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SMAlux LED Gym Light from CE Lighting Limited is one of the leading manufacturer LED gym light. SMAlux have been developed with a commitment to fulfill the demanding needs of both industrial and commercial applications.

With 23 years of experience in the lighting industry, SMAlux has stringent requirements for performance, reliability, energy efficiency and maintenance-free operation. SMAlux can offer different standards of gym light, LED high bay lighting as your requests.

SMAlux LED Gym Light

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SMAlux LED Gym Light are offered in 50, 100, 150 and 200 watt models with 60°, 90°,  and 120° beam options. And also SMAlux can be provide OEM service. You can not only customize the products as you needs, but also print your brand logo on the product when your bulb order reached 1,000 pcs.

SMAlux LED Gym Light used unique UFO-shaped die cast aluminum body, with a better heat dissipation performance. Providing power full light beam, perfect for commercial space.

SMAlux LED Gym Light deliver outstanding value for a wide variety of retrofit and new construction projects such as warehouses, factories, hyper market, parking area, advertisement billboards, distribution centers, sport stadiums, etc.

SMAlux owns a 600m² centralab, accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), It means that SMAlux can better control the quality of our products.

In addition, SMAlux are able to provide customers with professional IES documents. SMAlux designer using professional lighting design software, and providing customers with illumination calculation analysis.

SMAlux offers LED Gym Light in our best quality with 5 years warranty. To ensure the High quality, there are over 50 QC technician on the mass production line to check every aspect before shipping.


Why is SMAlux LED Gym Light

Industry Leader
More than 23 years of experience in designing and manufacturing in the Gym Light
Auditable Facility
ISO9001, SA8000, and ISO14001 certified facility ensures gym light production process is strictly followed
Certified Products
Our understanding of safety standards all over the world allows to produce Gym Light that would meet your country’s safety requirements.

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We are very concerned about the profit margin of our customers. SMAlux LED Gym Light design is very unique. Between the cowl reflector and the LED Gym Light lamp body, we used 8 screw links, very easy to disassemble and follow.

You can transport the cowl reflector and the lamp body separately reassemble them in the destination country. This means you can save on shipping volume and save on transportation costs.

SMAlux can deliver your LED lights quickly, based on more than 500 workers on our line. We only need 3-7 days to complete the sample, and we only take 35 days of bulk orders over 50,000 pcs after receiving the deposit.

Send your LED Gym Light inquiry now, you can get a free quote within 8 hours from SMAlux. And let our business flourish!

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What is the best lighting for a gym?

Nowadays, most often mercury vapor lamps of different power are used to illuminate the gyms.

In addition to high power consumption and relatively low efficiency, such light sources have another major drawback: they contain hazardous materials such as mercury.

The presence of mercury in the composition of the lamps obliges to dispose of them in a special way, which translates into another point of expenditure.

For safety reasons, it is not recommended to cover the gyms with mercury-containing lamps, especially when it comes to school gyms.

The thing is that they can be broken due to some kind of impact (like ball hitting) and produce leak mercury in the environment.

Fortunately, there is a great alternative for such lamps – absolutely safe LED fixtures that do not have hazardous materials inside and do not require special disposal.

Gym with sports equipment

Why choose LED lights for gym lighting?

As it was said above, LEDs are far more secure than other lighting fixtures.

But this is not the only advantage.

LED gym lights are extremely efficient, which means that they use a lesser amount of electricity to produce a bigger amount of light.

Finally, LED gym lighting lamps are the most long-lasting solution available on the market.

How many LED lights are needed for the gym?

First of all, let’s mention that the Illumination has to be determined at the floor level, not at the level of the bulb itself.

This is important for the reason that the floor in the gyms is not always tiled or glossy, and most often it goes with a soft covering such as carpets or mats.

Naturally, the reflected light from such a surface will be much weaker than from a mirror gloss.

The second reason is that people can put mats in free places to practice there on their own, limiting the reflection even more.

Finally, the floor in the gym is the place where exercise machines and other sports equipment.

Your customers should see them clearly from each place in the gym.

That is why the illumination should be measured at floor level. 

The average standard is considered to be 350-400 Lumens per square meter, but it is possible to use more lumens if you wish to make your gym even brighter.

What is the best LED color temperature in the case of gym lighting?

The optimal color temperature (measured in kelvins) for gyms has to correspond to the sunlight.

Therefore, it is better to use lights with a neutral glow color.

Warmer tones affect those present oppressively, and cooler tones may cause rejection and a desire to leave the room.

The recommended color temperature figured out by SMAlux specialists is approximate 4000 kelvins.

LED gym lighting lumens and lux: What is the difference?

Luminous flux (it is also called “luminous power“) is measured in lumens.

The more lumens, the more light is produced by the LEDs.

So, the luminous flux characterizes the source of light, but the surface on which the light falls has another measurement of illuminance and luminous emittance: lux.

A light source with a luminous flux of 1 Lumen which uniformly illuminates a surface of 1 square meter creates an illuminance of 1 Lux on it.

What kind of LED gym lights are presented in SMAlux catalog?

There are three separate categories of gym lighting fixtures, presented in the SMAlux catalog:

  1. Gym floodlights.
  2. Gym street lights.
  3. Gym spotlights.

In the right combination, all the above-mentioned fixtures form an ideal lighting regime.

We’ll dig deeper into the features of each type of SMAlux gym lighting later in this FAQ.

How to choose gym LED fixtures: thinking of lumens or watts?

The power of the LED lamp is measured in watts.

In this case, it is the exact parameter used to show the amount of consumed energy for which we pay money when dealing with utility bills every month.

On the other hand, there are lumens, which show the luminous power of each lighting fixture.

Of course, a big advantage of gym LED lamps is their low power consumption and a larger amount of lumens at the same time.

Choosing LED fixtures, it is important to understand that in some cases lamps with the bigger amount of watts can produce lesser amount of light, so these are lumens that should be taken into consideration in the first place.

What are the main challenges of gym LED lighting application?

The gym is a special public place which has clear standards for lighting fixtures, which was already said in the previous questions.

However, a sufficient amount of light is not the only challenge for LED gym lights.

Firstly, such fixtures have to be protected from the physical impact (especially in the case of basketball courts, football fields and similar places where the risk of hitting the lamp is very high).

Also, if we are talking about gym LED fixtures for pools and bathrooms, they need to have a great waterproof rating to protect inner electric circuits.

Basketball court

Why is it good to use motion sensors and dimmers in the case of LED gym lighting?

Motion sensors and dimmers can be very useful in the case of LED gym fixtures for various reasons.

Dimmers are designed to help gym owners save their money because they can regulate the amount of produced light at a different time of the day.

When it is sunny outside, the amount of light can be reduced as well as the electricity costs. 

On the other hand, LED gym lights with motion sensors can be used in gym rooms, where the constant lights are not needed (such as locker room, toilet, etc.)

Using motion sensors gym owners can save tons of money as well.

And, both dimmers and motion sensors can help to increase the lifetime of LED lamps.

LED gym spotlights and floodlights: what is the difference?

LED gym floodlight fixtures produce scattered light.

This type of lighting has no harsh shadows, it falls at a wide-angle and fills space evenly.

Such lamps are used to cover wide areas in the room.

Spotlights, on the other hand, produce directed light.

It is also called drawing light because it creates pronounced shadows on objects.

Lamps of this type are needed to directly illuminate small areas, which require a bigger amount of lights.

Imagine a classic gym: LED floodlights can be used near the ceiling while spotlights can highlight dumbbell racks.

How to choose the beam angle for LED gym lights?

Another important thing to consider while choosing the LED gym lighting is beam angle because it determines how the light will be distributed.

There are two main types of beam angles: a narrow beam angle and a wide beam angle.

A narrow beam angle is ideal for accent lighting as it generates concentrated light which is intense and focused.

A wide beam angle helps to produce soft, general light and distributes it sufficiently to various areas of a gym.

SMAlux LED gym lights come with different beam angles.

For gym owners, we extremely recommend working with a lighting designer when choosing the beam angles of your LED gym lights.

IK rating: what is it and why you have to look at it while choosing the right LED gym lighting?

The IK code is an international classification of the degrees of protection provided by electrical enclosures from external mechanical influences.

It determines how the enclosures (housings) of electrical equipment can withstand mechanical effects (impacts).

In the case of the gym, it is highly important to choose LED lighting fixtures with sufficient IK rating, because in such facilities there is a huge possibility of damaging lighting fixtures with gym gear.

What benefits can LED lighting give to the gym?

Gym LED lights from SMAlux create high-quality, energy-efficient and durable lighting of indoor areas of any size and purpose, from large arenas to fitness centers.

Illumination of sports halls is regulated by various international standards, other rules and regulations.

The main requirement is a sufficient level of illumination, which varies in sports and size of the site.

There is a huge choice of gym LED fixtures with different luminous power available in the SMAlux catalog.

However, the main benefit lies in the extreme efficiency of gym LED lights, which can be used to save a lot of money for the gym owners.

SMAlux gym lights

Why do LED gym lights use less power than other lighting fixtures?

From the very beginning, It is important to note that the reduction of energy consumption does not affect the quality and strength of the LED gym lights generated the beam.

The main reason for high efficiency lies in the principle of the semiconductor light source. 

LED gym lamp is built based on a semiconductor crystal to emit visible light at the junction with the cathode electrode.

At the moment of the transition of electrons from the n-conductor zone to the p-type zone, their recombination occurs and energy is released in the form of elementary particles of electromagnetic radiation (photons).

All semiconductor elements emit a luminous flux (the release of energy in the form of photons), but the visible emission spectrum is seen due to the kind of materials from which the PN junction is made.

The power consumption of LED gym lights is very small due to the minimum expenditure of energy on the process of recombination of electrons and the release of energy in the form of photons.

Virtually all power consumption is spent on the generation of the visible beam.

In the process of luminescence, the semiconductor generates the minimum amount of heat removed by the metal structure of the heat sink.

Why the gym LED lights are more expensive than other types of lighting bulbs?

After a cursory study of the design of the gym LED lamp, it becomes clear why it is significantly more expensive than an incandescent lamp of similar luminous efficiency.

First of all, the LED lamp is much more complicated in terms of the number of elements and the complexity of their manufacture.

However, if you dismantle LED lamps from little-known manufacturers, you would not meet a single high-quality copy.

It is for this reason that such lamps serve at best for several months and we strongly do not recommend buying them but pay attention to LED lamps from reputable manufacturers, like SMAlux.

Such fixtures are more expensive, but they will last much longer.

Moreover, it is safe to say that the retail price of a good LED lamp will constantly decrease with the increasing scale of their production and in the next few years, we can expect a decrease in their cost by at least 20-30%.

Nevertheless, even at current prices, LED lamps to pay for themselves very quickly.

What kind of LED gym lighting can be used in the case of pools and showers?

In such a case, the light source that is not afraid of steam and splashes is needed.

The degree of gym LED fixture protection against liquids is indicated by the second digit in the IP marking.

The higher the number, the better the protection.

It is also important to take care of good insulation of wires, their installation is carried out only in a closed way.

At a distance of 70–100 cm from moisture sources, use models with the protection of at least IPx5 or IPx6.

These are special enclosures for wet places or streets, they are safe even in the case of direct contact with jets of water.

At a distance of 80 cm to 1.5 m from the water source, use models with IPx4 protection, sometimes IPx3.

You can also use simple lamps in such rooms if they are situated far enough from moisture. 

Note: high IP rating is needed not only in the case of pools and shower rooms but in the case of outdoor gym lighting because such lamps can get under the rain from time to time.

SMAlux enclosure

What is the wattage of SMAlux LED gym lights?

The average wattage of SMAlux LED gym lights is from 50W to 240W.

Can I use SMAlux high bay LED lighting for the gym?

SMAlux high bay LED fixtures can be used in gyms with very high ceilings or in any other case where the illumination from very high points is required.

These fixtures are usually mounted on ceilings that are 20-40 feet above the floor.

The high bay LED bulbs normally have a higher lumen output than other LED fixtures.

A single bulb can produce from 15,000 to 100,000 lumens.

LED high bays are brighter and efficient alternatives to conventional metal halide and high-pressure sodium high bays for the gym.

Thanks to their high light output, they are perfect for lighting up training areas as well as workout classes.

You can check SMAlux high bay lighting catalog visiting this page.

What kind of enclosures are used in the case of gym LED lights?

First of all, LED gym enclosures have to be protected from physical impact, so they can have a protective grid made of solid metal.

Also, some gym fixtures have to be secured from water and dust (like LED outdoor lights), and in this case, enclosures are made following strict rules of IP rating.

Uniformity of gym LED lighting fixtures: what is it and why it is important?

In the case of all kind of gyms, the uniform light is extremely crucial.

Nothing makes a gym more unpleasant place than uneven lighting which produces inadequate shadows.

LED gym lights should distribute light evenly throughout the gym area to avoid the appearance of distracting focal points or shadowy patches.

If the light is not uniform, people in a gym will have difficulty seeing gym equipment.

In the case of a specific sport, the uniformity of lights is needed for players to see and judge the flight direction and speed of playing objects.

This happens because objects can appear to gather speed as they pass from well-lit zones too poorly lit zones.

Since SMAlux LED gym lights distribute light uniformly, a lesser amount of lamps may be required to achieve the desired lux and lumen levels.

Football pitch

What kind of widespread issues can I observe while using LED gym lighting fixtures?

The main disadvantage of LED fixtures is that high temperatures can reduce the lifetime of the lamp.

Electronic devices generate heat, so you have to use fans, radiators or water cooling systems.

Electronics need to be protected from overheating, and LED lamps are no exception.

LEDs can overheat, but more often this happens with the rest of the circuit components, clamped in a very narrow space.

In the design of the bulb heat dissipation is taken into account, but if you insert it into a closed fixture, the lamp is likely to overheat and fail earlier.

Is it possible to replace the old gym lights with LED bulbs?

Not any lamp can be replaced with LED. In some cases, an unusual fitting leads to the fact that it is not possible for the individual fixture to contain an LED bulb.

Another thing is that some fixtures may be using an improper voltage regime, which can lead to overheating.

It is recommended to take into consideration both the lighting fixture and LED bulb specification before thinking of replacing.

Which materials does SMAlux use while manufacturing gym LED lights?

For the LED gym bulbs, SMAlux uses a wide range of materials.

The bulb surface is made of qualitative thin glass, which is transparent enough to emit the light without any distractions.

For some inner elements of the bulb plastic, polycarbonate and other unbreakable materials are used.

The base is made of brass with a nickel coating, which ensures good contact of the lamp with the lamp holder and also protects the element from corrosion.

SMAlux LED gym lamp enclosures are made of aluminum, which has great heat exchange qualities and also able to protect inner systems from impacts and environmental effects.

You can see the scheme of an LED bulb in the picture below.

Sheme of an LED bulb

What component of the LED gym lighting system is typically the first to fail?

One of the weakest points in the gym LED lamp construction lies in the circuit and its components.

If you look at the insides of the incandescent lamp, it becomes clear how simple its scheme of work is: the two electrodes are connected by a filament, which heats up when an electric current flows through it.

This is a proven technology for more than a hundred years.

The LED lamp, on the other hand, is much more difficult.

Light-emitting diodes can work for a very long time, but the rest of the circuit components can become outdated faster.

What are the benefits of wireless controlled LED gym lights?

Having the wireless control gym lighting fixtures, gym owners gain an option to configure the light in the gym remotely.

The vast majority of wireless control LED lights has built-in dimmer and timer, which can be used to reduce costs for electricity.

Do I need a transformer to run LED gym lights?

A transformer is needed and used for direct connection to the power grid.

Some transformers can lower the voltage and stabilize the incoming current, smoothing its drops and jumps.

A transformer is connected to an LED or a group of gym LED lamps.

Using a transformer can significantly increase the lifetime of your gym LED fixtures.

Note: In gym rooms with high humidity and temperatures (like pools, saunas, baths, etc.), a special water-resistant transformer needs to be installed.

Do SMAlux LED gym lights contain any hazardous or heavy materials?

The LED lamp is safe for use.

Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lamps, it does not contain hazardous substances such as mercury and plumbum.

The lamp does not harm the environment and does not require special disposal.

Nowadays, the development of energy-saving technologies is being strongly promoted.

It is also a good factor for gym clients, which are the people who think of their health.

How to install LED gym lights?

Lights in the gym can be placed in different ways.

The most popular option is fixing lamps along the walls.

Sometimes wall lights are complemented by spotlights placed at the corners for better illumination.

For a more uniform illumination, the LED fixtures for gyms can be mounted on the ceiling in a laid-on way or on chains at some distance from the ceiling.

SMAlux smart street light

What is the average lifetime of SMAlux LED gym lights?

Often, even for the most inexpensive LED lamps, manufacturers indicate a work duration of up to 10 years, but it is worth noting that this period is based on very modest power consumption.

The average lifetime of SMAlux gym LED lamps should be approximately 50.000 hours.

If they are used for ten hours a day then this lamp will last even more than ten years. 

Compared to incandescent lamps, whose average lifetime is 1.000 hours, the performance of SMAlux LED lamps looks impressive.

However, it is worth to mention that the duration of the LED lamp is influenced by many factors that should be taken into account (like surrounding temperature, voltage, and so on.) 

Will the light levels decrease over the life of the gym LED fixture?

Yes, the light bulb will work all this time, since the diodes do not burn out, but over time degrade.

The question is in the quality of the light flux.

And tell me, will you use it if it shines 70% less than the brightness declared before?

You have accurately observed the glowing filament in the incandescent lamp when neighbors switch on welding and the voltage drops to a critical level.

Here somewhere your LED will shine.

Can I change bulbs in SMAlux LED gym lighting fixtures?

Not all the gym LED lighting fixtures to have enclosures which apply an option of changing bulbs.

Some of them has closed integral construction, which means that LEDs in such fixtures appear to be a part of the enclosure. 

What kind of warranty is associated with SMAlux LED gym lighting?

Here at SMAlux, we are always ready to show our clients that we are 100% sure in the quality of our production.

That is why we provide a five-year warranty for each type of LED fixtures in the catalog. 

Moreover, we also give our clients a free maintenance option for all purchased products.

Where is SMAlux manufacturing site situated? How big is it?

SMAlux manufacturing site is situated in Shenzhen, China.

Its size is approximately 13,000 square meters with more than 500 workers on the line.

Highlighted gym

Besides the cost of products, which additional costs will I have when ordering from SMAlux?

Firstly, there are transportation costs, which differ a lot in the case of various countries.

Also, these costs depend on the type of transport used to deliver the goods (airplane or ship).

Secondly, you have to think of taxes, which vary from state to state as well.

SMAlux specialists can help you in figuring out all additional costs for your future order. 

However, we strongly recommend contacting your government authorities to require information about taxes for LED products.

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