional floor lights.

The quality of light from LED floor lights is very high in comparison to that of the traditional floor lights.

LED floor lights can also emit a wider spectrum of colors which is not possible in traditional floor lights.

Traditional floor lights can emit light at 360 degrees in comparison to the 180-degree angle from LED floor lights.

LED floor lights are available in different sizes which is not possible with traditional floor lights with standard sizes.

Are SMAlux LED Floor Lights Certified?

Yes, SMAlux LED floor lights under various quality checks and certifications before releasing to the market.

Some of the certifications include:

  • ISO 9001 and 14001 Certification
  • CE, FC, UL, SAA, ETL, Inmetron, NOM, DLC and TUV Rheinland Certification.

What is Smart LED Floor Light?

Smart LED floor lights feature modern technological innovations for convenience and reliability. For instance, smart LED floor lights feature:

  • Integrated sensor system
  • Different control modes
  • Automatic lighting mode where the brightness adjusts according to the surrounding light conditions
  • Ability to control LED floor light using a smartphone

Remember, the capability of the smart LED floor light will depend on the design capability.

Does SMAlux have a Warranty?

Yes, SMAlux has a 2-year warranty for proper servicing and maintenance on all its products.

How Many Types of LED Floor Lights are there?

There are different types of LED floor lights available depending on the use and location within a room.

Some of them include:

  • Color Changing LED floor lights
  • Dimmable LED floor lights
  • Modern LED Arc floor lights
  • Living room LED Arc floor lights

Where Can You Use LED Floor Lights?

You can use LED floor light in different parts of a room such as:

  • Living room LED floor lights
  • Dining room LED floor lights
  • Bedroom LED floor lights
  • Office LED floor lights

Apart from that, you can use it in combination with other lamps and light fixtures.

The purpose of the LED floor lights will also determine the location of the LED floor lights.

For instance, you can use LED floor lights in the reading room.

Are there New Technologies SMAlux Integrate in LED Floor Lights?

SMAlux LED Floor Light

SMAlux LED Floor Light

Yes, there are different new technologies that SMAlux is integrating in LED floor lights.

Some of them include:

  • Dimming technology in LED floor lights
  • WIFI controlled LED floor lights
  • Smart floor light technology

What is SMAlux Lead-time for LED Floor Light?

SMAlux lead time for floor light depends on the type of floor lights that you need.

Simple floor lights in-stock usually have the shortest lead time and you will be able to receive your goods.

Custom LED floor lights will take longer than other types because they are not in stock.

Does SMAlux Design Custom LED Floor Lights for OEM Business?

Yes, SMAlux designs custom LED floor lights for the original equipment manufacturer business.

It has a team of 6 R&D engineers with enough experience in designing different types of LED floor lights.

How Does SMAlux Protect its LED Floor Lights from Counterfeits?

SMAlux protects LED floor lights from counterfeits by having original design manufacturer logo or anti-counterfeiting mark on their products.

The logo is a representation that the equipment is original and it comes straight from SMAlux.

Apart from that, the anti-counterfeiting mark protects the consumer from the exploitation of other competitors.

How Much Power Does LED Floor Lights Use?

LED floor lights consume very little power of about 10 W to light up the floor lights.

This is very low in comparison to other floor lights and you will save a lot of power and hence power bills.

Are LED Floor Lights Energy-Efficient?

Yes, LED floor lights are energy efficient.

The LED floor lights save a lot of energy

What is the Color Temperature Range for LED Floor Lights?

 Color temperature for LED Light

Color temperature for LED Light – Photo courtesy: Rich Brilliant Willing

At room temperature LED floor lights are dark especially before you power it on.

Once you power it on, it begins to heat up to 1500 kelvin changing color to red.

At a temperature of 2700 kelvin, it changes color to a warm glow of yellow.

As it heats up to 4200 kelvins, it becomes bright white.

If it reaches 5500 kelvins, it changes color to blue.

What is LED Floor Light Power Factor?

LED floor light power factor is the minimum requirement or rating of LED floor lights acceptable in different regions.

For instance, the United States Department of Energy requires the minimum power factor at 0.7 for domestic LED lights.

The department has also set the minimum power factor for commercial LED lights at 0.9.

How many Lighting Effects Can LED Floor Lights Produce?

LED floor lights produce different lighting effects depending on the time you are using it.

For instance, when you install a new LED floor light, it will produce a muddy color effect.

To fight such occurrences, manufacturers came up with the idea of developing LED floor lights according to the color rendering index.

This will assist in coming up with the best lighting effect that you need to decorate your room.

What LED Floor Lights Design Ideas are there?

There are quite a number of LED floor lights designs available.

This is exclusive of the custom designs which you can come up with the help of design engineers.

You can either choose designs that light upwards to the ceiling, downwards towards the ground sideways or in every direction.

Apart from that you need to consider the height and the orientation of the floor lights.

How Long Will LED Floor Light Last?

LED floor lights are durable and can operate up to 50, 000 hours or 6 years of continuous lighting.

This may vary according to the type of LED floor lights that you are using and how you are using it.

The lifespan will, therefore, range from 20,000 hours, 30,000 hours, and even up to 90,000 hours.

What is Integrated LED Light?

Integrated LED lights have LEDs being part and parcel of the entire fixture.

It can either be on a strip, disc, or panel as long as the diodes of the LED lights are in the fixture.

You will rarely or totally miss a standard socket for integrated LED bulbs.

Do LED Floor Lights Produce Blue Light?

Yes, LED floor lights produce blue light at specific temperatures.

As the LED floor light glow the temperature increases as it changes the color of light it emits.

At 5500 kelvins, LED floor lights will produce blue light.

How Do LED Floor Lights Work?

LED Floor Light

LED Floor Light – Adapti Vision

LED floor lights work under the same principle as other LED lights.

First, you should note that LED floor light bulbs are semi-conductors.

Once you switch on the power, an electric current passes through the power supply all the way to the LED bulbs.

The electric current triggers the flow of electrons which makes the semiconductor to glow into light.

Do LED Floor Lights Contain Heavy and Hazardous Elements like CFLs and Fluorescent?

No, LED floor lights do not contain hazardous elements like CFL’s and Fluorescents lights.

They are safe and environmentally friendly for use in our homes and other lighting environments.

How Do LED Floor Lights Direct Light?

LED floor light directs light to specific points at an angle of 180 degrees.

It creates pools, spots, and scallops of lighting instead of even illumination.

Does the Brightness of LED Floor Lights Decrease with Time?

As much as the LEDs are long-lasting, they usually lose their performance and brightness as time goes by.

It can be a result of bad heat sinking leading to a build of heat thus reducing the brightness of light.

What is L70?

L70 is the time it will take for a source of light to degrade up to 70% of the original value.

You can measure it in hours and refers to the degradation of total light output in lumens.

How Does Heat Cause LED Floor Light Failure?

Heat causes LED floor light failure by dissipating light that decrease exponentially as a function of temperature and time.

This happens when the temperature is too high within a tight LED light fixture and the surrounding environment.

What is Design Lights Consortium?

Design Lights Consortium is an efficiency program for energy under North Eastern Efficiency Partnership (NEEP).

It promotes high efficiency, high quality, lighting solution in commercial lighting all over Canada and US.

Do LED Floor Lights Work Best with Mains Circuit or Low Voltage?

LED floor lights are low voltage devices and will work best under low voltage.

The voltage rating will also vary according to the type of LED floor lights you are using.

Are LED Floor Lights Waterproof?

Yes, you can opt for an LED floor light that is waterproof.

Waterproof option is an additional feature that will cost you more than the others.

How Much Do SMAlux Sell LED Floor Lights?

SMAlux sells LED floor lights at different prices.

The cost of the LED floor lights varies depending on the type of LED floor lights you need.

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