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If you are looking for high-quality LED garage lights for long-lasting light for business, SMAlux is your good choice. We have a wide variety of LED garage lights developed through state of the art technology. SMAlux will give you excellent lighting experience in your business.

If you’re not sure which LED garage lights suits your application, please contact us today!


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LED Garage Lights Aging Test
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LED Garage Lights projects

Questions You May Ask About Your LED Garage Lights Orders

How to determine the best LED garage lights?

All LED lights are great lighting solutions over traditional ones like fluorescent. Determining the best considered a lot of factors, including space. Our designers will work closely with you about it.

Can order different model at a time?

Yes sure. Please feel free to choose the ideal lighting solutions, you preferred. We will support your order.

Do accept customize orders?

We do. We can completely design and develop custom LED garage lights through our high tech production equipment ft. professional engineers.

SMAlux LED Garage Lights

Are you looking for high-quality LED lights for garage? Worry no more. SMAlux got your covered. We have a variety of LED garage lights types, shapes, and dimensions. Some lights can be surface or suspended mount from the ceiling.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Surely, you can easily choose the appropriate lighting for your project.

SMAlux LED garage light made for longer-lasting lighting. It is more energy-efficient and brighter than traditional lighting like fluorescent and metal halide.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

The SMAlux LED garage offers excellent brightness into the garage area. Efficiently distribute and generate light to the space. Boost safety, visibility, and efficiency with SMAlux LED garage lighting solutions.

Our LED garage lights come with various advantageous features. Automatic on/off switch, pull chain is one. Another, it has linkable features that allow for continuous mounting. Lower lighting maintenance cost because our lightings built to last. Our LED garage lights play an important role to avoid costly maintenance.

SMAlux LED garage light improve illumination of your garage. Also, we have stylish and unique LED lights perfectly match your space. Perfectly works in small warehouses, storage rooms, workstations, mechanical shops, and other professional garages.


In any other garages, SMAlux has LED light you are looking at. However, if you are not sure which LED lights in garage best choice for your application, no problem, our team is here to help. Our personnel got the expertise and knowledge to support your order.

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SMAlux is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED garage light in China. We offer high-quality lightings at affordable rates.

Moreover, we have best garage lighting options for you including LED high bays, LED shop lights, LED vapor tight fixtures, LED strip lights and so on. Take advantage of SMAlux selection of LED garage lights.

Whether used in residential or commercial, our LED garage lighting fixture is your perfect lighting solution. It is professionally crafted though our capable machinery such as plastic injection machines and precision laser cutting machine. For custom solutions, we can design and develop smart lighting solutions independently.

Each and every LED garage light has been through rigorous testing during the production and before ship out. Our qualified and professional controllers ensure LED garage lights are in high standard form.

SMAlux with ISO9001 and ISO4001 certification, you can ensure LED garage light exceed your expectations. SMalux has been in the business for over 22 years.

ISO Certification

We had well-founded capabilities you are looking for a trustworthy manufacturer and factory. We have the competence to help you grow and elevate your business.

As market trends fast evolved, we also actively generate new creative ideas to come up with innovative lighting solutions. If you are looking for one-stop solution, you must go with SMAlux.

For further information about SMAlux LED lights for garage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have an active 24/7 online sales team that will accommodate your request anytime.

LED Garage Lights: The Ultimate FAQ Guides

Before you import LED garage lights from China, you need to know the designs, types, cost, limitations, material and quality certifications, just to mention a few.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is LED Garage Light?

An LED Garage Light is a super bright downward garage lighting that is screwed onto the ceiling to light a surface area.

It consists of LED technology with high quality diodes that produce around 6,000 lumens and more.

LED Garage Lights produce around 6,000K thus saving up to 60-85% energy.

It has a unique wide-angle design with every wing being 900adjustable giving it the perfect light distribution curve depending on your application.

The light, therefore, covers a total 3600area.

LED garage light

LED garage light

What are the Different Types of LED Garage Lights available in the Market?

There are several LED Garage Lights that one can choose for their garage lighting.

They differ based on aspects such as the lumen output, design, and purpose among others.

Some of the different types of LED Garage Lights available in the market are:

  • LED Shop Lights for Garage
  • LED Deformable Garage Light
  • 80W Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights 9000 Lumens
  • Garage Lights with 4 Adjustable Panels
  • 80W Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights 12000 LM CRI 80 Led Shop Lights for Garage
  • LED Garage Lights
  • Utility Led Garage Lighting Shop for Basement
  • 6500Lumens Deformable Trilights Garage Ceiling Light
  • Led Garage Ceiling Lights Deformable 6000LM 60W with 3 Adjustable Panel for Garage

What are the Uses of an LED Garage Light?

LED Garage Lights are highly versatile as they are used wide applications.

LED Garage Lights can be used for:

  • Home Garage
  • Warehouse
  • Mechanic shops
  • Barn
  • Storage room
  • Office
  • Carport
  • Utility
  • Station
  • Corridors
  • Supermarket
  • Industrial workstation
  • Display area
  • Workshop

What is the Design of LED Garage Light?

The design of LED Garage Lights is adjustable deformable design.

LED Garage Lights have a 900 angle with 4 adjustable wings making the garage light cover a 3600 area in a wide space.

You can, therefore, adjust the angle well so there is no dead angle in the garage.

Depending on the specific place on the ceiling where you position the LED Garage Light, it will illuminate the specific area well thus improving visibility.

What are the Advantages of LED Garage Light?

Some of the factors that make LED Garage Light stand out are:

  • Foldable as they are more advanced than traditional bulbs. LED Garage Lights have LED panel wings that are easily adjustable.

They can be folded when not in use and flattened when in use to illuminate a specific area.

This makes them suitable for garage lighting.

  • Non-flickering hence protecting eyes from potential damage.

LED Garage Lights have a constant flow of current which ensures that the circuit is not cut short hence preventing flickering.

  • Lights a wide space area addressing shade and blind spot problems. This device has a 3600illumination angle which facilitates this property.
  • Has upgraded panel thus allowing better heat dissipation.

LED Garage Lights have a heat sink where the generated heat is passed through as it cooled using cooling fan.

As such, the device does not emit heat as other common bulbs.

  • Instant light as they light without delay.

LED Garage Lights have semiconductors and diodes which facilitate flow of current the moment the particles are charged.

As such, the LED Garage Lights instantly goes on when activated.

  • Has CRI of ≥85 thus restoring the actual colors of the world
  • They are cost-effective; the energy usage, maintenance and performance costs of LED Garage Lights are not high.

Besides, while the initial costs are high you do not spend much on replacements.

  • No/low maintenance costs; you do not have to replace the LED Garage Lights for a very long time hence you spend nothing or small costs.
  • Longer lifespan; LED Garage Lights have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours.

Since you can use the device for almost 12 to 20 years, you do not have to frequently replace it hence saving on costs.

  • They are super bright lighting every corner of a garage and improving visibility.

The degree of brightness of LED Garage Light is due to a higher lumen of close to 6,000lms.

  • Durable; LED Garage Light is highly durable as it is made with Aluminum panel that makes a better heat dissipation.

Aluminum material has high temperature, heat and corrosion resistance improving the stability, strength and durability of the LED Garage Lights over time.

What are the Key Parts of an LED Garage Light?

LED Garage Lights are made in such a way that they are energy efficient, have a longer lifespan and instantly turns on.

As such, there are specific parts included to help provide these properties.

Even so, the main parts of an LED Garage Light include:

  • High end LED Chip
  • Aluminum alloy light heads
  • LED 4/3 panels
  • Efficient Heat dissipation system
  • Aeronautical material
  • Heat sink
  • Adjustable lamp holder

Which Quality Certificates do LED Garage Lights Manufacturers offer?

Whether it is from the color rendering index, color temperature, or appearance design, LED Garage Lights are certified by a series of professional standards.

Quality tests are done during the design, manufacture, and on finished products to ensure that they are high quality, safe, and appropriate for use.

Some of the quality certifications are:

What are the Features of an LED Garage Light?

LED Garage Lights are replacing traditional bulbs as the most suitable lighting device for garages.

Some of the features that make up an LED Garage Light more popular include:

  • Highly durable
  • Longer service life
  • Easy to install
  • A deformable adjustable design
  • Super bright thus improving visibility
  • Vision friendly
  • Energy efficiency at around 65-85%.
  • Versatile as it is used in wide applications
  • Low wattage consumption
  • Waterproof with IP rating of 65
  • Health and environmentally friendly
  • Have antiglares

How does LED Garage Light and Common Bulbs compare?

LED Garage Lights have several advantages over Common Bulbs.

Some of the ways in which these lighting solutions compare are:

· Heat Emission

Common Bulbs are often warm to touch as they have filaments which burn out thus producing heat.

LED Garage Lights, on the other hand, have a heat sink which dissipates all the heat and cools the device.

As such, LED Garage Lights are cold to touch.

· Brightness

Common Bulbs often have higher wattage with low lumens while LED Garage Lights have fewer watts with higher lumens.

Due to this factor, LED Garage Lights are super bright. Common Bulbs are bright but not as LED lights.

· Life Span

Common bulbs have a lifespan of around 3,000 hours due to their ability to burn out.

LED Garage Lights have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours taking long before they burn out.

And they take 12 to 20 years before replacement if they are on 8 hours a day.

· Daylight Balanced Color Temperatures

LED Garage Lights have a wide range of color temperature ranging from warm to cool colors.

When you look at the kelvin scale, you notice that there is as low as 300k to as high as 6000K.

Common Bulbs do not have color temperatures/a wide range.

· Lower Electricity Consumption

LED Garage Lights consume less electricity making them energy efficient.

Common Bulbs are not energy efficient as LED Garage Lights.

Out of all the watts consumed by an LED Garage Light, only 80% is used by the device.

Common bulbs use 100% of their wattsand this contributes to high electricity costs.

· Instant On

LED Garage Lights turn on instantly immediately you turn them on.

In comparison, Common Bulbs experience a delay when switched on.

They take a long time to warm up. This feature makes them unsuitable for colder temperatures.

· Illumination Range

LED Garage Lights have an illumination range of 3600 as they are equipped with a wide-angle lighting design.

You can adjust the LED panels to whichever way you desire hence lighting your garage without a dead angle or blind spot.

Common Bulbs have a good illumination range but are not adjustable as LED Garage Lights.

How do you Install an LED Garage Light?

Garage light

Garage light

Installing an LED Garage Light is quite easy and convenient as installing a traditional bulb.

You do not require professional electricians, wiring or tools to install an LED Garage Light.

It is as simple as screwing the lighting on the ceiling.

First, turn off the power before installation.

Next, screw the LED Garage Light by rotating it tightly using a connector.

Screw it to the ceiling of your garage until it is stable enough.

What are the Safety Precautions to Consider when Using an LED Garage Light?

When using an LED Garage Light, you have to consider the following safety precautions:

  • Since some LED Garage Lights are not waterproof, outdoor use is not allowed. It is however important to understand that some are waterproof.
  • During operation, you have to cut off the power of the LED Garage Light.
  • When fixing LED Garage Lights do not over tighten them because it damages the lights
  • You should not stare at the lights for too long or close because they are bright and may damage the eye. Typically, excessive light hurts bare eyes.
  • Do not use an LED Garage Light in a damp environment.

Do LED Garage Lights have a Warranty?

Yes, they do.

LED Garage Lights have a warranty of over 2 years.

If a consumer has any problems with their LED Garage Lights during the 2 years, they can return them to their supplier.

However, these have to malfunctions/defects associated with the production of the product.

Any defect caused by user to the physical aspects of the LED Garage Light cannot be corrected as the warranty does not cover such issues.

Is the Light Direction of LED Garage Lights Adjustable?

Absolutely, yes.

LED Garage Lights are around 900 adjustable.

You can fold 3/4 or more panels of LED Garage Lights from 00to 900.

As such, you can adjust any angle you seek to light up your garage without any blind spot.

In doing so, you achieve directional lighting covering 3600 of a specific garage area.

The adjusting of the LED Garage Light is usually done manually allowing you to make the changes as you wish.

What is the Lifespan of a LED Garage Light?

The lifespan of LED Garage Lights is around 50,000 hours.

It has upgraded Aluminum fins for cooling hence facilitating durability and stability under maximum performance.

What are the Materials used to make an LED Garage Light?

LED Garage Lights are not only durable but also high temperature and corrosion resistant.

The materials used to provide these properties are:

  • High quality Aluminum; it is used to make the hollow structure enclosing the LED Garage Light parts as well as the chip.
  • Superior PVC

What is the Cost of LED Garage Light?

LED Garage Lights are cost-effective.

As consumption is lower, you can reduce electricity costs by 85%.

The cost performance is not high and this is seen in its low maintenance cost.

You save money in usage costs as well as replacement costs.

Furthermore, while the initial cost of an LED Garage Light could be high, it is cheap over time as you do not have to replace it frequently.

An LED Garage Light can cost around $50 dollars or more.

The prices of the LED Garage Light depend on whether you buy from a supplier or a broker.

Similarly, the price varies based on the type, size and quality of LED Garage Light.

How do you Choose LED Garage Lights?

Custom LED gerage light

Custom garage light

The reality is that there are plenty of LED Garage Lights available to buy for your garage lighting.

These garage lights come in different color temperatures, sizes, wattages, lumens and weight.

Due to these options, it is difficult to buy the right LED Garage Light for your garage, especially if you are not sure of what your garage requires.

Some of the things to look out for when choosing an LED Garage Light are:

· Brightness

Garages usually receive very little natural light hence it is important to use bright downlighting all through the space.

LED lights are the best choice as they do not require warm up, they light instantly.

They can also withstand the low or hot weather conditions in the garages.

An LED Garage Light with Lumens of 6,000lm is suitable for lighting a garage.

You therefore have to put into consideration the degree of brightness of the LED Garage Light that you choose.

· Color Rendering Index

A quality LED Garage Light should have a CRIof 80+.

This degree of CRI makes objects appear real and authentic, rather than artificial.

· Lifespan

How long an LED Garage Light takes is important when choosing which one to use.

Considering that the initial cost of LED Garage Lights is high, you have to find one that can last for a long time.

The contributing factors to whether an LED Garage Light cuts off or not are the materials used within the light and the heat dissipation efficiency.

Lifespan is a key reason why should select an LED Garage Light.

· Lumen vs Watt

When choosing an LED Garage Light, you should compare the lumen output to get the suitable lighting as you want.

LED Garage Lights that produce more lumens light a room well than those that produce less lumens.

One should, therefore, place more emphasis on this aspect when buying an LED Garage Light.

· Color Temperature

Garage lighting requires white color.

When making your choice, you should pick an LED Garage Light with a white color of around 6,000K.

An LED Garage Light with less color temperature will not illuminate a space area well.

You measure color temperature using a Kelvin scale from warm to cool colors.

Garage lighting requires a color temperature brighter than natural light, and 6,000k is suitable.

· Energy Efficiency

For somebody that spends a great deal of their time in a garage, LED Garage Light is the best lighting device.

LED Garage Lights are energy efficient saving up to 88% on energy bills.

One should, therefore, choose an energy saving garage light.

· Size

Typically, the size of your LED Garage Light depends on the layout of your garage.

One may require a big, medium or small LED Garage Light.

It is up to the user to choose what suits their garage.

· Easy Installation

The LED Garage Light that you choose has to be easy to install.

Although it is a least considered factor when choosing an LED Garage Light to purchase, it is still important.

Easy installation saves you a lot of money and effort.

The LED Garage Light should be easy to set up in your garage or have simple instructions on how to set up.

Are there Limitations to LED Garage Lights?

The benefits of LED Garage Lights far outweigh the limitations of LED Garage Lights.

Even so, some of the limitations of LED Garage Lights include:

Custom LED garage light system

Custom LED garage light system

· Waterproof Capabilities

There are some LED Garage Lights that are not waterproof yet they have to be used outdoors if not indoors.

Also, as they are not waterproof, you cannot use LED Garage Lights in damp areas.

· Price

The initial price of the LED Garage Lights is usually high.

It is very expensive in comparison to a conventional light bulb.

Low income earners may not be able to afford LED Garage Lights thus opting for the latter.

· Transformer Compatibility

LED Garage Lights are developed in such a way that they can be used with specific types of transformers.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right LED Garage Light that is compatible with a particular transformer.

· Color Shift

Although LED Garage Lights have a CRI of 80+, over the device’s life it could change its color.

As such, the device loses its color gradually not being super bright as it was in the beginning. It, therefore, impairs visibility.

Exposure to UV causes the LED Garage Light to yellow thus negatively its brightness.

· Standard

Up until now, performance standardization has not yet been streamlined.

As such, different LED Garage Lights do not perform in the same way.

Each lighting device performs to their optimum.

In places like America, all lighting products sold in this market are subject to industry standards governing governance and safety.

Sadly, this has to not been leveled.

· Temperature Sensitivity

Typically, the quality of diode lighting relies on the ambient operating temperature.

The LED module can burn when some changes occur at high temperatures.

Any changes that occur are usually on the parameters of the electricity passing through semiconductor elements.

Usually, this occurs when the LED Garage Light is used in places exposed to high temperatures.

How much Power do LED Garage Light Use?

LED Garage Lights use around 60 – 80 watts, and this equals around 6500K – 8500K.

With less wattage, LED Garage Lights can illuminate a large space area thus improving visibility.

LED Garage Lights do not consume as much power as other conventional lighting devices making them the most efficient.

Do LED Garage Lights Overheat?


LED Garage Lights do not overheat because they have a dissipation system that absorbs the heat that is produced following the production of current.

It is then cooled using a cooling fan thus no heat is emitted when it is switched on.

Instead of being released as heat, the current is converted to light.

Besides, LED Garage Lights have a hollow aluminum alloy structure that is high temperature resistance improving the cooling efficiency.

When you touch the structure, it is cold hence it does not contribute to physical injuries.

Are LED Garage Light System IP Rated?

IP Rating

IP rating

IP is Ingress Protection which is characterized as the level of protection that lighting solutions have against intrusion by moisture, dust, water and solid objects.

Usually, IP rating is denoted with IPXY with X showing the lighting device’s protection against solid particles and dust ranging between 0 to 6.

Y, on the other hand, denotes protection against intrusion by moisture/vapor or water.

Usually, Y is a number between 0 and 8.

When choosing Garage lighting, it is imperative to take note of the IP Rating.

Workshops and garages are often exposed to high levels of dust and moisture.

LED Garage Lights often have an IP Rating of IP65 with the 6 and 5 as protection against dust and water respectively.

You can, therefore, use an LED Garage Light in a damp or dusty space.

Should you consider Watts or Lumen when Choosing LED Garage Lights?

Foldable garage light

Foldable garage light

While wattage is the measure of used amount of energy, lumen is the measure of the amount of light emitted.

You should consider lumens over watts when choosing LED Garage Lights.

In regards to LED technology, there are 100 lumens per watt.

As such, 6000 lumens are 60 Watts. One calculates the lumen on a single wattage by dividing the total lumen with the total wattage.

A high lumen LED Garage Light is better than a low wattage light fixture.

A low wattage LED Garage Light can illuminate a space with a high lumen lighting.

Since the main aim of LED Garage Lights is to save energy, naturally they will consume fewer watts.

That said, measuring brightness using watts is pointless. Instead, users should look for lumens when choosing LED Garage Lights.

For all your questions or inquiries on LED garage lights, you can contact SMAlux team now.