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Do you project energy saving lighting

Yes, energy-saving smart light is our main purpose to support our customers and users.

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We also specialize in the delivery process. We have plenty of skilled staff to make it fast and secure.

Quality services

Quality services from producing to packing are offered.

SMAlux- Your LED Grow Lights Reliable and Trusted Manufacturer in China

SMAlux LED Grow Lights designed to support plants. It supports plants grow healthy even without seeing natural sunlight. 聽With the help of high quality, SMAlux led grow to light, you can be able to yield an excellent harvest. LED grow lights are functional and useful than other lighting systems. It provides the same lighting while you are saving energy consumptions. It emits low heat of usage because it never burns anything to provide light.

SMAlux has a lot of led grow lights selection. You can choose your ideal functions such as remote control LED grow lights. There are remote control lights where you can set your desired time to provide lights. We created rotatable or adjustable led grow lights so you can control your light heights. There are many options in our market. You can choose your ideal led grow lights suited to your plant project.

SMAlux led grow lights are the most versatile lighting for this type of project. Commonly, the most popular lights are wideband led grow lights. It provides super bright lights for plants so it can grow healthier. It provides lights 1xES300 per 21 ft light coverage. The latest trend are quantum board led grow lights. It spread the same level of lights for uniform growing. Enjoy our beneficial and functional led grow lights while receiving acceptable and reasonable prices according to its features. Perfect harvest comes from our perfect and excellent lighting production.

If you are finding the best quality of led grow lights for your plant project, SMAlux will be your great supplier. We always ensure the quality products we provide to each of our customers. To make it sure, we check your ordered product first before we deliver. You can also sure that your led grow light orders will be arrived on-time according to your request.

SMAlux and staff joined their forces to support your project. This is our main purpose in manufacturing. We focus on the client鈥檚 satisfaction and convenient process. We have our own expert team in engineering that ensures the perfect research to fabricate functional and effective led grow lights. They are professional from assembling, designing, to personalize your orders. We create and provide thousands of colors in manufacturing smart lighting.

You can trust our quality services proven by our big-time clients. They trust our lighting products for many years in handling a business. SMAlux is the most popular and leading fabricator of smart lighting in this industry. We have plenty of friendly employees to guide your whole process in a safe and fastest way.

If this is your first time about purchasing products, don鈥檛 worry. We are capable to handle the whole of your process. We can suggest the best way of process for you so you can be an expert as well.

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LED Grow Light: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you import LED grow lights from China, read this guide.

It covers everything you have been looking for about grow lights such as uses, advantages, power consumption and specifications, just to mention a few.

So, if you want to be an expert in LED grow lights, read this guide.

What are LED Grow Lights?

LED grow lights are energy-efficient lights that you can use as an indoor grower to grow different types of crops.

What are the Uses of the LED Grow Lights?

LED grow lights often act as supplements to natural lights responsible for growing of different types of crops.

Implying that you can use LED grow lights for the following agricultural applications:

  • Horticulture
  • Indoor Gardening
  • Plant Propagation
  • Propagation of hydroponics as well as aquatic plants.

It produces different light spectrums that plants require to make their food and hence enable proper growth.

You can use LED lights during the winter season, where the plants hardly get enough sunlight to boost overall crop yield.

Apart from that, LED grow lights often focus on the right plant parts, thus minimizing wastage of energy through plant canopy.

In addition to that, you will use LED grow lights to save energy since LED lights use very little power.

What are the Advantages of Using LED Grow Lights?

LED grow lights have numerous benefits over other different types of grow lights in the market.

One of the significant advantages of using LED grow lights is the efficiency of the LED grow lights in saving power.

It consumes very little energy, therefore, conserving much energy and reducing the power bills.

LED grow lights are also very compact and do not pose the same threat of exposure to intoxicating mercury if broken.

Additionally, LED grow lights can provide specific wavelengths of light, thus allowing customization for specific plants.

What鈥檚 more, LED grow lights are durable, thus allowing you a more extended period of use without replacements.

The cost of maintaining LED grow lights is also meager due to the high levels of the durability of LED grow bulbs.

LED grow light

聽LED grow light

Do LED Grow Lights Exhibit Any Disadvantages?

Unfortunately, LED grow lights also exhibit a few disadvantages.

One of the most considerable disadvantages that you will experience with LED grow lights is the initial high-cost of purchase.

The cost of purchasing LED grow lights are often high even though you will realize the benefits as you use them.

Do You Supply Solar Powered LED Grow Lights?

Yes, we supply solar-powered LED grow light at your request.

All you have to do is, provide the specifications of the type of solar LED grow lights that you need.

Among the types of solar-powered LED grow light we supply include off-grid and grid-tied powered LED grow lights.

How Much Power Do LED Grow Lights Consume?

Well, the amount of power that the LED grow lights consume usually depends on the type of LED grow light in use.

The main point that you have to note is the fact that LED grow lights do not consume much power.

You can use the LED Grow Light Electricity Calculator to know how many watts per hour the lights consume.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Calculating the Amount of Power of LED Grow Lights?

When calculating the amount of power that LED grow lights consume, you should look at the following factors.


聽LED grow light

路 Size of the Entire System

The larger the system in use, the more power the LED grow lights will consume due to extensive coverage.

The more comprehensive the system, the more LD grow bulbs you will need to install thus more power consumption.

Time Taken

The higher the amount of time the LED grow lights takes with the power on, the higher the consumption rate.

路 Number of Lights

The higher the number of lights running, the more power the LED grow lights will consume to operate efficiently.

How many Colors of Light Do LED Grow Lights Produce?

Just like the sun, LED grow lights produce the full spectrum of light colors that the plants need to grow.

Here are the primary types of colors that you can get from the LED grow lights.

路 Ultra- Violet Light

This type of light usually produces stimulation of insect-repelling chemicals and protection from high light conditions.

It helps in the accumulation of pigment in the leaves, thus affecting plant and leaf morphology.

路 Visible Radiation Light

This spectrum of the light consists of the widest variety of colors, including violet, blue, blue-green, and green.

Apart from that, there are other colors, such as yellow-green, yellow, orange, and red colors.

These colors are responsible for the stimulation of stomatal opening, thicker leaves, and inhibition of stem elongation.

Apart from that, the colors are responsible for photoperiodic flowering and orientation to light.

What is the Difference Between LED Grow Lights and Fluorescent Grow Lights?

You can use the LED grow lights, or the fluorescent grow lights because both of them produce a full spectrum of light.

Despite that, LED grow lights are often better than fluorescent due to the friendliness to the plants, pockets, and environment.

LED grow lights are better for growing indoor plants with blue light boost for:

  • Stimulating the growth of healthy and robust roots
  • Enhancing the process of photosynthesis
  • Ensuring the peak of growth

Apart from the LED grow lights give out very little heat in comparison to the heat fluorescent grow lights produce.

Despite the high cost of purchasing LED grow lights, they are usually very effective and efficient than fluorescent grow lights.

LED grow lights are durable with the ability to serve you five times longer than the fluorescent grow lights.

Additionally, LED grow lights are also environmentally friendly with no mercury and limited possibility of shattering.

Which is the Right Intensity of Light for the Plants Under LED Grow Bulbs?

You will determine the intensity that the plant needs by looking at the brightness of the bulb.

Apart from that, the distance between the bulb and the plant will also determine the intensity the plants require.

Additionally, it would be best if you looked at the origin of the plant as they often require different light intensities.

You can have plants such as begonias and African violets at a distance of 10 to 12 inches from the light.

How Long Should the LED Grow Lights Be On?

Plants will require a rest from the LED grow lights at some point in the day for a few hours.

You must, therefore, switch off the LED grow lights and leave the plants in the darkness for a while.

During this period, the plants will have the opportunity to respire, which is very important for plant growth.

Different plants require different periods of light and darkness.

Implying that the duration with which the LED grow lights should be on will depend on the type of plants.

You can use the programmable power strips with inbuilt timers, thus making it simple to get the right duration.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Choosing LED Grow Lights?

When shopping for the LED grow lights, there are specific factors that you must take into account.

Here are the main factors that will require your consideration:

  • The type of plants that you intend to grow
  • The duration for growing the plants that you intend to grow
  • The height that the plants will reach after full growth
  • The position where you will install the plants
  • The mobility of the LED grow lights

How Much Do LED Grow Lights Cost?

Well, the cost of purchasing the LED grow lights is often high, but worth it in the long run.

Apart from that, you will realize that the cost will also vary according to the type of LED grow light that you need.

High quality LED grow lights often cost more than the low quality LED grow lights.

When it comes to size, you will pay more for a bigger LED grow lights than any other type of light.

Generally, the cost of LED grow lights range between 30 and 300 US dollars or more depending on the grow light.

What is the Best Light from LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants?

The best light from the LED grow light spectrum is a combination of a broad spectrum, including blue and red light.

The indoor plants will have a distinct response to the red and blue light spectrum, thus producing different results.

How Do LED Lights Compare to LED Grow Lights?

LED Grow light

LED Grow light system

LED lights and LED grow lights may seem to come from LED bulbs, thus posing some similarities.

Well, despite having the same source, LED lights and LED grow lights have differences such as:

路 Illumination Purposes

You will use the LED lights for illumination, especially in residential as well as commercial areas.

On the flip side, you will use the LED grow lights to encourage the growth of plants.

路 Light Variety

You can choose from different types of grow lights that will suit your budget as well as the type of crops to grow.

On the other hand, you will choose the type of LED light for different uses within the commercial and residential settings.

路 Available Colors

LED grow lights have a wider spectrum of colors in comparison to the LED lights, which have fewer colors.

How Many Types of LED Grow Lights are Available for Growing Different Types of Crops?

There are three main types of LED grow lights that you can choose from depending on size and shape.

Here are the main types of LED grow lights for growing different types of crops.

  • LED Grow Light Bulbs
  • LED Grow Light Bars
  • LED Grow Light Panels

Which is the Best LED Grow Light Color for Growing Different Types of Crops?

Plants require different colors of LED grow lights to perform different functions for healthy growth.

The best light for growing different types of crops is a combination of both red and blue light.

These lights are responsible for assisting different types of processes for the healthy growth of plants.

Generally, do not discriminate when it comes to the types of LED grow light colors.

Make sure that you purchase LED grow lights that are capable of producing the full spectrum of light colors.

How Do You Determine that a Plant has had Enough LED Grow Light?

Well, the symptoms of a plant having too much light will vary according to several different factors.

In most plants, you will know that a plant has had enough light when the leaves begin to turn brown.

Apart from that, you will note that the tip of the leaves will start curling.

In addition to that, you will see edges developing around the leaves.

Which Factors Should You Consider When Choosing the Right Type of LED Grow Lights?

When shopping for LED grow lights, there are specific tips that you can follow for the best results.

Here are the best tips that will guide you through making the best choice for LED grow lights.

  • Determine the type of crops that you will grow
  • Know the surface area of the crops that you intend to grow
  • Look at the durability of the LED grow lights
  • Consider the LED grow lights that have photosynthetically active radiation
  • Ensure that the LED grow lights come complete with a proper cooling system
  • Look for the type of LED grow light that you can easily program
  • Have a proper budget as the LED grow lights don鈥檛 come cheaps

What is the Significance of LED Grow Lights Color Temperature to the Growing of Crops?

The color temperature of LED grow light does not mean much to the growth of crops.

There are specific colors and types of lights within the light spectrum that plants require.

In that case, the temperature never means so much except for the fact that it must never be too high.

Very high color temperatures may be dangerous to the plants as they may burn the leaves of the plants.

Which Factors Must You Consider with LED Grow Lights to Ensure Maximum Growth Yield?

Well, since you will be growing different types of crops indoors, you will require different lumen per square foot.

In that case, the optimal light from the LED grow lights should be between 7000 to 7500 lumen per square foot.

Plants that require minimum lighting must have the lumen at approximately 2000 lumen per square foot.

In case the plant requires mid-range measurements, then it should have about 5000 lumens per square foot.

In the vegetative state, the plants will require between 2000 to 3000 lumens for the perfect results.

Finally, in the flowering stage, you will set the LED grow lights to produce between 5000 to 10000 lumens.

How far Should the LED Grow Lights be from the Plants for Perfect Growth?

The distance between the LE grow light, and the plant should vary depending on the type of crops you are growing.

The reason behind it is, different types of plants will require different light intensities.

Generally, the distance from the top of the plant to the light should be between 12 to 30 inches.

As the plants grow tall, you will have to adjust the distance between the light and the plants to maintain distance.

You must also note that the distance will not be constant and will vary depending on:

  • The wattage of the LED grow bulb
  • Type of plants you are growing
  • Quantity of Ambient Light

Why are Most of the LED Grow Lights Purple in Color?

LEDs grow often seem to be purple while they are not purple.

The light often appears to be purple due to the color of the different diodes in use.

In many cases, the color of diodes in use for the LED grow lights are blue and red.

Implying that the combination of all these colors, including blue and red, will appear purple.

How Do You Set-Up an Indoor Plant Growing Area with the LED Grow Lights?

LED grow light

LED grow light

Setting up an indoor LED grow light will make the difference in crop success and crop failure.

Well, to avoid crop failure, you can follow these tips when setting up the LED grow lights.

  • Look at the space that you have for setting up the LED grow lights.
  • Depending on the crops that you are growing, you must consider proper spacing between the plants.
  • You will set up the plants in a particular position where the lights will illuminate the whole room.

At SMAlux, we design and manufacture high grade LED grow lights for unique gardening needs.

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